Muevelo DMV, Ashburn, VA Video April 18, 2019, 4:41pm

Videos by Muevelo DMV in Ashburn. Dance , unwind and have fun!

Student Showcase let the students lead the way with their own choreo and Angelina Trevilla stepped up big time!

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It’s been a week off but time to get back into the groove... slowly 🥴 7-8p w/ McJazzyJay hopefully you guys are ready to have fun! Address: 44710 Cape Ct.• Suite 128 •Ashburn, VA 20147 #WWNL

Class tonight !!! 7-8p. There will be no classes next week with McJazzyJay so come out tonight and Wednesday!!

A class favorite come to life! Wow what a day🤯! Great event Alika Davis and Hector Dance Fitness! thanks to the support team from @muevelo_dmv for your continued encouragement and Myra for the video. #WWNL

Happy Birthday to the first Muévelonian Pebble to Pearls Dari Jay!!!!!!!!!! 🍰 🎉

Armando y Heidy Tickets available tomorrow in class 7-8p #WWNL

Class tomorrow! 7-8p

Happy Birthday DZ! 🎈 🎂

Oldie but goodie .....#WWNL

When you bring mom to class and she’s like “if I go I’ll just stay quietly in the back” 😉class TONIGHT 7-8p w/ @mcjazzyjay @muevelo_dmv bring your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family. It’s all about having fun for 60min:)#getitmama WWNL

Happy birthday to our Zumba with Lizz Larrauri have a wonderful day! Wish her happy birthday and go party with her this Wednesday 11a-12p!

This is not an event, it’s a Jamboree, party, fiesta to enjoy eachothers company and remember and honor those that gave their lives for our freedom. Limited space so reserve your spot for free : $6 drop in Class passes welcomed kike, Alika Davis and Veronica Morales RSVP’d so you know we will have a good time ! 🇺🇸

Happy Birthday to Myra, the Floor Capitan , social chair, gate keeper and Momma Muévelo we appreciate all you do to make sure we stay moving in the right direction! Enjoy your day and thank you for everything!#WWNL

7:10 tomorrow party with Pink!

Tomorrow morning Zumba with Lizz Larrauri will start cultivating her new class. Come be apart of the process and have a great time doing so!#WWNL

This Monday at 7:10p in our Sterling location 23521 Overland Dr/Suite 140 /Dulles, VA 20166 Carla M Pink will introduce her Ravercise format! 40 min of high intensity dance and 20 min of floor work! This isn’t Zumba, this is Ravercise!#WWNL #MIP

Student Showcase II!mother/daughter participants brought the K-Pop flavor to @muevelo_dmv ! Jessica Caro

No copyright © infringement intended Mr. hula man! Student Showcase II! @irunlikeagirl1966 students were in the studio showing off their Hot Hula moves! I don’t care how amazing the teacher is, amazing classes are amazing only when you have amazing participants! #WWNL

Student Showcase let the students lead the way with their own choreo and Angelina Trevilla stepped up big time!

Class tomorrow!!!!

Class tomorrow and Wednesday! 10-11 w/ Zumba Fitness with Zumba_Kuri (ladies only)and 7-8p with McJazzyJay

See you at 7...

Positive energy positive people that was the goal of I ❤️ ZUMBA 2/16/19 McJazzyJay

Gonna be a few more posts as I dig through the pics and vids. I ❤️ZUMBA covered a lot of styles in 2 hours 🙂 so thankful to all who participated and April Smiles for the concept and execution to make to happen! #WWNL

WE 👏🏽 killed 👏🏽 That 👏🏽 😊 #WWNL

April Smiles left it all on the floor for I ❤️ZUMBA! Thank you all who came out to celebrate with us 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Had to make sure @king_whine was front and center with me for this one. We had a great time during I ❤️ ZUMBA McJazzyJay #blessed #humbled #wwnl

This is as sassy as I get 😂 once again thank you @vannyzumba for the invite it was a pleasure to dance with you again:) #wwnl

Class too - marrow 7-8p

Class tomorrow! 7-8p


When “AfroBeatsAleezah” runs across the convention floor when she hears the song, jumps on stage and kills it.. #zumba #wwnl

See you Wednesday night !


Class tomorrow 7-8z huff and puff with McJazzyJay!lol we can make it 60min :)

Happy New Year !!! Love yourself, accept yourself and let’s get it done in 2019!!

Tomorrow will be the last class of 2018 for the “Antonio Experience” 7-8p. Don’t miss out dancing with one of the most high energy instructors around! #WWNL

Class tonight 7-8!

It’s mah party so I can do my old favorites:) Eternally Thankful for this group that came last night! 🙏🏽 ❤️ #WWNL

Monday 11/19

CLASS TOMORROW 7-8pm. Let’s Get it! 44710 Cape Court #128 Ashburn, VA 20147 #WWNL #oneloudoun #zumbafitness #ashburn #zumba #dance#therapy#chantilly #fun #choreography #salsa #hiphop #merengue #reggaeton #afrobeats #migente #beardgang #happy #letsgo #muevelo

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