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Are you ready to feel the burn? T&S humor columnist Patty Hannum of Patty Unleashed is back for round two of touring locally owned fitness studios and sharing her opinions. You better believe she has some thoughts on TruFusion STL, Forward Fitness, PRYMAL, PALM Health and Pilates4Pros:
The ... a simple yet effective exercise that is often performed incorrectly. Athlete PRYMAL is here to show you proper form though!
Rocked a workout with PRYMAL, refueled with Fit-Flavors by Jillian, and raised $700 for Kids Rock Cancer!
Anyone else having trouble with scheduling classes? It keeps saying / your reservation is almost done... but it never completes the transaction. Any idea what I can do? I've enjoyed the 2 classes so far and want to get in.
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Starring 1st Phorm Athletes:
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PRYMAL is lifestyle fitness. It is the fundamental, sustainable, and straightforward approach to heal Level up your life.

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The best and only way to beat procrastination is to stop thinking and doing. When we’re in our head, we’re dead. The more we think, the less we do.

Go. Go. Go. The second you start talking myself out of going to the gym, grab your keys and get into your car. As soon as I sense myself getting distracted from writing this post, I glued my ass to the desk chair. The next time you want to travel and go somewhere, just buy the damn ticket.

What have you been avoiding? Comment bloe what you can do this week that you've been putting off.


While counting macros works extremely well, details make my head hurt. In the big picture, daily movement and smarter food choices is far better than counting out almonds and weighing chicken, and yet so many think that’s the only way to do it.

What exactly does “smarter food choices” mean? Common sense would say we should probably eat as close to nature as possible. Whole foods. A balance and variety of vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, and protein. Not necessarily “paleo” but rather eating like an adult human being.

It doesn’t make sense how overcomplicated we make it out to be, majoring in the minors. The world is fat because we eat garbage food and barely move. And then we become impatient and give up when we forget that the body is extremely hard to change. Not because of (insert every excuse) here. Period.


The best and only way to beat procrastination is to stop thinking and doing. When we’re in our head, we’re dead. The more we think, the less we do.

Go. Go. Go. The second you start talking myself out of going to the gym, grab your keys and get into your car. As soon as I sense myself getting distracted from writing this post, I glued my ass to the desk chair. The next time you want to travel and go somewhere, just buy the damn ticket.

What have you been avoiding? Comment bloe what you can do this week that you've been putting off.


Movement of the Day. 🦍


Movement of the Day.

Give it a go and let us know what you think. 🦍


When I went to Disney World many years ago (one of my favorite places still to this day), I remember waiting in line for the Tower of Terror, which seemed like an eternity in the 110 degree Florida heat. Anytime you are stuck in line, you begin to notice things to keep yourself entertained. At one point, I watched the staff members walk in and out of a backdoor. Sometimes the door would open up wide enough to peak in, and through the hallway you could see the staff in plain street clothes, boxes littered about, and props piled up on top of each other. It was much dirtier and much more cluttered than the manicured “set” the customers were walking though. We experienced perfection—strategically placed props, dry cleaned uniforms, functioning animatronics—exactly the way Disney wanted us to. But it’s a startling contrast from what’s going on behind closed doors.

And when I actually thought about it, I realized that is the case for 99% of life. We’re only shown the highlight reel, the finished project, and never the dirty hallway and broken pieces. So it makes sense why we believe perfection is the only way; it’s all we’ve been shown. You don’t see Beyoncé’s dress rehearsals; you see her completely crushing it in front of 50,000 screaming fans. You don’t see the mundane workouts I barely make it through after a full day of clients; you see the ones I light up in because the camera is on and I know people will be watching.

Perfection is poison. I see it everywhere. With travel, very often people will try to plan the perfect day to leave, when all of their affairs are in order and when they aren’t so busy, but that day never comes. With potential clients, the excuse of being busy or waiting until one can afford it is common, as they continue to decline and get worse, compounding bad habits, and piling on more weight.

Seeking perfection is a way to avoid the work and be off the hook. If you never make the decision, you can always point to it as to why you weren’t successful. But when you decide to execute, dropping the delusional, the clock starts. It becomes a game of sink or swim so you better paddle fast. 🏊‍♂️ 🦍 🏆


Food should be a part of the bigger picture of fitness, although it tends to be an afterthought.

