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TONE is committed to creating an environment that suits individual client needs. Customizing each workout specifically to bring the client to his or her goal. TONE pilates studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art Reformer, Cadillac and the MVe Chair all from Peak Pilates. I have been a trainer in pilates for over 14 years in studios in Boston, Wellesley and Stow. My dream, however, has always been to have my own studio where I could create just the right environment for my clients. In 2008, I was able to accomplish this and absoultely love the path I chose. I offer individual training sessions on the reformer, cadillac and MVe Chair. I offer Pilates Boot Camp to both individuals and groups. Throughout the year, I offer TONE Kids Club for ages 4-7. For the past 6 years, I have been teaching Prechool Pilates in local schools and have been training athletic teams in Core Conditioning.

Maschi @maschiakaplan this morning enjoying some well-deserved fruit-infused water and a hip flexor and rib cage opener STRETCH! BOTH delicious and STAPLES!😀😀😀

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[08/05/19]   Looking forward to weeeerking some bodies poolside with these lovely ladies! I have club passes if anyone would like to come that is not a member of Lifetime! Message me if interested! 😀🔥

💗... Where's your happy place?

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Good MOOOOOORNING CORE! 🌞💪😃 THIS is my new FÀAAAV!!! Hope @hope.w is firing it ALL up here!!! It's more of a love-hate though for my clients 😂... Or should I say... Hate-love-when-it's-done🤣😍🤩

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I have such gratitude to have the opportunity to teach and connect with this amazing group of individuals @bridgesbyepochatsudbury . They have 'let me in'... Their returning smiles fuel me in SO many ways. They are connecting with their bodies BOTH PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY... and some for the first time with their CORE!!! It is so beautiful to see this connection happening! I NEVER TIRE OF THIS WORK! 💓💞🙏💞💓

🤸‍♂️TEASER POSE🤸‍♂️ by the CUTEST, most ADORABLE people I train... Demonstrating strength, flexibility, control and balance!!
In this pose... They are activating their hip flexors, quads and abdominal muscles!!! Preschool Pilates POWER!!! 🥰💖💗💓🥰

Super excited to be bringing my CHAIR PILATES program @tone_pilates to these wonderful residents @bridgesbyepochatsudbury !!! 🤸‍♂️❤️😊

Ruth @rkennedysudduth doing a little rotator cuff work in her new FAV SWEATSHIRT!!! ❤️🤩🤩🤩

Brought my LITTLE buddy into work with me today😊... He's a FANTASTIC patient greeter! 😂❤️

Sloooow and steady! Some of my ROCKSTARS @jularie7 @lobethsmith doing some delicious CORE work!!! @lifetime_pilates_bmw
You guys are awesome! 😀❤️ Being able to stay engaged in your CORE as you lengthen your body...such a beautiful thing!

... And just like that...I solved my 12 YEAR 'ball-color-choice' dilemma for my PRESCHOOL PILATES kids! 😃🌈😊😂

Not sure which I am more excited new wall colors or my new 🔥HOT🔥 PINK straps @goodcitizenla !!! What a DIFFERENCE some color can make! 😀🌈💗🌈😀

🔶 cardio benefits 🔶 challenges the core 🔶 trains coordination 🔶 low impact on joints 🔶 stress reduction 🔶 endurance training 🔶 bone building -great for those with osteoporosis 🔶 excellent for those with knee and ankle issues based on it's non-gravitational nature 🔶
Here... @hopeweldonofficial (clearly a dancer 😉) is adding some of her own flair to jumpboard!


It is small & lightweight....a GREAT Pilates tool to bring with you when you travel!🌍

🔸VERSATILE🔸Works all different parts of your body.
🔸QUICKER RESULTS🔸Targeting specific areas, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.
🔸GREATER TONE & MUSCLE STRENGTH🔸Your muscles work harder with the resistance of the circle.
🔸BETTER BALANCE🔸Working your core muscles improves your balance.
🔸INCREASED ENDURANCE🔸Makes you work harder with the resistance of the circle... Increasing your muscle endurance.

... beautifully put by a veteran in [email protected] LOVE IT!
Very simply...our CORE is what connects our upper body to our lower body. If our core is weak and inflexible... It affects how are arms and legs function. Keeping it strong is a beautiful builds power in our body and makes it easier to do so many things!!! ( shoveling, here on the east coast 😂)... Work on it TODAY! 💕💪💕

Go Mary...Go Mary...Go! Mary Schwindel Miller...And to think you thought Monkey Stretch was not a possibility for you...
...Think NOT! 😁 Woo-hoo! 😘

