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Total Results  -  Sterling Virginia: Exercise Smarter


I am with Town Hall. Each month we mail gift cards to welcome new residents as they move into our community. We feature only one exclusive business within each business category, and I am searching for a Health Club in your area to fill that spot.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our product and discuss the program. Usually, 10-15 minutes is sufficient.
You may reply to this message with your availability or for a faster response, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed in my signature.
I look forward to your response and wish you a good day.
Thank you
Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514

One on One Personal Weight Training and nutrition coaching. 30 minutes of challenging exercise, fully supervised by professional instructors.

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Swimmer Ditches the Pool for Bracing Outdoor Dips, Runs and Bike Rides 05/17/2021

Swimmer Ditches the Pool for Bracing Outdoor Dips, Runs and Bike Rides

At age 76, this gentleman is more physically fit capable than most human beings at any age. His secret: He moves constantly - open water swimming, yard work, biking, and more! We were born to move. If you don't use it, you will lose it!

Swimmer Ditches the Pool for Bracing Outdoor Dips, Runs and Bike Rides This 76-year-old says he is in the best shape of his life after embracing an Ironman-worthy workout routine last year.

When Was the Last Time You Failed at Something? | Total Results 05/17/2021

When Was the Last Time You Failed at Something? | Total Results

Achieving momentary muscular failure = Success!

When Was the Last Time You Failed at Something? | Total Results In our society, the word failure has been given a negative connotation. One definition I looked up stated that failure is "lack of success." I believe that is a rather simplistic explanation of the word, and that an accurate examination requires context. What exactly were you trying to achieve when....

“Takimika,” the 90-Year-Old Fitness Instructor 05/02/2021

“Takimika,” the 90-Year-Old Fitness Instructor

Amazing woman! She moves a lot every day. She eats natural foods but does not deprive herself of occasional treats or her evening wine. She lifts weights. She teaches fitness classes. Oh, and she is 90 years old! ...and didn't start until age 65! If she can do it you can too! Start today to become your best self!

“Takimika,” the 90-Year-Old Fitness Instructor Japan’s life expectancy is among the top in the world, as evidenced by the nation’s 80,000 centenarians. Older people are become increasingly active, too—people like Takishima Mika, or “Takimika,” a sprightly fitness instructor who celebrated her ninetieth birthday on January 15. In this a...

"Evil Medicine" - A Book Review | Total Results 04/12/2021

"Evil Medicine" - A Book Review | Total Results

Evil Medicine - a book review:

"Evil Medicine" - A Book Review | Total Results A trusted colleague recently recommended that I read the book "Evil Medicine" by Richard Dennis. The book was originally published in 2005 and it covers a lot of ground in 109 pages, particularly about the pharmaceutical industry, prescription (and over the counter) medications, and the potentially....

Keto Lie #10: Stable blood sugars will lead to fat loss - Optimising Nutrition 04/11/2021

Keto Lie #10: Stable blood sugars will lead to fat loss - Optimising Nutrition

Good article by Marty Kendall at Nutrient Optimizer.

It is important to eat nutrient rich foods and get plenty of protein. Intermittent Fasting can also help a lot. Eating fat for the sake of "Ketosis" will not necessarily help you lose weight or maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Key Quote: "Unfortunately, many people who believe that fat is a ‘free food’ because it does not raise insulin significantly in the short term after eating end up overeating fat in an effort to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Before long, this can quickly lead to fat gain. Excessive levels of stored energy on their body then lead to high insulin levels across the day to hold the fat in storage."

Keto Lie #10: Stable blood sugars will lead to fat loss - Optimising Nutrition If there was anything I thought I knew for sure when I was an insulin-fearing keto zealot, it was that: the blood sugar roller coaster is bad, and stable blood sugars were good.  According to the keto gurus that I was following, if you want to lose fat and optimise your metabolic health, the most ....


Today is my final day at Total Results. After twenty years of realizing my dream as the owner and operator of this unique fitness studio and serving hundreds of clients in Loudoun County and across Northern Virginia, I am moving on to new challenges.

Total Results will be in great hands as 14-year Total Results veteran Matthew Romans will be taking over the business.

