AJP Training, Ashburn, VA Video March 22, 2015, 5:01pm

Videos by AJP Training in Ashburn. One-on-one, small-group training and boot camps led by a certified personal trainer in Loudoun County.

Here's Ian and Spencer pulling their trainer around the parking lot at boot camp today. (You'll hear some off-camera encouragement from the other boot campers.) Nice work everyone!

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Found me some sliders here in South Beach. Glad the Marriott I’m at has passes to Crunch.

Using your feet to cling to a 48 kg (105-pound) kettlebell isn’t easy (and certainly not very comfortable). As you can see here, I found a solution: Rogue Fitness short resistance bands. Granted, the pull-ups and chin-ups were not pretty, but that’s about 275 pounds total when you factor in my body weight.

Steve wanted to try some ring rows tonight. Guess he’s not afraid of heights.

Wasn't graceful, but I made it up the rope 10 times. Getting down tore up my hands a little.

Shrugs! Hide the neck!!!

Alright, maybe I can learn to like kettlebells (and I'm sure my form is off since this is my first time doing a bridge press).

Woke up Wednesday weighing 11 pounds more than my weigh-in (154.9 pounds) on Tuesday night. (May have had something to do with that massive slice of carrot cake.) No fight on the card, so it was gym time. @TheDolceDiet

Here's my interval run during the fourth quarter of #GBvsDal. Glad it was decided in regulation. Didn't have OT in me since that fourth quarter took about an hour.

I'm merging my duties as a reporter USA TODAY Sports and AJP Training for this project. I'm attempting a UFC-style weight cut with the assitance of MMA diet guru Mike Dolce (The Dolce Diet), where I aim to lose at least 15 pounds in 21 days. This is the first video in my diary (Day 3). Here's the link to the video on the USA TODAY website: http://www.usatoday.com/videos/sports/mma/2017/01/05/weight-cutting-diary-day-3-no-issues-lots-bathroom-breaks/96208864/

Thought I'd use this opportunity in between clients to work out -- and ask for your vote for personal trainer in the Best of Loudoun 2017 ballot.

Onnit suspension rope sled workout

Decided to do these today in between clients. This was my last go at it for the night. Should we include these in the AJPT Core:60 boot camp on Monday (7 pm)? -- AJ

Getting a workout in before my boot campers arrive using lots of CoreX gear.

AJPT boot vamp ropec
This is the end of tonight's AJPT boot camp. Kirsti,Hugo, Eddie and Lori finished strong.

There was no way I wasn't going to pull the sled around today. The weather was just too nice. -- AJ

Added a couple more rings. Anybody up to hanging around? - AJ

The latest addition to AJPT: a BOSU Pro Balance Trainer. Here I am breaking it in on the battle ropes. -- AJ

A few of my clients have already tried out the new balls from Escape Rock Climbing Holds, which I installed on Saturday. Here I am using them as part of my workout. (No, you don't have to jump up to them. We have plenty of plyo boxes.) Since I do Tough Mudders, I know how important grip strength is -- and these are much more fun than farmer carries. If you want to give them a shot (or anything else AJP Training offers), please reach out to me. -- AJ

Steve, my very first client, donned the CoreX weight vest packed with 66 pounds today. Here he is doing some planks.

AJP Training does off-site training -- and we keep it interesting. The green crate we tote around is full of lots of useful equipment, like a battle rope. As you see Wilson demonstrate today, the rope is more than just something to do waves with for arms. Here are some plank pulls with a couple dumbbells attached at the other end. AJPT has some of the most competitive off-site rates in the area. -- AJ

Progressive Hockey Development's Zach fed Lance, an AJP Training client, some Doritos during a CoreX squat jump set today. As you can see from my reaction, I don't approve of the dietary choice, but it it was stilly pretty hilarious. -- AJ

I have awesome clients, but this is what happens when they run late: I come up with new exercises. The dismount, as you can see, is tricky.

Glad I hooked up with CoreX. AJP Training has added several CoreX products and the company let me preview one of their loop bands. I'm doing some sprint starters here. - AJ

A version of this COULD be part of the next boot camp. (That's a half-inch band I'm toting.) I doubled the ladder length and skipped a rung downstairs at Progressive Hockey Development. Not sure what to call it. Suggestions?

We will add a TRX/suspension trainer class over the next few weeks. I wanted to see what days would work best. Wednesday nights (Core:60 is already at 8:30 pm) and Sunday mornings (boot camp at 11 am) are out, but there are several options to pick from via the survey on my website. And, no, we won't be doing those TRX pull-ups, at least for the first couple classes. Here's the link to vote: http://www.ajptraining.com/new-class-survey

Just finished setting up for tonight's Core:60 class. Here's Station No. 1.

Just created a new way to do single-grip TRX rows off a box jump: a resistance band anchored to the floor with carabiners.

Here's Ian and Spencer pulling their trainer around the parking lot at boot camp today. (You'll hear some off-camera encouragement from the other boot campers.) Nice work everyone!

Here's the most recent addition to AJP Training: the CoreEx RipFit Trainer. This is a new challenge our clients who train at The Goalie Academy and Progressive Hockey Development, but our non-hockey clientele will benefit as well. These are some heel-touch step downs, for example.

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