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Emerge Fitness is staffed with coaches who specialize in their area of fitness, in a facility designed for improving movement, health and wellness.

Welcome to Emerge Fitness Training. Emerge is a private training studio specializing in body fat reduction, sports performance and postural correction. The training staff at Emerge Fitness Training has more than 600,000 collective personal training hours serviced and are educated in all aspects of fitness and health. The new Emerge Fitness training facility is expertly designed, state of the art s

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Photos from Emerge West's post 05/29/2024

Always amazing when one of your clients puts in the hard work and dedication as Katie has! Thank you for your kind words and allowing me to share your progress with everyone else! You are truly inspirational!

Want to Crush Your Fall Running Goal? Find A Training Partner. 05/22/2024

Check out my blog post https://wix.to/r2DKtYn

Want to Crush Your Fall Running Goal? Find A Training Partner. ME in June: I'm going to train every week this summer and have the best cross country season or fall marathon.ME in August: Well, ya know, I had work and so many fun plans and trips that I really didn't have time to run - oh well. Maybe next year. Yah, next year. ME in November: Protectively saying....


It's Gonna Take More Than Just Speed and Agility Workouts.


Now is your time to make your move.

Introducing Emerge Performance Training.

It’s not just a speed and agility workout. It’s a comprehensive PROGRAM designed to enhance your all-around
performance as an athlete.

The program has 3 phases:

1) Screen for Injury.
2) Assess Athletic Movement.
3) Strength Train.

Screen for Injury:

We start with a movement screen to determine the likelihood of future injury in your sport.

Any red flags are noted and exercise is then prescribed to address these potential problems.

Assess Athletic Movement:

We then perform an athletic movement assessment to identify any deficits you may have in your basic
movement patterns.

These deficits will eventually keep you from reaching your greatest potential as an athlete, so identifying them early allows us to program specific exercise to address these strength deficits and remedy them.

Strength Train:

Now you’re an athlete with a green light, ready to get strong.
We prescribe strength training exercise especially for your needs and the demands of your sport.

It’s time to hit your potential.
It’s time to separate from the pack.
It’s time to Emerge.
Emerge Performance Training.

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[email protected]


Calling all female middle, high school, college, cross country, post collegiate, AND ALL females training for a fall race: Summer training is essential if you have a goal to reach your potential safely and optimally. This process requires consistency. Consistency over perfection always wins- show up. My biggest tip for you girls is to get a training group or partner who will run aerobic miles with you. I find the girls are hesitant to meet someone new and adjusting to paces. SOOOOOO,
Id like to host a twice weekly run. This is not coaching. This is not training. This is not an official practice. This is not instruction on how to learn to "like running"

This is for all out there who need training accountability and partners.

This is - me -and some of my training partners meeting at this time and place every week (consistency is MAGIC) and getting in mileage. No workout, no coaching, just meet and run with other females in the area. Im hoping you gals will attend (shy, fearful, nervous- lol all the feelings ok) and hopefully find another female that you can run with. Please spread the word. I will get my client gals out there and hope it will grow each week.
Saturday June 1st - 7am. Parking Lot Katy Trail 364 Hemsath
Saturday June 8th - 7am
Saturday June 15th - 7am
Saturday June 22 - 7am
Saturday June 29th - 7 am ( Macklind Mile Today!)
Saturday July 6th - 7 am
Saturday July 13th - 7am
Saturday July 20th - 7am
Saturday July 27th - 7am
We may add a second day as well. Message me and introduce yourself if you plan on coming!

Photos from Emerge Fitness Training's post 05/15/2024

So, this is cool…

Coach Keelin did something impressive (again).

On the weekend of April 26, the Climb So Ill Showdown was hosted in St. Charles.

This was a premiere bouldering competition in the Midwest, attracting climbers from across the country.

In Keelin’s words;

“It was my first competition since taking a fall 9 months ago that nearly fractured my back and sidelined my competitive career.

I worked with Dr. Austin Conrod at TROSS Spine and Sports Performance to heal my back and related injuries so I could regain my confidence and my athletic abilities again. When I signed up for the competition it was with the goal to push past my fears of hurting myself again and just to get back into what I love doing, and I ended up with a WIN!

So very grateful for everyone who helped and supported me to get back to doing what I love.”

Congrats Coach Keelin!

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


I Want my Athlete to be More Explosive!

You know it when ya See it.

You can spot the athlete on the field that spent time getting stronger and more explosive in the off season.

