JPH Jackie Pirtle-Hall Personal Running Coach

Set BIG Goals. Begin or renew your relationship with running today. Get Excited. Stay Healthy. Go F Let me share it with you.

Coaching Philosophy

Support humans to reach their full potential in running and life with clarity and joy by offering and matching science based programs that fit each individual’s current fitness, lifestyle, and goals. Let me take the thinking, questioning, and energy out of choosing and executing a training schedule. I’ve been through it all, I’ve seen it all, I’ve studied it all.

Operating as usual


7 Missouri road running records: 5k, 10k, 10 mile, 15k, 20k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon.


post hip surgery.

31 years of running on this body and hope I'm not half way done!

Now 42 here I come!!!

Most of you who know me know, I've been my own experiment over the years as a student and coach of my sport, and definitely practiced what I preach to my athletes.

Not only have I learned to embrace my strength, power, and elasticity workouts, I have found a new nuance to train so I can continue doing what I love forever with my community. If you are like me, I'd love to do some consistent work with you at EEmerge Fitness Training

"Think about when you get a new car,” Frey says. “The first few years, you’re fine with just routine maintenance. For longtime runners, that’s like your teens and 20s. But then these changes start. Now your car’s at 75,000 miles. It needs a lot more love. New problems seem to pop up out of nowhere. The repairs become bigger. If you haven’t stayed on top of maintenance, it’s going to be even worse.”


Great Run this morning with Michelle, Ava, Meaghan, Brooke, Jess, and Sarah

First summer group run complete!

Thanks to all the ladies who set an alarm and came out this morning. getting a group started is sometimes difficult so your presence and run energy this morning was so meaningful.

My hope is by the end of the summer we have a big group taking on a life of its own.

Remember, no pressure running, just meet, say hello, and take off on your run, solo, together, fast, slow, whatever you need! See you every Saturday 7 am Katy Trail.

Want to Crush Your Fall Running Goal? Find A Training Partner. 05/22/2024

Check out my blog post

Want to Crush Your Fall Running Goal? Find A Training Partner. ME in June: I'm going to train every week this summer and have the best cross country season or fall marathon.ME in August: Well, ya know, I had work and so many fun plans and trips that I really didn't have time to run - oh well. Maybe next year. Yah, next year. ME in November: Protectively saying....


Calling all female middle, high school, college, cross country, post collegiate, AND ALL females training for a fall race: Summer training is essential if you have a goal to reach your potential safely and optimally. This process requires consistency. Consistency over perfection always wins- show up. My biggest tip for you girls is to get a training group or partner who will run aerobic miles with you. I find the girls are hesitant to meet someone new and adjusting to paces. SOOOOOO,
Id like to host a twice weekly run. This is not coaching. This is not training. This is not an official practice. This is not instruction on how to learn to "like running"

This is for all out there who need training accountability and partners.

This is - me -and some of my training partners meeting at this time and place every week (consistency is MAGIC) and getting in mileage. No workout, no coaching, just meet and run with other females in the area. Im hoping you gals will attend (shy, fearful, nervous- lol all the feelings ok) and hopefully find another female that you can run with. Please spread the word. I will get my client gals out there and hope it will grow each week.
Saturday June 1st - 7am. Parking Lot Katy Trail 364 Hemsath
Saturday June 8th - 7am
Saturday June 15th - 7am
Saturday June 22 - 7am
Saturday June 29th - 7 am ( Macklind Mile Today!)
Saturday July 6th - 7 am
Saturday July 13th - 7am
Saturday July 20th - 7am
Saturday July 27th - 7am
We may add a second day as well. Message me and introduce yourself if you plan on coming!


Next Year's Greater St. Louis Marathon (GO! St. Louis®) is definitely going to be on my running schedule (as usual).

They do such a great job organizing, making EVERYONE feel welcomed and celebrated, AND NOT AN EASY FEAT but ...

The team really illuminates the beautiful and cultured parts of downtown St. Louis. Thanks Mona and Kritsen and all the humans who worked tirelessly to make this race a beautiful day and memory for so many families in our city. T

Truly a progressive and amazing team here. I was proud of all parts of St. Louis yesterday as I ran through and got so many smiles and cheers from the several neighborhoods I got to run through.

It's so nice to have great experiences downtown- this would not be possible without the excellent organization and ex*****on of these individuals.


Life. Love. Longevity. Go Time!


Life. Love. Longevity.


Running as a sport has so many nuances and opportunities to explore- it never gets stale or boring if you’re willing to explore.

So- I sporadically ask self?

