Underground Fitness

A low-key fitness center with machines, free weights, and some cross-fit style equipment and a gymnasium with Open Gym times including adult sports.

Notice: The Old Gregg School Community & Recreation Center, including the Underground Fitness center, will be closed for at least the next two weeks. Gregg Township will continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus and will update the closure as needed.

Township Update: Old Gregg School Community & Recreation Center

As Gregg Township navigates these unprecedented times surrounding the coronavirus, we will be taking steps to ensure that we are upholding our responsibility for the safety and wellness of our community. We have been carefully observing the information and mandates being established at the State and Local levels, as well as communicating with the local and county Emergency Management Association.

Out of an abundance of precaution, in consideration of the safety of our community, the Old Gregg School Community & Recreation Center will be closed for the next two weeks to all non-tenant use beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 until at least Saturday March 28, 2020. During which time, Gregg Township will monitor the ongoing situation and determine whether the closure will be expanded.

The Gregg Township office will still be available via electronic communication, either through email or phone, as well as through in-person appointments if necessary. Please consider the well-being of the township employees, should you need an in-person appointment.

In an effort to continue to support our community as needs arise, and in communication with local resources concerning access to food for our community, there may be specified dates and times when there will be food distribution available either on the front exterior sidewalk or in the main lobby of the community center. Such dates and times will be posted on the Gregg Township website (www.greggtownship.org) and on the Gregg Township page.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to adjust to the changes.

Please contact the Gregg Township office with any questions or concerns:

[email protected]


Who would like to join me for a MARCH session of Z*mba-mix (dance AND weight training)?
Mondays and Thursdays - - 7:15 to 8:00pm
$40 for the session (you need to either be a member of OGS or pay their $2 per day use fee) or $8.00 drop in.
I'll need 10 people to confirm - - I hope we can make this happen!


In case you thought I was being insincere with how h.a.w.t. we make Spring Mills on Monday and Thursday nights.....proof!!!
This. Group. Is. The. Bomb!
Missing some of our crew in this pic....NEXT TIME!!
YOU are warmly invited to join us. Time to laugh, sweat, groove, weight train. It's magical...like a unicorn.

See you Monday!!!!! Mount NitaNee KOMBUCHA tasting after training ....FREE samples poured and questions answered! Gut microbiome health is sexy.

Gregg Township, Centre County

The Underground is open today during regular hours.

The Old Gregg School is back to operating on a normal schedule today, Wednesday, January 10.

Gregg Township, Centre County

All activities and events at the Old Gregg School are cancelled for today, Tuesday, January 9, due to plumbing issues. Please share this and pass the word. We will be in touch when the building is operational.


I had the joy of connecting with friends this morning to lunge, stretch, pushup, row etc.
We had a good time.
I left happier than I arrived.
THIS is the message I want my sisters to hear.

Exercise evokes a positive outcome on mood and mental clarity.

I believe this bears repeating: there is no "magic" exercise (well I take that back - probably the Olympic lifts are pretty damned magical .....which I don't execute very well).

And....let go of these words: fat, flawed, imperfect.

Rather, I would bet, you're simply under-strong.

If you do not enjoy being under-strong, align your life so that you accomplish things daily which help you move closer to strength and stability.

The methods I choose and those you choose to bring ourselves closer to strength and stability may differ. Mine is not RIGHT and yours is not WRONG.

Yes - there are more effective means of using 20 minutes - but I have observed far too many people stalled in a place of doing absolutely nothing for fear of doing something wrong.
Go ham.
You'll figure it out.

Plug in a DVD and follow it.
Subscribe to a fitness channel.
Routinely attend a pilates or yoga class.
Pick up a heavy weight and put it back down. Repeat this.
Shadow box.
Hire a personal trainer or coach (this isn't a life-time commitment - hire one and don't dig her/him - - move on)

It really is about discipline and a shift in perspective.
Daily - - choose to inch yourself closer to the wild, strong, flexible, movable creature most of us (sans our neighbors born with physiological differences which redefine their ranges of movement and ability) are born to be. I have no idea if this will be fun - - but living in a state of dis-ease and dis-satisfaction and weakness ain't that fun either.

Stop imagining there is a perfect easy way that you haven't discovered. "Perfect" is myth....and "easy" really is the essence of gaining strength. The human body LITERALLY strives - from the cellular level - to BE alive. It regenerates itself over and over and over again - even though we ignore, neglect, abuse, and hate on it. Help it along - show it just a little love - - - and it will reward you 10 fold.


