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Balanced blood sugar, along with sleep, are 2 of my non-negotiables.

Truly, unbalanced blood sugar diminishes a person's life.

Here are some outcomes of an imbalance:

✅irritability/mood swings
✅energy slump in afternoon
✅more hunger, AKA HANGRY😖
✅sleep issues
✅poor exercise recovery
✅weight gain
✅hormonal imbalances

To learn more about balancing blood sugar and for a blood sugar balanced meal plan with delicious recipes, check out my free course starting June 8th, 5 Day Sugar Cleanse. Link in the comments.
This salad is tasting so good to me!
Anyone tried this bottle of coconut aminos from Costco? Thoughts?
I found this stuff at sprouts. It's sooo delicious, and a little easier to stomach in the morning with eggs than regular kimchi. Spicy+probiotics=Yum!
Hi Kim, I would like to start today! (restart, that is)
Ok shame on me... Trying to get all my ducks in a row for tomorrow... I know it's not on the menu... But I want to find the buffalo chicken sweet potato recipe, where is it... Just want to add it to my folder of recipes.
Pre cooking for tomorrow pumpkin pancakes... Surprised they taste awesome.
Homemade pico de gallo for fish tacos!
I may have gone overboard on the chia seeds
It's go time...
Kim! Excited to be a part of the 29 Day Challenge!! I have a question about protein powder. VEGA is a great all natural brand I use. Would that be an ok sub? I would choose VEGA vanilla protein. What do you think?
Hi Kim, do you have any classes in the evening this week?

KMax Fitness is a place for busy women and mothers to find resources for living their healthiest lif

Women's Bootcamps, Clean Eating Challenges, In Home Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Operating as usual


KMax Bootcamp Sign Up is NOW LIVE!

Special FOUNDERS RATES through Sunday, Oct. 30th only!

Here is the email I sent out with the links to sign up.

You have 3 options to choose from:

✔️Unlimited Bootcamp PLUS KMax Health Insider Online Membership - $40, BEST VALUE by far! Read the email to learn all about what you get with this option.

✔️1 bootcamp class/week or 4 classes/month - $40 ($10/class)

✔️Unlimited Bootcamp (without the Insider Membership) - $64

CLASS SCHEDULE (all classes are at The Lumberyard in Stillwater, MN)
Mondays/Wednesdays - 9:15-10am
Tuesdays/Thursdays - 5:30-6:15am
2 Saturdays/month - 7-7:45am

You still have a chance to try a class out for free before deciding if you want to join. Classes all this week, including a Saturday class at 7am this weekend, are FREE!


Bootcamp starts on Oct. 17th, one week from today! Classes are held in Stillwater, MN at The Lumberyard Hockey & Sports Center.

Class times:
Monday/Wednesday - 9:15-10am
Tuesday/Thursday - 5:30-6:15am
Saturdays - 7-7:45am (2x/month)

Classes are FREE to everyone to try out Oct. 17th-Oct 29th. Come to as many classes as you wish those 2 weeks.

Make sure to get on my email list to get all the last minute details for bootcamp this coming week.

Photos from KMax Fitness's post 10/03/2022

Rim to Rim bucket list item finally checked off after years of thinking about it. What an incredible experience! What a tough climb out of the canyon! The last 3 miles were a slugfest😂 but we just put our heads down and put one foot in front of the other.

What amazing, awesome, and kind people we met along the way! Lots of support and inspiration out there.

Just a few random photos to share. We hiked North Rim to South Rim, hiked out on Bright Angel. Started at 4:10am and finished around 2:15pm.

Michelle and Kathleen, thank you for the memories including all the training hours which were numerous! We got it done! Yes!


KMax Bootcamp begins the week of Oct. 17th. If you are in the Stillwater, MN area, you want to read this.

The week of Oct. 17th and Oct. 24th are FREE to all attendees! You get to come and try it out for FREE, as many classes those 2 weeks as you wish. Classes will be held at The Lumberyard Hockey & Sports Center - 1650 Washington Ave, Stillwater, MN 55082. They have a wonderful area closed off from the hockey rink that is all turf. All you have to do is show up, you do not have to sign up for the FREE sessions.

I will be offering a killer deal for bootcamp if you sign up BEFORE Halloween. Beginning Nov. 1st, prices go up so you want to get in early! Watch for an email on the SPECIAL pricing through Halloween.

Class schedule:
Mondays & Wednesdays - 9:15am - 10:30am
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 5:30am -6:15am
Saturdays - Only Saturday Oct. 29th at 7am (Saturdays will be offered at least 2 times per month for now)

Please bring to class - mat, water bottle, 1 set of weights (ideally 8,10, or 12 lbs), and resistance band.

Please watch this page for a post on equipment and some personal brand favorites.

Also, I am getting some informational emails together. You want to be on my email list for bootcamp, click this link:


We get so caught up looking for the answer outside of us and the reality and truth is it's inside of you! This is great news. You can create any outcome you wish. I read once we use only 10% of our potential. Time to look inward, tap into the greatness that is you and blow your own mind!


