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Operating as usual


“I saw her sitting there
a younger, smaller version of me,
at 9 years old, sitting on my childhood bed.
I slowly walked to her and knelt,
I took her hands in mine.
She looked up at me
and with a small voice she asked,
“does it get any better?”
I squeezed her hands.
“Not for a long time. It doesn’t get better
for a long time.”
She closed her eyes and tears
streamed down her face.
I let go of her hands
and placed mine around her small face.
“Does anyone end up saving us?” she softly asked.
I smiled.
“Yes” I said.
She then looked up at me, hopeful,
“Who saves us?” she asked.
I smiled even bigger.
“We do. We save ourselves.”

Photos from Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach's post 05/27/2024

I can’t believe I GET to do this!

Being able to be a part of every engine in this world of powerlifting is something I only ever dreamed of when it came to being in a community.
From coaching, to reffing, and even competing - I wouldn’t trade this part of my life for anything. I’m so grateful for the opportunities, the relationships, & the lessons that have presented themselves to me within this sport.

📸: photo 1&3
📸: photo 2


Cheers to one year since my cancer removal 🥂

A year ago today, I went under the knife to remove cancerous tumors that consumed most of my ovaries and endometriosis that traveled up through my bowels. The tumors were found on a fluke, while doing an arthrogram on my hip due to a tear in my labrum. Looking back at it, while tearing my hip put a huge damper on my training as I was in prep for a meet at the time, it was a blessing in disguise, not knowing how far the cancer would’ve gone without being found otherwise.

I was on oral chemotherapy for most of the remainder of the year, as the cancer had grown a lot between the time it was found & the time it was removed, minimizing any chance of it spreading anymore.

It made for a rough year, but I did not pull out of the meet in April, though it took place two weeks after I started oral chemo. I decided I wanted to still compete in Nationals in Vegas last year as well, and although I was undergoing treatment, I managed to hit a few PRs on the platform and had a pretty successful year.

I’m so thankful to be where I’m at today. Whether it’s due to my unwillingness to give up, pure stubbornness, denial… I’m not sure what it was but I’m so grateful for it.
Here’s to another HEALTHY year, healthy preps, & the reminder that movement is a PRIVILEGE that I’m so grateful to have every day.


hi 👋🏼
life has been stressful lately. my baby boy mav is sick. big job is on the horizon. a big meet is around the corner. (to name a few of the bigger obstacles) & while i’m in a position right now where it’s all currently out of my control,
i remind myself how blessed & lucky i am -

to have an amazing dog to love so much; an incredible opportunity for an amazing career with so much potential for growth & security; the privilege to be able to step on a competitive platform with so many people that share the same passion that i do & to have the health to be able to do what i love so freely.

& my last reminder, four simple words come to mind in times when my mind & heart are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated & out of my control -

this too shall pass.


my CUSTOM wrist wraps from the one & only came in the mail today! just in time for me to break them in for my meet 👿

thank you to for always paying the utmost attention to detail & producing one-of-a-kind products!

want to snag yourself a pair? use the link in my bio to their shop & drop code SWOLE to save some money!


It always surprises me that time and time again, taking time OFF and laying low is consistently one of the hardest things for me to do.
It is a constant reminder how much stronger the mind is over the body. Even when my body is screaming at me to just sit down & rest, my mind plays games of guilt and shame.

“Your competition is in the gym right now while you’re resting”.
“Your clients need your guidance and you’re letting them down by not being there in front of them”.

In my opinion, learning to listen to your body as an athlete, especially when it’s hard, is a skill that separates good athletes from great ones. And as a coach, it’s important to practice what you preach.
It requires self-awareness, discipline, and most of the time, a great deal of humility.

Pushing through discomfort is part of training, yes, but distinguishing between beneficial discomfort and harmful pain is crucial.

Over the last several years of competing, I’ve become extremely in-tune with my body & what it’s trying to tell me. If I could offer any advice, it would be to trust your instincts, seek guidance & support from those in your corner, and prioritize long-term health over short-term gains.

