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Loving my gaiter mask from Nautilus Aquatics! Ear loops hold it in place and make it easy to pull up and down.... breathable and comfy! Thanks!
Scuba Enthusiast :-)
I left my regulators with you on 28 Feb for servicing. I have left multiple phone messages and one email with over last 10 days to see if they are ready for pickup. No response. Please let me know what is going on. Are they ready? Have your hours changed? A reply to my email would be great.
What do you guys think of the new 360 Camera? Thanks for the test session...I know know it's depth rated to "pool" at least! :)

Leaving Isla Mujeres after a day of fun. Thank you, Melissa and Jason!
Fun time at Isla Mujeres. August 23, 2019
Fun time and lunch at Isla Mujeres. August 23, 2019.
Arriving to Isla Mujeres after swimming with whale sharks.
Swimming with whale sharks. Mexico, August 23, 2019
Mexico, August 23, 2019. Swimming with whale sharks
Whale shark, what a beauty! Unbelievable experience!

We’re a full-service scuba shop providing quality training & excellent dive equipment to our NOVA community. For your convenience we have TWO locations: 510 Mill St NE, Vienna VA 22180 and 1007A Ruritan Cir, Sterling VA 20164.

We specialize in providing families and individuals fun, affordable, quality scuba training from beginner to Master Instructor. We are a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) 5-Star IDC and TecRec Training Center. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help with any scuba diving needs, while our top-notch instructional staff provides all levels of training - from Open Water Diver thru PADI Master Instructor to Extended Range Technical Diving.

Operating as usual 04/08/2021

Can we go diving yet? - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

Are you ready to start traveling and diving again?

SDI TDI ERDI PFI raises some excellent points for you to consider as we all get back into the swing of things.

We are here to help you with all of your scuba needs. With the official one-year mark of COVID-19 behind us, you too might be asking, “can we go diving yet?” Even if where you live is open for business, the answer may not be an automatic yes. There are a few things you should consider before booking your next dive or packing your dive bag. 04/05/2021


Tired of the same old Zoom meetings?

Try one of these #Sharks4kids webinars this week with the whole family. Free Webinars Available via Zoom and YouTube Livestream

04/04/2021 04/01/2021

New Flavored Dive Tanks!

We can't wait to try some of these new flavored tanks! 😜 Are you tired of the same boring tasteless and odorless air in your dive tank? We are pleased to officially introduce PADI's brand new line of FLAVORED


WPB March 2021

Another great weekend of diving in West Palm Beach! Rays were the featured creature at the Blue Heron Bridge- we saw southern, yellow, and even an eagle ray soared by! Sharks showed up on most of the reef dives: three lemons, two bulls, and a black tip reef shark made an appearance.

We also welcomed five new divers to the tribe. Congrats to Chris, Ken, Joe, Juliana, and Lucas!

Join us this summer to get in on the adventure!

#BlueHeronBridge #BHB #nautilusvatravel #WestPalmBeach #WPB


How does this group of dolphins decide which way to go?
They flipper coin!


Pools Open!

While our April dates are full, we still have availability for the following dates:

May 1 & 2
May 22 & 23
June 5

Please call either shop for further location and class details. 03/25/2021

Quiz: Which PADI Specialty Course Should You Take?

Which specialty course did your quiz results suggest?

We can help suggest other classes too, each tailored to your interests and desired skills. Are you tempted to expand your scuba knowledge, but don’t know which PADI specialty course to start with? Take our fun quiz to get some inspiration 03/22/2021

How to Extend the Life of Your Regulator

Proper equipment care is extremely important in terms of safety, but it could also extend the life of your equipment.

The 6 suggestions listed below are quick and easy and we'll add a 7th, be sure to have your regulator & BCD serviced annually with us! Cleaning your regulator properly can make it last longer, and it only takes a few minutes after your dive. 03/19/2021

Liftbag or SMB? - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

Do you know the difference between a Liftbag and a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)? How about a Reel vs. a Spool?

Take a look at SDI's quick read below to learn the differences. Putting together your tech diving kit comes with a lot of decisions… You might have your own opinions on what is better or worse in a general kit but, for this article specifically, we’re talking about liftbags vs SMBs (surface marker buoys). We’re laying out the advantages and disadvantages o...