Working with so many amazing clients over the years has been a highlight of my life. I have been honored so many have entrusted their fitness needs to us. The relationships I have built with many of you have been incredibly rewarding. I continue to be passionate about health, fitness and proper exercise and will always be a proponent of what we’ve done here since 2001.

Thanks to all my clients and to the local business community, as well as many friends and neighbors for supporting us all these years!


Photos from Total Results  -  Sterling Virginia: Exercise Smarter's post 02/24/2021

Bill Gates wants you to eat beef made in a petri dish:

What would you rather eat? Petri dish beef from a lab or grass fed beef?

Which is better your health? Which is better for the environment? These are questions worth researching. Do not rely on "authorities" to tell you how to eat. We know how that has worked out for Americans in the last 30 years.


Lessons learned from twenty years owning a gym.

I have owned Total Results for twenty years. I have performed 50,000 one-on-one training sessions. I have worked with hundreds of clients on diet programs. I have read dozens of books on health and fitness and written hundreds of newsletter articles and blog posts on exercise and diet.

Find out what I have learned:


Want to lose 20 pounds this year?

Here is how:

1. Walk 2000 extra steps per day
2. eat or drink 1 less serving per day
3. Lift weights 1x2 times per week

2000 steps is about 1 mile. How can you add that in your day? Walk around your house while you are on a phone call. Park at the far end of the grocery store lot. Walk your dog for an extra few minutes. An extra 2000 steps will burn about 100 calories. That's not many, but it adds up

One less glass of wine or beer or bag of chips or snack, or even a smaller portion of a meal means about 100-150 calories less input

Lifting weights doesn't burn many calories, but building just 3-5 pounds of lean muscle will make your body burn 100-200 more calories every day.

Lets do the math:
-20 pounds of body fat = about 70,000 calories of energy (3500 kcal per pound)
-If you follow above steps, you will burn 200 more calories per day minimum and eat 100 calories less per day minimum
--That 300 calorie per day deficit, every day, will result in around 20 pounds in about 8 months (70,000/300 per day =233 days).

It is not always easy to execute. Life gets in the way. Stress can effect our metabolism. Temptations are everywhere. However, the math works! If you are serious and dedicated to these small changes, it can work for you!

High Expectations, by Matthew Romans | Total Results 01/22/2021

High Expectations, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

At Total Results, we have high expectations for your workout and your results, and so should you!

High Expectations, by Matthew Romans | Total Results At my core, I am an optimist and believe in the power of positive thinking. Generally speaking, most successful people don't become that way by accident. If you visualize it, you can achieve it. Unfortunately, many people wittingly or unwittingly limit themselves by being fearful or thinking negativ...

Nutrition to Treat and Prevent COVID-19 01/18/2021

Nutrition to Treat and Prevent COVID-19

Read this article from Orthomolecular Medicine News.

We have been writing and and telling clients about this for almost a year! Vitamin deficiencies put you at much greater risk of bad outcomes from COVID-19.

Please consider supplementation in addition to a vitamin and nutrient rich diet.

Key take aways from this article:

"It has been clearly shown over decades that several essential nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and selenium, have anti-viral properties. [1-5] It is also known that a majority of hospitalized COVID-19 individuals have deficiencies in one or more of these nutrients.

"Adequate nutrition has been shown in a variety of epidemiological studies to effectively prevent viral infection, including COVID-19. Just bringing the body's vitamin D up to an adequate level with inexpensive and safe supplements of vitamin D can reduce the risk of infection."

The article recommends the following:
Vitamin C, 1000 mg (or more) 3 times daily
Vitamin D, 5,000 IU/day
Magnesium 400 mg/d (in malate, citrate, chelate, or chloride form)
Zinc, 20 mg/d
Selenium 100 mcg/d

By they way, a great way to get selenium is to eat a couple Brazil Nuts each day.

Nutrition to Treat and Prevent COVID-19 (OMNS Jan 17, 2021) Speaking out on nutritional therapy for COVID-19 is risky for medical doctors. Yet another physician is being threatened by his state licensing board for writing what you are about to read. We are not calling him/her "Doctor Y" on a whim, but rather by necessity.

The Secret to Health, Fitness and Longevity 12/30/2020

The Secret to Health, Fitness and Longevity

Want to know the secret to health, fitness and longevity?