Resilience is built on a foundation of self-care and awareness & respect for your mind & body’s limits.


don’t be so hard on yourself for feeling lost, confused or like you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to achieve.
life would be pretty damn boring if you’d done it all already, if you had no more room to grow or change.

be patient.

you’ll eventually figure it out & things will start to make more sense. every experience you have will get you where you’re supposed to be.
every win,
every loss,
& every mistake.

don’t be afraid to f**k up.
get lost.
get so lost
& find yourself over & over & over again,
& don’t stop until you make yourself proud.
& then keep going.

- me to me


felt big, might delete later 🤓


this, too, shall pass >>>


Training has been on a roll since finishing oral chemo at the end of last year. I love surprising myself in sessions, watching my body respond to food & weights, and seeing my potential come through.
Training while sick was such a mental struggle, at times I felt like it wasn’t worth it because I knew I’d have to go home to treatment and it was poisoning my body. But I knew the day would come when I’d be on the other side of it, so happy that I stuck with training even on the hardest days.

I was really excited to compete this year and go through my first powerlifting prep cancer & chemo free. Unfortunately, I don’t know that that will be possible this year. My labrum tear in my hip has gotten worse, and fast. I go see my ortho in a week and I have a feeling he’s going to want to push surgery sooner rather than later. I won’t know for a few more weeks, so as of right now I’m still registered to compete in May.

It’s been hard to get myself to the gym lately, knowing in the back of my mind that the time will come that the gym is taken away from me again, and I’ll be couch bound, recovering from another set back.
But then I always remember the times where I couldn’t get off the couch, wanting nothing more than to be back under a bar.

& fortunately, I’m nothing short of a pro when it comes to coming back from things that try to take me down. 😈


murves - the perfect balance between muscle & curves 🤪


Due to personal reasons,

I’ll be turning things up a notch.


Just me & my main squeeze 🐾


You’re looking at a girl who is CANCER FREE! 🥹

All my scans came back CLEAR. 🙌🏼 I’ve been a nervous wreck for days but had a good feeling going into this. My body feels healthy, my pain is GONE, appetite is consistent.

I don’t have many words right now because of the many emotions I am experiencing but I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been by my side throughout this endeavor, whether virtually or in person - I couldn’t have made it through as gracefully without you guys.

Much love. ♥️



To help me get in the holiday spirit - I decided to offer a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL to you all!

From now until December 6th, I am offering 20% OFF my FULL VIRTUAL COACHING PACKAGE!

This package includes:
Access to my business app
Full nutrition coaching and/or meal plan
Workout coaching
Workout programming

This will be limited to 10 SPOTS ONLY!

If you are ready to get things started before the holiday rush, comment “LETS GO” below or shoot me a DM directly to get started!

Happy Holidays!



I get asked a lot by new patients - should I get graston or cupping done?
I try to make it simple for them, as both options can be extremely beneficial.

When assessing patients, I perform graston with the occurrence of a specific area of tension, tightness, or claim of injury that can result in knots, and/or tingles/pins & needles. Using the graston tool allows me to get more precise with what I’m working on within the muscle & work on very specific trouble areas.

Cupping is used for general tightness and tension. Some of my patients request it regularly just because they like the way they feel after getting it done. Cupping is great for loosening tight muscles and promoting blood flow which encourages recovery.

If I get a new patient who wants body work done but isn’t sure what they want, I perform a little bit of both services on them so they can 1) decide for themselves which is more beneficial to them and 2) if something comes up during the assessment that promotes one or the other.

Interested in trying it out to see what it’s all about? Feel free to shoot me a DM to schedule directly or comment below!



All I want for Christmas is bigger quads 😈


Here’s your gentle Tuesday reminder that IT’S OKAY if:

- you don’t know what your next step is
- find it hard to stay positive sometimes
- regret some choices that you have made
- want to change your mind
- stand up for yourself
- distance yourself from negativity
- need to take a break

Remember that you are HUMAN & we are not perfect.
We all struggle in some capacity.
Rough day? Take a deep breath, & focus on what can be done today so that we can set ourselves up for a better tomorrow.

