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Thanks for having me on the podcast yesterday. This is what I couldn't think of the name of yesterday.
An Open Letter to members of Strength Faction old and new, I must admit before you read this, I had to google what an open letter was and to make sure it was used in the correct context. I also was the guy who took extra PE/Weight training classes when I could have taken typing classes and/or classes to help me with grammar and writing in general. I made it through college by changing a lot of oil and fixing cars in exchange for “help” typing my papers. And almost not passing my final comp for my master’s degree because I quote the professor after my 3rd attempt “man Patrick you really know your stuff but you just can’t seem to write it properly on paper”. Read this for what it is and not how it is written. Although I am not currently in the Strength Faction (SF) I was for about 2 years prior. The SF is still in me! I started with SF I believe on their third semester/session. I spent 2 years listening and re-listening to things I already listened to. Reading and rereading lessons that the coaches had put out. I still to this day go back and relearn things that were discussed over 18 months ago. So, who f**k am I and why am I hunting and pecking my way around this keyboard to type this open letter to members of SF? My name is Patrick Hoiler and I am the owner of a small member only gym in southern Maryland Kinetic Performance. I am now 2 years removed form my previous career as a teacher and coach for the 16 years. I also entered this game in different situation, or should I say less traditional way most coaches do. I was a teacher and a coach so that part was still the same, trying to get the best out of people for their particular life situation/circumstance. Not to mention quitting my career to start my own business with a wife and 2 daughters. The details of my past or me is not the focus of this letter. What SF can do for you is! I could not be where I am today without the help and support for Chris, Mike and Todd (as well as all the other kick ass mentors and professionals they have brought on to help us all navigate the process of bettering ourselves as coaches). There is not a day goes by as a now a business owner that the SF is not apart of my daily thoughts. What to do when this happens, or how do I handle this situation. Everyday I encounter something that was covered in one of the lessons provided. Points of emphasis on my experiences with SF and how it helped me to move in the right direction. 1. The Faction will give you the tools necessary to help you become the best craftsman or women you can be. The difference is will you use the tools and more importantly how will you use them. You can have the best set of Snap-on wrenches in your garage, but they do no good sitting there. Your workshop could be the biggest and brightest with the top machines, but a machine or tool only sits there; the worker, the craftsman is the one who must use the tools and they need to used correctly. Don’t try and build a birdhouse with socket wrench. Know when and how. Don’t know when or how… 2. …Be humble and ask for help. I don’t know why this seems so hard for people. I know at times we don’t want to admit we might not know something but if truly want to improve you should be asking a lot of questions. If the person you asked treats you lower or different because you asked a question, I’d think about the purpose of my relationship with that someone. A great mentor or leader will understand and teach. “Never look down on somebody unless you’re helping them up.” Jesse Jackson “Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.” Thomas Merton 3. NEVER Stop learning – Show me someone who is satisfied, and I’ll show you a loser. Once you think you are there, you will be behind. If you have made it to the top of one mountain, awesome. Now go find another mountain to start your assent. SF gives you this opportunity. SF will bring together other coaches to give you this opportunity. Be open minded to other philosophies and beliefs. I guess my point I am trying to make is just because I am not a part of SF right now, it doesn’t mean SF isn’t a part of me. The 2 years I spent listening, reading and interacting as put me in the position I am in today. Besides my faith SF is the main reason I was able to start my own journey. The coaches, people and individuals you will meet along the way because of SF will be the road signs to help you navigate your own journey. Take the tools they (SF) give you and USE THEM. Take the time and listen, if don’t understand ASK QUESTIONS. The bigger the root system, the stronger the integrity the more growth will happen. NEVER stop learning! THANK YOU STRENGTH FACTION!
Can't express in simple words on a post what Strength Faction has done for me. Waaaay too much to list. But know this, they care they are there for you and they respect you! Who else would you want to surround yourself with?

Strength Faction. Coaching for coaches. Transformation. Community. Education. Join the Faction! Strength Faction is the only resource of its kind—it’s where strength coaches and personal trainers go to get coached, be a part of an awesome community and learn to hone their craft.

This isn't another bullsh*t program. This isn't a library of videos and articles to aimlessly wander through. This is a real coaching program for real strength coaches and personal trainers.

Want to build training program templates for your gen pop clients regardless of the setting (at the gym, at home, outside...) then you have to watch this video.

On November 19th our latest Monthly Mini course “Effective Program Design Templates Made Simple” will teach you exactly How to build these templates...and we’ll also be including done-for-you, editable well as exercise professions and regressions.

