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I was wondering why the HDX console went from $160 last year to now $250? Whats the difference? Thats a steep increase. I need a new one because the writing is barley distinguishable from the background. Its been that way since I bought it. If the sunlight is shining on it you can't read it at all.
are you still in business?
I need to get my bike....when are you available?
I really enjoy the power and range of my Falco 750W motor.

One problem is noisy loose spokes from the drive wheel when making turns. I tighten them and soon have the same problem. How do I solve this issue?
Vicki and I look forward to picking up our tandem soon.....let us know when👍🏻🚴🏻‍♂️👍🏻
Hi there,

I hope someone can help me out with a small problem. My wife has picked up a bicycle fitted with what we believe is a 500 watt 36 volt Hx motor. The bike rides nicely but has no display / control fitted and we would like the facility to change the level of PAS etc. Any ideas how we could do this and what the cost would be?
I like the build quality of the motor and do not want to change it but if the cost of a display unit is high this may be the only option. I have included a couple of pictures showing motor and available connector plug. Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.
Awaiting install/upgrade of the system on our custom Belinky tandem....
Selling some Falco motors stuff, see pics
Paid 120€ for the programing cable
various cables, throttles, connectors and sideplates, new and used

asking 50€ plus shipping according to your country. I'm in Austria
Testing Falco eCiti
Zero resistance? All wiring is unplugged. Works fine when turned on and set to zero. The loud bang is my wheelchair hitting the carbon fiber seat when there is resistance because that is how much there is, it moves my wheelchair.
How does the throttle work? Is there a turbo setting? How can I activate it?
I am considering a Falco e-assist for my Bacchetta Giro 20. Any thoughts or experiences on this? I previously had a Copenhagen Wheel. The wheel was great but the app was horribly unstable. So thought I give this a try.

Falco eMotors - The Future of Electric Bike Propulsion At Falco eMotors, we have always dreamt of building the best eBike components and systems in the world with a perfect balance of design, style and unmatched performance.

Falco eMotors symbolizes Innovation and Technological leadership. Our team shares the passion of extraordinary excellence and pursuit of perfection. Precision, Innovation and Quality are the most prominent features of our philosophy. Unique products with a distinctive design and remarkable technical features are the result of extensive research and development. Falco eMotors components are charact

Operating as usual


Happy Holidays
From our family to yours, we wish you abundance, happiness, and peace this holiday season.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

Falco team

Photos from Falco e-Motors's post 12/03/2021

Catrike Installation

Photos from Falco e-Motors's post 09/24/2021

The most extraordinary Harrisonburg

The Emotionally Connected Tech Leader 04/22/2021

The Emotionally Connected Tech Leader

Leadership at Falco eMotors

The Emotionally Connected Tech Leader This week's episode of The Rozy Effect takes on a different type of conversation in relation to the world of technology. We take a look into the emotional si...

Photos from Falco e-Motors's post 01/23/2021

Falco's 11-Speed Compatibility with an 11-Speed Cassette from Sun Race. 11-40T Black. Sun Race Part # CSMX8.EAXR.OS1.BX.


Spotted at West Newton, PA


Catrike Thru Axle Tamed!


Which eBike Assist Technology is Right for You? - https://mailchi.mp/41d8e2c06dc7/which-ebike-assist-technology-is-right-for-you

youtube.com 10/31/2020

Bosch vs Falco - The Battle of Two Drives (Part 4) - Electric Bike Technology Comparison

Part 4 of the Electric Bike Technology Comparison

youtube.com In this multiple part series, we discuss key differences between a Bosch mid-drive and a Falco direct drive

youtube.com 10/31/2020

Bosch vs Falco - The Battle of Two Drives (Part 3) - Electric Bike Technology Comparison

Part 3 of the Electric Bike Technology Comparison.

youtube.com In this multiple part series, we discuss key differences between a Bosch mid-drive and a Falco direct drive

youtube.com 10/31/2020

Bosch vs Falco - The Battle of Two Drives (Part 2) - Electric Bike Technology Comparison

Part 2 of the Electric Bike Technology Comparison

youtube.com In this multiple part series, we discuss key differences between a Bosch mid-drive and a Falco direct drive

youtube.com 10/30/2020

Electric Bike Technology Comparison: Bosch vs. Falco - The Battle of Two Drives

The battle of Two Drives

youtube.com When it comes to Recumbent Trikes, what makes more sense - A Mid-drive like Bosch or Direct Drive like Falco. Take a listen to this part 1.

electricbicycleworld.com 10/19/2020

The Case for Recumbent Trikes and Electric Assist Technology

Our latest blog post on encouraging cycling using recumbent trikes and electric assist technology

electricbicycleworld.com This is an article that advocates the use of recumbent trikes and electric assist technology

youtube.com 10/12/2020

Falco Electric Assist Options for Trikes, Recumbents, Tandems and Bikes

New Product Introduction - Falco Electric-Assist Options for Trikes, Recumbents, Tandems and Bikes.

youtube.com This video is a quick overview of Falco Electric-Assist Options for Trikes, Recumbents, Tandems, and Bikes.


