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How to Avoid Chronic Systemic Inflammation, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

Want to avoid chronic systemic inflammation? Start here: One phrase that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years is chronic systemic inflammation. Inflammation is a normal response by the body in an attempt to ward off an invader, whether the invader is a virus, a food you are allergic to, or a mosquito that bites you. These scenarios are examples o...

Personal Trainers vs Health and Fitness Teachers, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

What is the difference between a personal trainer and a fitness teacher? How can you maximize your genetics by mastering your exercise program? Think back to your days of formal schooling. I bet you can remember the name of at least one teacher whose class you really enjoyed, or a teacher that had a significant impact on you. I was fortunate to have several coaches and teachers (particularly in English and History) that made a lasting impre...

[06/26/20]   Here is a thorough review of the science of wearing masks in relation to preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2 and other viruses.

Contrary to current popular beliefs and mandates, masks don't work. Not even a little. They are more likely to be hazardous to your health.

Another example of the need to go behind the headlines, click bait and shaming and make the effort to learn the real science.

I am all for using any and every tool at our disposal to prevent this virus and the response to it from destroying the world, but we need to be honest and inquisitive and make corrections along the way.

Not surprisingly, this white paper was censored and pulled from it's original publisher.

Total Results is The Best Therapy, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

What is most important when overcoming an injury? Is rest best? Should you exercise? Find out in our latest blog: When an injury, inflammation, or physical ailment occurs in the human body, most people's first instinct is to rest or do nothing, in hope that the problem gets better on its own. Most family physicians will probably give the same advice, and may even prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. Unfor...

Post workout breakfast this morning at Total Results. Delicious egg scramble with spinach and venison sausage! Protein to aid in muscle cell recovery and growth. Healthy fats. Spinach is an amazing source of iron, magnesium, vitamin C and more. Cooked in kerrygold butter!

A global health crisis much worse than SARS-COV2 is coming. What can you do?

Find out why Total Results is the "Original" Social Distancing Exercise Program in our latest blog:

Is There an Exercise that is "Best" for Heart Health?

Weight Training is superior exercise for heart health!

Key Quote: "If an exercise intervention can decrease pericardial fat, it stands to reason that it would be the BEST for heart health. In a recent randomized control trial, when comparing subjects in the resistance training group vs the aerobic group, the strength training group reduced pericardial fat while the aerobic did not."

Contact us at Total Results today to improve not only your heart healthy, but your overall fitness! By: Jared Rosenberg, Exercise Physiologist, Duke Diet & Fitness Center The fitness field loves to say “exercise is medicine”. While the research generally supports this claim, healthcare practitioners don't seem to treat exercise as medicine. When you go to the doctor feeling sick, the doctor wo...

The Original Social Distancing Workout!
One on One Exercise Studio
In Countryside: Route 7 across from Dulles Town Center Mall
Established 2001

One on one, no more than 2 clients in gym simultaneously (in separate rooms)
Equipment cleaned before each workout
Just 20 minutes, once or twice per week
Brief, Intense, Safe, Effective!
Build Strength, Enhance Flexibility, Increase Metabolism, Improve Cardiovascular Efficiency

Contact us today for a Free consultation and sample workout
703 -421-1200
14 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 140, Sterling VA 20165
[email protected]

Nutrient Density - Your Key To Health!

New study looks at link between COVID-19 and vitamin D deficiency

Mainstream media finally reporting what has been obvious since the beginning. Low Vitamin D levels associated with worse outcomes from COVID-19 and visa-versa!

Key quote from Yahoo article regarding having adequate vitamin D Levels - "Our analysis shows that it might be as high as cutting the mortality rate in half," lead researcher Vadim Backman said. "It will not prevent a patient from contracting the virus, but it may reduce complications and prevent death in those who are infected."

Get out in the sun for a few minutes every day! Consider supplementation! Get tested for your vitamin D level if you think you are deficient!

Current guidelines for most adults call for a safe daily maximum supplementation of 4000IU.

Some Primary factors linked to Vitamin D Deficiency?
- Old Age
-Dark Skin
-No Sun Exposure

Look Familiar? All those categories mirror those at highest risk for COVID-19 infection and death.

Plus, there is NO DOWNSIDE to adequate Vitamin D levels! It can only improve your health.

ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares details of the study’s findings and offers tips on how people can improve their vitamin D levels.

