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The Mind-Body-Spine connection has been known to man since he could stand. It is our aim to help as It is Trinity C.A.R.E. We deserve better. Shame on us. Yes! Dr. e

The Mind-Body-Spine connection and synergistic action has been known to man since he could stand. Center's aim to get as many people as possible to understand the connection. I am here to love, teach, heal, and praise. I can do this one mind, one body, and one spine at a time, but this is too important. The Trinity Chiropractic Awareness, Resources, & Education Center is a place for us to learn, l

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91-year-old chiropractor has been making adjustments for 70 years Jean Koffel recently celebrated her 70th year of business and her 91st birthday.


A 3 Minute Breathing Exercise to Kickstart Your Day. The power of the breath should never be underestimated.


13 Surprising Health Conditions Chiropractic May Help

Our clients have come to understand this. Share with someone you love. It will change the way the live. For muscle and back pain, many people turn to chiropractic. However, research show it many help many ailments. Here we look at 13 you may not expect.


International Chiropractors Association

Get back in the game with chiropractic!


Chiropractic: More Time, Money, Energy, and a Fuller Life With continued chiropractic care, the accumulated benefits help people feel better and have the capacity to do the things they love for a much...



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Saturday April 18, 9am - 5pm

Our Level 1 course goes beyond your average Kinesiology Sports Tape Course as we teach Functional Assessment, Muscle Testing, Sports Conditions and Practical application. Our goal is to go above taping and help your clients reach the next level of pain free movement and performance!

During the Mobility Tape PRO Level 1, practitioners and students will learn:
– Mobility PRO Tape and Kinesiology Sports Tape Theory
– Functional Anatomy
– Mobility PRO Taping Procedures & Application
– Conditions and Evaluation

Along with learning how to use the tape on any muscle, you will learn to tape for various specific conditions including:
– Mobility PRO Tape Theory
– Functional Anatomy
– Mobility Taping Procedures & Application
– Conditions and Evaluation

Your investment in this full day course: $199

*Note: The Mobility PRO Course is a 5 Hour Course and is awarded continuing educations credits for health care professionals (Massage Therapist, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Trainers) Please contact our team at 1-646-583-1541 to learn if our course is approved for CE’s for your profession.
Using our Mobility Tape and Mobility Tape PRO method provides practitioners with another modality for therapeutic procedures that provides long lasting effects april, 2015 18apr9:00 am- 5:00 pmMobility Tape Pro Level 1 TAPING FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS {St. Louis, MO, USA} - FULL DAY COURSE Event DetailsAs the world’s first and only kinesiology tape with a heat activation agent, Mobility Pro Tape provides pain relief and support for hundreds of common m…


Colorado Doctor Finds Way To Treat Common Vertigo

A precise and specific cervical adjustment can help considerably. This procedure seems promising for benign positional vertigo. Although many that experience it do not like anything that makes them dizzy, this is necessary to release the crystals causing the imbalance and distortion. More than seven million people in the U.S. suffer from vertigo with 50,000 in the Denver area alone. The symptoms include feeling surroundings spinning when nothing is moving.


In the "sick" lies health. In the "healthy" lies sickness. We become that which we most focus on.


Our Wellness Warrior program encompasses chiropractic care and nutrition coaching. Your investment in this is normally $225 per month. From now through the end of this year we are offering 3 months of unlimited chiropractic care and nutrition coaching for only $325. Yup!

You know the one you love but just don't know what to give 'em this year? Give them the gift of them! We will help them literally reconnect with who they are. Oh, and pick up this deal for yourself. YOU deserve it.

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If you have not been in to see us for a bit, you are certainly on the naughty list AND most importantly you are SUBLUXATED. Come and get checked, adjusted and on with the Ho Ho Ho instead of the owe, owe, owe!!!! Share with only those that you LOVE :) For more great chiropractic educational material visit Thanks Keith Merry Christmas


OMG, you're texting your way to back pain

Many of you hear Dr. Shay talking about this ALL THE TIME. Take a look at your kids.....they look like the one on the far right with 60 degrees or flexion at the neck.

A new study finds smartphone head-tilt puts pressure on neck and could cause spinal damage


New client that has NEVER been to a chiropractor says, "at almost 60 years old why has no one explained this to me?" I wish I knew seems so simple now that you understand how the body is suppose to work 'eh. Light bulbs going off. I love what I do.