A fabulous demonstration by Biko @lifetime_pilates_bmw LifeTime.Life to CONNECT with YOUR CORE! Here, Biko shows us how to build up strength and stamina in our Transversus Abdominis (TrA) with this simple exercise that you can do at home! Work slowly and build up a progression with this exercise... As you advance in this exercise... You can try holding this position for 15 to 30 seconds to build up your muscular endurance! Thanks Biko! 😊 TRY IT NOW! 💪

The DYNAMIC 🐒Monkey Stretch🐒 on the Cadillac... This exercise does not look like much, but SO MUCH is going on here during these small fluid movements......we get a FANTASTIC STRETCH for the hamstrings, calves and Achilles tendon, all while working the quadriceps, calf muscles and ankles. Your core muscles work even harder to keep your pelvis in neutral and you get some nice spinal mobility as well. Holding onto the bar allows for scapular stabilization too! So again a very dynamic movement in this exercise. It is a wonderful end to a workout, ESPECIALLY after posterior chain work (*see my Pulling Straps I & II video post). Feels AMAZING! 😀

My fabulous Level 3 class😀 Monday morning LifeTime.Life @lifetime_pilates_bmw...Rockin' the Side Sit-Up Series...Here we are LENGTHENING and STRENGTHENING the obliques while stretching both sides of the body equally! A great way to start the day 😀🤩😀 #pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilatespower #pilatesreformer #pilatessidesitups #obliqueworkout #obliques #shortbox #pilatesbody #greatstarttotheday

My fabulous Level 3 class😀 Monday morning LifeTime.Life @lifetime_pilates_bmw...Rockin' the Side Sit-Up Series...Here we are LENGTHENING and STRENGTHENING the obliques while stretching both sides of the body equally! A great way to start the day 😀🤩😀

#pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilatespower #pilatesreformer #pilatessidesitups #obliqueworkout #obliques #shortbox #pilatesbody #greatstarttotheday

The DYNAMIC HUNDRED with some COORDINATION variation! 😀 This is a beautiful WARM UP for the abdominals and lungs... You not only recruit fom the abdominal muscles... But from the laterals as well! This movement also develops some wonderful stabilization in the scapular and trunk muscles. It's a lot of fun to throw in variations as you get more advanced in this movement... And the beauty of Pilates...?!? (and there are many)... You can ALWAYS work deeper... Continually challenging yourself!!!😀

#pilatespower #thehundred #thehundreds #pilates #reformer #pilatesreformer #core #coreworkout #adoreyourcore #pilatesinstructor #pilatesinspiration

A very HAPPY Thanksgiving to all...🦃 grateful.🤗💞🤗

Just walking around this morning...😀😀😀
The beauty of handstands is that you have to stabilize several muscles in order to keep from falling over... BENEFITS: They not only work your CORE... But they ALSO work your hip flexors, your inner thigh muscles, your hamstrings and the muscles that run along your spine! Giving you CORE POWER! 💪

#strongwomen #pilatespower #handstand #strength #strengthtraining

Oh yeah!😀 Karen @cocolocohuff ROCKIN' some amazing Short Spine work this week! You have come so far and I am so proud of all of your hard work and progress! And your ability to 'sink those ribs' now?...Priceless! 😀😂💞🙏

Go Lisa Mockapetris Hubbard!!!🎖️ So proud of all of your hard work and dedication! Fantastic results and I know you're feeling great! You really should. Just your posture alone makes me smile 😀😀😀!
Keep up the good work! 💞 Cortney Bergen Murray

#beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #results #resultswithtonepilates #pilateslovers #pilatesworks #pilatesbeforeandafter #dedication #dedicationtopilates

Teaching a GROUP reformer class this morning at LifeTime @lifetime_pilates_bmw ...been really enjoying adding group reformer classes back into my repertoire. A completely different vibe and energy. Economy of words is even more crucial in this format... Creating a beautiful FLOW. 😀
LOVE❤️ adding to my wheelhouse!!! And a fantastic environment and group of people with whom I work! You guys are awesome!!!!

So proud🙏 to have inspired someone else to go down this beautiful path. Emma, @enel4790 .... I'm so happy that you find the value to add this to your repertoire as the incredible physical therapist that you are! Emma is the Clinic Manager, physical therapist, and MY BOSS 😀 at Joint Ventures Physical Therapy in [email protected] ...Her focus is Vestibular/balance dysfunction, core stability, post-surgical rehabilitation, manual therapy, sport-specific rehabilitation, dance medicine, race medicine.

The AMAZING 'Short Spine'... Allowing for some wonderful spinal articulation...Stretching the lower back and in between the vertebrae.
*Maintaining proper Spine and Neck alignment through this movement is key here. Peel the vertebrae one-at-a-time up... and down... off of the mat... WITH CONTROL. 😀😀😀

#shortspine #spinalarticulation #pilateslife #pilateslovers #pilatesinstructor #pilatesstrong #pilates #pilatesreformer #feelinggood #stretch #behealthy

🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!🎃 @lifetime_pilates_bmw

Some special Sibling-Time ❤️...(and Andrew's ADORABLE puppy, Miles, too!)