Great workout today. Lifting heavy things once in a while is a critical part of thriving as a human being. Like free range chickens expressing their "chicken-ness", Lifting weights is just one way we humans can best express our "Human-ness"!

Check out our latest blog to find out more:

Great hike ( but long!!) in Shenandoah Natl Park yesterday. This is why I workout! Check out my walking activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday

[05/25/20]   Total Results Reopening Announcement

Greetings to all clients and friends of Total Results!

I am excited to announce we are formally reopening for business on Tuesday, May 26th. Please contact us as soon as possible to get back on our schedule. Additionally, please let your friends and family know this is a great time to try out our fully private, fully supervised, fully sanitized, incredibly effective exercise program!

At Total Results, we are the “Original” Social Distancing workout, and we are adding some measures to our already ideal exercise environment to protect your health and safety.

Considering current local data on COVID-19 and that many businesses in the region are open without issue, we are confident our studio is among the safest environments you will experience upon leaving your home.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our client base, who has supported us both morally and materially for the past two months. Without you, we would have been forced to close our doors forever. We are also grateful to our bank BB&T, the SBA, and Loudoun Virginia Economic Development for providing a financial lifeline.

We are now reopening both to help you win the battle for your health and fitness, and to help us to win the battle for business survival.

We need your support now more than ever as we enter our 20th year in business!

Additionally, we will be donating a portion of any monthly profits through the end of 2020 to Loudoun Hunger Relief to assist those most affected by the government-imposed shutdown.

Please contact us at 703-421-1200 with any questions.
Tim Rankin
Owner – Total Results, LLC
Exercise Smarter!

Ever wonder how we as a country became so addicted to sugary foods, and as a result became sick, obese, and depressed?

Wonder if advertising and dietary changes literally change your brain chemistry, for the worse?

Check out our latest blog, a book review of "The Hacking of the American Mind - The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains" by Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL -

Productive and interesting workout today!

I had completed a couple rigorous bike rides over the last few days and I was intermittent fasting this morning, so I knew I had some systemic fatigue and less than full strength levels.

I skipped Squats and opted for Calf work. However, even my upper body was not up to par from previous weeks due largely to riding fatigue...And that's OK!

I still got a great muscular and metabolic stimulus in my workout.

The whole reason I workout every week is to better enjoy every day life - ex. hiking, biking and even yard work! That is the whole point!

Lift hard once or twice per week
Eat well
Sleep Plenty
Enjoy Life!

We were the Original Social Distancing Workout!

As you consider your strength training and fitness needs going forward, as we come out of this lockdown please keep Total Results in mind.

-We have NEVER had more than two clients in the entire gym at a time (now only one at a time)
-We always keep equipment sanitized
-We keep a cool atmosphere to minimize sweat
-We are taking extra steps to minimize contact

However, you still get:
-One on one personalized service every time
-the safest workout on the PLANET
-an incredibly effective stimulus for gaining strength, improving cardiovascular health, enhancing flexibility, increasing insulin sensitivity, and even strengthening your immune system!

You can exercise at home, but you cannot get nearly the level of attention, intensity, stimulus and results that you can get at Total Results!

Contact us NOW to schedule a consultation in the very near future!

Loudoun County Cycling

Check out my cycling activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday Distance 15.55 mi | Time 1:12:57 | Speed 12.8 mph | Elevation 285 ft

Another “quarantine” workout complete! It was tough mentally today. My head wasn’t 100% in it. That’s ok. Even when it’s not perfect, this high intensity stimulus provides more short and long term benefits than I can count! I’m am adding quality years to my life. Just get it done - every week- whether your head is in it or not!

Which is better for exercise? High Volume, or High Intensity?

Many of us are stuck at home due to Government orders related to SARS-COV2. In response, many are brushing off that old treadmill or using new "connected" products like Peloton to try to get or stay fit. In fact, Peloton has achieved record sales (not profit) and record high stock prices of late, because it allows those in quarantine to exercise but still feel part of a larger community. There is nothing wrong with that in theory.

However, Pelotons, or treadmills, or jogging, or aerobics are all Volume Based Programs. You continually have to do more, ride longer, get your heart rate higher, etc. in order to achieve results. The problems?
-Overuse Injuries (painful knees, shins, backs, hips, etc.)
-De-conditioning (ever seen a pro marathoner - they look emaciated because all that running tore down their unneeded muscle mass).
-Compromised Immune Systems.