To their detriment, many people believe pain and stiffness are part of life. In truth it is closer to death than life.


NAT Niel Asher Technique - Trigger Point Therapy


Healing comes from the unexplained. It can not be packaged, bottled, bought, or sold.

Rituals, elixirs, potions, and contraptions have been around from the moment we decided we “could” be any less than we were created. The halls of history are lined with many examples of the “Secrets to Health.”


Secret to a healthy family and life.
-Understand something is wrong (need not know what)
- Trust your chiropractor to help YOU figure it out to heal.
- Trust all is well
- Tell all your friends & family.
- Repeat as needed.


"Walking with Wellness - The Spiritual Warrior's Physical Quest"

If medicine makes your symptoms go away, are you well?
If surgery was a "success" are you healthy?

Big Pharma and Big Medicine love to fly "The Wellness Flag". Why not? Who doesn't want to be well?

What does it mean to be well? How do we know we are well or not well? If we "take all our medicine" are we now well? If we miss a dose are we not well?

Wellness is our natural state. We know HOW to BE well. The problem is that in this world we have created for ourselves we have forgotten just what that entails.

Wellness is about physiology. It is about how our physical bodies react to changes in our environment. Whether these changes are mental, physical, or spiritual we are moved through the wellness continuum that is our life.

Since wellness is our natural state many will tug at our "instinct" in getting us to literally buy into what they offer to aid in our quest to wellness.

Medicine - ars medicina - means "The Art of Healing" No one can dispute the gains and victories medicine has had over infectious diseases. What is killing us today are metabolic and life-style "diseases" (obesity, cardio-vascular etc), injuries, cancer, and occupational & environmental exposure (to the toxic world we created). A colleague recently made a great point. He asked, "if the chemical-therapy kills someone with cancer why does the cause of death get listed as cancer, and not the drugs?"

Increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol are physiological responses to our environment. They are adaptive responses and not necessarily symptoms of disease. If we lower these responses "artificially" with drugs, is health restored? Which end of Death-Life Wellness continuum are we moving? If it is an unnatural response how can it be well?

The world is full of "crazy" stories where people become "well" while going against the convention of big pharma and big medicine. They used other means to return to their natural state of wellness and LIFE.

Natural Allopathy is about as absurd as Chiropractic Medicine. It may be simple semantics, I know. Words are powerful and BIG BUSINESS knows it.

Physiology and our response to our environment effects our natural physical state.

The Chiropractic Adjustment changes physiology.
Meditation changes physiology.
Mindful Prayer changes physiology.
Medicine changes physiology.

On the wellness continuum we have DEATH on one end and Optimal Life on the other. We live in between. Wellness is a response in physiology and physical experience that brings us closer to optimal wellness and thereby further from death.


Stop Chasing Pain

Interesting Study:
Neuromuscular Characteristics of Individuals Displaying Excessive Medial Knee Displacement, by Padua, Bell and Clark, in Journal of Athletic Training, 2012

Hip muscle activation
"The researchers did not find any differences in gluteal activation between the Valgus or Control groups. However, they did note a difference in adductor activity in that the Valgus group displayed 34% greater adductor activity than the Control group (when collapsed across both ascending and descending phases and both with and without heel lift)."

Would be interesting to note how the abdominal/core were doing in the squat. The adductors and abdominal/core are linked together in the center core line.

Try this little experiment. Sit or stand and squeeze something between your knees (use your imagination…:) and notice what happens to your abdominal brace. It increases. You become more stable when the legs adduct.

So let's extrapolate this to what may happen in a squat compensation. If you don't have proximal stability (core activation) when you squat your brain will search for it somewhere else…like perhaps caving your knees in to engage the adductors. The fallback compensation for lack of core stability is leg adduction.

The study states that lack of ankle dorsiflexion is the probable cause of the leg adduction. And I am sure it's player. Makes perfect sense. However, maybe just maybe the ankles locked down because of the lack of proximal core stabilization. Proximal stability for maximal distal mobility. Last time I checked the ankles are distal and squats require a crap ton of stability. (The crap ton is my phrase…lol)

So, yes absolutely clear up the ankle mobility, but then ask yourself why do they often need clearing? Always think patterning. You don't just need your ass and your ankles when ya squat.

