SMRT - Sara MR Thompson, Saint Marys Point, MN Video November 5, 2018, 5:24pm

Videos by SMRT - Sara MR Thompson in Saint Marys Point. SMRT-Sara MR Thompson Stay FIT. Give HEART. Go SMRT

Monday means SWEAT!!!

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SaturYAY at Life Time Fitness - Fridley!

Happy Game Day!!

Saturdays at Life Time Fitness - Fridley, lets get pumped for the weekend!


Mondays Message from SMRT!

#manicmonday 🎉💛🧡🆙

SMRT Update!

Come join the 🎉 party! If your not a member, ask me for a Guest Pass!

Tuesdays & Thursdays be like this!!!

ToNiGt!!! You have an hour available tonight?! Lets make sure its a HAPPY ONE!!

Sunday FUN DAY!! I am subbing Dance Jam this Sunday for Jolly at Life Time Fitness - Woodbury with a Zumba Class! Join me members and if you’re interested in a Guest Pass, send me a message!! Lets pack the studio!! 🤩🥳💜 PS Wear your team colors for Sunday Game Day 🏈! #govikes

Join me for a.... *Zumba Class* Where: Life Time Fitness - Fridley Days: Saturdays When: 9:30 AM For Members and Ask SMRT about Guest Pass info!


On Tuesdays and Thursdays we get bold with #ZumbaGold its for everyone! Register for the next session here:—1 Or Buy a Punch Card!

FriYAY is almost here! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Come party with me at Xperience Fitness (Woodbury) on 9/13/19 for a 4:15 PM #zumbaclass Lets MOVE together! Share and tag your friends lets pack the studio again!

Wednesdays you can take a class here with me! Day time parties are fabulous! Lets get pumped Xperience Fitness (Woodbury) Crew! New friends welcomed always!!🤗

Wednesday is on deck!!! Cheers to the mid-week party!

#zumba Mondays | Zumba | 6:45 PM Xperience Fitness (Roseville) I am subbing class on 8/12 + 8/19 for Steph D!😁


Check it! Here is the beautiful spot where my Outdoor Fitness Classes will be hosted this Summer! Scroll on my page for even info!

News!!! Upcoming classes of STRONG30™️, Zumba, Zumba in the Circuit, and Zumbini™️!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Monday! #strongbyzumba

Happy Saturday!!


Stay updated with the class schedule:) NO Zumba tonight 2/20/19 thru Stillwater Community Ed. at 6 PM. *Make-up Zumba Class* will be 2/22/19 at 6 PM in the SAHS Aux. Gym and on 2/25/19 same time and place. Also, another option is Zumba on 2/23/19 at 9:30 AM for a make up at Oak-Land Middle School. Stay safe everyone!! SMRT

Take on Tuesday!!! 2.5.19

Tomorrow’s FRiYAY!!! I am thinking Spring and Summer cause it will feel like a heat wave in classes!!! SMRT Schedule | 2/1-2/7 Friday - 2.1.19 •Zumba Gold - 11:15 AM Pony Activity Center-Gym 7 Good for Students in Session or Buy/Use a Punch Card! Saturday - 2.2.19 •STRONG By Zumba - 9:30 AM Oakland Middle School-Gym Good for Students in Session or Buy/Use a Punch Card! Bring: Water, towel, and Mat •Zumba - 12:30 PM Xperience Fitness (Woodbury) *Subbing for Nicole S.* Must be a Member or ask SMRT about a Guest Pass:) Monday - 2.4.19 •Zumba Toning - 9:45 AM Xperience Fitness (Vadnais Heights) Must be a Member or ask SMRT about a Guest Pass:) •Zumba Gold - 11:15 AM Pony Activity Center-Gym 7 Good for Students in Session or Buy/Use a Punch Card! •Zumba - 6 PM SAHS Auxiliary Gym Good for Students in Session or Buy/Use a Punch Card! Tuesday - 2.5.19 •Zumba Toning - 7:30 PM Xperience Fitness (Woodbury) Must be a Member or ask SMRT about a Guest Pass:) Wednesday- 2.6.19 •Zumba - 11:30 AM Xperience Fitness (Woodbury) Must be a Member or ask SMRT about a Guest Pass:) Its going to be a heat wave, so come dressed in your fitness best to sweat it up like its Spring & Summer times, hehe!! SMRT🥳🙋🏾‍♀️🤗⭐️❄️