What do I want my lifestyle or daily life to look and feel like for the next 3,6 plus months?

The answer to that question will tell me if the next fun beast to tackle will be a trail, a road, a mountain, an ultra, even the track

I enjoyed listening and learning from coach Koop’s episode with Frederic Sabater Pastor -a CTS ultrarunning coach with a PH.D. in Exercise Physiology and experience coaching athletes for a variety of challenges. He is also a Postdoctoral researcher at the Inter-university Lab of Human Movement. His area of focus are running, trail, performance, physiology and fatigue.

Episode highlights:

Training differences: road runners 20 hrs/week, trail runners 10 hrs/week, road runners cross train and strength train more, overall road volume is double despite race duration being up to 10x less

Why are trail runners stronger: do runners self-select, is trail running innately better strength training, strength training is a broad term

Specificity of running economy: train for specificity, changing protocols from road training, strides over technical terrain, differences in strength training

Meet the Coaches | JPH Running 01/28/2024

Athletes, Coaches and Parents- Do you have a middle to distance runner and interested in a group or team training at Emerge Fitness Training's St. Charles Elite location?

Let's get your athlete mentally and foundationally strong: work on team bonding, form and function to ensure a safe, strong, efficient stride.

The great Coach Sheldon Webster and Olympic Trials competitor, Jackie Pirtle-Hall are opening up a time and space at Emerge Fitness training to educate and train a small group or team looking to build a strong, efficient, functional running body.

Jackie Pirtle-Hall 2xOlympic Marathon Trials, American Record for the 8th fastest ever 50 mile trail finish, The Go Stl marathon record holder, Pikes Peak Marathon top 3 and at 41 yrs. post surgery gobbling up over 5 Missouri records from 12k-half marathon and she's not done which means she understands all the highs and lows of lifelong sport and competition and how to safely navigate this journey.

Jackie grew up participating in club soccer, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, and her favorite basketball, before and along discovering running.

Coach Webster has coached for over 40 years- numerous athletes to state championship track titles. A former collegiate coach, and the man behind Jackies return to professional running guiding helping her drop over 45 minutes of the marathon and minutes off the 5k post collegiate!

The magic here are the coaches ability to understand the mental and psychological aspect of sport - specifically to female athletes concerning confidence, power, nutrition, and channeling the inner athlete into a team cohesiveness that breeds and celebrates both team and individual mental health and success.

Both students of their sport with more than needed several Master's degrees- ACE and NASM certifications, as well as experience coaching and competing on the following levels: club, MSHAA, collegiate, professional, USATF, NCAA, NAIA, as well introductory levels.

Reach out quick - we are only opening for one slot as of now.

Click here for more coach bio info and to read some blogs!

Meet the Coaches | JPH Running JPH Coaches are chosen for their superior knowledge, experience, and dedication to the sport of distance running. You are getting THE BEST!


“I’m going back to Boston in 2025!!! Finally!! Thank you!!”

I cannot tell you how inspired I am of you Melissa Yelton Shust. You do the work- all of it- the hard and the recovery and patience. 👏👏👏
Goals take making a decision, showing up, failing, reflecting, and chizzeling away over time- and MAGIC.

Believe. Doubt has no place. It does and should get a bit messy on the journey. Biggest mistake I see as a coach is humans aborting after a few months. My Olympic marathon journey started 2009 at 3:16 and over many many attempts-6- that were part of climbing MY mountain) just started to peak 3 years in with my first sub 2:46- then that became almost easy and 2:40 became my norm. You have to love this stuff- Melissa Yelton Shust- you love it.

Photos from JPH Jackie Pirtle-Hall Personal Running Coach's post 11/04/2023

Congratulations to one of my favorite young women- I have had the pleasure of working with her EVERY week for the last couple years.

This young woman brings a smile in my face every time I see her, and she has so much to look forward to with her attitude, outlook, and consistency.

Just so proud of you Elizabeth🫶👏👏👏🫵💪

Runners and Nutrition: The Wild West? 11/03/2023

In my experience, eliminating a negative behavior, has been so much more consequential than the marginal gain that I get from adding several positive behaviors.

Runners and Nutrition: The Wild West? I say this because no matter how much I witness successes or failures, consult research studies, read peer reviewed articles, and talk to experts in the field, there is not great consensus in the field: I once heard, “there are three things in life people tend to be irrational about: religion, pol...

Running Program Not Taking? What is YOUR run week that's most sustainable & can constantly execute? 11/03/2023

Running Program Not Taking? What is YOUR run week that's most sustainable & can constantly execute?

