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👋🏼 Welcome to the hottest joint in town! We offer over 35 classes per week and host an on-demand library! We can't wait to sweat with you!

Operating as usual


OMG can you believe we’re only 13 days away from the first day of Spring!? 🌷💧🌷

You know that means!? PHYSTL Spring Fling is upon us!! The Deets are below!! Let us know if you have any questions!

1. Pick a partner. If you don’t have one, chat with the front desk staff and we’ll hook you up with a teammate.

2. Come up with a team name and let us know so we can post it on our wall and cheer y”all on!!

3. An email was sent out with the forms. Print it out at home and be ready to rock on 3/19. We’re happy to double check classes along the way and will have extra forms at the desk.

4. Extra points are available, do one or go all the way!

5. Take as many classes between 3/19-4/19 as you can at PHYSTL.

6. The team with the most points on 4/19 gets their next month free at PHYSTL! HOLY $ #*^!

7. The winning team will be announced on 4/20! In case of a tie the winning team will be chosen via drawing.

🌷 please tag us in your social media posts and use the !

We can’t wait to Fling with you and see what your team names are!! 🙌🌷




Happy First Yoga Birthday to !!! A year ago Faye came to Ellen’s class on Tuesday at 5 pm and they were able to recreate that this evening. Faye, we’re so happy you’re here and we got celebrate you and your beautiful practice tonight!


We LOVE the HEAT and we LOVE to SWEAT at PHYSTL! We love to sweat because we know how good it is for our bodies.

We have two types of sweat glands: eccrine (feet, palms, hands) and apocrine (armpits and ge****ls). Sweating is our bodies way of distributing heat that is created by our metabolism and muscles. Sweat occurs dues to stress, exercise, or heat. Our body adjusts the level of sweat production depending on what we are doing, but it is always working to keep us cool and at homeostasis.

Sweat promotes healthy circulation.
- when we sweat our heart rate increases and does the circulation of our blood. When our sweat glads produce liquid on our skin they drive blood flow to the skin and initiate the circulatory system.

Removes Toxins:
- Sweat contains all sorts of compounds from your body, including harmful toxins like metals. Toxins that are located deep within the skin are pushed to the surface when you begin sweating and are rid from the body.

Helps Fight Sickness
- The detoxifying nature of sweat can boost your immune system and make it stronger for fighting against common ailments. Also, sweat contains a nitrite which acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal on the skin.

Lowers Body Temperature
- Sweat is the body’s in house way of regulating temperature. Especially important during exercise, sweating helps your body manage excess heat and keep your core internal temperature from rising too quickly or too high.

Promotes Healthier, Clearer Skin
- Sweating opens up your pores and thus reduces the chances of them becoming clogged with bacteria or dirt. Sweating works against blackhead and acne formation.

Speeds Healing
- Sweating increases your metabolic processes and thus stimulates your immune system. Sweating is your body’s way of healing itself when you are a sick or injured.



Help us wish this beautiful teacher and human a Happy and Beautiful 60th Birthday!!!!

Catherine we hope you feel all the love, and feel so celebrated today!!! 🥳💕🎉


Happy Leap Day!! We’re leaping for joy over the amount of love that was shared this month! Thanks so much for showing your friends, co-workers, and loved ones how transformative this practice can be, no one can really understand until they walk through the doors and get on a mat.

We’ll be doing our FIRST EVER Instagram LIVE tomorrow after the 9:30 am class starts, to draw and announce the winner of this amazing basket that is worth $500! You’ll get a towel, a water bottle, a free month of yoga, a yoga mat made for hot yoga, a PHY hoodie, a gift card for the boutique, a box of Superieur Electrolytes, and temporary tattoo! OMG all that just for bringing a few peeps to yoga!?


🔥🖤💧 LET IT DRIP. 💦


Way to go on 100 Classes, Adam!! 🙌🔥 It’s such a big deal and we’re so glad you’re at Pure Hot Yoga STL and investing in yourself with this amazing practice. Keep it up!!


We love checking in with our students, especially our students that are in their first intro month with us. It’s important to the staff at PHYSTL that you feel seen and taken care of, a student sent this to Becky after an IHP class.

Speaking of IHP, if you haven’t tried it yet and are nervous about it, this Saturday is a Donation IHP 101, Becky will be going over the basics; it’s great for beginners OR to tighten up your skills while supporting Clayton’s High School Dance Marathon. It’s sure to be a great time!!

$25 minimum donation. Please sign up at the desk!

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!!


Happy 12 years, Chris!!! We’re so grateful that you’re part of our community, it wouldn’t be the same without you. 🔥🙌

The key to this practice is consistency. Consistent practice shows and brings results!

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!


Don’t forget to sign up for the Original 90 at 2 pm today with the beautiful, Allison! We think she’s pretty amazing and the class is filling up fast!

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!

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Teacher Spotlight!!

Have you taken Becky’s IHP class yet?! If not you’re missing out! Becky brings energy, encouragement, and light when she walks into the studio.
Keeping reading to learn a little more about this powerhouse teacher, and beautiful soul!

Pronouns :
🖤 she/her

🖤 I love to laugh and I love to make things: art, food, gifts, you name it. When I travel I love to walk as much as possible. I like to get lost in neighborhoods I’ve never seen and find my way out via cool shops and cafes, thrift stores and flea markets. I am honest and trustworthy and I look for these qualities in my friends.

🖤 Becky has been at PHY STL for 6 years (or 7?)

🖤 My husband took a class and said I should try yoga- that it would be a good compliment to my running. I rolled my eyes and said, “fine, okay”. It’s been 15 years now and I’m at PHY almost every day. Does this mean my husband was right? 😉

🖤 The heat allows me to find new depths in each posture I attempt. Some days my body doesn’t comply, but on those where it does, I can feel myself expanding, lengthening, reaching to new limits of expression.
As for how it impacts my teaching style? The more I sweat while teaching the more into the class I get. It gets grittier with each drop.