SMRT Update - 12:04 PM - 1/28/19 Classes Cancelled for: *Zumba Gold 11:15 AM thru STW Community Ed (1/28/19) *Zumba Toning at 9:45 AM at Xperience Fitness (1/28/19) *Zumba 6 PM thru STW Community Ed (1/28/19) *Zumba 6 PM thru STW Community Ed (1/30/19) Stay tuned for further updates my Xperience Fitness Crews for Tuesday and Wednesday! We will get back together soon folks, be safe, get your groceries and fuel, and I look forward to seeing you when the cold snap ends! SMRT🥶🤷🏾‍♀️❄️

Take ON Tuesday!!!

Personal Training!!! The end of 2018 is here:) Training clients YOU ROCK!!! So much progress with their strength, weight loss, their motivation in trying new forms of exercise, outstanding understanding of their nutritional goals, and its not even for a New Year;) its for their health of it! Message me now on questions or information on a FREE 30 minute Consultation to start your goals!!

December is here, now its time to get ready for a NEW YEAR!!🎉🎉🎉⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check out what offerings I have in 2019! I am very excited to see my students and clients in classes or one-on-one sessions. They all are amazing people and have to say Thank YOU for a great 2018!!!⭐️🎉🔥♥️

Take on Tuesday! Shout out to my Personal Training Clients:) I have always believed they could achieve their goals and this week has been nothing short of awesome! Cheers to healthier and happier minds & bodies!!!

Monday means SWEAT!!!

Wacky Wednesday! Such a great start to the day with Zumba Gold at the Stillwater Area High School!!

Take on Tuesday!

What does the PAC offer in comparison to other gyms and how do you save $!?🤑 😊 The average student of mine attends 2-3 classes per week. Typical costs are $5.25-$8 depending if you do a single class or multiple classes. Averaging $40-$50 a month. A huge question I get asked about possible reimbursements? I hear many say I get a FREE membership through Silver & Fit here or there! But do you get classes on top of it and do you use your current membership? Also is your current facility have enough equipment to use or are you waiting for a machine or piece of equipment? The PAC does work with the company Silver and Fit! Also, anyone over ages 65+ automatically receives a discount too! But ask your Insurance provider no matter your age and see what kind of reimbursements you can maybe qualify for. It can save you money and you get a great place to workout at or take classes. The PAC is located off Hwy. 5 and Hwy. 36. Easy parking too! In our town we deserve a great place with updated equipment and a place indoors to keep walking or running. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the negative sides of gyms. But this decision to become a part of a Community based facility is why I am here. 😊❤️ I have news for my Zumba classes about the awesome Auxiliary Gym:) too, I will share at classes next week! Woot woot! Lets get ready for our Fall & Winter 2018! Cheers! SMRT🙋🏾‍♀️💯❤️

Welcome to my hometown of beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. This track “Todo el Mundo” by Artist DJ Ricky Luna ft. Featuring Nando Boom + Hisatomi is from ZIN Volume 75. Yass, @lorettabates and @princepaltuob ROCK the choreo. After my class I just had to keep dancing this one more time...definitely a day party in downtown Stilly today💯❤️🔥🎶 #todoelmundo #zumbalife #zumbafitness #zumbawithsmrt #zumbainminnesota #zumbainstillwater #danceparty #dancefitness #stcroixriver #momentsofsummer #postclassparty

This Fall 2018!

This Zumba Crew was on 🔥💯🔥💯 every class I had with them this last week!!! Energetic bunch with attitudes of gratitude, cannot wait to see them again asap!!! Cheers to Xperience Fitness (Woodbury)!!!

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