SIde note: Very often I find an inhibited neck as the driver for a poor squat. Neck rules the movement road. Just so happens to be connected in the deep core too. Imagine that.

(Picture courtesy of RockTape™. Disclosure: Of which I am a Master Instructor and demonstrate this exact relationship in the FMT 2 Course)

**Feel free to share. :)


"Show me someone in chronic pain and I will show you someone with a nervous system on full alert." ~ Dr. Shay

Stress Response

Stress is a survival response. It is not a healing response. We go into stress response to bide survival time until we can change environment and allow healing to begin. Stress delays healing. As our body goes through the 3 stages of healing we physiologically adapt accordingly, The initial stage is inflammatory. This stage is physiologically designed to last up to 72 hours as the injured area is bombarded with the cascade of events that kick off the inflammatory response. We then begin the next stage of repairing injured tissue. This can take anywhere from 72 hours to six weeks, depending on the tissue damaged and the extent of damage. Finally we enter the last stage of healing and we begin to remodel the damaged tissue. This can take from three weeks to twelve months. Stress delays healing. Like a broken record, stress may skip healing stages and start again inducing the inflammatory stage.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our physiological response to stress. The fight or flight response, as it is known, increases our ability to perform vigorous muscle activity. This most basic of our animal instincts help us, in an instant, decide whether to stand and fight or turn and run. Both of which require a great deal of energy. To prepare us our arterial pressure increases and blood flow to active muscles are increased while blood flow to other organs such as gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and anything not needed for rapid motor activity are diminished. Blood is shunted from these organs. Cellular metabolism throughout the body is increased to expend more needed energy. Our blood glucose concentration increases and the liver and muscle increase glycolysis as muscle strength and mental activity increase the demand for glucose and glycogen. The rate of blood coagulation increases in the event we are injured and literally will not have time to bleed. (Guyton, AC, Hall JE 2006) This is a physiological response to our environment.

Increased blood pressure, diminished digestive systems and kidneys, increased blood sugar, increased mental activity, and sticky blood; Sound like anyone you know? These are all natural occurrences in time of stress or life threatening danger. Show me someone in chronic pain and I will show you someone with a nervous system on full alert. As seen in the physiological response to our environment we can see that our body is doing exactly what it was designed to. The nervous system has no conscious, does not care if pleasure or pain. Once the “pain” cycle starts, the body will do what it can to allow pain to travel. The body is very efficient and it will release more neurotransmitters and increase receptors and decrease GABA. Getting a patient out of pain is very beneficial. The quicker you break the pain cycle the better. The longer nociceptive afferentation is allowed to progress the more the condition will persist. Nociception is the “pain signal” input. As we learned previously physiological pain is necessary and beneficial. It is a normal response to adverse stimuli. Our excited state is facilitation to a well functioning system. With regards to neck and back pain, we are familiar with shooting pain in our arms and legs. This type of process is referred to as radiculopathy and has a whole other related yet different physiological response that is a little easier to determine the “source of pain” or more precisely neurological deficit. The focus of this (post) is the more elusive chronic pain that is found in an excited yet functioning system as explained above.


Low back pain is something much of society can relate to. Practically every anatomical structure of the lumbar motion segment is capable of producing pain. Chronic pain is responsible for many of the aches and pains we experience. We are constantly in a fight or flight mode of protection, pain avoidance, and survival. In this “danger” or stress response our adrenals are jacked up to prepare us to run from or face and fight the danger. If we come face to face with a tiger, we had better run or fight. We know from experience, be it our own or another’s, that tigers can hurt and hurt is bad. Tigers are danger. Danger is bad. We have a physiological response to the impending danger. Our body will use all the chemicals released and energy created to run, fight, and do all that is necessary to maintain safety. When the tiger leaves, as perhaps he was not interested in eating us this day, our system must now respond and reverse the cascade of stress response processes. We take a deep breath and realize we are safe. Chronic aches and pain may be stored “pent up” energy never used to fight off tigers that never existed. Our body reacts to stress the same way each and every time. It is very efficient in this. It does not judge the type of stress, be it a tiger or looming mortgage payment, when the system detects stress the cascade begins.


