RuFF Wrestling, Sterling, VA Video August 20, 2014, 10:10pm

Videos by RuFF Wrestling in Sterling. RuFF Wrestling is a 501(c)(3) organization, that offers both youth and middle school/high school wrestling programs to male and female athletes.

Montell Marion v Mike Evans! 1st Go

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Little guys going King of the Mat

Counter-offense cont'd

Evans counter-offense

Montell going over short-offense

Stay low...

Explaining the position of your lock on the mat return.

Coach Mike Evans showing how to return your opponent to the mat.

Coach Evans helping the little guys understand the technique.


Mike Evans' NASTY Half

Montell Marion v Mike Evans! 1st Go

Team VA Fargo Training Camp!

Told Wisman I'd give him $5 for 5...shouldn't have taken that bet

Dylan Wisman with a touch fall!!

Shockey's first match at the Melee til Midnight.

Good skill to McKinnon, Shockey, and Coach Ruffin. Wrestling should start any minute.....get some!

Coach Bunn's first place match at the US Beach Wrestling Nationals.

More on the leg lace

Now start to lace.

Climb the single like a rope.

Coach Song explains how to keep it tight

Coach Song Shows us some technique.

Last Clip of Coach Ruffin and Marcus wrestling.

Another clip of Coach Ruffin and Marcus Wrestling.