OGS Fitness Center Application


[01/08/18]   PSA
The rope in the gym was used inappropriately this weekend ....and to boot whoever did so left a mess of torn up foam.
1. The rope is on loan by an individual for community use...its not *yours*
2. The Underground is nearly sacred space... and I value it highly. It is imperative that it be treated with value and respect
3. Young and old alike are welcome to use it...but to be careless makes those of us who clean it, seriously train in it, and loan gear to it...more than a bit frustrated.

We'll be taking a look at the surveillance to determine who has been down here since Saturday at 10am.
Please. Be respectful. Use sound judgement. Clean up when you make a mess. It's called living in community. Thanks so much.


Inadequate sleep.
Inadequate vitD....aka natural light.
Cardio to the exclusion of strength training.

Inadequate sleep.
Inadequate Vit D.
Cardio to the exclusion of strength training.

Quarterly memberships available for $25.00!!
Annual memberships availablef or $50.00!!

Use the fitness center and use the big gym when free or for volleyball and basketball....or join instructor lead fitness classes and the OGS fee has already been taken care of with your quarterly or annual membership. Paperwork available in the Gregg Township Office in OGS, Spring Mills.


"Once you’ve made (the) commitment it becomes surprisingly obvious that you should have done it a long time ago. The apprehension you felt at making such a big decision suddenly becomes insignificant and your goal becomes clear and lucid. Once you’ve made both commitments it becomes surprisingly obvious that you should have done it a long time ago. The apprehension you felt at making such a big decision suddenly becomes insignificant and your goal becomes clear and lucid. Make the choice and everything starts to fall into place
." Keith Foskett The Last Englishman

Training group with KarpFit on Mondays and Thursdays in the Underground Fitness Center.
We'll share the space with the public -- but just so you know there's a group down here!

Need to get back to it?
Just starting out?
Interested in toning, tightening, and learning how to use ANY fitness center you walk into? Curious about ways to exercise that aren't just jogging on a treadmill or endless hours on the elliptical?

Want to learn from a woman who has lost over 100 pounds, done it naturally through an overhaul in nutrition and accessible-to-everyone-movements - - no extreme diets, no starvation, no shakes, no over-training - - just a SHIFT in perspective coupled with doable dedication?

This straightforward circuit class is for you!

Uplifting atmosphere. Prepare to have fun.
No judgement.
Inclusive and encouraging.
RSVP and create long-lasting healthy habits for all of 2018 and beyond.
Text 8147774090 to RSVP for next week!!
A New Day Personal Fitness and Lifestyle Philosophies

This space has everything you need to get into the best shape of your life.

Together - we work to keep it organized and clean.
Together - we build a strong community.
Together - we sweat and laugh and have a great time.

Underground Fitness is a super little gym.

Be in touch with the Gregg Township office to secure your incredibly inexpensive annual membership. Make 2018 the year to sincerely CARE for yourself. Being strong is a tremendous place to start.

4 volunteers got in here today for a combined 15 hours of work to clean, scrub, organize gear, etc.
We love this space.
Hope you do too.
Help us keep our community strong...bring a friend and get a membership!
Help us keep our fitness center organized and tidy. Put gear away when finished. Notice that you tracked in? Just broom or wipe it up. We appreciate it.

We have gear for benching! Come join us!!

This is a great reminder about shared lifting space: we'll unrack our plates out of courtesy to the next person coming in to bench.

Uplifted Life

We have some awesome patrons at the Underground Fitness Center at OGS.
Here's some worthwhile information about the importance of grounding.
Never heard of it?
Here's a brief introduction.

The secret to health may be right beneath your feet. Most of us know that chronic inflammation causes illness. Did you know that grounding may have a powerful effect on the body's inflammation response?

This looks like an interesting documentary

Check out Uplifted Life for more life-transforming content! 💙


Training. Check.
Real food. Sure.
Sleep. Um....

The sleep deprived have a higher risk of quite a number of conditions including heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression.

[09/11/17]   We are a straightforward, no bells - no whistles fitness center. We have tools that will absolutely help you get into the greatest shape of your life.

Here's a great way to support your training - - remove this from your life.

It could really be awesome for your overall well-being - - to simply pay attention to this ONE thing and eliminate it from obvious places in your daily eating habits.

Penns Valley Youth Center

Amazing. Outstanding. Awesome.