Practicing your sport makes you a more skilled player of that particular sport, but it won't make you a significantly stronger and powerful athlete.

In fact, at a certain point, one more rep with a ball begins to return less and less performance increases.

At this point, the return in performance that a smart strength training program can give far outweighs more and more practice reps.

SUMMER is the time to improve your athleticism.

Devoting this time to strength training will SHOW UP next season in your sport.

Book a tour or consultation


[email protected]

Your story.
Our Guidance.
It's your turn.


Summer Training in Emerge.

Explosive Athletes are BUILT.

What are you doing to get better this summer?

If you're not strength training in the off-season...


If you don't even HAVE an off-season...

You're making the decision to UNDER PERFORM next season.

There are only so many reps you can get with a ball before your practice time becomes far less efficient.

Increasing explosiveness in your game requires a base of strength and agility training.

It's time to get explosive.

Athletes. It's Your Turn. EMERGE.

Ready to START?

Schedule with a Coach.


[email protected]

Your story.
Our Guidance.
It's your turn.


Western Illinois University has been one of the top schools in the country for Kinesiology-Exercise Science.

Did you know… Two Emerge trainers graduated from here. Angie Nation-Pirtle ‘01 and Kimberly Renoud ‘05

This week's Program Spotlight is Exercise Science!💛💜 Check out what they have to offer:

•First institution in the U.S. to obtain accreditation from the International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association (IUSCA)
•Log more than 500+ hours of hands-on learning to launch a career as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, fitness trainer, athletic coach, or exercise physiologists
•Specialized equipment used to measure human performance including top of the line heart rate monitors, force plates, and workout equipment


You CAN love the way you look and feel again.

Men in your 30's and 40's,

With kids in sports and a demanding career,

and an impossibly busy schedule.

Life sure isn’t like what it was 15 years ago.

You were proud of your physique and had the energy to match.

And the time to work on those things.

Things are different now.


You CAN love the way you look and feel again.

Guys in your 30's and 40’s,

I get it.

My name is Matt Pirtle.

I’m you.

I have all those time-consuming responsibilities too.


With a time-efficient lifting program and smarter nutrition, I’ve maintained my fitness level over the last 20 crazy years.

And even if you’ve let your fitness get away from you,
it’s not too late.

You can make a comeback without spending hours a day in the gym.

You can be the guy you want to be again.

And we can guide you there.

It’s your turn.


-Small group men’s fitness
-Private men’s-focused coaching
-Programming designed especially for busy

Your story.
Our Guidance.
It's your turn.

Book a tour or consultation:


[email protected]

'Dueling for Lincoln': St. Louis soccer team competing for a great cause 04/01/2024

Coach Aaron Slater working with Andrew Komoroski the goal keeper for the Dueling for Lincoln FC for This upcoming summer, St. Louis is sending a soccer team to participate in The Soccer Tournament (TST). This soccer tournament is truly one of a kind. The 2024 TST marks the second edition of the tournament and will showcase 48 diverse teams from different countries competing in a 7-v-7, World Cup style format consisting of group play and single elimination knockout rounds, all vying for a $1 million dollar prize.

Dueling for Lincoln F.C. will be one of those 48 diverse teams and the games will be televised on ESPN and ESPN+.

Dueling For Lincoln is a non-profit organization that has raised thousands of dollars towards research for Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML), but their primary focus is on their Heartbeat Animal Program, which provides the recorded heartbeat of a loved one in a stuffed animal. The program was born out of a desire to provide families with a tangible memory of their loved one and to represent the strength of those who continue to fight.

We are playing for much more than $1M dollars and are looking for a St. Louis company to share this journey with.

If you are interested in having your company sponsor Dueling For Lincoln FC for TST, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]

*Disclaimer: Dueling FC operates independently and is solely funded through separate means. It does not receive financial support from Dueling for Lincoln. The goal of the TST team is to gain national exposure in hopes of expanding the charity's footprint nationwide.

'Dueling for Lincoln': St. Louis soccer team competing for a great cause A group will hit the pitch soon and compete for $1 million for a great cause. The Dueling for Lincoln soccer team is hoping to donate the money to a great ca...


Question: Do I Need to be "In Shape" to Experience

Answer: No

That’s what we are here for!

When you first step foot in Emerge, you’ll notice people just like you.

Folks that haven’t been in the gym in 20 years, or ever.


Athletes that are adding strength and speed to their game.


