Studio City's Premier Fitness Center. Come join us! Whether its one-on-one training, a group fitness class, or boot camp in the park, our workouts are phenomenal; truly an amazing, inspirational experience in which words cannot describe.

Simon instills decades of knowledge, training and experience into developing the most sophisticated, yet easy to follow training. He not only shares his methods, but his motivation - you will not be a number here, you will be part of a family!

I wanna see you- looking better then you've ever looked.
I wanna see you- feeling better then you've ever felt.
I wanna see you- doing better then you've ever done.
I wanna see you- receiving more then you've received.
Great things are in store for you! Happiness will live inside you!
I wanna see you- reach your full potential.
I wanna see you- strong & powerful.
I wanna see you- flourish, blossom & bloom.
I wanna see you-
shine as bright as the moon.
I believe in you-
Your ability, intelligence & disposition.
I believe in you-
Your passion, your dreams & determination.
Close your eyes and see, everything you wanna be, then open your eyes and do everything you have to.. Cause I wanna see you - do everything you wanna do, be everything you wanna be, and go everywhere you wanna go. And I will support you, encourage you, fight for you, and pray for you, cause I believe in you. πŸ™πŸΎ

There's an old adage where I'm from, "Real Recognizes Real" And this woman is the realist woman I know! She's authentic and driven, doesn't care what you think about her, how you feel about her, or what you say about her. She's just doing her, and I love that about her ❀️ Her passion for life is addictive, the way she operates is convincing -
Saying she's motivated is an understatement...
Calling her determined is a restrained description...
Telling everyone she's an inspiration doesn't begin to scratch her surface... Words are too weak to illuminate her style, Actions are what she uses for a mouth! Adored by many because she goes so hard. She's Beyond a Beast cause she reps her family to the fullest extent, and she never holds back! She gives it to you straight, that's how she rolls... Her motto is "Love me or leave me alone"... She's Dolla Sign$$!! I Love You Lady! You're an Amazing Inspiration! πŸ’°πŸ’•πŸ”₯

This world is big but you're BIGGER! You're in it but not from it! There's nothing ordinary about you. You're extraordinary, a gift, one of a kind ❀️Your fingerprints don't lie - no one on earth has prints like you. You're beyond special, you're spiritual - made to be great and designed to create. Marvelous and Wonderful! Magnificently Fabulous! These attributes dwell within you! Your heart pumps strength, power flows through your veins- GOD is close to you as your jugular vein. But it's up to you to do magnificent things...Live humbly enormous & manifest greatness to the world 🌎 ☝🏽 this dude is 71… Running 7 miles a day and doing acrobatics on the bars… What have YOU done today? 😜 USE IT OR LOSE IT!

You'll never receive something great if you don't do something great...How you gonna get something big when you're doing small things? How you gonna get strong when you're doing weak things? Stop focusing on everything around you & start focusing on everything inside you! Don't run from everything hard. Sometimes you have to have agonizing arguments & fights with yourself πŸ’ͺ🏽Make a conscious decision to initiate a major change. Be Phenomenal! If your actions aren't inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more - CHANGE your actions!! πŸ”₯

Tonight we have to throw it back - Bouncing Lunges!! β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €To tighten and tone your thighs, calves, and lift your butt πŸ‘ grab a pole or something sturdy and get it going. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €ONE FULL SET: 25 bounces, 10 lunges - and do 3 sets! Ready...πŸ†—βœ…

You can do much with very little... If you're hard working and committed. If you're profound and relentless. You're the remedy and the cure!! #BeYourOwnPrescription!

Self deception is for adolescents intimidated by hard work & dedication...
But the exemplification of maturity is creating opportunities & turning them into security. So never forget your purpose, your calling, & why you exist! You're not special - You're Spiritual, and your heart pumps strength!
So little girls, sit down! & Women, Stand Up! Little boys, step aside! & Men, Move to the Front!! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ”₯❀️

It doesn't matter if I'm black & blue and dizzy or have stomach pain from vomiting. I could be lightheaded & nauseated- I'm still
showing! Cause showing up is the first step towards greatness...