To save your spot click the “Monthly mini course” tab in our link tree. (It only costs you $1 to get started)

How do you set yourself up for long-term relationship success with your clients? In his newest article Mike Connelly explains just how to do that in 3 simple steps.

Todd talks about a yearly challenge they use at @bspnova to improve client attendance, increase engagement, and fast track client results.

There are 88 days left in 2020.

If you committed to doing something for 1 hour per day, that’s 88 hours.

30 minutes per day equates to 2,640 minutes or 44 hours.

15 minutes per day equates to 1,320 minutes or 22 hours.

5 minutes per day equates to 440 minutes or 7 hours.

That’s plenty of time to change your life for the better.

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Raise your hand if you’ve had clients tell you that get bored with exercise easily.


Every hand in the room should go up.

The key here is figuring out what variety means to THAT PERSON.

Sometimes we jump to conclusion and assume that it means constantly varied exercise when it really means exercise progression.

Some folks define it as being able to do what they want to do outside the gym because the gym is making them stronger.

So, movement variety can absolutely retain clients. You just need to find out what movement variety means to each person.

There’s this crazy, space-aged way of finding that out: it’s called asking. 😊

#StrengthFaction #personaltrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnessbusiness

We originally posted this in the private Facebook group for our Strength Faction Monthly Mini Courses, but we want to extend the invite to you too.

Keeping clients engaged for years on end can seem like black magic. (It isn’t and we can teach why it isn’t.)

So that begs the question...

What are your biggest questions and concerns with keeping training clients engaged for years and years?

Drop your questions! 👇🏻

New client consultations are stressful...and with good reason!

You have to convince this person that they are worth your time and money over the long haul.

They need to know, like, and trust you in a relatively short timeframe.

And they need to decide to invest in your training.

But what if you flipped the script?

Seriously, though. What if you flipped the script and made it about helping them decide how to invest in themselves instead of worrying about whether or not they're going to invest in you?

Yes, the ultimate goal is for them to sign up to train with you for a long time.

But the reality is for most people it's about trusting themselves enough to make an investment in them self.

Hell, if they totally trusted that they'd do the things they need to do, and knew what to do, they wouldn't be sitting down with you.


So, this tip is about reframing so that you can take the focus off of yourself (and limit your nervousness) while also really doing right by a person raising their hand for your help.

Before you start a consultation with a new client, put this question in your head:

How can I best serve this person so that they choose to invest in themselves?

That frame will help keep you from over focusing on yourself and your feelings while also spurring you to ask the right kinds of questions.

P.S. if you liked this post, you’ll like our newsletter even more! We share great info like this weekly that will help you grow your career and improve your quality of life in the fitness industry. To jump on the newsletter, and get our free resource library, just click the link in our profile!

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Maybe...maybe they just sucked? 🤷🏼‍♂️


Ladies and gentleman, ass was kicked.

An especially big congrats to on opening his new gym!

And @adriennemauro we’re so pumped to have found you too!

If you want to feel compelled to act, and finish this year strong, you need to tell yourself what you want the year to end like.

Here’s what to do:

-Set aside 30 minutes

-Write what you want your life (personal and professional) to look like on December 31, 2020

-Write in the present tense as if you’ve already done all of the things

-Write with as much detail as possible

-Don’t edit yourself during your first draft…just write without stopping

-Once you’ve written, let the draft sit for a couple of days, then review it

-Run the draft through the filter of your values…does everything line up

-Start culling things that don’t fit…but don’t you dare cut stuff out just because it seems scary or hard

-Take your vision and start making weekly action plans to make it reality

-Go kick ass

That’s how you’re going to finish this year strong.

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Until you have your priorities truly sorted out, everything new looks like a good opportunity.

But it’s often that those new things are just distractions that cause you to stray from the right path for you.

Whether that’s taking on a new client that wants a time slot that you know you need to reserve for yourself. Or a new program you could start that would make money but doesn’t totally align with the lifestyle you want or the values you’ve set for yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to do your visioning work, to really get in touch with your values, to truly set your priorities.

Otherwise you have to say yes to things that truly aren’t right for you.

So, do the work, that way you can say no when you need to.

By the way, if you want help with managing yourself and your priorities, we have a FREE e-book called “Energy. Emotions. Time.” That will help you get clearer on your path.

To snag your copy, head to our linktree and click the link for our FREE resource library.

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Happy Monday.


Another great one.