Write this down: It’s never about effort aka more deadlifts and burpees. It’s about restriction aka what you put on your plate. Food first always. See a few posts below, we expand more on this.

Part of what we want to accomplish at PRYMAL is to teach you the basics of cooking skills that’ll feed you, your family and friends. It’s a lost and forgotten art these days. With a few clicks and swipes you can get your dinner delivered straight to your doorstep, so why bother? Well .. there’s a ton of reasons. It’s creative, it’s cheaper, it’s healthier, you know exactly what you’re getting, it can be social and bond people... and a few tricks and tips, it’ll taste better! Currently working on the second course, the PRYMAL diet.

Have we inspired you to cook more? To play in the kitchen? To try different foods? Share below


The quickest route to looking and feeling better will always be through food. Nutrition is the end-all be-all for body composition, or, in non-industry talk, “dieting is the way to “lose weight.” Fat loss, aka the goal for literally 99.999% of the world’s population, is mostly obtained through what you put in your mouth. Food first always.

The three most common nutrition taps are:

[1] Expectations.

Work. Time. Patience. So many severely underestimate the sheer amount of the minutes, days, and years it takes to change the body in even the slightest.

[2] Celebrity and fad diets.

Every single day on this planet there is some new study or some new celebrity diet people are talking about. Nutrition isn’t super complicated. You eat vegetables, proteins, whole foods, drink water, and you do it forever.

[3] Cutting out a nutrient.

A couple years ago fat was the antichrist. But now everyone is talking keto. What a bizarre world. Can anyone make up their damn mind? Aim for balance.

[4] Diet hopping.

Stop chasing the shiny object and stick to the program. With the fire hose of information coming at us through our phones 24/7 it’s more important than ever to commit. To something. 12 weeks. 24 weeks. Long-term commitments are not only favorable for results, but also for your own wellbeing.

Which trap have you fallen into?


Cauliflower. The redheaded step child of broccoli. Often forgotten but still a tasty addition to your FACE aka your protein in the green face approach. Also this is purple cauliflower if you haven’t noticed aka fancy. There’s green, as well, but they all pretty much taste the same.

After the usual toss in salt, pepper, oil. Roast these babies at 425. Add some herbs like thyme, parsley, tarragon. Could also do spice like curry or turmeric with some coriander for some Indian flair. Takes about 25 minutes. Finish with lemon and you’re good.

You’ll see pineapple here too. We find a little fruit after dinner helps with cravings, especially late night. A sweet addition to your meal, after you finished your main, helps satisfy your full appetite. You can eat it straight or bake it in the oven.

Photos from PRYMAL's post 05/16/2021

The Plank. Feared by most. I can feel the shivers just from here. Definitely one of the most recognizable moves. Why? It works and it kinda sucks. But I digress.

Many will skip direct core work or do it completely wrong. So first, you gotta do this. PRYMAL SWEAT, the last 20 minutes of every workout, hides it and it’s your active rest between sets. You forget about it because you’re focused trying to catch your breath and not die. Some of our other favorites are flutter kicks, v holds, and tucks.
And here’s some tips to do it right: Squeeze absolutely everything: Glutes, quads, belly button. Draw your navel to your spine. Your entire should be shaking. This is an active movement. Also break your hands apart. And draw your elbows down toward your fit. You’ll feel it more.

The Plank is one of the 7 essential PRYMAL movements. We came up with a cheat sheet that be included in next week’s Monkey Business, our free weekly newsletter. Send us a DM to get on the list.


What you have on you plate will have more of an impact than the plates on the barbell. Food is everything. It can make us feel amazing, like crap, and everything in between. And many think their bad mood is because of their boss or unnecessary two hour zoom meetings. What about what’s in your lunchbox?

There’s all types of chemicals reactions from what we ingest. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat. There’s links now between diet and depression.

The next time someone blows up at you for no reason, ask “damn what’d you eat today?”.

And with that being said, what DID you eat toady?!  Let us know below.


Showing you all what PRYMAL is all about...

MOD = Movements of the Day

Each section is 20 minutes long so a 60 minute workout total. In and out, get on with your life.



