SixFour3, Ashburn, VA Video March 25, 2019, 4:18pm

Videos by SixFour3 in Ashburn. SixFour3, a premier training facility for girls fastpitch softball. We offer self-service, unlimited access for $29 per month. #sf3poweredbygirls

Cup Series MVP Bat Drawing...

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Monday Message for Coaches
Monday message from SF3 Trainer and Riverside HC Kevin Bednoski for all of you coaches. Lets work on our athletes mental as well as the physical. Our current situation has us all looking for different ways to engage our players. #poweredbygirls

SF3 Message
A Monday afternoon message from Heritage HS Head Coach and SF3 trainer Frank Doering. We are all in this together, accomplish something everyday! #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
Are you staying in shape? Todays SF3 "Tips and Tricks" show some out of the box strength training w/ Coach JImmy & Coach Niki. The bosu ball is an awesome tool to change up your exercise program. #poweredbygirls

Favorite Softball memory w/ Jailyn Ford
With all of us being kept away from our friends and teammates its a good time to share great memories. SF3 friend and JMU great Jailyn Ford wants to know what your favorite softball memory is from the past year. Check out the video and lets share! #poweredbygirls

SF3 Trainer Coach Jimmy w/ Carley Hoover
SF3 Fans Check it out!! Coach Jimmy sits down with our friend and LSU great Carley Hoover. We get a chance to catch up with Carley and find out how next level athletes are dealing with our current situtation and whats next in her softball career. #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
SF3 "Tips and Tricks" stays with infield work as Coach Frank discusses the "must have" in regards to technique and provides a few drills you can do from your living room. Check out this video and many more in our drills library found here: #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
Sometimes when working on your game it is important to step out of the box and try something difficult. In today's "Tips and Tricks" double play series SF3 Trainers Kevin and Niki work on some off schedule feeds to second base w/ a few bloopers included. Check out the entire series here: #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
Check out the fourth and final installment of our double play series. Coach Niki and Coach Kevin dive into receiving the ball from the SS position focusing on footwork and staying out of the running lane. Find the entire series here:

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
SF3 "Tips and Tricks" continue our series featuring the double play. Today Coach Kevin shows proper footwork for a second basemen while recieving the feed from SS. Please comment below with any question. Find the entire series here: #Poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
Check out today's SF3 "Tips and Tricks" as we continue our 4 part series on double plays. Here coach Niki shows different feeds from SS to 2B. Please comment below with any questions and check out the entire series found here: #poweredbygirls

SF3 Tips and Tricks
Today's SF3 "Tips and Tricks" begin a 4 part series foucused around turning two. Middle Infielders - great time to gather some quick information on footwork around the bag. Comment below with questions and continue to visit our drills library. #poweredbygirls

Virtual Lessons
Watch as our SF3 trainers discuss the benefits of doing a virtual lesson. We all need to find a way stay sharp during all of this maddness. Book your favorite trainer here and be ready when its time to take the dirt again.

SF3 "Tips and Tricks"
Calling all Catchers! Today's SF3 "Tips and Tricks" are focused on recieving the ball from behind the plate. Check out SF3 Trainer and All ACC standout Sydney Broderick delivering a drill all catchers can do from home. #poweredbygirls

SF3 Tips and Tricks
Check out today's SF3 "Tips and Tricks" with Coach Jimmy. Having a relaxed grip and a little swag go along way when becoming a great hitter. Check out this video and more from our drills library.

SF3 Trivia Time!
SF3 Trivia Time! Coach Kevin is issuing a challenge to all of you working hard from home. Break the daily routine! Create a video response of your answers and winners will earn a prize. Let us know how many you get without looking them up? Can't wait to see those bat flips!! #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks" with Coach Ritchie
Grip is the focus in today's SF3 "Tips and Tricks" with Coach Ritchie. What grip do you use? #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks" w/ Ritchie and Danielle
We all focus on MPH. If we can't locate, throwing hard doesn't help. Check out today's "Tips and Tricks" from Ritchie and Danielle on how to locate pitches while training at home. #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks with Niki & Kevin
Attention all infielders! Todays "Tips and Tricks" touch on some infield work and moving through the ball. Remember the best work comes when no one is watching. Keep up the hard work!! #poweredbygirls

"Tips and Tricks" with Niki and JImmy
Stay active and get faster. Today's "Tips & Tricks" touch on ladder work and how to work on your speed and agility at home. #poweredbygirls

SF3 "Tips and Tricks" with Coach Kevin Bednoski
One of the most important pieces of staying sharp as a hitter is proper tee work. Watch Coach Kevin in today's "Tips and Tricks" and keep working from home. #poweredbygirls

"Tips & Tricks" with Coach Ritchie
Check out Coach Ritchie in today's "Tips and Tricks" session with SixFour3. With the new rule changes for pitchers the "Take Off" is as important as ever. #poweredbygirls #workingfromhome

"Tips and Tricks" with Kevin and Niki
Keep working on your game from home. Nicole Prince and Kevin Bednoski with some "Tips and Tricks" to help keep those skills sharp during this down time #poweredbygirls

Nats Game 4 First Pitch w/ Gaby Elvina
Wow, how cool is this? Thanks for sharing, Gabriela Elvina!!.... #chills

SixFour3 Promo Video
#SF3POWEREDBYGIRLS -- Visit us in Ashburn and Manassas (opening in December), with new locations coming to a neighborhood near you! Thanks to @Chris Drummond & Hare & Crow Productions for the awesome video!!

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SixFour3 PWC - Progress
PWC - It'll be here before we know it!!! To be included on pre-sale membership promotions, make sure to sign up here: -- We also still have a few slots available for winter team training, so please reach out if you are interested.

SixFour3 Cup Series 50/50 Raffle Drawing
SixFour3 Cup Series 50/50 Raffle Drawing... and the winner is...

SixFour3 Cup Series Coaches Bag Raffle
SixFour3 Cup Series Coaches Bag Raffle... and the winner is...

Cup Series MVP Bat Drawing...
...and the winner is...

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