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At times do you feel that you are going through the motions of living your life? Do you find yourself not living up to your potential, struggling with knowing who you are and what you want out of life? Would you like to have a job where you feel satisfied? Alllow our Counselors to show you where motivation meets inspiration! Contact Inspire and we wi


A message from Sara's family:

It is with sad and heavy hearts that we let you all know that Sara Kathryn Hoffstot passed away on December 31, 2016. If you’ve known Sara for a lifetime or for 5 minutes you will remember her amazing heart, passion for life, and that ever present beautiful smile. Sara never met a stranger and was notoriously late (and loved it) because she gave her undivided attention to the person that was directly in front of her. Which is how we know so many people are greatly affected by her loss. We ask that you please keep her family and close friends in your thoughts and prayers.
We wanted to leave you with the best Sara-ism we could possibly come up with so here it is:

Sara wasn’t a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions because she felt like any old Tuesday would be the perfect day to set goals and take the steps forward to change your life. But because it is the new year and we all are searching for a way to move forward in our time of grief we would like to ask you to make 2017 your year of MORE. More laughing, more hugs, more time with those you love, more “I’m sorry’s”, more forgiveness, more adventures, more great meals, more romance, more reading, especially more dancing, really just more of whatever makes YOUR soul sing. And in those moments when your heart is filled with love think of Sara and know how proud she is that all of us are carrying on her legacy of love.


Did you struggle this year? Everywhere I turn, people are telling me they can't wait until 2017 and I'm one of them. I'm not typically one to wish a day, week, month or year away but I found myself desperately wanting 2017 to get here in ummmm...May 😂 and wanted this year to end until I remembered this morning, if I wouldn't have struggled I wouldn't have learned. As a counselor, I tell my clients all the time, the struggle is real but there is a reason for your struggle, if youre struggling you're fighting for a lesson that you have yet to master. The fight, the struggle will push you further than you have ever been pushed and then when you lay still, think about what lessons you are learning. What patterns of behaviors are you repeating. Who are you surrounding yourself around. Are you teaching others how to treat you. Sometimes it takes a beloved trusted confidant to help you look within.

What I've learned: it's better to be alone than lonely, you teach others how to treat you, you can't trust everyone, there are guideposts and signs everywhere to guide you if you're still enough you will see, feel and hear them, I have a lot of people surrounding me but a few true friends, you can have legit guy friends, my kids are always watching and they smile when I smile they hurt when I hurt and it's okay for them to see both, being a strong business woman you will run into men who really don't want to do business with you they want to screw, literally use discernment and move along, it does hurt when people gossip about you and don't know you and hurts even more when they do know you so don't do it to others, there are times when I will lay in bed and ask myself what the f**k was I thinking but I always know when my feet hit the floor it will be okay so I need to get the hell out of bed, the more successful you get the more snakes you attract, my mama will always have my back and besties, sistas and family will be right alongside I truly have a small army beside me, I am no ones backup or secret, I am an alpha female, I will have my heart broken a million times until I find the one but it will be worth it, initial coffee dates are still the way to go, take time to relax, eat, pray, read, drink, laugh, dance, look at first dates as a new person to meet not the love of your life, I will always be the woman that got away but that doesn't mean I need to try it again when it's realized, I want someone in my life not necessarily need and want them to be crazy about me, if you have to ask yourself or someone else is he into me, he's not and that's okay move on, I need to watch my alcohol and sweet intake I'm much better sober and fit, don't force anything but absolutely go after what you want and say it out loud, I didn't come all this way to settle for anything and always always put myself first.

The struggle is real, but it's worth it, fight and fight some more then reflect, I'll stand by you! Before 2017 rapidly approaches and you wish away 2016, think about your struggles and what did you learn or still have yet to?


Take the time to really know someone, the best gift ever 💕

"She is delightfully chaotic, a beautiful mess, loving her is a splendid adventure." Steve Maraboli

When someone picks out a perfect gift for you. Doesn't try and change you, loves you for who you are and instead takes the time and learns to understand you...unwrapping the ultimate present of all-her heart and loyalty 💕 do the same for someone else, best gift ever!


A lesson from Denmark (and my sister)

When I look at this picture it looks awkward to me (I'll explain why later). "The year of living Dannishly"! My sister has been practicing Hygge (I know sounds granola) for a bit now and I can definitely feel a sense of calm surrounding her (yes I can feel people's feelings). She and I make quite the duo! Hygge is a way of living, focusing on self (calm, forgetting about the hustle and bustle, enjoying your time with others, experiences, food) basically staying in the moment. Denmark is said to have the happiest most content people, despite loooong cold winters that literally keep people indoors.