All my life I've swim against the currents- I've battled huge sharks, and went to war with killer whales- and when the seas calmed and the waves settled- I walked on shore with tuna fish on my shoulders.. GOD is the Greatest πŸ™πŸΎ kill it!!!

Hey guys, here are a couple of questions for you to think about before you start your work week:

1) What is the best vision of yourself?

2) What will make you unstoppable?

Think about it...πŸ€” Answer truthfully πŸ€“ then act accordingly πŸ’― All the benefits of working out come at the very end, so do not stop, don't give up, and never ever quit! Have a great week!!

Move #4!! Stiletto Pump Calves πŸ‘ πŸ‘― Do 25 calf raises - then keep those heels high and hold for 10! Then lift your left leg a few inches off the ground and do 25 calf raises with the right leg, and hold for 10! Then repeat on the left leg...then both legs again...and feel those legs burn πŸ’₯πŸ”₯⚑️

Move #3!! The Apple-Bottom Lunge 🍎🍏 Grab on to your sturdy object and twist this lunge 10 times - after ten HOLD IT and then...bounce! Bounce for 25...then do 10 again and repeat 3 times! Workout schedule coming soon β³πŸ’‘

OMG! It was International Women's Day yesterday! To my Mother, Grandmother, (pictured above) Sisters, Nieces, Cousins, Female Clients, and all the women I Love ❀️ Happy Belated International Woman's Day!! Ladies, I hope you enjoy this... Men, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a Woman. Let me take it a step further - a man can't be a man without a Woman. (GOD made it this way) GOD brings a man from a Woman - man has no life without a Woman, no being without a Woman, no nurturing without a Woman. GOD makes man feed from a Woman into strength. Man's first nurse, his first teacher, his first counselor is a Woman. All men have to come through a Woman in order to obtain success. Even Jesus had to come through Mary. So, no man is anything without a Woman. Man nurses his self to strength from Her strength. She cleans him, She embraces him, She loves him. She is the an example of GOD'S divine love. She brought him were he is, made him what he is, and any man that curses a Woman curses his own existence. Women are serious human beings and have something valuable to offer this world. And if the world puts down Women or try to shut you up and tells you you have nothing to offer, then the world is unbalanced. Because GOD has given us two eyes to see with, two ears to hear with, and two legs to walk with. And if a man can't see out of both eyes they call him handicapped, if he can't hear with both ears they call him handicapped, if he can't walk with both legs, they call him handicapped. Well, then Ladies, if a man is walking without a Woman... then that man is, also, handicapped!

In life, there's more things I don't know then I do know. Plus, I'm on the opposite side of perfect...But when it comes to personal training & working out, when it comes to health & fitness, I can proudly say, "I've perfected my profession". I've found my lane and I'm 0 to πŸ’―!Driving straight ahead with my foot on the pedal & the pedal to the floor. And when I get to my destination - I strive for more. I lay the groundwork for you to successfully reach your fitness goals - and I do it with intelligence & confidence. Understanding & competence, coupled with warmth, love & trust. And when I've done enough - I do more...! πŸ˜‰

You're only as good as your workouts. If you go hard here, you can go hard anywhere!! It's not about competition, it's about collaboration - it's not about division, it's about inspiration - FACE / OFF at the gym and prepare for real life challenges!! Ultimate Face Off workout brought to you by IAF365's very own HOUSE and ZO πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Move of the day!! Bouncing lunges, to tighten and tone your thighs, calves, and lift your butt πŸ‘ grab a pole or something sturdy and get it going. ONE FULL SET: 25 bounces, 10 lunges - 3 times. Ready...πŸ†—βœ…

Oftentimes, the things we want, we shouldn't have, and the things we need, we don't want.
Oftentimes, we stand in our own way, we block our own path.
Oftentimes our self criticism deflates our momentum. And we find ourselves standing still, looking out the window instead of looking in the mirror. πŸ€”
Oftentimes, we just need a spark to ignite our flame that unknowingly blew out during moments of pain.
Oftentimes, working out is that spark, that sets us on fire, burning down walls built by self trauma.
When that fire roars it kills our flaws, negative self talk, and everything else that's bringing us down!
Welcome to freedom, the land of the brave. You took the initiative, You went out your way. You're beyond everything you wanted to be - you're amazing!! And there's nothing that you can't do.