I can’t get over this sunrise this morning from our new house. What a way to start the day!

Photos from KMax Fitness's post 09/14/2022

I am on a mission to encourage people to get outside more. All of this working from home is convenient for family life but I see it leading to a lot of indoor time and sitting. Be intentional about spending time in the outdoors. The fresh air and sun will do wonders for your energy levels, mood, and motivation. I like to think of the outdoors as natural medicine. The Fall is such a wonderful time to get out. The temps are not as tough to deal with and the colors are incredible. Schedule some walks or hikes in because for most of us, it’s the only way it will get done. And stop looking for motivation. It won’t be there. You simply have to do it anyway!! Here are a few photos from my past week of walking. There is so much beauty outside. Go find it!


Anyone need a refresh or a reboot now that the kids are headed back to school and you can focus more on YOU?

I have the perfect challenge beginning 9/12/22. It is called the Back on Track 10 Day Challenge.

10 days, completely doable! The focus will be on cleaning up your plate, strength training, and more movement like walking (best activity for fat loss and I will teach you why). The fall is such a beautiful season to get outside!

Cost: $29 if not a member of KMax Health Insiders

**meal plan will be available Thursday, Sept. 8th

Membership currently is priced at $20/ month which includes all challenges past and upcoming, new recipes every month, masterclasses, private FB page, FB Live strength classes, FB Live meal prep sessions and cookalongs, reduced fees for in person womens boot camp classes in the Stillwater, MN area, and so much more. Please message me for more info. and I am even happy to jump on a call with you.

If you would like to register, please email me at [email protected].




Quick “throw together” dinner with leftovers. My stress free meal!

Leftover roasted broccoli
Leftover white rice
Leftover cauliflower rice
Leftover taco meat
Cilantro and green olives for the topping

So easy, fat loss friendly, and delicious!


I never tire of James Clear wisdom.

Think of the time and struggle we would save if we stayed consistent with our habits over time. Consistently showing up for yourself each day will only help you streamline those habits. They will get easier to do and you naturally will get faster at accomplishing them.

One example is meal prep. I know it’s hard to fit in because of time, at least that is what I hear most often. With consistent practice, you will find what works for you, it will become easy, and it just becomes a part of your day. When you try meal prep a few times a year, it is overwhelming because you lack the most important part, the practice.

Make a commitment to do it every weekend and I promise you, the dedication to practice will help it become easy and totally doable over time.

KMax Women's Bootcamp Survey 08/22/2022

KMax Women's Bootcamp Survey

I am back in Stillwater, MN and am starting up my women's bootcamp business again!

Are you interested? What days/times work for you?

I have put together a survey to help gather more information and interest. See the bottom of this post.

My plan is to start out small and as the word spreads and classes grow in size, offer more class times. Remember too, in good weather we are outside in our beautiful Stillwater parks!

I also need help spreading the word and the best thing you can do is copy and paste this survey and send it to your local friends who might be interested. I really would appreciate that help!!!

For those of you who are NOT close by or out of state, please know I may have something for you through Zoom in the future. I am contemplating adding an online version of bootcamp as well. You do not need to fill out the survey. Only those that are local to Stillwater who could attend in person.

KMax Women's Bootcamp Survey

Photos from KMax Fitness's post 11/11/2021

Hello from Hogwarts! This has been the highlight of our FL family adventure!


I think we have motivation all wrong. We think it comes from outside of ourselves. We tell ourselves a story that we can't take action until we are motivated. This is a story we have to change! This story will keep you stuck and frustrated.

True motivation comes from within. Think of someone you deem successful, I bet they have mastered the attitude of "just do it anyway." They have no more motivation than you. They have figured out that no one else can do it for them and they just have to do it and they go forward and take action.

I don't believe you need motivation to start, you need a new story. You need the " I can do hard things" story and the "I can do it anyway" story.

What are you willing to do today to get started on that "thing" that you are frustrated about? It does not have to be big, it just has to be something. Let's go! Make today count!!


Raddish | Cooking Club for Kids | Edible Education | Family Fun – Raddish Kids

I am a big believer in teaching our kids how to cook before they leave the house. What a gift right? What a gift of HEALTH!

The kitchen is the room in your house you have to become best friends with if you want optimal health. It just is, there is no super easy around that.

It is vital to model this for your kids. What you do for food while they are in your house is what they will learn is the norm. Yes, it is a bit of pressure but that is parenting! We signed up for it and it is our responsibility to do our best to teach and model healthy behaviors when it comes to eating. Making healthier and cleaner food at home does not have to be difficult.

If you have younger kids, I have a great resource for you,, a monthly cooking kit for kids ages 4-14. If you are busy and don't have the time to be in the kitchen with your kiddos or do not really want to teach them (I get that too:), this is a great resource that walks them step by step through making a themed meal each month. It is really fun for them!