Moms and dads who are wanting to stay strong and energetic for their kids.


Individuals who are making a comeback from an injury.


No matter who you are or what experience you have, you’ll notice YOURSELF in Emerge.

If YOU'VE been contemplating improving your life, have an Emerge coach be your guide.

Your story.
Our Guidance.
It's your turn.

Book a tour or consultation:


[email protected]


Congrats Angie for a PR 1:58:58 at today’s St Paddy’s run.

All your training and hard work paid off.

Second in age group!


RE-EMERGE was invited to the incredible 1st Phorm Headquarters for a workout with our veterans.

It was an…

Awe inspiring facility.

Intense workout.

Wonderful bonding experience.

Memorable afternoon of health and fitness.

Thank you 1st Phorm, and, as always, thanks to all of our military veterans.

It’s your turn. Emerge.


Small Group Training.

Happening right now at Emerge Fitness Training.

It's Your Turn. Emerge.

EMAIL: [email protected]
CALL OR TEXT: 1-636-500-1093


Question: Is Emerge a Gym?
Answer: No.

It's a common misconception.

Emerge isn't a gym in the sense that folks pay a membership and come workout.

Emerge is a TRAINING FACILITY, and we have been since 2007.

Instead of droves of strangers making their way through the facility, working out with their airpods, the clientele at Emerge is ALWAYS under the guidance of a COACH who is there WITH them.

The atmosphere is intimate. Personal.

A "crowded" Emerge may have 40 people in it, and
the coaches and exercisers know and often encourage each other.

We think that this is the perfect environment for change and growth.

You'll notice the difference as soon as you walk in.

If YOU'VE been contemplating improving your life, have an Emerge coach be your guide.

Your story.
Our Guidance.
It's your turn.

Book a tour or consultation:


[email protected]


Emerge is always on the lookout for standout coaching talent.

The latest addition to the St. Charles team, Aaron Slater, says this about his transition to Emerge.

“Moving to emerge fitness training was the best decision for my professional advancement in my training career.

The ability to earn, learn from the other trainers, and the family environment is what makes it an amazing work experience.

Being veteran myself and giving the gift of fitness to many of my other struggling veterans is rewarding.

My work with the nonprofit Re-Emerge gives me the ability to make a difference because I have been there!

I am definitely excited for many more years to come with Emerge Fitness Training!”

If YOU'RE interested in a career in the fitness industry, please...

email: [email protected]
call or text: 1-636-500-1093


Observations of a Fitness Coach

This is my second quick writing on my observations in fitness coaching over the last 23 years.

The first were three observations (in a previous post) coming from the sports performance coaching perspective.

This one is aimed more at fitness training in general.

I’m also going to focus on just one observation, because it’s an important one.

Here it is…

When starting, or continuing, or even just contemplating a fitness plan that will take you to your desired goal, CONSISTENCY matters far more than PROGRAM DESIGN/ PERFECTION.

Here’s the scenario.

A woman in her forties is looking to get into shape. She was in descent physical condition when she was 23, but that was mostly due to just being 23.

Now, 20 years later, she’s feeling the ill affects of being unhealthy.
She hurts more.
She has low energy.
She doesn’t like the way she looks in the mirror.

So, she gets professional help.

A fitness coach writes the perfect training split for her to do in the gym, and a dietician crafts the most healthy meal plan she can ask for.

And she does it for a week because she’s amped up….and then she stops.

The workout plan is too strenuous, boring, and confusing. She doesn’t know if she’s even doing it right.
The nutrition plan takes a lot of prep time and is filled with foods she would prefer not to eat.
The plan, on paper, was perfect.

So what gives?

This approach was almost guaranteed to fail from the start. It was undoable.

Coming from the place she was (in her forties with very little exercise experience), she was being asked to drive a race car when she should have been pedaling a bike…with training wheels.

This absolutely is not saying that this plan couldn’t have worked.
MAYBE eventually.
With proper guidance along the way.
With clear progressions from A to Z.

So let’s now imagine that she had a choice to simply pedal that bike mentioned above, instead.

That is not the perfect mode of transportation, but it will move you forward.

And done consistently, it can take you a long distance.

That bike (a simple workout plan she found in a magazine, along with some simple nutritional advice she got from a friend) used CONSISTENTLY, is more likely to get you closer to your goal than attempting to drive an INDY 1 car as fast as possible down unchartered roads.

I’ve witnessed this countless times over my years in fitness.

This doesn’t just apply to the example used above.