The Secret to Health, Fitness and Longevity In 1997, when I was 30 years old, my wife and I and our 9-month-old son Sam went on vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. We spent a week hiking and biking in and near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Farewell to 2020 - Here's to Prosperity Ahead, By Matthew Romans | Total Results 12/30/2020

Farewell to 2020 - Here's to Prosperity Ahead, By Matthew Romans | Total Results

We look back at 2020 and look forward to 2021!

Farewell to 2020 - Here's to Prosperity Ahead, By Matthew Romans | Total Results December is winding down, and we are in the last few days of 2020. This has been an interesting and challenging year, to say the least. I find it useful to look back on the past year, as well as look ahead to what's in store for the upcoming year. Whether or not you believe in New Year's resolutions...

The Motivation Factor - Physical Education in schools in 1960's - #JFKChallenge 12/30/2020

The Motivation Factor - Physical Education in schools in 1960's - #JFKChallenge

In the 1960's, President Kennedy created a physical fitness challenge for America. Over 4000 high schools took part. Watch this video.

This kind of fitness should be the rule, and not the exception, not just for high school students but for all of us!

-Over 40% of Americans are obese!
-Most Americans can't do a single pull up.
-Children and Adults spend most waking hours sitting in front of a computer or television.
-Millions are sick with Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

We can do better! It is very simple. Turn off your screen. Get out of your chair. Go outside! Do some pushups! Stop eating garbage! Move - a lot, every day! Don't presume you are sick and don't let the "authorities" convince you that you are sick and in need of drugs!

It is not too late. We can take back our strength, our vigor, our physical and mental confidence.

You know what to do!

The Motivation Factor - Physical Education in schools in 1960's - #JFKChallenge PE 50 years to today! Full 90 documentary feature film now available at and as ...

It's Supposed To Be Hard, by Matthew Romans | Total Results 12/22/2020

It's Supposed To Be Hard, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

It's supposed to be hard! If your exercise is not intense, you will NOT get maximum benefit!

It's Supposed To Be Hard, by Matthew Romans | Total Results People are often skeptical when they find out that a Total Results workout only lasts about twenty minutes, and they think that very little benefit can occur in such a short time. Many clients who come to Total Results after participating in a variety of other fitness regimens are somewhat surprised...


What does my workout look like?

Many friends and neighbors have misconceptions about what our workout looks like at Total Results. Below is my basic workout routine, which is virtually identical to that of our many clients:

-All exercises are done at slow speed (and 8-10 second cadence lifting and lowering weights).
-Time on each exercise ranges from about 1:20 to 2 minutes, until movement is no longer possible with a roughly 5 second additional hold.
-In all exercises, I try to maintain a calm demeanor, with no grunting, groaning, grimacing etc. All exercises last about a minute and a half to a minute and forty-five seconds in duration.

1 set leg press machine
1 set chest or overhead press machine
1 set pulldown or compound row machine
1 set low back extension machine
1 set neck extension machine
1 set bicep curl (dumbbells) or tricep extension machine
1 set static abdominal crunch

Occasionally I will add in or substitute slow motion bodyweight pushups, chin-ups, seated leg curls.

That’s it. A few exercises. Done to muscular failure. Minimal rest in between. Attempt to progress a few seconds or a few pounds every week.

How Important Is Supplementation, by Matthew Romans | Total Results 12/03/2020

How Important Is Supplementation, by Matthew Romans | Total Results

How important is supplementation? Which supplements do we recommend? Find out here:

How Important Is Supplementation, by Matthew Romans | Total Results I have been asked many times over the years by clients, friends, and acquaintances what supplements I recommend that they take to improve their health or improve their exercise or sports performance. Much of the time, when people think or talk about supplements they are referring to products that th...




14 Pidgeon Hill Dr, Suite 140
Sterling, VA

General information

If you are a busy adult with a hectic lifestyle, Superslow Zone could be for you. If you are falling out of shape, gaining a few unwanted pounds and inches, but can't find the time or energy to workout, you need to give us a call. We offer a private and professional environment where through brief, but intense workouts and smart food coaching, you can meet your maximum physical potential in a minimum of time.

Call 703-421-1200 now to set up a FREE 1 hour consultation and trial workout. Many of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more and would not consider any other exercise method.

For Safety. For Convenience. For Health.

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
Friday 6am - 6pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm

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