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Prolapse 101
@pittsburghurogyn has a smashing thread on Twitter about vaginal prolapse.  Here’s a bit more info #DoYourPelvicFloorExercises #prolapse #womensupportingwomen #physioworks 08/19/2022

Prolapse 101
@pittsburghurogyn has a smashing thread on Twitter about vaginal prolapse. Here’s a bit more info #DoYourPelvicFloorExercises #prolapse #womensupportingwomen #physioworks
Follow this physical therapist for pelvic floor information!

Prolapse 101 @pittsburghurogyn has a smashing thread on Twitter about vaginal prolapse. Here’s a bit more info #DoYourPelvicFloorExercises #prolapse #womensupportingwomen #physioworks


You have no idea how happy I was to hear this instructor, Robin Arzon from Peloton tell the postpartum moms to seek out a pelvic floor physical therapist… We have come so far given where I started over 35 years ago! 😊

Free Educational Resources & Recommendations | Facing Pelvic Pain 04/13/2021

Free Educational Resources & Recommendations | Facing Pelvic Pain

Videos and Tools That Help One Understand, Communicate and Address Symptoms of Pelvic Pain

Free Educational Resources & Recommendations | Facing Pelvic Pain Download the Treatment Map to improve communication & guidance. Causes of pelvic pain, referrals to medical providers & more. Urgent medical issues, such as: incontinence (loss of bowel control), sharp pains in pelvic area (shooting pains in pelvis, stabbing pains in pelvis) or extreme pelvic pain.....


Sharing this because autoimmune diseases are not understood by many...
From...Susan Goldsmith George, Physical Therapist
My mom just passed from polymyositis. We understand autoimmune diseases. They are vile.
I wish more people understood...😪
What she has is not a cold or the flu. She will never get better. A nap won't help. She is not lazy but she is tired to the point of a lethargic state. She's on meds to try to make it easier to thrive and merely survive. Many people say that she's faking it or that she just needs to push through it. Well sometimes she can push through the pain and live her life, but there are days where she can't walk without having to hold on to something. Her joints hurt. Her body hurts. Her mood varies, and she is sad a lot. She tries to control her mood swings and intermittent bouts of depression. She takes her meds daily, and more vitamins than you could fathom, to help keep her up but most days nothing works.
She has an autoimmune disease.
I'm watching those of you who will take the time to read this all the way to the end.
To see who reads and who shares without reading please, in honor of someone who is fighting MS, Chronic Lyme Disease, Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Lupus, Graves Disease, Scleroderma, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, Crohn's, Sarcoidosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, PBC, CIDP, Aplastic Anemia, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Takayasu's Arthritis or any other autoimmune disease...
Copy and paste this to your wall, do not share.
Write "Done" in the comments after you have done so.
Do this as a sign of your love and support for everyone you know fighting this battle.
Many of my friends and family are struggling with autoimmune disorders!!! ❤


There is no such thing as a locally-acting hormone!

THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN | The Business Of 06/26/2020


THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN | The Business Of Birth: it's a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life. But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, Ricki Lake explores the maternity care system in America with filmmaker Abby Epstein.

Physios’ postnatal running guidance recognised and aligned with government advice 06/16/2020

Physios’ postnatal running guidance recognised and aligned with government advice

Postpartum Mothers often start their running program before their bodies are ready...these are helpful guidelines.

Physios’ postnatal running guidance recognised and aligned with government advice An infographic based on the guidance for postnatal return to running produced by three physiotherapists has been aligned with the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) physical activity guidelines.

The Cl****is: A Reveal Two Millennia in the Making 03/08/2020

The Cl****is: A Reveal Two Millennia in the Making


The Cl****is: A Reveal Two Millennia in the Making In the history of s*xual anatomy, the cl****is has long been dismissed, demeaned and misunderstood. Here is a view of the cl****is you've probably never seen.

Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic 03/01/2020

Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic

Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic Air travel pattern simulations and reports on travelers' personal hygiene practices show that hand washing really could slow down the spread of disease.

Timeline photos 02/28/2020

Timeline photos

Hard to p**p and p**p is hard? Functional constipation presents as 2 or more of the following symptoms: straining, hard and lumpy stools, incomplete evacuation, sensation of blockage, requiring manual maneuvers for defecation, or decreased frequency of bowel movements. Our therapists recently discussed an article investigating the effect of transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) on slow-transit constipation. Despite low subject numbers, the results suggest that use of TENS improved constipation symptoms, decreased abdominal pain, and regulated bowel movement frequency. Interestingly, the sham group also had improvements in constipation symptoms and abdominal pain which led our discussion to other plausible explanations for treatment effect. The etiology of slow-transit constipation is not completely understood, the wide-ranging treatments have yet to have a gold standard and usually requires multiple modalities and treatments. As physical therapists, we evaluate and treat mechanical restrictions and neural inputs to help improve constipation symptoms. For treatment of constipation, pelvic floor physical therapists can use TENS in addition to pelvic floor and abdominal muscle retraining, visceral mobilizations, teach defecation mechanics/position, refer to adjunctive providers, and much more!

