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Operating as usual 02/12/2020

Vikramasila Foundation | Meditation in New York

FRIDAY night, February 14, 2020 7:00 – 8:30pm
Valentine’s Day at Time and Space

Medicine Buddha Introduced
Lama Pema Wangdak introduces Medicine Buddha: origin benefit, and practice.
Venue: Time and Space 59 Main Street Springfield Vermont 05156
Experienced Buddhists, newcomers and the simply curious are encourage to attend.
All are welcome with a donation of any size,
for more information about the event: phone/text tom 802 591 0990
For more information on Lama Pema Wangdak:

SATURDAY, February 15
“What Holds Us back from an Open Heart”
9:30am – 4:30pm BYO Lunch: Noon - 1:30
In a public talk, open to all, Lama Pema will present:
'What Holds us Back from an Open Heart).
With insights and suggestions, he'll point to ways we can cultivate kindness, generosity, compassion, equanimity; and other methods that bodhisattvas embrace for the benefit of all beings.
Coffee and hot water for tea will be provided during breaks and lunch.
Saturday Afternoon Session 1:30 - 4:30
You can attend all sessions, OR any single session with a donation of any size.
For more information: phone/text tom 802 591-0990

SUNDAY, February 16⋅9:30am – 12:00pm
“What Holds Us back from an Open Heart”
Lama Pema will conclude his weekend teaching, and offer methods we can use to keep our heart and mind open

You may attend with a donation of any size. 9:30am - 12:00pm
for more information: phone/text tom 802 591-0990
Venue: Studio Time and Space 59 Main Street Springfield VT 05156

Save the Date: HH Sakya Trichen Rinpoche in Springfield Vermont June27, 2020
“Medicine Buddha” Vikramasila Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization in New York dedicated to bringing meditation and the wisdom of the Buddha to the West


Barry Kerzin

Greed and selfishness are destroying the planet. The rich are getting richer and the poor are left behind. Business as usually is consuming fossil fuel at accelerating rates, poisoning our air, our water, and our land. Greed is aggressive selfishness, without concern for life on this planet. Unimaginable numbers of animals, large and small, are dying by fire in the massive bush fires in Australia, and many fish and whales are dying from massive amounts of plastic polluting the oceans. This is happening in large part due to global warming and greed. Big business and big government don’t seem to care. Everything and everyone are intricately interconnected in myriad seen and unseen ways. These interconnections are bonds. They unite us as relatives. Are we taking good care of our relatives? It seems we are going backwards, at least according to the news. Let’s do an about face, and propel love and compassion to go viral. Emaho!

[01/07/20]   The Four Noble Truths
A talk by Herb Ferris
Tonight: January 7 2020 7:00pm

The topic is said to be the first teaching the Buddha gave after the event of his enlightenment.
The truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering, the path out of suffering...
But what is meant by suffering? Are individual's habitual thought patterns the major cause of their own suffering?
Can individuals liberate themselves from the cycle of discontent that we call suffering?

These questions, as is true with all Buddhist concepts, must answered by ourselves, through investigation and practice...
with the help of those who point the way.

After Herb's talk tonight, we will spend the next several Tuesdays on the topic, with readings from Volume 1 of Trungpa Rinpoche's “Profound Treasury” and other sources.

For tonight, come as you are, with fresh ears and an open heart.
Typically we begin silent meditation in the shrine room a little before 7:00, and sit for 20 or so minutes after 7:00.
You are welcome to join us at anytime. Enter quietly and choose a cushion or a chair.

There's no set fee for attending our Buddhist Study Group every Tuesday....
but we do keep a donation jar by the door.
Contributions help support all of our center's Dharma efforts.

we hope to see you tonight....

more info
call or text Tom 802 591-0990


If you have interest please let us know. We would like to develop a program for children.


Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Happy Holidays 😊

[NEW ARTICLE by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche] Holidays, and any day, is a great time to practice these simple tips for #meditation 😊


Anyen Rinpoche

You can read an exerpt from Rinpoche and Allison's new book here!

Untitled Album 10/16/2018

Shrine Room and Palace

Shrine Room and Palace
2018 09/21/2018

Welcome to Studio Time and Space!