You may have the grit to make it through the life challenges that won’t defeat you, but be sure you have the grace to give yourself kindness when it gets hard. 🫶🏼



Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are fields of study that explore how our genes 🧬 interact with the food 🥗 we eat.

🧬➡️🥗 Nutrigenetics: This is like a “personalized nutrition guide” based on your genes. It looks at how your genetic makeup can affect how your body processes certain nutrients. For example, it can help determine if you’re more likely to be lactose intolerant or if you might benefit from a specific diet plan based on your genetic predispositions.

🥗➡️🧬Nutrigenomics: Think of this as the “big picture.” Nutrigenomics examines how the nutrients in your diet can influence the activity of your genes. It’s about understanding how the food you eat can turn certain genes on or off, potentially impacting your health. For instance, it can reveal how a diet rich in certain antioxidants might help protect against genetic factors linked to heart disease.

Both fields aim to tailor nutrition recommendations to individuals, making it more effective and precise for promoting better health and help us understand how our unique genetic makeup can make bad food choices more harmful or less harmful to our health. Therefore, highlighting the importance of PERSONALIZED nutrition to mitigate these effects.

STAY TUNED! I will be releasing more information, diving into each field of study and how this information can help YOU make better nutritional choices for your body!

Photos from Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach's post 10/22/2023


Even after a 7 hour drive home, I’m still trying to put together my thoughts about this weekend.

After my Nationals comp, I have put my head down and have solely been grinding on the business front at the tail end of this year. I’ve had this gut feeling the last few months that I am on premise of something really big happening for me.

This weekend provided me with every open door I needed to explore to figure out what that breakthrough was going to look like for me.
This event supplied opportunities of knowledge and networking for all three things I specialize in within my business: training, nutrition and rehabilitation. As intimidating as it was on day one, I felt this huge sense of confidence that I was where I was supposed to be.
Although being only a drop in the ocean in comparison, I know that “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”. I don’t think a single one of us felt that way this weekend and my takeaways will be something I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to put a price tag on.

I didn’t sleep a wink all weekend because at the end of each event day, I sat in my hotel room for hours and brainstormed ways to apply all the things I learned to my business. All of a sudden I’ve been able to finally verbalize my business’s mission, my main focus as far as what that means for my clientele and patients, and the next step I need to take in order to push my business to the next level.

Thank you SO much to & for providing such an incredible opportunity for people in our industry to be hands on, face-to-face, doing nothing more than helping each other be better. After all, that’s what this industry is all about.

In the mean time, I will be working on pushing more educational content in regards to nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics; healing & maximizing the mind & body from the inside out. Stay tuned & feel free to comment & share if you like what you’re hearing!

Until next time 🙏🏼



I have been putting pieces together to be able to offer more convenience for my clientele. That being said, starting this Saturday 10/14, I will be offering MOBILE 🚙 recovery sessions on Saturdays! These will be provided within a 25 mile radius of Ballwin, MO!

I will bring my table and tools to YOU in the comfort of your own home to add an extra layer of relaxation on your recovery journey.

Services include:
Graston (IASTM)
Isolated Deep Tissue Massage
Lymph Drainage
Surgical Scar Rehab
PFS Stretching
*services can be combined in the same session!

I am opening my books starting this weekend and appointments are first come first serve!
Please DM me directly to book your session now!

Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach


DM me directly to schedule a session. First come first serve!


Been feeling the best I have in awhile today & feel so grateful for what & who I have & what’s in store for my future.
I appreciate so much the copious amount of people that I have in my corner.

I don’t know what’s been going on lately that has a ton of people feeling unsettled & on edge. Just this week alone, I’ve had three clients break down on me during sessions. Whatever it is, we’re all feeling it.

During an EMDR session with my counselor a few months ago, we were discussing past trauma & my counselor asked me - “if there is ONE thing you can tell past Sammi, what would it be?”
And without thinking, I said - “this too shall pass”.