May you find all the hidden treasures of the leprechauns today.

Wishing you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day! 03/16/2021

4 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Buoyancy

"Why can't I get down?"

"Why can't I swim up?"

"Fix my buoyancy, please!"

We hear these questions and comments from new and seasoned drivers alike. Here are a couple of helpful hints in the article below.

Also, we highly recommend a Buoyancy Specialty course. Practice makes perfect, right? So, why not spend an entire session focusing on one of the most important skills. Buoyancy is an essential diving skill and life-long practice. No matter what your area of interest is underwater, perfect buoyancy is the key to success. 03/12/2021

A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children

Cephalopods have often been deemed smart creatures, but the growing body of research is incredible. A new test of cephalopod smarts has reinforced how important it is for us humans to not underestimate animal intelligence.


What are you doing for Spring Break?

Here are the top 5 reasons to join us in West Palm Beach, Florida

🐬 Florida is easy to travel to!
🐬 Warm waters await!
🐬 You'll have an opportunity to see an array of wildlife!
🐬 We offer flexible scheduling!
🐬 Any Spring Break trip is better when you are diving!

Spots are filling up fast. Sign-up today! 03/08/2021

Top Jobs in Scuba Diving - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

Are you looking to spice up your work life? Why not try a career or side-job in diving? We can help you lay out a plan to meet any professional goals! Are you hooked on scuba diving? Want to figure out how to turn it into a paying career? We've done the research to help guide you into just that – a career doing what you love!


Baby Cowfish

Did you know the following fun facts about the Cowfish?

It's poisonous,
can 'hover' in the water,
can regrow its horns if broken,
can make a grunting sound, &
doesn't have gills.

Have you seen one of these fish, in the boxfish family, swimming about?

Baby cowfish at The Pipeline, Nelson Bay NSW


A diver is applying for a job:

Hiring manager: What is your strongest strength?

Diver: My ability to work under pressure!

😆 Ha, we are good at that, aren't we!? 😆


This floating 'continent' is self-sustainable and cleans the ocean | Living

How cool and what a beautiful design! The 8th continent is an award-winning design that restores ocean health and recycles plastic along the way.

The 8th continent is an award-winning piece of architecture designed to be a "living organism".


'Belize' us when we say you'll have a great time diving in Central America!

You’ll enjoy 17 boat dives in the Turneffe Atoll. This area was designated a marine reserve in 2012 and is considered to have the best resort-based diving in all of Belize. The shallower reefs provide the perfect dive spot for novices, while the nearby Great Blue Hole is the perfect scuba location for experienced divers. There are countless dive locations in and around the atoll and we can tailor your diving adventures to your expertise level and preference.

Spots are filling up fast for our trip in June 2021. Take a look at our Facebook Events page or our Website Travel page for more details.

We can't wait to travel for scuba again with you! 02/20/2021

6 Reasons Why Basic First Aid Knowledge is Essential

Are you CPR, AED, and First Aid certified? If not, it's a great time to take a course.

Has it been two years or longer since you took a similar class? If so, it is time to renew your certification.

We have a variety of CPR and scuba related first aid courses to pick from. Let us help you select the right course for you. Could you act calmly and effectively in a medical emergency? Learn more about why first aid knowledge is essential for everyone here. 02/18/2021

What a Diver Needs to Know about Scuba Diving and Flying - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

When was the last time you flew on a plane for business or pleasure?

If you are like us, it has been awhile, so it's a good idea to refresh your memory on the scuba diving and flying rules and recommendations.

Just remember it is much safer to be conservative when it comes to flying after a dive rather than pushing the limits. There is much more you can learn, more about diving, effects of pressure, symptoms and how different activities affect flight safety. A good practice is to have a “down day” prior to flight after any divining.


Happy Valentine's Day from your Scuba Buddies at Nautilus Aquatics! 02/11/2021

6 Key Differences in Diving a Dry Suit vs a Wetsuit - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

To dive wet or to dive dry that is the question. Why not both?

Take a look at some of the key differences between dry suit and wet suit diving in the article below. We are often asked about the differences between diving wet and diving dry. Other than the obvious answer – “you don’t need to dry anything but your hair after the dive” – there are some key differences.  


Any guesses as to what this little guy is doing?