What is the alternative? How can you get fit, but stay healthy and injury free?

-Intensity Based Programs, like a proper high intensity strength training routine focus on brief, intense bouts of exercise that hit all major muscle groups of the body (not just lower body like stationary bikes), only take 20 minutes a few times a week, stimulate your metabolic system in a way that Volume Based Programs never can, and are much safer than the high volume, high force, fast movement programs mentioned above.

-What High Intensity Strength Training can you at home until your gym opens back up? Pushups, Chinups, Dumbbell curls, Wall squats, bench press (if you have one), deadlifts, etc.. Move slowly (6-12 seconds each way, each rep), work to fatigue on each exercise, move IMMEDIATELY between exercises, work the whole body in 20 minutes, rest 3-7 days in between workouts.

-Should you be active outside of this High Intensity Strength Workout? Of course you should! Your body was meant to move! Every day, you should take a walk or a bike ride, play a round of golf, or if you are stuck inside, go ahead and take a ride on your Peloton. But do it for recreation, stress relief, enjoyment, and movement. Do not try to kill yourself. As they say in professional cycling, "don't turn a pedal in anger". If you go too long or to hard with Volume Based Programs, it is not a matter of if, but WHEN you pay a dear price and become injured, sick, or emaciated.

Good luck, and feel free to contact me with questions or recommendations.

The Germ-Cleaning Power of an Open Window

Open your windows! Fresh air can reduce the spread of viruses and other pathogens: Let the breeze blow those pathogens away

Is stretching necessary? Is it beneficial?

Loudoun County Cycling

It has not been a great weather Spring so far. So when we get a day like today I have to be outside! 2 long dog walks ✅; lawn mowed ✅; bike ride in the park ✅ Check out my cycling activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday Distance 10.17 mi | Time 45:44 | Speed 13.3 mph | Elevation 194 ft

How critical is sunlight and Vitamin D?

This is a really interesting retrospective cohort study that just came out of Indonesia regarding the SARS-COV-2 virus

Key quote: "Older and male cases with pre-existing conditions and below normal Vitamin D levels were associated with increasing odds of death. When controlling for age, sex, and comorbidity, Vitamin D status is strongly associated with COVID-19 mortality outcome of cases."

Key Stats:
-66.6% of those who died were over 50 years old
-66.6% of those who died were male
-84.9% of those who died had existing co-morbidities (ex. diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

And now the whopper:
-95.8% of those who died had insufficient or deficient Vitamin D levels (Less than serum 25(OH)D of 30 ng/ml)

You can't necessarily prevent yourself from getting this or any other virus, but you can strengthen your immune system by having adequate vitamin D levels. Get outside! If you can't get outside, consider supplements!

P.S. you don't have to lounge by the pool in a bikini for hours to get enough sun. 15-30 minutes of exposure whenever the sun is out is most likely fine (the darker your skin, the more time you need).

I often use the phrase "Fountain of Youth" when discussing proper weight training (how we train at Total Results).

Is this just marketing hype?

Find out here:

Key quotations:

"It is NOT inevitable that you will be overfat, overmedicated, increasingly sick, physically weak, and mentally feeble."

"If you live, eat and exercise correctly, you should maintain great strength, health and vigor well into your 80's and even 90's! You can look and feel how you did ten, twenty, even thirty years ago (maybe with less hair)."

I posted this pic on IG a few days ago. Homemade, organic, unenriched, sourdough bread. Great for sandwiches, dipped in olive oil, french toast, etc.

This is like the bread your grandmother made (and ate). It will not kill you! Humans have been eating bread for over 400 generations and yet obesity and diabetes have only been epidemic for 1 generation!

Carbs will NOT kill you.
Bread is NOT evil.
Gluten is NOT the problem.

Check out this April 2017 post I wrote on Gluten to find out more:

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14 Pidgeon Hill Dr, Suite 140
Sterling, VA

General information

If you are a busy adult with a hectic lifestyle, Superslow Zone could be for you. If you are falling out of shape, gaining a few unwanted pounds and inches, but can't find the time or energy to workout, you need to give us a call. We offer a private and professional environment where through brief, but intense workouts and smart food coaching, you can meet your maximum physical potential in a minimum of time. Call 703-421-1200 now to set up a FREE 1 hour consultation and trial workout. Many of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more and would not consider any other exercise method. For Safety. For Convenience. For Health.

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