It’s the only thing that brings me comfort when everything else fails.
If you feel stuck, lost, hurt - it will pass.

But just know that the good times will too.

I’ve been working on being more present in those moments. To appreciate them for everything that they are. To soak it in, to use all my senses to create a core memory of everything around me in that moment (this is called grounding).

Grounding has become so useful to me because I don’t just use it in times that I am low. I use it during my happy times too. & just like muscle memory, my body remembers that. So when I try to ground myself during difficult times, my senses are connected to everything that has brought me joy with the memories I have created with it & it is easier for me to center myself.

Have any of you had experience with grounding? If so, how has it worked for you?


Champions don’t show up to get everything they want;
They show up to give everything they have.


Photos from Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach's post 09/28/2023

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Sean F: Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

“On March 9th 2022 at my annual yearly Dr checkup I was hit with some news that disturbed me deeply, I was basically pre-diabetic with an insane amount of stress on my heart, causing it to work triple time and my BP was through the roof! Avg was about 140/90-180/120, from years of neglect, abuse, and self sabotage. I was up to 267lbs, always tired, eating like trash and not caring about my outward appearance. Once the Dr. Told me I was on a downward spiral of my health, I decided right in that moment to make a change.

I ended up creating a post in [a fitness] group, to aid me on my journey towards health and wellness.

I spoke to a guy who put me in touch with Samantha Thompson who is a fitness trainer that had an opening for new clientele. We spoke over Facebook, agreed to meetup at a local gym to have a consultation about my goals, ideas, and to get a general sense about what I was interested in doing. After we came to a solid conclusion and formulated a plan, we started training me in the ways of bodybuilding/weightlifting.

After 1 year and about 5 months at this point in time here's what I have done. As you can see in the pics below the top row was me at around 245ish lbs, the bottom row was taken late last week when I hit a weight of 207.8lbs. A full 60 effing pounds of FAT lost!. 60!?!

I am currently hovering around 207-210 lb mark. I still have some work to do, (…) I'm really loving my lifestyle change, the progress I've made, and look forward to the great things to come.

I also want to thank my SUPER BADASS trainer Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach for providing me with the tools mentally and physically to achieve my current success. I definitely couldn't have done it without her either.

And if you are looking for someone who can help you get to your best version of yourself physically and mentally ( they kinda go hand in hand lol ) then don't waste time and message her directly. I really can't say enough about how thankful I am for having her as my coach, her knowledge about fitness and nutrition is seriously amazing. She has the credentials to back it up too!. Thank you Sammi!”


Things I remind myself when I’m feeling overly anxious with or without reason:

- My brain is giving me wrong signals; I am safe.
- I trust the fact that I know how to cope with whatever is coming.
- This feeling will not last forever.
- I am aware of this feeling and why I am feeling it.
- I have felt this feeling before & nothing bad happened/I was able to deal with it.
- I have made it through 100% of the bad things that have happened to me.

If you grew up living most of your life in “survival” mode, your brain and body are primed to go full offense and defense regardless of the reality of what you’re going through.

I am in such a better and safer place in my life now than I used to be, but that doesn’t mean that my brain isn’t ready to give me warnings if it senses that I am unsafe. And “unsafe” to it may be more of a perception instead of actual reality.

I like to go through a list I made for myself when I’m feeling overly anxious, to remind myself that regardless of what it is that I’m going through, I know that I am going to get through it & that I can trust myself.

So on particularly rough days, it’s a nice reminder that my track record for getting through even my toughest moments is 100% - so that’s pretty good.

Photos from Samantha Thompson, Fitness Coach's post 09/11/2023


Getting started on a weight loss/fat loss journey is a HUGE step - but it doesn’t have to be complicated!
Here are a few easy tips to help you get started:

1️⃣ INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE! Among other benefits of protein, it is also extremely satiating! This will help you feel full faster & therefore decrease the likelihood that you will overeat!

2️⃣ STAY HYDRATED! We all hear how important water is for so many reasons. For fat loss specifically, water is known to increase our metabolism. That being said, it will increase the amount of calories our bodies burn at rest. It can also help you feel full during those times you may feel snacky - instead of grabbing a treat, chug some water!