It does apply to anyone looking to achieve a big fitness goal, from athletic performance to weight loss.

An imperfect plan, applied CONSISTENTLY, trumps a PERFECT PLAN sporadically followed.

Basic steps to help stay consistent when you’re first starting a fitness journey:

1)Make the plan doable. The excitement level is high at the onset. Pick a pace and path you can SUSTAIN.

2) Make it fun. If going to the gym or preparing a meal becomes torture, you’re doing the wrong thing or too much of it.

3) Find success stories to be inspired by. Folks who have taken a similar journey as the one you’re about to embark upon can show you that, YES!, it is possible.

Once again, thanks for reading.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

See ya soon,

Matt Pirtle


Shout out to the Arch City 16U Volleyball girls who just wrapped up their winter training at Emerge and a tournament win this past weekend!

The amount of improvement for the whole team over the past three months was massive, with each girl showing improvements in strength, agility, and power.

In just 6 weeks, over 2/3 of the girls improved their verticals by 3 inches!!!!

So excited for the next stage of training for these girls!

-Coach Kéelin


Observations of a youth strength and
conditioning coach. - Matt Pirtle

The investment into youth sports has skyrocketed in the last decade.

Whether or not this massive increase in time and dollars is a good or bad thing can be debated, and I have my thoughts on this subject that I’ll share at another time (if you’re interested).

But the reality is that the kids sports landscape, for good or bad, has changed.

It’s club sports participation, which often spans the course of the entire year for EACH sport.

It’s one-on-one skills coaching in ADDITION to the coaching an athlete receives with their team in practice.

It’s expensive technology that promises to track the performance of, and ultimately improve the performance of, young athletes.

It’s visits to sports medicine professionals and soft tissue specialists and chiropractors.

And then there’s my area of expertise, the involvement in strength and conditioning for sports performance.

Because that’s what I know best, that’s what I’ll focus on here.

So, here are a few observations from the perspective of a parent of 4 youth athletes and a strength and conditioning professional.

1) For the most part, parents have come to realize that some sort of participation in a strength and conditioning program is good, but they don’t really know why (even if they say they do).

Most parents think speed and agility when they think of athletic “gym time.” For most sports that require speed and agility to be competitive, the young athlete gets A LOT of this training during the practice (and gameplay) for that particular sport.

Loading more and more of this same type of training is not only unlikely to make a change in the athlete’s performance, it’s likely to be counterproductive. There is a point of maximum return on any type of training.

Anything past that point can lead to, at best, diminished results, but likely to over-training and repetitive use injuries.

Most young athletes would benefit more from age-specific strength training that compliments the speed and agility training they are already receiving via their sport.

Top speed, quickness, the ability to quickly change directions and a strong physical presence is predicated on STRENGTH.

Both types of training are beneficial, but most athletes get 95% speed and agility and almost zero strength.

2) Strength and conditioning coaches are professionals who have been educated in the sports performance field.

I’ve trained thousands of athletes, including hundreds of professionals. Some of these athletes have achieved incredible things in their sports.

That doesn’t mean that they are qualified and effective strength coaches.

After high school, these standout athletes were/are following precise strength and conditioning programs written by strength and conditioning professionals employed by a college or pro organization.

I’ve had the pleasure to witness some incredible athletes move in Emerge.

Those athletes came to me because they were standouts at their sport, and I’m a professional at what I do. Great athletes, without specific knowledge, almost never write great strength and conditioning programs.

3) Unlike what’s popularly believed, strength training can begin at fairly young age.

At some point in time, certain myths have been propagated, and then widely accepted (without evidence), concerning strength training for kids.

The most common myth being, “I’m afraid to start my kid strength training too early because it will stunt his growth.”

This myth, taken a level deeper, means “I’m afraid my kid will damage their growth plate from weight training.”

Truth is, damaging the growth plate (epiphyseal plate) requires high impact trauma.

A child’s growth plate is softer before they are physically mature, but SMART resistance training based on a child’s physical capability is hugely beneficial and safe.

Further, ANY type of impact could possibly damage a growth plate, including the much more common occurrence of high speed impact during the actual sport they are playing.

Weight training, relative to the actual sport, is a more controlled and much lesser risk for this type of injury.

The benefit (again, with an intelligent program) far outweighs the very small risk.

In conclusion;

These are a few observations of mine in my 23 years in the strength and conditioning industry.