#turtles #seaturtles #greenseaturtle #greenseaturtles 02/05/2021

The Benefits of Diving Nitrox Versus Air

Would you like to extend your bottom time, shorten your surface intervals & dive deeper on repetitive dives?

Sound too good to be true? Take the EANx course to learn how.

Bonus, this specialty does not require dives which makes it a perfect winter course. Here’s what you need to know about earning an enriched air certification and the pros and cons of diving nitrox.


Learning and practicing skills in the pool is incredibly valuable in bolstering your scuba education and who knows who might be evaluating your class!

#berniememe 01/31/2021

Diving with Hammerhead Sharks - The 5 Best Destinations

Happy #SharkSunday!

Where do you think the best place to dive with a hammerhead shark would be?

See if your guess was correct by reading the article below. Ready for adventure? Here are the five best destinations for diving with hammerhead sharks. Get ready to find your next scuba trip. 01/28/2021

Heart-healthy foods | First Response Training International

Skills and equipment are vital components of scuba diving, but being physically fit is just as important and eating well can help you achieve this goal.

Here are some heart-healthy food ideas to incorporate into your diet. Are you eating a healthy diet that will help your heart stay strong? If you’re not sure whether you have a heart-healthy diet, we created a list of ten simple foods you can add to your diet to that helps safeguard your heart.


It's Manta Monday! We hope your week is ray-diant!

#MantaMonday #Mantaray 01/23/2021

Freshwater Diving: The 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

While we love a salty dive, we won't turn down a fresh water dip either!

Have you dove any of the sites named in the article before? How was your experience? While there’s plenty of ocean to explore, scuba divers shouldn’t forget about inland areas. Dive into freshwater with these 10 amazing sites. 01/20/2021

What To Expect In Your First Freediving Course - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI

Are you curious to learn more about freediving, but don't know what to expect?

The article below should help answer a few of your basic questions. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions. We are here to help. Now that you’ve done some research on finding the right freediving course and instructor, and you’ve taken some time to prepare via Google, the next thing you might be wondering is how is this all going down? What will this freediving course be like? What should you expect?


Riddle us the answers to the aquatic themed puzzles below ...

Find me floating through water or stuck in the sand,
or maybe just resting in the palm of your hand
Sometimes a treasure, sometimes a home
Sometimes a spiral, sometimes a dome
Within my walls the ocean I hold
And if you just listen, a story is told
What am I?
You shall find one half of me within the night's sky and the other in a lake.
If we met and my arms had hands there would be many for you to shake.
I may seem weak, but that isn't so.
Cut part of me off and I just regrow.
What am I?
Within my shell, great secrets I hold
Open me up and the truth shall be told
I typically drift, forgotten by most
Floating along 'til I find a new coast
And if I do perish before I am found
My existence is meaningless, my purpose is drowned
I'll wither away amongst the debris
My secret decayed so no one shall see
What am I? 01/13/2021

Dive Computers

Are you looking to purchase your first dive computer or upgrade to a newer unit?

Take a look at this article highlighting what to consider when buying a dive computer and let us help you complete your purchase. Learn how a dive computer works and what to look for when buying a new dive computer. 01/11/2021

Hand Signals Quiz

Take a break from work to test your scuba hand signal memory? How many did you get correct?

Bonus: What are the signals for turtle, shark, and seahorse? Don't get lost in translation. 01/07/2021

How To | Giant Stride

How great is that feeling when you enter the water for your dive!

PADI's video below features the most common entry, the Giant Stride. What other types of entries have you tried? Introducing the PADI 'How To' series featuring helpful tips as you discover the underwater world. If you've just started the PADI Open Water Diver course, or...

Our Story

Ever since we first explored the beautiful worlds that exist underwater, we’ve encouraged others to experience it for themselves. Here at Nautilus Aquatics, you'll find a family-run, full-service scuba shop with all the training and gear needed to dive into the aquatic worlds we’ve fallen in love with. After all, scuba diving is for everyone. With our expert instruction and range of trusted products, you’ll be ready to enjoy the water yourself in no time.

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WPB March 2021
Take the Plunge
Animal Spotlight: Manta Ray
Social Distancing Scuba
Happy Valentine's Day
Guadalupe Is, Mexico Sale
Juturna Springs, Maryland 7.14-15.18




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