Most of our mobility issues stem from furniture and our current way of life. Combine that without improper training/bad technique and you have a recipe for disaster. The bad news it’s not going to get better...but the good news is we can prevent it or at least pump the breaks with PRYMAL flow.

And If there’s one muscle that’s tight across the board, it’s hamstrings. Men especially have a problem here. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Even if you can, use these are general maintenance. You must do this stuff, however boring, unnecessary or uncool you may think it to be, because it’s absolutely critical to long term success on this journey. If there’s one thing you get from PRYMAL, it’s that mobility will give you the gas to run the whole race.
Key points with these stretches are: Don’t force it, bend your knees if you must. 
1. Front foot grabs 
2. Lying crossovers 
3. Hamstring rocks 

Monkey business is going out this afternoon since we took off for Mother’s Day. Shout out to Moms. if you’re not on the list send us a DM. We’re sending out the 5 moves you should do ever single day.


It’s the little things. Saying no thanks to the donut in the break room, packing your salad the night before, showing up for the workout you didn’t really wanna do. Small actions done day after day after day bring home the gold.

It’s not one thing. It’s all things. The compound effect is real. Imagine checking the box every day. What could you accomplish in 3 months? A year? 5? You’d be blown away. You’re life would be unrecognizable. PRYMAL


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Like most things in life, you can hack this whole fitness thing on your own. You can get to the gym, run through your workout and be done with it. You can log miles on the treadmill or crank out reps on the bench press. What we often see in these cases however is they ultimately lead to stale workout routines, or for the inexperienced - injury and ultimate burnout.

In a fitness world ruled by the superficial all competing to have the best abs, often times these coaches lose the main focus of health and wellness. . . bettering yourself but ultimately bettering others.

What is our goal? Building a likeminded community all with the same goal in mind - growth. PRYMAL

Timeline photos 02/07/2019

PRYMAL Proud 🦍


Hands as fast as lighting. PRYMAL punch debuts tomorrow @ 545, 730 and 930am. Best way to get though the week is to hit some s**t. Who’s in??

30-day trial memberships to try us and see why we’re the best training gym in the Lou. DM for more info and to sign up


What is PRYMAL?

Wow I use my hands a lot when I talk. Anyway.. basics first, my friends. Theres no magic in prymal, other than a common sense, practical approach. It’s hard to explain what we do here because we’re early to the party, and most haven’t caught on yet. Regardless, we'll continue to stand firm in our emphasis on mobility/flexibility/stretching, and then progressing the client into upright human movement under basic patterns.

Basically, there's a method to our madness. We don't crawl around for kicks and giggles . We don't stretch in hopes to someday be gymnasts. Clients want results, fast, and these things are not only extremely effectively, but they lead to longevity, the most important, and often overlooked, piece of the fitness puzzle.


The Best Way to Squat



These stretching/flow vids get a lot of great feedback so here’s another. This is something I do as a warm up, before traditional lifting like squats and deadlifts. And really most of the time I don't think or plan it out. I just move for 5-10 minutes, hitting all the hot points pretty everyone feels tight in like hips, shoulders, back, etc.

Its so so important. And look, I get that you don't want to do it because you don't have time or its stupid or whatever other nonsense excuse you can come up with. Guys especially don’t want to do it because its kinda ‘soft’ and they want to go crush it … I get it. But I’m telling you, its imperative. I deal with some many broken bodies on a daily basis and its becoming a serious problem in todays health and fitness environment. And because of it, I see the industry swinging toward a more restorative movement/mobility based workout in the future. But that will be another 10 years before people start to really catch on when their back hurts in their mid30s and they’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries by the time they hit 40.

Using common sense, you cant possibly think its a good idea to sit for most of the day.. as many of us do.. and then come into the gym, and bust your ass. I mean really. SOME type of stretching/mobility is probably a really good idea. No?


"Hands down the top training studio in St. Louis. You need this in your life."
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Guaranteed results.


Sup gang.. here's your Mobility Monday.

I like linking it all together so it flows seamlessly. These are moves I've stolen from pilates, yoga, physical therapy, and gymnastics. Don't overthink or write it down.. just move and check in with your body. What's tight, what feels good, what feels bad.