"The Perfections: Engaging in the Conduct of Bodhisattvas"
with Khenpo Pema Wangdak
Saturday September 22 9:30am-4:30pm BYO Lunch with Lama Pema: 12:30-1:30 PM Afternoon session: 1:30 - 4:30pm

The Perfections', or Paramitas, are the qualities and methods aspired to and manifested by those who wish for all beings to be happy and to be free from suffering. These people are the bodhisattvas among us who wish for the enlightenment of all beings: generosity/giving, virtue/proper conduct, discipline, patience, exertion/effort, diligence, renunciation, meditation, aspiration, transcendental wisdom.

Join us Saturday Sep 22 9:30 am for a wonderful day of wisdom with a delightful, exceptional teacher. We will eat lunch together in the shrine room and offices; please bring whatever food you need. We will provide hot water, tea, coffee and juice. We have plenty of chairs and cushions. Attend with a donation of any size. Newcomers welcome !

"The Buddhist Mandala - meaning and significance"
Sunday September 23 9:30am - 12:30pm

Khenpo Pema frequently teaches the perfections and their counterparts, as well as the conditions which foster their continual increase. All of these are represented in the mandala.
Newcomers welcome !

Attend with a donation of any size. Donations will support Lama Pema's schools in india and Nepal.
Studio Time and Space 59 Street Springfield VT 05156
for more information about this or other Buddhist programs phone/text
Tom Lauritsen 802 591-0990 or Kathleen ODonnell 802 591-0991
59 Main Street Springfield VT 05156
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Studio Time and Space's cover photo 05/04/2018

Training in Tenderness: Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, the Radical Openness of Heart That Can Change the World

In Training in Tenderness: Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, the Radical Openness of Heart that Can Change the World,
Dzigar Kongtul asks:

Do we want to have an open heart or a closed heart?

Appreciating tsewa helps us make wise choices in how we direct our intentions, and in how we invest our time and energy.

Essentially, it comes down to choosing which of two primary experience we want to set our sights on. Whichever experience we direct our intention toward will come to dominate our life.

The first experience is that of being fixated on our own agendas. Continually engaged in various forms of struggle ot accomplish those agendas, we become tighter and more fearful in our heart. We develop a strong sense of like and dislike, friend and foe, which in turn makes us susceptible to painful emotions and constantly poised to react on behalf of the small-minded self.

The other primary experience we could move toward is that of an open heart continually emanating good wishes on behalf of others and receiving their warmth with grace and ease. Free from strong prejudices and biases, we gain the confidence of being able to love others unconditionally. We are in harmony with the world, with other beings, and with ourselves.

Available in May and by pre-order A little guide to cultivating tsewa: the loving warmth of heart from which the awakened mind arises--from the popular Buddhist teacher and author of The Intelligent Heart.This is a call to a revolution of heart. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is taught that one of the most essential qualities of enlight...


Studio Time and Space's cover photo


Studio Time and Space's cover photo


Studio Time and Space's cover photo


Untitled Album


Studio Time and Space

[03/08/18]   Held over due to weather!
LAMA GURSAM tonight Thursday March 8, 7:00pm Lama Gursam will present one of Milarepa's songs, "THE DEER, THE DOG, AND THE HUNTER"
Milarepa is among the most famous of the Tibetan poets and meditators. We will read the song aloud and hear commentary on this powerful teaching that has come to us via an unbroken spoken lineage that originated with the Buddha himself. All are welcome with a donation of any size. You will love just being in the room with Lama Gursam!
more info: call/text tom 802 591-0990
59 Main Street Springfield Vermont


Studio Time and Space

[03/01/18]   Acharya Lama Gursam Rinpoche

from The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
"The Deer, The Dog, and the Hunter"

Next Wednesday March 7 - 7:00pm
(attend with a donation of any size)

Being with Lama Gursam is joyful before, during, and after his presentations.
With his presence and teaching, he shares the fruit of his lifetime of study and practice.

When he speaks to us in a group, he reaches each of us in deeply personal ways. The Songs of Milarepa are among his favorite topics.
Join us next Wednesday at 7:00pm for this rare opportunity.
Arrive early if you can, to join us for about a half hour of quiet meditation beforehand.

