Muevelo DMV, Ashburn, VA Video January 27, 2019, 10:49pm

Videos by Muevelo DMV in Ashburn. Dance , unwind and have fun!

Class too - marrow 7-8p

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No copyright © infringement intended Mr. hula man! Student Showcase II! @irunlikeagirl1966 students were in the studio showing off their Hot Hula moves! I don’t care how amazing the teacher is, amazing classes are amazing only when you have amazing participants! #WWNL

Student Showcase let the students lead the way with their own choreo and Angelina Trevilla stepped up big time!

Class tomorrow!!!!

Class tomorrow and Wednesday! 10-11 w/ Zumba Fitness with Zumba_Kuri (ladies only)and 7-8p with McJazzyJay

See you at 7...

Positive energy positive people that was the goal of I ❤️ ZUMBA 2/16/19 McJazzyJay

Gonna be a few more posts as I dig through the pics and vids. I ❤️ZUMBA covered a lot of styles in 2 hours 🙂 so thankful to all who participated and April Smiles for the concept and execution to make to happen! #WWNL

WE 👏🏽 killed 👏🏽 That 👏🏽 😊 #WWNL

April Smiles left it all on the floor for I ❤️ZUMBA! Thank you all who came out to celebrate with us 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Had to make sure @king_whine was front and center with me for this one. We had a great time during I ❤️ ZUMBA McJazzyJay #blessed #humbled #wwnl

This is as sassy as I get 😂 once again thank you @vannyzumba for the invite it was a pleasure to dance with you again:) #wwnl

Class too - marrow 7-8p

Class tomorrow! 7-8p

Feeling EVIL? That’s fine but you have two choices: Keep your attitude at home or, The better option: Come to Muévelo DMV Monday’s and Wednesday’s 10-11a (ladies) and 7-8p, catch the positive vibes and dance it off! That release only happens if you make the conscious decision to just let it go. Life’s hard sometimes and we all approach it differently but for 60 min all we are going to bring is ❤️ .#WWNL


When “AfroBeatsAleezah” runs across the convention floor when she hears the song, jumps on stage and kills it.. #zumba #wwnl

See you Wednesday night !


Class tomorrow 7-8z huff and puff with McJazzyJay!lol we can make it 60min :)

Happy New Year !!! Love yourself, accept yourself and let’s get it done in 2019!!

Tomorrow will be the last class of 2018 for the “Antonio Experience” 7-8p. Don’t miss out dancing with one of the most high energy instructors around! #WWNL

Class tonight 7-8!

It’s mah party so I can do my old favorites:) Eternally Thankful for this group that came last night! 🙏🏽 ❤️ #WWNL

Monday 11/19

CLASS TOMORROW 7-8pm. Let’s Get it! 44710 Cape Court #128 Ashburn, VA 20147 #WWNL #oneloudoun #zumbafitness #ashburn #zumba #dance#therapy#chantilly #fun #choreography #salsa #hiphop #merengue #reggaeton #afrobeats #migente #beardgang #happy #letsgo #muevelo

Happy birthday to John and Naima!!! 🎂 🎈#WWNL

TONIGHT 7-8p = 🔥 Muévelo DMV

Happy Birthday to Bolly Bee!! 🎈 🎂 💃🏽

See you soon....

Wednesday 10a with @zumba_kuri then NO CLASS Wednesday night! Thursday @vannyzumba will start the pre party at 6:15 then Hangover 2 from 7-8:30! Costumes encouraged, kids under 12 are free and $5 flat fee! #WWNL #halloweencostume #scary #zumba #ashburn #dance #zumbafitness #afrobeats #oneloudoun

Instructor highlights from our birthday party 🎉 #WWNL

Instructor highlights from our birthday party 🎉 #WWNL

Instructor highlights from our birthday party 🎉 #WWNL

Corinne Pasley 6-7pm @muevelo_dmv tomorrow and every Wednesday! The feedback was tremendous last week so let’s keep it going. $10 drop in is one of the best prices you will find for a drop in yoga class of this level. Relaxed environment, good and good vibes just bring your mat:) register today at! #WWNL

6pm tonight! Muevelo DMV learns to stretch and breathe. FREE class tonight to kick off our upcoming weekly yoga classs taught by Corinne Pasley. Come out and if you like it register for next weeks class. The Fall schedule has begun! #WWNL

See ya tonight .... suite 128

@zumba_kuri watch your daughter walk right in and just 🔥! @king_whine I came back from convention with that “@ricardomarmitte hop” or whatever it’s called also 😂 #WWNL #zumba #afrobeats #ebano #fitness #dancingdad #beardgang #dance #ashburn #loudouncounty #loudoun #zumbainstructor #brambelton #choreography #dmv

Digging in the crates and pulled out this old routine , I forgot some of the choreo and didn’t warn them about “the turn” (signs of my old choreo when I was new and made things too “extra”) but I’m bringing it back for a bit....once I fix it :)#wwnl

Back for round 2 @zumbawithmariam came back and shared her high powered choreo! #WWNL

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