What do you think? The space looks MUCH bigger and they aren't even done yet! #PennsValleyYouthCenter #ServeCamp #BreakingDownWalls #WhatAreYourWalls #GetStrong

A reminder that we will be closed this week while these awesome teens remove some walls to open up the fitness center as a part of their ServeCamp! Over 55 teens are participating in this camp through the Penns Valley Youth Center - completing community service projects around the valley. Check back to follow the progress! #PVYC #ServeCamp #Teens #CommunityService #PennsValley #Fitness #TearingDownWalls #WhatWallsDoYouHaveToOvercome

Great change is afoot! Fitness center will be closed the week of June 19th.

Sense of Balance Pilates/Fitness/Wellness

Come learn more about the importance of gut health!

“There is growing evidence for a role of the gut microbiome in mental health and one of the major factors that influences the gut microbiome is diet,” Evans explained to PsyPost. “The bottom line is that diet matters for mental health, consistent with previous work we have been doing for several years.”

📌📆Save the date to come to our FREE interactive seminar June 17th here at the studio to learn more about gut health and your immune system. Barb Cole CRNP will be sharing her research on the microbiome AND there will be sampling of Mount Nitanee Kombucha with Joan Elizabeth Karp as well as Kombucha available for purchase that day!

Inventing new ways to use gym equipment and creating a portal to another world! This is the all new artistic gym rat trend, community art workout routines. It's a small community, but it may catch on and go viral! Next time you go to the Underground gym at the Old Greg School in Spring Mills, prepare to be energized by the new Decor. #communityart #gymrat #artlife #workout #streetart — at Elody Gyekis - Artist.


PVYC 5K/10K Run/Walk: Saturday, May 20, 2017

pvyc.racedirector.com RACE DAY • Begins at Penns Valley Youth Center at Old Gregg School, Spring Mills. RACE DESCRIPTION • Join us for our 5k/10k Run/Walk through beautiful Penns Valley. The 5k will be mostly flat out and back along Sinking Creek. The 10k will circle Georges Valley with some challenging hills thrown in a...


Join me to train for FREE
Saturday SmackDown
Become harder to kill.
Old Gregg School Community and Recreation Center
Underground Fitness

A New Day Personal Fitness and Lifestyle Philosophies

I get it.
I understand.
I have been THERE.

Taking the first step towards increasing vitality seems impossible. So many thoughts. So many doubts. So many reasons not to.

Daunting--to say the least.

Shake that all away. Do this for YOU. For your present and your future. That is all that matters.

Let that sink in.

The present and the future are all that matter.

Not the crappy food you ate last week. Not the awkward kid you were in gym class in high school. Not the weight you gained when you started a new job/went back to school/ had babies.


The future.

None of the rest matters.

Don't be afraid. You can do this! Join us at The Underground at Old Gregg School. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, at 830 am. It's a fun and supportive environment. No pressure, no competition, no shaming. Just women in a friendly environment making their bodies work. Toning. Strengthening. Supporting each other.

Push the doubts aside. YOU are worth this. The dishes and laundry will wait.

Group training opportunity with A New Day Personal Fitness Training.

The champion is in there.

Doesn't have to be an Olympic athlete. Or a marathon runner. Or a body builder.

Maybe your champion is the real you. The vital, energetic, confident champion who invests in self care.

Come join us and discover your inner champion.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at Old Gregg School in the Underground. 8:30 am.

You won't be sorry.

Suspension trainers (TRX).
Pull up bars.
Bench and bar and plates.
Movable rack.
Assortment of free weights in increments all the way through 45#.
Punching bag.
Dip station.
Battling rope.
This out of the way, quirky-hole-in-the-wall gym has everything you need so you can get yourself into the best shape of your life.
Great place to go work on yourself with yourself without the pressure to be seen.

We are a community gym. Join us. You matter.

This is a tremendous little gym. Not a place to be seen. Rather a place to do your work and then get out to get on with the rest of your life. Entirely possible to get into the BEST shape of your life here with the tools available. Interesting fact, most all of the free weights are on indefinite loan to The Underground by two of the fitness coaches who regularly train in this space. We hope you’ll come join us. Memberships are available through Gregg Township for an incredible fee of $50.00 for the year. Once you take care of membership, USE and value the space. Bring a friend and train here together. Take pride in it. Rack your gear. Tidy it up. Keep an eye out for it. We’re fortunate to have it to share. Come join us. You matter.

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Monday 08:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 06:00 - 21:30
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