Yang Y, Yim J, Choi W, Lee S. Improving slow-transit constipation with transcutaneous electrical stimulation in women: a randomized, comparative study. Women & health. 2017 April. 21;57(4):494-507.

**pingproblems **pingrelief

Photos from Pelvic Guru's post 02/19/2020

Good info below for taking care of your pelvic floor/perineum/vagina during childbirth...Let me know if you have any questions! 11/05/2019

Start the Conversation: Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause

Helpful menopause information ... Experts in reproductive science from the Women's Health Institute at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School discuss the signs, symptoms, and treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause.


Gusset Grippers

I’ve got a horrible bug. Chest infection = pelvic floor challenge. . . 07/15/2019

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering. As the infections become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, some standard treatments no longer work for an ailment that was once easily cured. 07/04/2019

'Bedrest is Bad': New #everyBODYmoves Campaign Is Combatting Hospital Immobility Experts agree that immobility can harm patients in hospital, postacute care, and other settings. According to researchers, bedrest can have many negative effects. Movement can ameliorate these effects, but for patients in hospital settings that often takes encouragement. And sometimes health care pr... 06/12/2019

Re**al Exam Needed to Determine Cause of Constipation Digital re**al examinations can save time and money in diagnosing and treating constipation, but they are too often avoided.


Continence Foundation of Australia

Studying anatomy helps elucidate function!

It's day 3 of Week! A starting point for correctly exercising your pelvic floor is visualising what it looks like. Our 3D animations can help with that 🎥 05/05/2019

‘The Goddess of Good Sex’

From Dr Ruth, when she was a young girl. “Everything in nature is so fantastically well organized,” she wrote, in German, in the diary. “One can’t possibly think that anything about it is dirty.” Dr. Ruth, the world’s most famous s*x therapist—and at 90, the subject of a new documentary—has long harnessed the power of pop culture to tackle that most intimate of subjects. 04/09/2019

Building a Resilient Brain | AGEIST Want to keep your brain strong? Leading doctors have surprisingly straightforward advice for keeping your brain as vital as your body. 03/28/2019

Soft Tissue and Bony Injuries Attributed to the Practice of Yoga: A Biomechanical Analysis and Implications for Management To analyze injuries that were directly associated with yoga practice and identify specific poses that should be avoided in patients with osteopenia or osteoporosis.


Ohio Birth Keeper


Check out this sacred moment between a momma and her baby.✨💛✨
She slowly lifted him from her womb and out of the transitional waters...
He opens his beautiful eyes, and there, he finds his mother....
And she finds him....
A love story begins....
Emily Schultz
✨This momma is on IG ✨

✨Birth attended by Lisa with Sacred Journey Midwifery. Filmed by husband. ✨


LIFE Movement


Birth-ed: Hypnobirthing and Antenatal

The Fetal Ejection Reflex.

In the final stages of an undisturbed labour, the fetal ejection reflex is triggered, causing powerful, involuntary, expulsive contractions that enable us to birth our babies. As our baby moves through the pelvis, they will stimulate the nerve endings and initiate this incredible response within our bodies. At this point in labour you will have a huge surge in adrenalin, again contributing to initiating the fetal ejection reflex (thought to be so we have both energy for this moment, and that we become alert immediately after birth in order to protect our newborn babies!). Occasionally in hospital settings, we sometimes see an external trigger for adrenalin production (such as discussions around instrumental birth or new people entering a room) cause this response too, as our bodies 'sense danger' and decide that baby is better out than in!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This surge in adrenalin (the hormone of fear) can also explain why we sometimes feel or express 'panic' during transition, it's our outward response to our body's way of preparing hormonally for what is about to happen.

For some women this comes with an irresistible urge to bear down and 'push', for others the reflex takes over entirely.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The simplest way to describe what the fetal ejection reflex feels like, is remembering a time where you suffered with food poisoning and needed to be sick, nothing would stop you being sick, it was just HAPPENING! It's basically that... in reverse. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If birth is disturbed too much, be that by intervention, conversation, location or something else, we run the risk of interfering with the body's natural flow of hormones, meaning we miss hugely helpful, natural mechanisms such as this! It's therefore important that we think carefully about the environment and support we have around us during birth. We have the PERFECT physiological system already in place, we simply need to let it do it's job!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Incredible photo by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories


Get PT 1st

This can be an embarrassing thing for people to talk about, but you don't have to "live with it." Find a PT who specializes in pelvic floor issues. 02/21/2019

8 Reasons Why Working Moms Should Plan Life Around Their Menstrual Cycles You'll be so much happier if you sync your schedule with your body's hormones.



“Our study shows that waiting five minutes or more before clamping the umbilical cord, while infants are held skin-to-skin with the mother, leads to more myelin development,“Erickson-Owens said. “This is a low-tech, low-cost technique that we believe can mitigate iron deficiency and vulnerability to anemia.”

What are you seeing in your area?


Helpful exercise for learning how to isolate your hips from your back!(sorry...not sure where the diagram is's not mine)


Contact me for more information about this wonderful and helpful workshop happening in March!




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