The umbrella observation is that youth athletes can benefit greatly from adding a well-programmed strength training regimen into their athletic schedule.

This can be tough with year-round commitments to multiple sports.

It is my opinion that athletes who take time away from particular sports (AKA an off-season) and incorporate this kind of weight training will have superior performance results to those who do nothing but compete and practice their sport year-round.

I’ve seen it, personally, again and again.

Thanks for reading,

If you have any questions, or scheduling just won’t allow for gym time at the moment, please email me at:

[email protected]

I will supply you a basic-format program for your athlete.

Matt P.

Book a tour or consultation:


[email protected]

Results and Highlights from the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials 02/04/2024

If you missed the Olympic marathon trials yesterday, go watch it nbc- see the representation of an athlete- grit, patience, years of work on developing ALL the systems, team, dealing with a good day, a bad day, again- sprinting for 27 miles while ingesting calories in the heat is incredible!!! Man I love this sport and am so inspired….

Congratulations to ALL qualifiers - NEVER lose sight of your dreams and what lights YOUR athletic heart on fire- go after it!

Results and Highlights from the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials The top marathoners in the country punched tickets to the Paris Olympic Games.

Photos from Emerge Fitness Training's post 02/01/2024

Here are some amazing action shots of our veteran small group we offer.

They also receive 1 on 1 training, physical therapy assistance and nutritional coaching to get them where they need to be physically.

A huge benefit is how they bond together to form connections and self belief through these workouts. Mentally and physically stronger.

Meet the Coaches | JPH Running 01/28/2024

Athletes, Coaches and Parents- Do you have a middle to distance runner and interested in a group or team training at Emerge Fitness Training's St. Charles Elite location?

Let's get your athlete mentally and foundationally strong: work on team bonding, form and function to ensure a safe, strong, efficient stride.

The great Coach Sheldon Webster and Olympic Trials competitor, Jackie Pirtle-Hall are opening up a time and space at Emerge Fitness training to educate and train a small group or team looking to build a strong, efficient, functional running body.

Jackie Pirtle-Hall 2xOlympic Marathon Trials, American Record for the 8th fastest ever 50 mile trail finish, The Go Stl marathon record holder, Pikes Peak Marathon top 3 and at 41 yrs. post surgery gobbling up over 5 Missouri records from 12k-half marathon and she's not done which means she understands all the highs and lows of lifelong sport and competition and how to safely navigate this journey.

Jackie grew up participating in club soccer, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, and her favorite basketball, before and along discovering running.

Coach Webster has coached for over 40 years- numerous athletes to state championship track titles. A former collegiate coach, and the man behind Jackies return to professional running guiding helping her drop over 45 minutes of the marathon and minutes off the 5k post collegiate!

The magic here are the coaches ability to understand the mental and psychological aspect of sport - specifically to female athletes concerning confidence, power, nutrition, and channeling the inner athlete into a team cohesiveness that breeds and celebrates both team and individual mental health and success.

Both students of their sport with more than needed several Master's degrees- ACE and NASM certifications, as well as experience coaching and competing on the following levels: club, MSHAA, collegiate, professional, USATF, NCAA, NAIA, as well introductory levels.

Reach out quick - we are only opening for one slot as of now.

Click here for more coach bio info and to read some blogs!

Meet the Coaches | JPH Running JPH Coaches are chosen for their superior knowledge, experience, and dedication to the sport of distance running. You are getting THE BEST!

Photos from Emerge Fitness Training's post 01/20/2024

This girl. Elizabeth Shaw- Holt high school.

I’m just in awe.

I’ve been blessed to work with her through her high school running/soccer journey.

When she came to me after cross country saying : coach I want to run a half marathon before soccer starts in Feb. I said- great aerobic base building- easy, we need to just add some long efforts and build. Each week, little by little- and we get to race week-

Temps windchill -15 and she is still determined to complete her goal. With proper preparation and determination- I see her smiling at mile 7 as I pass- btw, she gave me strength too while I was out there with icy eyelashes and snot.

After my race- I h had to go make sure she was ok- fuel, hot hands, extra hat- I found her at mile 9 with some tight hamstrings but all else was great- the only thing I could do was believe in her and run beside her which was pure joy.

Now it’s time to recover and move to soccer season - best case scenario! Perfect time to pivot to soccer and improve overall movement and athleticism knowing she is tough, determined, and has running here for her anytime in her athletic career or lifetime.

❤️🫵 Elizabeth Shaw

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in St. Charles?

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