Don’t worry, we’ve all done it 😉

Want to do the best job possible servicing your clients while also giving yourself the best shot to attract new clients?

It starts with knowing who you serve. That doesn’t just mean names and stories. That means understanding the deep reasons why they sought you out, what’s important to them, why they are putting in the effort to make their lives better.

That’s going to be different for middle-aged family folks than it is for 20 somethings that are new, working professionals.

Once you’re really clear on who you serve, you can be clear with communication.

That means talking about eh problems that they are really concerned with and using language that’s meaningful to them.

That means deeper connections with your current clients and a better platform to recruit new clients.

By the way, on Thursday our newest #StrengthFaction mini course drops. It’s all about creating lead magnets that attract your ideal that you don’t feel confused about what kind of lead magnet to create and who to create it for.

You can jump in on the course for only $1!

Click the link in our profile to learn more about our mini courses and to sign up for Thursday’s course!

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What a week!


Another great Wednesday coaching call!

This week, @rctf_ross took the reins and ran a great call.

✅Program design discussion
✅Coaching discussion
✅Great QnA with the Faction Family

We love Wednesdays and the great conversations that they bring!


There's one word that you have to know and believe in to get new clients:


Believe it or not, you have to build a relationship with someone BEFORE they even become your client.

(Sounds crazy, but it's true.)

Just how in the blue blazes do ya do that?

You invite them into the world with something that's valuable to THEM.

You need a lead magnet that offers them a sincere solution to one or more of their problems.

Sure, they're going to check out your social media, follow you, see if they like you and what you're putting out into the world.

But that's like scanning pictures on Tinder. They get the initial gist of whether or not they want to "date" you.

Then your lead magnet draws them into a conversation (your email list) where you continue to woo them and show them how you can sincerely improve their lives.

And you can continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

There's a way higher likelihood that it ends in marriage...they become a client.

You need some kind of lead magnet to get your client courtship process rolling. But if you're not sure how to do that (what to create and why, how to create it, who to make it for, etc.) our next Monthly Mini Course is for YOU.

On September 17th, Todd will be teaching a mini course all on developing a lead magnet to attract new leads to you and your business.

You'll discover:

-How to decide what lead magnet to create so that your potential clients are actually interested and download it...and get on your email list so that you can talk to them

-How to pick what kind of lead magnet to create so that you show yourself in your best light and people are wowed

-What to do about naming your lead magnet so that people are attracted to it and it resonates with they feel like you can solve their problems and you actually get a chance to build a relationship

-And a lot more technical stuff that will help you create a successful lead magnet

Best part of all? It's only $1 to get started and there's zero risk to you (you can cancel at any time)

To join for only $1, click the link below:

When we have our focus in the right place, we get rewarded.

#StrengthFaction #personaltrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnessbusiness

Have you ever struggled with consistency?

Whether it’s consistently writing your clients’ programs before they pile up or consistently emptying the dishwasher as soon as it’s clean. Ever feel like you just can’t nail that one thing?

Well, you’re human, so that’s normal.

But you can do something about it.

That’s what we talked about today during the very first #StrengthFaction coaching call of the Fall ‘20 semester.

In the Faction, we use “feeding the piggy bank” as an allegory for consistent action. Make small deposits and watch the compounding interest of our small deposits take over.

But sometimes the hard part is figuring out what to consistently deposit.

What should you be doing?

Today, we helped our Faction members figure that out by workshopping some tiny habits so they have a consistent behavior that will help them accomplish what they want to accomplish over the next 17 weeks.

They’re going to kick ass.

#StrengthFaction #personaltrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnessbusiness

A little goes a long way.



"My biggest challenge before joining Strength Faction was organizing and managing my time with clients and programming. I felt stressed out and like I couldn't put my energy into other things that I wanted to do. I was missing out on my personal life BIG TIME.

I tried other certifications courses and just delegating more work to my employees but without a system of how to do it, it just crashed and burned.

But since using the systems that I've learned in Strength Faction, now I get home earlier and my employees are much more self sustainable. I have also overcome the not sure what to do moments. Being a part of this family gives me access to so many great kinds to help troubleshoot my challenge."

Our guy @performancebywade has been a Faction member for years...and man has it been a pleasure to have him in the family! It’s also been awesome to see him grow as a coach and a leader.

Enrollment for the Fall ‘20 Faction is closing in just a few days! If you want to get your time back like Wade did (so that life isn’t all work and no play) click the link in our profile and get started with us next week!