My curiosity is drawn to my little sister and this practiced way of living. She explains to me, she barely does anything during the work week, drinks hot tea and has learned to knit to develop a hobby, amongst many others things (like getting off social media for the holiday season). I then tell her, I don't know the last time I watched my crappy reality shows on a Sunday, read a book, took a long bath or for the love of god, sat down for a minute. If looks could kill, I would of been dead! Immediately, she said I know you have a lot going on by design and because of what you do, but it's time, it's overdue, it's time to slowdown. My little sister doesn't mess around, so I listened and we talked...

It's been no secret I've gone through a divorce. I was a wife and mom. I had to learn what it was like to be "single" Sara again (what a show that was during my "Summer of Fun" I sweetly call it). I promised myself after my "summer of fun" I would get it together and I did. But, for 39 years I have yet to slowdown. I'll take breaks but not incorporate breaks as a way of living, more like a forced crashed break. Most entrepreneurs and creative people work like this, although not ideal.

I enjoy the person in front of me and give them my all but oftentimes not always myself and give myself a break. Look, I can aspire to reach the Hygge level as my sister or I can put my own "Sara'ism" on it and thats just what I'll do!

Starting today, not NYE because I don't believe in that bologna...I will sit down, take a break, comfort myself and stop running (as much) and continue to stay in the moment (thank goodness I don't need too much assistance with that).

And...the awkward pic, I realized today, it's because I never sit the hell down, that's why it's awkward looking to me 😂

And...god knows I'm not letting go of social media, sorry sista!

Read more here

💕 Let me know if you're in and want to try Hygge as a way of living?


My favorite visitor today and going to be the most emotionally healthy human I know since she's been visiting Inspire since birth! We know how hard it is to get away sometimes for counseling, bring them with you, we obviously don't mind the hugs either 💕 Spectrum Birth


Who doesn't hold back with you?

We laugh alike, sound alike and this pic 💕 sometimes you need your sista to tell you like it is when you know you need it and if you want to hear it or not...who doesn't hold back from you?


💕 my job! A little creativity goes a long way in counseling at Inspire!

A 35 year old, "alpha female", extremely successful and married. Is an analytical thinker and has lost touch with her emotions.

The homework was to make a collage of how she sees herself today. She gave me a lot of grief in moving forward in doing this work and honestly she was quite annoyed with it. I asked her one simple question..."do you trust me?" She said, "of course I do!" Then I said, "then do it and trust we have to get you back until you are too far gone and besides no one has ever gotten worse off from working with me 😂"

Today, she came in with this. Told me I hated sitting down to do this but then it started to all come together and work. I looked down and saw what I put together as me and began to cry (robotic, wound up, at war daily, perfectionist, obsessed with not being average, family message of perfectionism...) then I realized I want to change most of this (💕 the not totally committing, lol) I want this back to work on again and I want to overlay what I want to be because I don't want to be this anymore.

After we processed all of this, she looked at me and said, "I never thought this would work in the way it did, you got me again Sara!"

And was she who "got me" I'm so touched and so proud 💕 these are the moments why as counselors we live, believe and speak about love and loving yourself!


Almost shopping time 💕💕

5 hours to SHOP...💕 it! Hope to see you, the more the merrier



When someone says, let's see what happens...what does that mean to you? Commitment Phobia, Easy Going Personality...


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Before 8am love conversations at Inspire, love it! Love in the Lou

"Omg, come on, love has no age limit!"
"Sara, she is your age and he's my dad!"
"Well, you get along great with me, tell me what the real issue is and don't you dare blame this on her...

Does 💕 not have an age limit (I mean legal of course)?


What would you call this? And does this sound familiar to anyone?


It's almost time you can call in LIVE and chat with us today at 2pm 855-770-1260 💕

Quick poll!! Do you think Sara's friend Paul Nicolussi, a personal trainer, will convince her to run "more than errands" today at 2?


Networking at its finest, LGB style! Thank you Northwest Chamber of Commerce Ken Weintraub-Consultant for Creating Connections 💕💕


Time to talk!!