3️⃣ PORTION CONTROL! Most people beginning a weight/fat loss journey are usually unaware of how much they’re actually eating! If you THINK you’re in a deficit and are not losing weight, just start by eating less of what you’re currently eating.
Also - if/when you go out to eat, FIRST THINGS FIRST - ask for a to-go box, cut your entree in half and box it away. Most entrees have a minimum of 2 servings worth of food!

4️⃣ DO NOT RELY ON YOUR SCALE! Your bathroom scale is not a good indicator of FAT loss, as it only gives you ONE variable of your weight status. There are so many variables that play a role in the number you see on the scale, including water weight, muscle mass, and bone mass.

5️⃣ DO NOT FOCUS ON PERFECTION; FOCUS ON CONSISTENCY! If you try to dive head-first into this journey on your own, striving to be perfect will quickly lead to frustration and possibly failure. The more you restrict yourself all at once, the less likely you are to comply for a long period of time.
The best thing you can do is to show up for yourself, every day, and do one thing better than you did the day before.

Dieting is not just a nutritional change - it’s a lifestyle change. Be patient with yourself, give yourself grace, celebrate your wins and learn from your mistakes.

Looking for more guidance on your weight/fat loss journey? Feel free to DM me directly or email me through my bio for nutrition inquiries!



First off - my apologies for my noisy bulldogs pacing in the background letting me know it’s lunch time. 😅

Are you someone that is trying to shed some extra weight & also struggle with high levels of stress?
Those few extra pounds may be difficult to lose and it’s incredibly frustrating - but there’s more to it than just eating right and/or working out!

When your body experiences high level of stress, it releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to aid in what many of us know as the “fight-or-flight” mode to help get us through whatever it is that we are stressed about.
As incredible as it is for our bodies to protect us from these stressful events in this way, unfortunately there are some repercussions as well.

Our bodies require calories to access our fight-or-flight mode. The increase in cortisol specifically tells our body that it’s time to start saving these calories because something very stressful is coming and we need to make sure we are able to get through it.

So instead of our body regularly using these calories as fuel throughout the day, it begins to “save them for later” just in-case we need to access them. This may also explain why you feel groggy and tired regardless of copious amounts of caffeine and calories consumed.

On top of storing calories, cortisol also negatively affects our sleep. Sleep deprivation can easily lead to overeating because your body is telling you - FEED ME I NEED ENERGY - because the calories that you ARE eating are being stored and not utilized.

Here are a few tips on ways to decrease your daily stress:
- Deep breathing & guided meditation
- Exercise
- A “cat-nap” (10-20 minutes)
- Spending time outdoors/in the sun
- Doing something that fills your “tank”
- Journaling
- Singing/humming your favorite song
- Avoid caffeine and alcohol

I experience extreme levels of stress and wish that someone would’ve taught me this sooner! Let me be that person for you. Want to learn more? Feel free to DM me directly with any questions! 🤍


Here’s to my last day of oral chemotherapy ✌🏼

Here’s to no more upset tummies at 4am.
Here’s to no more thinning hair.
Here’s to no more random days of not being able to get out of bed.
Here’s to better recovery after my training sessions.
Here’s to no more excessive weight loss.
Here’s to a full appetite where my stomach can keep up with my eyes.
Here’s to no more hot flashes, nausea, and pain.
And most importantly, here’s to no more cancer. 🥹

I know I won’t wake up tomorrow and be 100% healed, but tomorrow is Day 1 of full recovery. I was told it could take months for me to notice a ton of difference, so I’m going to do my best to stay patient. & knowing every day moving forward is another day where I’m not putting poison in my body is a win I’ll gladly take right now.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked in on me, visited me, brought me food & caffeine when you knew I was having a rough day, sending me funny memes to keep me smiling, & for all of the thoughts, prayers & well wishes sent my way. I’m so very grateful for the people in my corner. 🥹🤍


Hi 👋🏼

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