Our newest Monthly Mini Course is going down on August 13th...and Chris Merritt is going to teach you...

How to Write Sales Copy Bullets That Actually Sell.

He's going to teach you...

How to construct a bullet that actually connects with your target market so they are more likely to take you up on your offer...which means more clients singing up with you.

Using feature, benefit, meaning to show prospects not only what they'll get, but also how it will make their life better, so they quickly and easily understand what's in it for them (and you have a better chance of landing a consultation)

With the course you're going to get
A live presentation with a QnA session so you're not only learning the material, you can ask questions in realtime so that you can apply what you learn right away without feeling confused about what to do (the presentation is also recorded and archived so you can review it as much as you'd like)

All of the slides so that you can refer to them whenever you you don't have to worry about quickly trying to scribble down notes

A PDF guide that will walk you through the process of writing great copy bullets so you feel confident that you can construct bullets that will attract new clients.

(You're also going to get all of the archived material from our first Monthly Mini Course: Conditioning for Gen Pop Clients.)

And guess what?

The first month of your Monthly Mini Course membership is only $1.

You could literally transform your business by only spending a dollar.

(Think about all the stuff you waste a dollar on.)

Click the link in our profile to enroll in the Monthly Mini Courses and save your seat for How to Write Sales Copy Bullets That Actually Sell.

(There's no risk to you. You can cancel at anytime...and we'll even refund your money if you don't find value in our Mini Courses.)

Feeling aimless kills confidence...there’s no doubt about it.

One of the biggest pitfalls trainers create for themselves is not knowing exactly where they want to go with their career.

This causes anxiety, lack of confidence, feeling lost, etc.

If you want to feel truly confident in yourself and deliver the best product possible, get a vision down on paper.

How will you know it’s the right vision?

It excites you. It feels right because it aligns with your true core values. It stretches you but isn’t totally unrealistic.

If you feel lost, the only person that can give you direction is YOU.

But having guiding mentors and a process for visioning is definitely a big help.

That’s what we do in Strength Faction.

Enrollment is opening soon! Wanna learn more about how we can help you have the career and lifestyle you want? Click the link in our profile or shoot us a DM that says I want to know more!

#strengthfaction #personaltrainer #fitnessbusiness #fitbiz #fitnesscoach

Our homegirl Gabby kicks ass. Not only is she growing as a coach (both in the gym and on the football field) she’s hunting down her passions. It’s been a sincere pleasure to have her in the #StrengthFaction.

Here’s what she has to say about her experience so far:

"Before Strength Faction, life was really hard and not enjoyable. I was tired all the time, burnt out, and working three that didn't at all serve my goals but I stayed in because people told me it was a "good job." I wasn't even thinking about fun outside of work or doing the things I love to do like playing football. I was barely sleeping because I felt so stressed, and if I did anything that I enjoyed I felt guilty.

Now I work hard during the hours that I have to doing something that I love--feeling prepared to coach, knowing I’m putting my efforts toward something I want to be doing, and want to be really good at years from now. The support and encouragement I've gotten has helped me step out of my comfort zone and continue to challenge myself."

You rule, Gabby!

Want to feel like your gen pop conditioning programs are absolutely the bees knees...for only $1? (Seriously, just a buck.)

Then you need to head to the link in our profile, then click the Monthly Mini Courses tab and register for your self!

On Thursday, July 30th @showdub will be giving a killer presentation on gen pop conditioning that’s going to answer your questions.

Ones like:
-what do you need to know before writing a gen pop conditioning program?
-how to effectively use work to rest ratios
-conditioning for any kind of goal
-how to plan gen pop conditioning throughout the week.

Not only will you get Wes’ killer presentation in real-time, but you’ll also get:

-the archived recording so you can study it whenever you want
-all of his slides
-and a PDF of action items to give you the next steps in building your conditioning programs


We’ll also be uploading some of the best Strength Faction QnAs into the Monthly Mini Course Facebook group this week!

Calls with leaders like Dan John, Mike Boyle, etc.

So nows the time to get registered for only $1 for your first Mini Course.

Click the link in our profile and let’s get started!

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Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Sterling?

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Even coaches need coaches. We know how hard it is for strength coaches and trainers to manage their own training while managing clients’ training, and potentially a business. We know the value of intentional community. We know the importance of continuing education. That’s why Strength Faction exists. Coaches, like their clients, deserve the opportunity to transform via great programming and coaching while existing in a supportive community of like-minded individuals navigating the same issues and desiring the same outcomes.
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