Running Program Not Taking? What is YOUR run week that's most sustainable & can constantly execute? Balance Your Run Program CLICK HERE to subscribe to my blog Bulk of training is time on feet - then once your foundation is strong - add in the pace work- not too much! Instead of winging it or letting motivation hijack your potential, your program needs to balance between how much and how hard. Com...


Could Our Fitness Goals Rely On Our Time Sitting?

Could Our Fitness Goals Rely On Our Time Sitting? Ok, ok, I know sitting is the “new smoking” right? Well yes there is a lot of truth in that statement! Ehem did you get your 10k steps in today - ha just kidding. And Yes: You read that title correctly: sitting, reflecting, journaling, meditating, then DOING better. That last part is often misse...

Running Marathon Coach | JPH Running 10/16/2023

Today I’m grateful I knew to seek out doctors with a similar “bias”- that the movement is the medicine… endorphins, testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, human growth hormones.

Thanks Dr. Meleander, Dr. Ben Hendrix, Dr. Conrad, Strength coaches at Emerge Fitness Training for prescribing appropriate movement as my supplement and recovery tools.

My tip- find a strength coach who understand post surgery, injury rehab, a doctor that encourages appropriate movement within the rest—-if you want to heal damaged tissues, joints, and bones with the goal of doing what you love til your 100!

Know there are options and these options are not one size fits all!

Reach out if you have questions 💪🫶

Running Marathon Coach | JPH Running Running and strength coach to all. A fierce advocate for young women in sport. An elite marathoner and ultra competitor providing tips, strategies, experiences to build a healthy and happy relationship within your individual running dreams and goals.


Congratulations on your hometown half today Melanie Ann Larson. Finishing and feeling strong through the finish line shows your fitness, strength, and potential!!! Exciting 💪💪💪🫶🤩

Photos from JPH Jackie Pirtle-Hall Personal Running Coach's post 10/15/2023

Congratulations Rachel Zartman for competing and smashing your Ironman today! I don’t know how you do it- but you always do- lol

Love you girl and so inspired.


Check out my blog post

I'm an Athlete, but First A RUNNER Post 6.5 weeks surgery and my doctor has released me to run! The X Ray shows the fracture has healed significantly and the screws look great! Time to combine my strength work, consistently build my running volume in a safe manner, and improve my run technique so I can return to my MUCH NEEDED runnin...


Emerge Fitness Training added 45 min. strength & functional training classes with Coach Jackie Pirtle-Hall Monday 4:50 and Wednesday 5:45.
Drop in or message me!

An Update Post Surgery from Stillness, Missouri. 09/04/2023

An Update Post Surgery From Stillness, Missouri.

An Update Post Surgery from Stillness, Missouri. Samantha, my amazing daughter, running her first cross country race at McNair Park, the same place I ran my first high school meet. Each of us on a separate amazing journey that is running life strong! I can't wait to see how this sport shapes her into the strongest version of her beautiful self - s...


Just seeing that beautiful smile and red cheeks after she crossed the finish line to tell me all about her first highscholl cross country race was very surreal. She surged and passed at the end lile a little beast!!! 😳💪💪💪 she’s my daughter for sure!

I never pushed sports or running on my gals- jist exposed them and the rule was you have to finish the season with your best effort.

When Sam told me she wanted to join the FHN cross country team the first week of august, I was like ok😳

She was up early for practice the next day. The coaches are absolutely amazing and allow her to be her own athlete and runner.

Now she’s hungry for more lol - with each week, patience, and smiles I know she will grow-

AND I COULD CARE LESS her time or place- I’m so proud of this girl👏👏👏👏👏👏🫶

We gonna be running some races together forever!

My smiling, strong, runner!

Photos from JPH Jackie Pirtle-Hall Personal Running Coach's post 08/31/2023

Thank you to my Emerge Fitness Training family! Not many people get to say they want to get back to work as soon as possible- it’s the environment and people(staff and clients) that make this place #1 so special. Love you all!

Day 3- Boring With A Little Advice 08/30/2023

Three Simple yet SO Important Takeaways: Enough and the right nutrition, Sleep, and Relationships.

Day 3- Boring With A Little Advice Three Simple yet SO Important Takeaways: Enough and the right nutrition, Sleep, and Relationships. Me, Jess, and Brooke at the Firecracker 10k Run 2023 - being goofy as usual. Surgery - Monday at 9am Today is Wednesday at 9am (Day 3) The Boring Run Down that may help someone who goes through a simil...

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