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Iron Nomad is a lifestyle company, specializing in custom fitness programming and mindset training.

Our entire team has Exercise Science degrees ensuring that each client's time spent in the studio is efficient- doing the proper exercises for their specific goals and progressing at an appropriate pace. Working with a trainer of this caliber also ensures a reduction in injury.

Operating as usual


Iron Nomad is now accepting new clients! Now is your chance to work with a certified and degreed trainer with over 25 years of experience!


Jack had an exceptional workout today!💜💪


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”- Abraham Lincoln

Creating a goal with a strong focus on your future self and what you want to achieve will help you break down any barriers and set you up for success. By taking time to set long term objectives, you'll not only see tangible results but also form a much stronger connection with yourself📈😎


Did you know? The danger of the typical resolutions approach to fitness is that people “jump in and do everything – change their diet, start exercising, stop drinking and smoking – and within a couple of weeks they have lost motivation or got too tired. If you haven’t been in shape, it’s going to take time. Get off to a slow start, and you’ll feel more energetic later on😌


Train for a stronger, healthier you. We offer full-body workouts that make working out enjoyable and fun. Our training programs are flexible enough to meet your needs. Get fit, stay safe and have fun 🏋️Join us today!💯


Are you eating more than your fair share of calories? Skimping on clean, whole food will not make you look or feel better. Your body needs certain foods to function as it should. So try to eat more clean food as much as possible. You’ll look better, feel better and perform better than most people🥗


Our Friends 1st Phorm Project 1 is a top tier pre workout designed to give you energy, focus, strength, and performance. Its instant energy, stamina and stamina increase makes it especially useful for endurance activities. The comprehensive blend of ingredients in Project 1 will take your energy, focus and can help increase your overall strength, endurance and performance regardless of any activity you do.

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“When you think of a gym and lifting weights it might be a bit intimidating. is very different, maybe because I'm there with a trainer, but the gym feels more welcoming. It is not an intimidating place to be. I've enjoyed weight lifting on and off for years but never had a personal trainer. Having someone correct your form and encourage you to do things you would not do on your own is very helpful. Always look forward to going and leave knowing I got a good workout in. Thank you Jay and the team!” - Mike S.

There are so many benefits to working out with a personal trainer. One of the biggest is that you always have someone to push you to do harder and better. Every session!!

So what are you waiting for?
Join Now!


You are the best at what you do - Do you have any friends or family that could benefit by working with a trainer? Refer a friend and both of you can get a FREE session! - It's all about helping each other out!🤝


“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”- Thomas Jefferson

Learning to workout can be difficult for many. It requires dedication and perseverance. If you are looking for a way to get fit and healthy, the best way to start is by setting a realistic goal. Make sure that you know what your needs are so that you can set yourself up💪


Did you know? Exercise is a powerful medicine for depression.

It has a powerful effect on your brain and behavior, a powerful medicine for depression by increasing serotonin and improving feelings of well-being. That's why many of the most successful people in the world exercise regularly. So start exercising and help make yourself happier, stronger and more awake!😁💪


Let's get it on!! hape of your life and blast away your stress with our training specials Your training program begins with a consultation, and it will end when you are ready to hit the ground running. Our team of experts will design a program that works with your schedule to maximize results while minimizing risk🙌

Lets get it on!!

Join our us Now ⬇️


Prepare ahead..

It's important to have a plan in place before even starting your strength training routine. A balanced diet and a regular workout schedule can lead to better long-term results than just going at it on your own.

Join us for a fun and friendly fitness class. We'll guide you toward being a better version of yourself!


Gotta keep going, gotta get stronger. Get a leg up on your fitness goals with the LEVEL-1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder. Our Friends 1st Phorm is bringing a delicious and nutritious protein powder, that will help you to get the nutrients your body needs.. Say hello to your new best friend, protein powder 😉 Go check them out today at!


This week’s client spotlight features Andrew Dziedzic!

“The facility overall is extremely clean. The people are great, and the environment is really approachable and not intimidating at all. It was EXACTLY what we were looking for and I’ve looked at probably 25-30 gyms/workout centers in the area. Studio Element is the freaking best.”- Andrew Dziedzic

Begin your journey toward better health with Studio Element. We have the equipment and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

What are you waiting for contact us today
(314) 623-9904


Keith and Chuck have been partner training with us for 8 years!
I am so proud of them for their continued commitment to their health goals.

Time is money.
Working out at a private training facility without the busy gym crowds allows for more efficient and effective workouts.

At Studio Element, we are dedicated to providing the best client experience and a comfortable environment for our clients' success.