No need to register, but an RSVP will help us gauge the number of chairs and cushions to have on hand.
Everyone, newcomer or long term practitioner, is welcome to attend.

Please share this invitation widely.
For more information reply to this email,
or call/text tom: 802 591-0990

[07/21/17]   You're invited! To the Art Monks Open House/Art Share Tonight at the intersection of RT 143 Skitchewaug Trail) and RT 5
This is a great free function ! There will be several forms of art in action, including 'performance art'.
What: ArtShare
When: Friday, July 21st
Time: 8:30pm
Where: 2315 Connecticut River Rd., Springfield, VT 05156
Cost: Free! We do ask that you bring a snack or drink to share, so after the showing we can have some food and drinks together and chat (if the weather is nice, we may build a fire!)
Feel free to bring a friend
And if you can't make it this week, hopefully you'll be able to join us in 2 weeks:
ArtShare: August 4th
Happy summertime!
The Artmonks (Betsy, Raff, Anaya, Kaitlin, Shawn, Gerry, Neva...and a few others!)


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[05/01/17]   Anyen Rinpoche's full day Retreat next Sunday, May 7, 10:00am - 4:30 BYO lunch, sugg. donation $60 - $80
or his talk next Monday night May 8, 7:00pm. suggested donation $15-20
right here in Springfield ! Details below...(
None of us had much advance notice, and we've kept the price down, in part because of this 'late notice'.
We have room for several more sign-ups for Sunday...we would appreciate any help you can give us to spread the word.
To be with a teacher with his level of mastery, in a small and intimate venue, is a rare opportunity. His command of English is exceptional, as is his ability to connect with us.

"Boundless Love, Boundless Mind" - Sunday May 7
The Four Immeasurables and Tonglen 10-12 / bring your lunch / 1:30 - 4:30
suggested donation $60 - $80
Developing Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity opens our hearts to better care for ourselves and others. Embracing and practicing these qualities of heart / mind helps us to strengthen our naturally open heart and realize our essential human experience. Please register for the Sunday retreat by email [email protected] or phone/text tom 802 591-0990.

"Living and Dying with Confidence" - Monday May 8 7:00 - 9:00pm
Rinpoche will present material from his books Dying with Confidence, and Living and Dying with Confidence. Born in Amdo, Tibet, Anyen Rinpoche brings us universal wisdom that he has received from a long line of Tibetan Buddhist masters.
suggested donation $15 - $20 Registration is not required for the Monday evening talk.


Studio Time and Space 04/24/2017

Exciting Events Happening Now at the Studio Time and Space

Anyen Rinpoche
surprises and delights with a late addition to his busy 2017
Northeast schedule:
Sunday May 7, 10:00am to 4:30pm.
"Boundless Love, Boundless Mind"
"By developing Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity, we can open our hearts with Confidence to care for ourselves, others, and the world, as we conduct our daily lives. By such Buddhist practices as the Four Immeasurables and Tonglen, we discover and take hold of our essential human truth. This gives our naturally open hearts the strength to blossom in all kinds of weather."
Cost: $60 for the all day Sunday program. Registration information below...
Lunch, Noon to 1:30pm, is a "bring your own", pot luck affair, as not much is open in Springfield on Sundays. An on-site BYO helps us to keep the price down, plus we get to visit with each other and with Rinpoche. We have a small kitchen with fridge, microwave, and residential type stove/oven.

Monday evening May 8, 7:00pm "Living and Dying With Confidence"
Rinpoche will give a public talk based on his books Dying With Confidence and Living and Dying With Confidence.
Suggested donation $15-$20

Please Pre-Register (especially for the Sunday program)
by contacting [email protected] or call/text 802 591-0990
More information: Studio Time and Space page,
and on our website calendar

Anyen Rinpoche is a Dzogchen master in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is know for is down-to-earth style, clear explanations and sense of humor, which serve to convey the genuine dharma in an accessible way. For more information visit:

Studio Time and Space
59 Main Street
Springfield, VT 05156

[01/20/17]   We were able to talk with Lama Pema last night...
just after we heard our favorite joke of the day:
"Remember to set your clocks back 100 years tonight!"