If the purpose of the heat is to invite change, what has it brought for you?

🖤 It has made me crave the heat. Summers are definitely easier to manage when anything less than 100 degrees feels “cold”.

What role does yoga play in your life outside of the studio (and off your mat)?

🖤 My balance has improved. My core is stronger. I remember to stand up straight. With an hour of silence each day in the hot room, I feel better equipped to handle stressors that come at me.

Define hot yoga in two words (without using hot or yoga)

🖤 Challenging & Restorative

Open up your MBO App and take a class with Becky this week!!

You can follow her on social media: and


Trikonasana, Triangle Pose. A pose we all love to hate at the peak of the 26/2, Power60. This pose brings the heat along with some amazing benefits.

Trikonasana improves every muscle, joint, tendon and internal organ in the body while revitalizing nerves, veins, and tissues. It supports the body as it heals from lumbago and rheumatism of the lower spine by flexing and strengthening the last five vertebrae, and can improve crooked spines.

This is the most important pose to increase the strength and flexibility of the hip joint and of the muscles on the side of the torso. Triangle firms the upper thighs and hips, improves the deltoid, trapezius, scapula, and latissimus muscles otherwise known as the ‘lats’. The lats is one of the biggest muscles of the back stretching across the lower back whose primary function is upper extremity movement and serves as a respiratory accessory muscle.

The next time you’re sweating through triangle remember its benefits and how it supports your body! ❤️‍🔥🙌❤️‍🔥

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!!


Surrendering to the what is = the practice of a lifetime.

🔥🔥Classes having been bumping and we’ve been truly inspired by your dedication to your practice! To avoid any unnecessary drama 😉, please make sure you’re signing up for classes ahead of time to ensure you get a spot in class! Keep it up! 🙌

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!!


Hope you’re safe and warm while enjoying this Snowy Friday! ❄️☃️


Open body. Open mind. Open heart. ❤️‍🔥

Whether you’re anti, indifferent, or celebrating big today … we wish you ALL THE LOVE. ❤️

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Congratulations to Diane and Taresa on teaching their very first yoga classes ever this week!! They both graduated from PHYSTL’s very first YTT back in January and they did AMAZING!!!

If you see them around the studio give them high five or fist bump! It takes courage to stand up and teach something you and so many others love. THEY DID IT!! 🔥🙌🔥


Pure Yogis! We have a modified schedule this Sunday! Please double check the schedule before you sign up and head out for class! We’ll see you in the Hot Room this weekend! 🔥🙌



Are you signed up for Yoga Mutts this weekend with !? We have a few spots left.

Come explore the foundations of the 26/2 sequence with Christina on Saturday afternoon. She’ll break the poses down and help us to understand what our bodies are doing in this transformational practice. On Sunday she’ll be breaking down back bends and arm balances that you often see in our vinyasa classes.

Come prepared to work, have fun, and laugh as we move our bodies and learn more about this amazing practice we call yoga!

🔥🖤💧 Link to sign up is in our stories!


Addicted to the heat is like music to our ears!

Inferno Hot Pilates is the perfect complement to your yoga practice! We’re not just about stretching here, we want to strengthen and lengthen your muscles so your joints and body feel supple and juicy!

What’s your favorite part of IHP!?

🔥🖤💧 Get FUNKY with us!


Happy 100th Class to Beth!!

We love getting to celebrate these special milestones with our students and community. You are what makes PHYSTL so very special!


The “L” word gets thrown around A LOT nowadays, but not at PHY. When we say L-O-V-E we mean it and we know if more people stepped into the hot room and experienced this transformational practice they would too!

Don’t forget to grab your Share the Love cards at the front desk before or after class so you can bring a friend or loved one with you! The more cards you share the bigger your chance is to win the drawing for the beautiful basket in the lobby that is filled with PHY goodies and priced at $500!


This sweet girl is Locket, she is Christina’s pride and joy. Get ready to hear stories about her next weekend during our Yoga Mutts workshop! Spots are filling up so if you’re planning on coming head over to our stories and click on the link to register!

Come ready to work, learn about this transformative practice, and laugh while doing it! We are so stoked!


Who’s ready for Double the Fun and Double the Trouble with Lindsey and Becky on February 17th at 12 pm!?

Get ready to sweat, to work that b***y, and have fun while doing it at the hottest joint in town! 🔥💪🔥




Happy February! At Pure Hot Yoga, We LOVE love! 🖤

To celebrate this month, we’ve got a fire Share the Love campaign. Be sure to stop by the front desk to find out how you can share a FREE WEEK OF YOGA with a friend or lover ;) and be entered to win a dope prize (valued at over $500 and including a free month of yoga for you.) ITS A LOVEFEST at the hottest joint in town!


Help us wish this beautiful, sweet soul a very Happy Birthday!! Hilary we hope you have the best day and feel celebrated and loved!! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself and knowledge with us! 🥳🔥🥳

Photos from Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis's post 01/29/2024

Becky Melander showing her PURE love in Bentonville, Arkansas!!!


What are new students saying about their first class at PHY!?

Do you remember your first class and that first PURE high? Best feeling ever, right!?

🔥🖤💧 IT’S JUICY!!!


Mark your calendars!! February 17th, 12-1:15 pm, these two beauties are back with Double the Fun IHP!! Don’t wait to grab your spot, it’s going to fill up fast!! 💪🏼🙌


Photos from Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis's post 01/24/2024

It’s getting closer!!!! Are you as excited as we are for this kickass workshop!?

Head over to our stories to register today. You can sign up for one class or the whole weekend! We can’t wait to practice with you all!

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