My friends, proper movement is everything. I really can't understand why so many people ignore this fact. They skip the warm up and disregard proper technique. But...If u back hurts when you're 25 what do you think it's going to feel like at 55?

With fitness, I always believe in being future focused and laying a solid foundation so you ensure a lifetime of fitness.. not just the next 90 days.

Take the 10 to 15 minutes to run through a routine, like so, because once you have mobility THEN and only then can the action start. No need to squat heavy when you can't even squat your own body. Don't deadlift until you can touch your toes. 🤘


SQUATS. One of the fundamental movements of our lives... and a favorite here @ PRYMAL. We believe every human should be able to perform this simple exercise correctly and efficiently without pain, and yet so many can’t. The problem arises either from ignorance, impatience, or ego. Realize that every person reading this right now needs foundational and mobility work before ever thinking about dropping a bar on your back or you run the risk of doing permanent, irreversible damage to your one and only body. Your choice. I suggest doing your homework and laying the foundation.

As I’ve said many times before, weights (barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells), are a privilege and something you earn only after mastering your own body first. I see wayyy too many ending up with sore backs and knees because they ignored this golden rule and skipped steps. Notice back squats are the last option.. and only after you've mastered 1-6.

Pain is not the cost of entry for fitness. If it hurts when you do an exercise than something is broken and you got a serious problem that needs to be fixed asap.

Here’s the squat progression I follow. For every variation, my legs are shoulder width apart with feet slightly turned out. Notice my flat back and neutral head. I initiate the movement by reaching my hamstrings back first and then drop my upper body between my lower body. That's key. Also, let yourself get ‘pulled’ into the bottom, like loading a spring, instead of letting gravity take over and bottoming out.

Share with this with a friend. It could save 'em lots of headaches and surgey bills in the future.

(vid: Alex Luebbers)


Sup fam!! We’ve been cranking out the videos for u guys lately. Here’s a very effective and safe 1 min core routine you can do today.

When training the core, I always emphasize stability and resisting motion while maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis, rather than exercises that create motion, like sit-ups, most ab machines, dumbbell side bends, and GHD sit ups. (Which has been shown to cause a lot of damage to the spine so I would nix all those or at least minimize ‘em.)

Remember the core is THE most important part of our body...not only because it makes it looks extra sexy when its trained…but because it's the foundation of our entire body. The core is everything!! Try incorporating some bodyweight moves like the ones above at the end of every session and watch all our lifts go up, posture improve, any aches and pains subside.

The best part about movements like these is you can do these anywhere, anytime.

You’ll feel more balanced, more athletic, more ninja, more prymal when your core game is on point.

Timeline photos 03/09/2017

Hey PRYMATES, today I want to talk about pull-ups. In my opinion, one of the top 3 exercises anyone and everyone should be doing…plus our ancestors hung around out a lot in trees so it would only make sense we follow in their footsteps.
The problem is they are either neglected or done wrong.
Let me help…

On the left, we see the common technique of crossing the legs behind the body, exaggerating the natural curve of the back. This disengages your core and over time, makes your low back very angry. A ticking-time-bomb. Another common fault is very short, partial reps and chicken headin’ to get over the bar (bobbing and protruding the head), giving the illusion of a full rep, when in reality, you are just straining the neck.

On the right, I’m showing a far more effective way to do them, which prevents any injuries and future proofs your body so you do as many pull ups as you want until your 105. If you notice, I bring my legs together and in front of me, pull my ribs down, and keep my pelvis neutral- gymnasts call this the hollow body. I always coach these with a complete range of motion, starting from a dead hang- where, in the bottom, you are in active position, pulling your shoulders down and away from your ears.

To start, imagine the slight difference of pulling the bar TO you, ripping the bar off the wall, instead of trying to bring yourself toward to the bar. Another tip is too crush the bar with a full grip, engaging more muscles, and thus making you stronger. Also, try squeezing your knees and legs the entire time to further light up the core.

I do pull- ups regularly. Usually about 300-500 a week. A fantastic exercise for pretty much any goal. And for the ladies, try negatives (jumping up and slowly lowering your body, resisting gravity) to build up your strength. Try it and let me know how it goes

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What is PRYMAL?
The Best Way to Squat



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