INCREDIBLE 3 day workshop I audited as a 'refresher' 😀... instructed by Pam Garcia... SENIOR MASTER TRAINER for Peak Pilates!!!😀
Feeling so grateful 🙏 to continue my learning from a woman with such knowledge & skill...not to mention an incredible ability to convey such wisdom & passion to her students...invaluable! Learning Classical Pilates...created & instructed by Joseph Pilates himself...simply priceless! Been doing this for 16 year and I never tire off it!!! Thank you Pam Garcia❤️ @purepilatesinc @peakpilates

The WONDERFUL 'Pulling Straps I & II...with my Tricep variation⚡!!! Here we are working the often neglected posterior chain...Such an important part of our body that we tend to ignore when we work out. Some beautiful shoulder mobilty happens here as well...
**Keeping the pelvis pressing down; staying out of the lower back muscles is crucial.

#pilateslife #pilateslovers #posteriorchain #shouldermobility #pilateseveryday #pilatesinstructor #pilatesstrong #pilates #happylife #feelinggood

So much FUN teaching my Preschool Pilates program to these beautiful little smiles... @elc.director
I started this program 12 years ago when my first was in preschool. I fell in love with the process of connecting these beautiful little minds with their bodies. It is so important and rewarding...and ADORABLE!!! Always leave my classes in the BEST mood and smiling!!!
I adore the 100's that I have had the pleasure of teaching over the past 12 years!!!

#happykids #healthykids #mindbody #creative #freeflow #preschool #preschoolpilatesrocks #preschoolpilates #corekids #funwithkids #kidfit #mindbodyconnection

Oh...the beauty of 'Short Box Series'!!! ...Lifting and Lengthening UP and OUT... While anchoring⚓ all of the core stabilizer muscles... Fundamental in all Pilates exercises... And for life itself! 😁😀😁❤️... Maintaining beautiful posture!

Training clients today at my second 'home' for the past 2 years @jointventurespt ... Feeling grateful🙏 for such a great team and environment...LOVE adding to my wheelhouse!

Doing some challenging core work with Doug! ...Clearly he could care less 🤣😀🤣💞

#coreworkouts #corestability #obliqueworkout #inversion #challengeyourself #strongwomen #strengthtraining #pilatesstrong #pilateseverywhere #corechallenge #inspiration

TONEpilates's cover photo

Sun🌞... Day reflection 🌺🙏🌺

At age 16, I had a skiing accident. I had my first of three major reconstructive knee surgeries, spanning over a 10 year period. After the first surgery and a year of rehab, I was told running was out for me. I continued doing other things to keep myself active. I was on the tennis team for 4 years in college which was tough on my knee, but it didn’t stop me from playing a sport I loved…I just wore a brace. Since my knee was compromised, however, I had two more major reconstructive surgeries, in the years to follow due to more injuries. I was athletic and it was devastating to me when I was told at 22, that I was “bone-on-bone” and that my ability to do the activities I enjoyed was really over… It was a heart wrenching time in my life.

ENTER Pilates…

I was introduced to pilates 18 years ago and it changed my life forever. I fall in love with the discipline more every day as I am exposed to new ways to work deeper and connect more with my body. It is the most beautiful, intense, fun, gentle, powerful and incredible workout experience. The mind-body connection alone that is fostered is amazing, bringing you into the present moment which is something that can be difficult...for many of us. Because of my own rehab work, I have also been drawn to working with those who have suffered from various injuries and chronic pain. I love to help those who think they cannot do it, just as I had once felt. Now, their bodies are protected by a strong CORE, as they get stronger and stronger…a beautiful thing.

I have had the great fortune of working with many incredible people who have shown me, inspired me, and encouraged me in many ways…YOU ALL know who you are… I am grateful to all of my ‘teachers'...Without YOU, I would be lost. I am fueled by the results my clients get from their hard work and dedication to me and to this discipline. It is not easy, but the rewards are endless.

In good health,



My inverted happy place!!!😃🙏😃!!!

Sun🌞... Day reflection...
... Thanks Mom for my Dalhias...They are still blooming🌺❤️🌺!!!

MOWING... My mind-body workout today...💪 nothing like the smell of a fresh cut lawn. 🌺😃🌺
#mindfulness #mindbodysoul #strongwomen #freshair #coreworkout #core #coreworkouts #healthylifestyle #healthymind #healthy #outdoors #outdoorworkout

Side-lying series...Jump Board Style🤩!
#pilateslovers #jumpboard #pilatesstrong #pilatesfit #pilatesinstructor #pilateslife #pilatesbody #goodhealth #pilates #happylife

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