Come train with us!💪💪


Our Personal Trainers have solid backgrounds in the field and can help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, increase stamina or improve your overall fitness levels, the right trainer can help you reach your goals.

With our training program, you'll develop a better understanding of what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle. We focus on building confidence and skills needed to get results.💯Join our membership today!


Ask almost any personal trainer and they’ll tell you that regardless of your training goals, healthy eating is the backbone. Food is what fuels your body to reach your goals, and without proper nutrition through quality foods, you’re likely to stall. Maintain a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, and healthy fats like fish oils and flaxseeds.

Need more of this? Give us a follow❤️


Being with Studio Element means more than being part of a team. It's an opportunity to belong to something bigger, to be inspired and supported by great people, and to grow in ways you couldn't have imagined. Join us today!


Eating the right foods is one of the most important steps to achieving your fitness goals.

Here are some Proper Fitness Nutrition

1. Keep a food diary: Your food diary will make you realize how many calories you consume at meals and snacks. This can help you reduce those extra pounds fast!

2. Calculate calories: In order to lose weight, you need to calculate your calories intake each day!

3. Weigh and measure your food: Don’t forget to measure your food! It's so much easier to stay on track when you know what a serving size should be.

4. Drink water: Your body is made up of 60% water. Drink enough of it and you’ll feel more energized, live longer and perform better during workouts 💧🤗

5. Avoid sugar: Sugar can be found naturally in many foods, such as fructose in fruits and sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey. White sugar is refined and provides little else for your body's needs.

2. Calculate calories: In order to lose weight, you need to calculate your calorie intake each day!


If you are looking for great tasting protein bars that blend the best of both worlds, look no further than Level-1 Bar from our friends at 1st Phorm! These low-temperature processed protein bars do not contain fillers or unhealthy ingredients ... challenging anyone to prove it! We guarantee you will love their taste!…Go check them out today at!


This week’s client spotlight features Aniruddha Bhat!

“I have been training with studio element for several months now. they have always been supportive, encouraging, flexible, and very professional. They have definitely helped me move closer to my fitness goals.”

It's all about the joy of helping others. Our mission is to offer support and success for clients by helping them discover their full potential.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we're making a difference!


Lateral step down:
Targets the gluteus medius muscle (one of the most important muscles for runners and to prevent knee injuries)

This committed, hard working client Erin hit a PR last night on a 1.5 mile run in a little over 14 minutes.
A month ago, her first 1.5 mile run with us took 22 minutes.
She is with us for a few months training to become a Navy JAG (judge advocate general).
Thank you for your service.🇱🇷

Way to go Erin!


That moment when you witness your client hit his first 8 minute mile.💪


Our trainers coach their clients on these core principles to help them achieve and surpass their goals.

If something is missing in your current workout routine, we would love the opportunity to help you!



I love seeing our trainers working out early together before they work with their clients!

Rachel and Brad crushing pull-ups and push-ups!💪

Our trainers not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk. They will never ask their clients to do something that they are unwilling to do to work on their health goals.

I am so proud of our team! Come join us!

Photos from Iron Nomad's post 08/26/2022

Stretching and mobility work are critical for injury prevention.
Annie and Michael just completed a 90-minute full body stretching session.
Michael is 28 years old. Annie is 64.

They both are super competitive triathletes.
Annie has over 200 races under her belt and Michael has over 40 and recently completed his first half Ironman!

In order to build your healthiest body, you must incorporate cardio, strengthening, and stretching.

If you are struggling to improve your flexibility, come see us!
We are happy to help.


A huge shout out to Brandon, one of our newest Studio Element clients!👏

He is a traveling nurse originally from Alabama, here for a few months on a job assignment.

He is so committed to his 2x per week workouts with trainer, Brad Forshee.

Brandon.....thank you for trusting us with your health goals!
Welcome to the SE Family!

What are you doing today to make time for your wellness?💪
If you are needing accountability, come see us!


Just some Friday fun group training with Studio Element owner, Jay Siefert, leading the session.

Incorporating strengthening as well as stretching/mobility to avoid imbalances.

"You are the direct sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with."

If you are wanting to improve your health and fitness in a private traiming facility, send us a message!

We would love to help you! 💪💪💪

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Keith and Chuck have been partner training with us for 8 years!I am so proud of them for their continued commitment to t...
Lateral step down:Targets the gluteus medius muscle (one of the most important muscles for runners and to prevent knee i...
STOP! Take a deep breathrelease your jawrelease your eyebrowsrelease your shouldersnow stand up and do this quick standi...





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