I was just on a family vacation with my family and we ate in most nights. My 10 year old niece, who just completed her 3rd month of Raddish, was in the kitchen helping us adults cook most nights and we used 2 recipes from Raddish for our nightly meals. It was so awesome to see how excited she was to help!

I am not an expert with kids, if you, the parent, are having trouble making friends with your kitchen and you need recipes, coaching, motivation, and you need to learn to cook yourself, please reach out for a free consultation with me. DM me or email me at [email protected].

HEALTH starts in the kitchen!

Raddish | Cooking Club for Kids | Edible Education | Family Fun – Raddish Kids Join Raddish, the original cooking club for kids! Our thematic cooking kits bring kids and families together in the kitchen and around the table.


So many trails, so many summits…If only I could hike everyday!

Photos from KMax Fitness's post 07/23/2021

Awesome Friday solo morning hike at Mt. Rainier! Simply good for the soul!


Who is guilty of pushing self care (workout, meal prep, eating better, yoga session, sleep, meditation, etc.) off until tomorrow?

Can you relate?

Let me know in the comments.


I challenged those inside the KMax Health Insiders to visit a Farmers Market this month. I can’t think of a healthier habit to get into!

Stock up on seasonal, REAL, farm fresh food and produce. Your body will thank you!

I challenge you all to go at least 1 time the rest of July. Best medicine around!


When you eat right you feel right. This becomes obviously true for people when they clean up their diet, start feeling great, start feeling more confident, start feeling the momentum, only to have a weekend of not so great choices and they are back to feeling the "yuck" that made them want to clean up their diet in the first place.

You/we are human. Do not beat yourself up. It is realistic to believe we will go off track and feel lousy at times. That is what human beings do. We are not perfect.

The key is getting right back on track. Do not let the day or two of indulging become a month of indulging. Ask yourself, what is the next best choice right now to help move forward toward my goals, to help move past this "yuck" feeling to feeling better?

Break it down and remember, small choices matter. Remind yourself of this mantra, when you eat right you feel right.


Farm fresh strawberries! Shop in season for the freshest, tastiest produce. This is my favorite time of year!


You possess potential beyond your wildest imagination. Get out there and do it! Make every day count!


Creating your weekly menu without overwhelm is POSSIBLE!

It does not have to take a bunch of time. In fact, once you get in a routine, it will become more and more automatic.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan:

✔️adopt the cook once, eat twice philosophy (leftover are lifesavers:)

✔️keep the meals simple (protein + veggie + starchy carb)

✔️create a binder with 10-15 “go to” recipes to pull from

✔️designate each day of the week to a certain theme

✔️embrace freezer meal prep 1-2x/month

✔️create 2 weeks of meal plans that you rotate for a few months

Do you have any tips to add? Please share in the comments :)


I am not be a huge online business reaching millions of people. I am a one person show who absolutely LOVES helping women take control of their health. I believe small steps add up over time. Too often we go for the gold right away and lose sight of the smaller steps, the habits, that need to change in order to make lasting health and fat loss changes. One of my favorite mantras is "1% better than yesterday." This is from a mentor, Todd Durkin. 1% better everyday is doable, it's realistic, it's what creates momentum. It is what works!

Milyssa has been a client of mine for a long while. She has a family and a full time job and has had to learn what she has to prioritize in order to feel her best. She has had some setbacks (by the way, you will too, we all will, it's called the human experience, life does not happen in a straight line) but what I admire about Milyssa is she has always, always found a way back to focusing on health. She sets up her priorities and makes time for them and she just gets them done!❤️

Next week, April 19-23, I am going to lay out what we do over at KMax Health Insiders, how I coach you on living a fat loss friendly lifestyle which is really another way of saying a healthy lifestyle free of excess fat!!

Our priorities are focused around preparing and eating real, nutrient dense food, daily movement, and stressing less. It is all part of the equation but guess what? It is ok to take it slowly and work on one at a time! I give you permission to not go for the gold right out of the gate!

Monday, April 19th I will be LIVE on my FREE KMax Fitness Community FB page (link in comments)at 11amPST to teach you the "ingredients" to living a fat loss lifestyle. Hope you can join me LIVE or make sure to watch the replay.


Being obsessed with burning calories is old diet culture thinking that does not work.

Our bodies are not calculators. There is so much more at work here, most importantly, hormones.

Excess calorie burn (aka excess cardio) will not quicken the pace you lose fat. It can make it worse if you are not careful!

What happens? There is an increase in your hunger hormones which also conveniently create cravings for more carbohydrates so it becomes hard to control your food intake AND there is an increase in your stress hormone cortisol. When you are stressed, whether it is physical or emotional, losing fat is SO MUCH HARDER and in some cases, non-existent.

The key here is to use cardio sparingly, I like to say, the minimal effective dose needed to keep your hunger, energy, and cravings under control.

I will be teaching you all about what it really takes to lose fat and keep it off in my FREE SERIES April 19-23 on my KMax Fitness Community page (link in bio).

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