What is Pain?

The intent here is not to present a comprehensive review of pain – induced plasticity but to assess the data on neuroplasticity in the spinal cord, and allow us to compare with what we know are similar events and nervous system responses primarily in the brain. While beyond the scope of this review, we have come a long way in understanding the processes and events involved via breakthroughs in functional magnetic imaging (fMRI)

Chronic pain may simply be a malfunctioning in pain signals. Prolonged pain and injury can induce several types of responses to and changes in perception of neurological, mechanical, chemical, and temperature stimuli. The most common of which may be hyperalgesia. This is defined as pain elicited by a noxious stimulus. Primary hyperalgesia occurs in the region of tissue damage. One can point and say, “it hurts here!” Secondary hyperalgesia occurs in the surrounding region. One can not pinpoint an exact location but will rub there entire shoulder or low back and may even still say, “it hurts right here!”

Allodynia is the good old fashioned pain or “owie”. It is invoked by a normally innocuous stimulus and is normally expected after injury or inflammation brought on by our body’s stress response. This increased sensitivity to external stimulus serves to protect the injured area and allow the healing to begin. Built into this protective mechanism is memory of painful events. “Don’t touch the hot stove. Remember, it hurts?” With this memory recorded in the central nervous system we do not reach out our hand and avoid the hot stove. These pain pathways and the changes in perception of the signals are what plasticity is all about.

Our joints have receptors to help the nervous system keep everything in check. Integrity is maintained when the neuromusculoskeletal system is running as designed. Interesting is that many of the things that ail us today and cause pain is in fact this system working as designed to maintain integrity. The old joke, “hey doc, it hurts when I do this. Well don’t do that!” is funny because there are many times that we simply do not know why it hurts. The joint itself may be fully functional. There is a pain memory and we may avoid using a fully functional joint.

Our adaptive (read: plastic) nervous system responds to our environment. If a joint is not moving, there must be a reason for it. Our brain will only allow muscles to fire to move a joint that it trusts. It is hard to develop trust when there is a perception of danger. Be it real or exaggerated pain is a signal of danger.


Increased blood pressure. Increased cholesterol. Symptoms of disease or adaptive response?

If we lower with drugs, is health restored? Is health increased or decreased?

Many will ask if the meds will lower their BP and cholesterol. YES they will. They are designed to do so. They have equated the increased BP and cholesterol as THE problem and the drugs THE answer. Satisfied with this they are literally a physiological walking time bomb.

“Mrs. Jones, your blood pressure and cholesterol are elevated above normal.” Normal compared to what and/or whom? What is “normal” for Mrs. Jones? It quite possibly may be different then you and I. The only “thing” that knows for certain is Mrs. Jones. The question she must ask, “Why are the elevated?”

“While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.” – BJ Palmer

Healing occurs all the time. Wellness is indeed cycle of healing and “unhealing” The intellectual and skeptical part of our nature stands in our way from realizing this simple principle of life. The beauty is that it happens whether we understand, agree or can prove or not prove. Don’t get lost in the mechanics of it. We try to take everything apart and mechanically break it down to cogs and wheels so we see which of them make us tic. All that matters is that healing occurs when and where it is needed in the amount it needs. It does not need our help it just needs us not to interfere.


The plasticity, or adaptive response to the brain is fascinating.

With technology today we are literally learning new things about ourselves as a species than any other time in history. Perhaps what we are learning is we know less than we thought we did. It may seem the more we know the less we understand. For instance a simple question such as “Hey Doc, why do I hurt?” should be fairly easy to answer. When it is repeatedly asked without sufficient answers, or more importantly, resolution, life is dramatically different. No one understands this more than someone in chronic pain.

Pain is processed in our brain as a result of our experiences. Simple survival adaptability and plasticity at its finest is in knowing not to touch a hot stove. Why not? Because it is hot. How do you know? At some point you experienced personally or via someone else that touching a hot stove results in pain and injury.

If pain is in the brain, why does my hand hurt after I touch a hot stove? Pain is the brain’s calculation that tissue damage is occurring. Various pain receptors in our body, in this case our hand; know that hot metal on skin causes damage. Via various functioning systems, as will be reviewed later, communicate: stove hot – skin burns – pull hand away. Your brain knew it was hot before you even touched it. It is easy to see how a hot stove equates to pain.