Time to talk! There is little that I don't talk about, politics and this election are two! I have been working 13 hr plus days leading up to this election and yesterday started at 4am and didn't stop until 3am this morning (not complaining you know I LOVE my job and ADORE every one of you, even if you drive me crazy) I have been counseling all types of people (Muslims, Jewish, Christians, Atheists, Children, College Students, Adults, Wealthy, Filthy Rich, Poverty stricken, G**s, Singles, Gas Station employees to well known Performers and local Political Connections) Guess what they all have in common...they have all lost complete belief in something! That could be self, faith, government, friends or family. This election has rattled everyone to their core. Even though you think you have lost the battle, you have to find something to believe in again. I promise you a belief system that is strong will carry you through. Give people the space they need this week, reach out to someone who is struggling, have gratitude for what you have and lean on someone that may have a stronger belief system and set aside your EGO and let them lead. In time things will fall back into place 💕 you my sweets!!! Xoxo

P.s and can someone PLEASE get me a friggin Starbucks crapolata, a stiff drink, some chocolate, horrible reality tv, great s*x, a bed and just have some fun and make me laugh until it hurts 😉


On your own time! Im not known for being punctual, however I own it and explain to the people complaining that it's because whomever I'm in front of in that moment, they are the most important person to me and that carries on throughout my kids, the nanny, the Starbucks Server, my admin assistant, my clients, my colleagues, my family, my friends. Look, all I'm saying is, it's YOUR TIME do things on your watch not others. You will get kick back and I'm not saying it's not at times rude, but my time with others is genuine and that beats the hell out of Father Time any day 💕


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My girl Nicki Moss, a "work" meeting that actual was that...we know how to have 5 convos at once, making sure to cover EVERYTHING and especially paying close attention to detail..."that bright light", "you mean the sun!" How about that for a casual Thursday!


Is there anything you would rather not do alone?

Sometimes you need to have coffee with yourself and actually listen to your sistas advice. Xoxo Is there anything you would rather not do alone?


Do you think Paul Nicolussi will convince Sara to do something more than "run errands", listen in and see this Sunday 11/6 at 2pm LIVE on Love in the Lou! 💕

Beauty from the Inside-Out! Do you think outward appearances matter? Is beauty only skin deep? And do you think opinions may differ from a Professional Counselor and a Personal Trainer? Join Sara and her friend Paul Nicolussi as they dive in to see just how deep beauty goes! And laugh along as Paul tries to convince Sara to run "more than errands"! Do you think she will start training with Paul? And of course all people, places, things we LOVE in the Lou! Join in on the show this Sunday 11/13 LIVE at 2 on Love in the Lou 1260am The Answer. 1260AM The Answer Lineup Media Group Ken Weintraub-Consultant for Creating Connections



We're coming for you! Happy Halloween and sweet dreams 👿👹👻


Is your life worth watching? Talking "bucket lists" at inspire! A good friend told me to call it a "life list", whatever you want to call it is fine by me, but know the importance! I've been asked why? Or told, that's a lot! People have seen mine (always on my phone) added when I wasn't looking to mine 😳, thought it was crazy and I know have believed there is no way I will get it done. The reason I encourage it is because it instills hope in the future, something to look forward in, it's not a "have to" it's a want to. We all make mistakes, learn and move on, focus on what matters and that's actually living your life! If people are watching your life and talking about your life, then trust me you're on the right track.

Post your bucket list here, or start one and maybe just maybe you'll be positively reinforced 😘


$25k up for grabs at UGC Halo tournament in St. Louis

Look out!!! Get in on this Halo players!!! Love 💕 It's All Geek To Me Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Station make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact [email protected]


It starts with you...always!!! Xoxo

I literally was asked..."do you really think this is going to work...?" Then I LITERALLY laughed and said, "it already is, I just want you a part of it!" If you don't believe in yourself, who the hell is going to, come on now my sweets, believe in yourselves or fake it until you finally do!!! xoxo


I literally was asked..."do you really think this is going to work...?" Then I LITERALLY laughed and said, "it already is, I just want you a part of it!" If you don't believe in yourself, who the hell is going to, come on now my sweets, believe in yourselves or fake it until you finally do!!! xoxo


A majority all male client lineup at Inspire today, and alpha males at that, whew 🙃

"You're crazy smart, I don't want your head I want your heart! Yes, we're feeling your feelings today (as we both laugh) What kind of tree is that out there?"

"Sara, seriously it's an evergreen." (rolling eyes, he's gone down analogy lane with me before)

"Oh, okay yeah because of pine needles. So, you didn't see the tree for me, I saw it myself. But you are teaching me to identify it and more about it."

"You're so long winded..."

"I'm on a roll, so you are feeling your emotions I'm not feeling them for you. I'm just helping you identify them and teach you more about them. You don't know what you don't know."