Many of us feel a unusual level of uncertainty on this Inauguration Day.
We asked him to comment on how the Buddhist teachings and meditation practice can help us with the social, economic, and environmental challenges in the world today.
He suggested that we bring a spiritual emphasis to each situation; that we bring compassion, courage, self confidence, and patience to every issue, and each encounter. These qualities are enhanced and developed with a meditation practice; with becoming familiar with how our mind works, and how our emotions come and go.

This weekend Khenpo Pema will present the Buddhist teachings with a special emphasis on our connection to today's world; on how we can cultivate wisdom, and be of benefit to both ourselves and others.
You can join us for all or any part of the weekend with a donation of any size.

Saturday January 21: 9:30- 4:30 You may join us for a Potluck Lunch from Noon-1:30
Sunday January 22: 9:30 - Noon
(private sessions can be arranged)
Studio Time and Space 59 Main Street, Springfield, Vermont 05156


Khenpo Pema comes to Springfield Jan 21 9:30-4:30 & Jan 22 9:30-12:00

[01/13/17]   Khenpo Pema Wangdak
traveled to four continents last year,
continuing his tireless effort on the behalf of his students.

He makes his first 2017 trip to Vermont NEXT weekend !

Saturday January 21 9:30am - 4:30 pm with a potluck lunch Noon - 1:30pm
Sunday January 22, 9:30 - Noon
Studio Time and Space 59 Main Street, Springfield, VT

Lama Pema with good humor, gently but forcefully illuminates the six invaluable qualities of
generosity, proper conduct, patience, effort, meditative contemplation and wisdom.
He has a way of connecting with all of those who attend.
Speaking with precision to our momentary and long term aspirations, he empowers and inspires.
Private interviews are available. Please join us for all of, or any part of the weekend !
Donations received will support his Pema Tsal Boys and Girls in Mundgod, India
and his Pema Tsal Boy's Monastery in Pokhara, Nepal
For more information on Khenpo Pema's weekend you may phone/text Tom Lauritsen 802 591-0990,
or email him at [email protected]


Studio Time and Space's cover photo


Studio Time and Space's cover photo

[12/30/16]   John's Hatha Yoga
Saturday Dec 31 9:30 am

We send out 2016 on a high note:
After John's regular yoga class tomorrow morning, we will make ourselves comfortable on cushions and mats, and lie covered with blankets in a restful pose. John will read from the guided meditations known as Yoga Nidra, which take us, eyes closed, through a restful period often described as lucid dreaming.

We have plenty of mats. Newcomers welcome.
$10 includes both the yoga class and the yoga Nidra....
We begin at 9:30am, and will be done at about 11:00 am

[12/02/16]   Herb's series 'A Fresh Start', Tuesdays at 7:00pm,
is underway.... newcomers are welcome to join us.

The practice of sitting meditation helps us to observe thoughts as they arise, dwell, and dissipate.
The study of ancient teachings on meditation helps us to become familiar with our habitual thought patterns.
Study and Practice are the purpose of our Tuesday nights together.

Herb helps us to notice when thoughts arise, and to notice the gap between thoughts as the content of thoughts thought changing to another, perhaps gaining speed, becoming an emotion, followed by an opinion or a judgement about ourselves or others. With familiarity, our hearts tend to become more open, to look around, and become kinder to ourselves and others.

Last Tuesday night (Nov 29) Herb described the quadrants of a Buddhist mandala. To pique your interest, and perhaps provoke further inquiry, here is a brief narrative:
The Quadrants of a Buddhist Mandala:
"Happiness, Loving Kindness" - the 'subtle' or 'near enemy' is Attachment; the 'far enemy' is Hatred.
"Equanimity" - the 'subtle' or 'near enemy' is Detachment; the 'far enemy' is Prejudice.
"Compassion" - the 'subtle' or 'near enemy' is Pity; the 'far enemy' is Cruelty.
"Sympathetic Joy" - the 'subtle' or 'near enemy' is (shallow) Enthusiasm; the 'far enemy' is Jealousy.





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