Let’s get back to chronic pain. You or someone you know may have chronic back pain. You have tried everything to no avail. What is spinal pain? If pain is in the brain, is spinal pain an oxymoron? What is pain before it gets to the brain? Is it pain if it never reaches the brain?

This is one of those philosophical rhetorical questions like “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?” Anyone in chronic pain does not care what it is called they just want it to stop.


Spinal Neuroplasticity in Chronic Pain

Research abounds on changes to our brain both the good and the bad. Neuroplasticity, or the brain’s adaptive response to change is a rapidly developing area of research. With today’s technology we are learning more new things about ourselves as a species than any other time in history. We will be exploring our adaptive change to pain in upcoming posts. The intent here is not to present a comprehensive review of pain induced plasticity but to assess the literature on neuroplasticity in the spinal cord, and allow us to evaluate what we know about similar events and nervous system responses primarily in the brain. The review uses a model that is hypothesized by Dr. Shay that there is a loop within the spinal cord somatic pain path that contributes to many chronic pain syndromes and experiences.

The chiropractic adjustment, or Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) (or otherwise known as Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT) is described in the literature as moving spinal joints with the intent of positively effecting dysfunction. SMT increases GABA, which reduce nociception and mechanoreception inhibits nociception. This process is activated by the mechanical effects of SMT. Just as these plastic and neural responses perpetuate the pain cycle, these same feedback loops can also be used to adapt positively. As the spinal dorsal horn is bombarded the spill over effects and “Volume Transmission” perpetuate the pain cycle. Much of today’s research is posed with questions related to what drugs do to “manipulate” these natural physiological process. More research is needed about how understanding neuroplasticity can lead to new pain management strategies.


"The highest point in your life can be when you reach the lowest to help another". - Dr. Shay

Where are the people that take time to care? to lift the fallen? to heal the sick? to befriend the lonely?

The most powerful force in the Universe resides and is generated from within us, each and every one of us. Remind others of this. Tell them how amazing they are.

Be the answer another is looking for. Know that YOU are a miracle waiting to happen. Need a miracle in your life? Be the miracle in another's. It will spark the power within you to change not only your life but many others. Be the miracle you pray for in your life. You may feel as if you can not help everyone. That may be true. However you can help someone.

"You can't climb up unless you can reach down" - Dr. Shay

Look around your life and listen, who is in need? Take the time to become a miracle and God will ensure of your miracle.

"Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon." - Isaiah 58:10



Researchers found evidence that adjustments directly influences the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system, part of the central nervous system, controls automatic body functions such as blood pressure, digestion, immunity, and heart rate.


Your immediate "problem" - you stepped on some tacks.
Your next course of action - remove the tacks
Next... assess damage and act accordingly to ensure a "small" problem does not become a "BIG" problem

At some point you should find out "WHY" you stepped on the tacks to prevent future mishaps.

We are concerned with why you stepped on the tack. We don't want you to step on any more. Tacks hurt. Tacks are annoying. Tacks suck.

We know you deserve more


Peroneus Longus muscle locked long and "on" Calves shut off. Shim the lateral side of foot (5th metatarsal) Give peroneus a break. Medial heel lock to speed up pronation. Brilliant! I love working through limiting dysfunctions.


Solved a hip and knee mystery plaguing an elite lifter for the past year and a half. I love being in "The Lab" muahahaha It is alive!!!


Co-managing care with other chiropractors and health professionals. Who said we can't get along? Come put the FUN back in your function. Adjusted the feet and tension removed from hips. Hmmm, correlation? ;)


Many think meditation is BS, hippy woowoo, or just for monks. Perhaps these are the same folks that can not sit still for even a moment. Many people are afraid to STOP and BE STILL. Try it. The world will not stop. The bottom will not fall out. You and your "S**T" may not be as bad as you think if you would let it come up and let it go. I suggest that many who "can not" or will not meditate don't like to be alone even with just themselves.


Brand new (asymptomatic) Wellness Warrior speechless after very first specific chiropractic adjustment. The only thing this Warrior could say is "WOW! I had no idea."

Love it when folks just get it. This is why I do it.


I love when something you have said sparks a passion for someone to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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