Let the fun begin. All set to take on the mighty trails.

youtube.com 09/21/2020

Considering Buying Your 1st Bent/tadpole Trike?

Buying Your 1st Tadpole Trike - Market Research Data to help you decide

youtube.com This video is courtesy of the laidback bike report and Gary Solomon and was part of Bent Con 2020. The question is answered by some key market research data,...

youtube.com 08/14/2020

Bullitt Cargo Bike with Falco eBike System

What a wonderful video!

youtube.com #BullittCargo Box #falcoemotors #ebikes A quick look at how we navigate the assist levels on the Falco eBike System . When you see red lights, this means you...

omagdigital.com 07/27/2020

Recumbent and Tandem Rider Issue 70, 2020 Page 4

Falco eBike Systems Review on KHS Milano Tandem

omagdigital.com By Charles Coyne Falco eMotor / KHS Milano iding the Falco eMotor system-equipped KHS Milano tandem is like riding with a powerful third stoker onboard – only better . This extra ‘stoker’ has an unbeatable power to weight ratio, doesn’t get hungry or thirsty, doesn’t complain, and has a ni...

docs.google.com 07/20/2020

Ride Experience - 260 Mile Ride over 3 Days on Falco e5.3 eBike System

Conclusion of 260 Mile Ride

docs.google.com On July 4th long weekend of 2020, Sanjeev, my friend from IIT Kharagpur days proposed a long 260-mile ride. The last ride of about 100 miles I did with him had me in pain not because of lack of stamina but because of the improper bike fitment. I had no idea how I was going to do the 260-mile ride wi...


Get Your Wings Ready!

Get Ready to take a Flight


Let us get Precious

Electrify Your Ride Today


Let us get Precious

Electrify Your Ride Today

youtube.com 07/19/2020

Thumb or Twist Throttle Installation (Falco eBike Systems)

Throttle Operation and Installation on Falco eBike Systems

youtube.com Throttle Operation - How to install a throttle on the bicycle handlebar?

youtube.com 07/18/2020

How does Falco eBike Systems' Smart Phone Technology Work?

An excellent video discussing Falco eMotors' Smart Phone Technology

youtube.com This video talks about Falco eBike systems Smart Phone Technology in detail.

youtube.com 07/17/2020

How to operate the wireless Console (Falco eBike Systems)

This video explains the operation of the wireless console.

youtube.com This video explains the operation of the Falco eBike Systems' wireless console

youtube.com 07/17/2020

Pairing the Wireless Console (Falco eBike Systems)

This video explains about the pairing process of the wireless console.

youtube.com This video talks about the pairing process used for the wireless console.

youtube.com 07/17/2020

Wired Plus Minus - All In One (WPM-AIO) - Operation

Wired Plus Minus - All in One (WPM-AIO) Operation. Find out how this device works with Falco eBike Systems?

youtube.com How does wired plus-minus - all in one work in Falco eBike Systems?

youtube.com 07/17/2020

Is the Hx Motor (Falco eBike Systems) Water Proof?

Is the Hx Motor Water Proof? Find out the answer to this question!

youtube.com We talk about Hx Motor. Is the motor waterproof? Find out in this video?


The passion for cycling keeps our innovations flowing like there is no tomorrow.

youtube.com 07/16/2020

Wired Plus Minus - All IN ONE (WPM-AIO) Install

Installation of Wired Plus Minus - All in One Installation

youtube.com More info about the Wired Plus Minus - All In One (WPM-AIO) accessory can be seen here: https://www.electricbicycleworld.com/wired-plus-minus-all-in-one-2018...


Falco eMotors changed our life!
As seniors, getting a recumbent was a logical method of exercise for us after a recent hip replacement. Going from a regular two-wheel bike to a safe and stable three-wheel trike just made sense! But they have become so much more than just a form of exercise. As often as twice a day, we are out riding our trikes, doing no less than 5 miles per trip. They are now a part of our lifestyle. Our Rambler EVO’s are comfortable and easy to ride. The support team at Falco eMotors is great. They are always readily available to talk us through any situation. We enjoy our trikes so much that we built a custom trailer so we could take them on field trips!
Frank and Pam

youtube.com 05/31/2020

Bent Expo 2020-Falco eMotors

Thank You Laidback Bike Report for the Coverage

youtube.com Falco eMotors is an innovative electric assist company specializing in hub assist motors for trikes. In this this video we meet Rakesh Dhawan the engineering...

electricbikeaction.com 05/31/2020


Thank You Electric Bike Action for Covering Our News

electricbikeaction.com Falco eMotors, Inc., a player in direct drive technology for e-bikes for over 10 years, today announced it has been awarded US Patent #10,617,913 B2. The patent captures Falco’s unique approach to Indoor eBike Cycling Technology through Virtual Reality Integration. The World’s First Indoor/Outdo...


Time for some serious biking! 40 mph OK?No Limits! Special system designed for a special rider.


Terra Trike Rambler with e5.3 Simplicity System: $2,495. Pick up at Our Dulles Office.

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Get Your Wings Ready!
Let us get Precious
Let us get Precious
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Falco Trike
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