"Yeah yeah I got make it easy, now if I can remember this when I'm not in front of you and in your office"

"Oh yes, out of sight out of mind, that's hot, please do not repeat this additional issue you have to your girlfriend, we'll work on this next time" (both dying)

Good lawd!!! 😂


Most successful, entrepreneur, creative personality types have to "ghost" out for a bit. It is because we all work at such an intense level. We can maintain that for a period of time but then we must break. The crash and burn is not only hard on ourselves but difficult on those who love and care for us. A much healthier approach would be to take time during your day to unwind, try starting with 10 min of whatever you need: mindless, relaxation, communication, play, exercise, etc thanks Brent Niederer xoxo


I can NOT WAIT to have my comrade back from when I was on at KTRS 550...yay James 😘😘 see you Sunday at 2!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Superman, Superwoman, Superheroes! Why are we drawn to Superheroes? Is it their powers, can we easily relate, or is it our secret desire to have an alter ego? Joining Sara, is James Enstall a good friend and a beloved radio show host here on 1260am the Answer his show is called Its All Geek to Me, wait til you here all about how he used his super powers of radio and acting with his hobbies of comic books, movies, TV shows and video games to create and LOVE his career! And of course all people, places, things we LOVE in the Lou! Listen LIVE this Sunday 10/23 on Love in the Lou 1260am The Answer at 2pm. 1260AM The Answer Lineup Media Group Ken Weintraub-Consultant for Creating Connections It's All Geek To Me


Meet Joe Black (1/10) Movie CLIP - Lightning Could Strike (1998) HD

In case you've forgotten this is what you should be looking for! If you've lost that loving feeling momentarily or it's been gone for this and remember this is what you're holding out for. This was the very best hands down gift (a movie clip) that anyone has ever given me! Thank you, you know who you are 💕 I watch this often and share just as much, if someone thinks it corny, then not my kind of person.

If you haven't tried, you haven't lived. Forget your head and listen to your heart. To make the journey and not have fell deeply in love, you haven't lived a life at all. Be open, so lightning can strike! Xoxo

Meet Joe Black movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPT...


Love in the Lou

This is how you do and subscribe to my radio show Love in the Lou xoxo

Hello Listeners! Here's a quick tutorial on how to download my podcast. #618 #314 We know you will please share it 💕

10/17/2016 tiny dancer today, so proud!!! Xoxo

At age 15, a professional ballerina was the end goal. Dancer of a well known Ballet Company. Trampoline accident broke her ankle and toes, never danced professionally again. Fast forward 10 years, this is what we're working on today, the loss of a dream still affecting her today. She says, "what was meant to be was". I gently move her from that very safe coping answer and ask her the real question...what did you learn during that time as you were being so resilient? Now, we're getting somewhere...perfectionism, patience, to not focus on so much on one thing you lose sight of everything else around you and as she sheds a tear, she says, "I still have that to learn!" We all have our thing to learn and when we've conquered that we'll have something else. What an amazing, brave girl/woman. Xoxo Who can relate to this?


Holiday=Halloween 😂👹

Fabulous Networking Breakfast at First Rate Mortgage Powered by Delmar Financial! These guys are not only successful, smart as hell, and hysterical BUT they come with great stories which I love!!!

"She says she'll get together after the holiday, she means Halloween!" 😂 👹

Oh, and they catch on quick!!! Xoxo


Who's Behind that Mask!!! Sunday's show 10/16

Who's behind that Mask! Do you think most people wear a mask to hide from others who they truly are? Join Sara as she talks with Lori Lander, a friend and colleague who educates and inspires young women. Also joining, will be DeAnna Dopplick, who helps clients end self destructive behavior. Between these three ladies, they will empower you to take off your mask and just be you! Listen LIVE this Sunday 10/16 on Love in the Lou 1260am The Answer at 2pm. 1260AM The Answer Lineup Media Group Ken Weintraub-Consultant for Creating Connections


The Dating Whisperer! 😂 Relationship convos with a client at Inspire this morning:

"I'm tired of opening their heart and eyes and then getting them ready for their next relationship!"

Me-Dont you get it, YOU ARE THAT GIRL! They weren't for you, you served a purpose in their journey, you changed their life, you opened them up.

"But I want him..."

Me-No, you don't, you want the idea of him, you want a relationship, we all do. Just hang tight for the right one, do it right and the healthy way this time!

(Rolling Eyes) "Sounds like you're coming from experience"

Me-You can say I've had a crash course, but I'm in the drivers seat now.

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Jitter Juice, hoping no jitters for first day of school!!! Xoxo
VERY OPTIMISTIC! And will not turn down a dare by your 8 year old and then you ROCK IT 😂 love it! AND fun, I told you! X...
Someone is either the student or teacher. In this case, teaching her Nana and GG who Keith Urban is and how he "moves", ...
When you just realized...happy hump day! Xoxo
Spirituality is cool and so is Counseling! Has anyone else noticed that finding spirituality, going to church, accepting...
Here's a video of one of the balloons being released!





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