Epitome of TeamUs, one pushes while the other one pulls. $ and HOLLABACK!!! The dream team!! FaceOff was invented for this duo... But there's no competition, only inspiration, motivation & collaboration.. using one another as tools to build their perfect body...πŸ‘―β€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

Epitome of TeamUs, one pushes while the other one pulls. $ and HOLLABACK!!! The dream team!! FaceOff was invented for this duo... But there's no competition, only inspiration, motivation & collaboration.. using one another as tools to build their perfect body...πŸ‘―β€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

Epitome of TeamUs, one pushes while the other one pulls. $ and HOLLABACK!!! The dream team!! FaceOff was invented for this duo... But there's no competition, only inspiration, motivation & collaboration.. using one another as tools to build their perfect body...πŸ‘―β€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

Tip of the Day: if you want your muscles to pop, DON'T STOP!!! It's all about the intensity and momentum, so don't let the carbonation leave your body!! Just when you want to stop, keep going, keep going, keep going!! #IAF365tipoftheday

Your biggest battle, your biggest challenge, your biggest obstacle you'll ever face (when working out) is overcoming fatigue, fighting for endurance, and striving to breathe (correctly).

When you're grasping for air and your pain is severe, when your chest is exploding cause your heart feels swollen. When you're crunched over- hands on your knees, grasping for air, trying hard to breathe, feeling nauseated & lightheaded, like you're about to throw up...understand this... it's all a part of the process. Working out the toxins and impurities can feel like dying... But you're not dying.. you're KILLING! Killing weakness and building strength... my only advice - don't ever give up! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

As your Trainer my job is to Love you.... and Your job is to Love Yourself. When love equals love- that's how you perfect results. I only want the best for you. And you should always strive to do better. Cause the reality is - Love is hard work!

Impossible is just a big word used by small people who find it easier to live a mediocre life... a life they've been given, rather then explore, build & develop the power they have to live a life of their own....
"Don't conform to the life of this world, transform, by the renewing of your mind" & "Despise not the day of small beginnings"....
& Before we look out the window and judge other, let's look in the mirror & evaluate ourselves. If you can go hard here you can go hard anywhere. Cause your only as good as your workouts πŸ˜‰

We're all naked before the elements with no protection. In constant jeopardy, our minds our only weaponry. It's a radical change, fighting world thinking, battling self- ridicule, going against the grain.
Self criticism is minimized, self-praise, emphasized.
Alleviates the sting of negative thinking.

"The Audacity To Fight!"

Say hello to your future self. Where you create who you wanna be, construct your ideal life.

"In The Ring We Have"

Passion & Commitment vs. Excuses & Fear!..

This Fight is Real & this is how to win.
Ding. Ding. Ding! Round one.

Your Boxing Stance is your Principled Foundation- never change that!

Your Footwork is your Adjustments- always Adjust, move, move, move. Never stay still!

Your Guard is your Awareness- knowledge of self, your surroundings, your career, your mate, always stay aware.

Your Jab is your initiative- be proactive, don't wait.

Power Punch is your commitment- once everything is aligned, execute, pledge, go for broke. COMMIT

Hook is your creativity- innovation is creating something out of nothing. Making the impossible, possible. It's in us all. Use your Hook!

Uppercut is your time- there's a time for everything. Timing is key, we all have our seasons to grow, to flourish, to blossom & bloom. Know when it's your season, when it's your time!

Vision is your evaluation- everything must be evaluated. Everything & everyone.

Combinations is your purpose- once you decide, drive it in, GO Hard! Focus with Determination, and have PURPOSE!

And your Scorecard is how you self assess your fight. How could you improve for the next round.

Boxing is beyond physical! It's psychological, emotional, spiritual, and gentle, but it's far from soft..

There's this dark force, this opposing power, this sinister energy that wants to inject anxiety, depress emotions, and kill your passion.

But you're strong, your ability is great, and your desire to succeed can overcome anything.

But you gotta fight- And give it your all. Cause this battle isn't pretty- it's rough as hell! Blood, sweat & tears and overcoming your fears- are just the prerequisite to enter the arena. Sacrifice & Loneliness! Sleepless Nights & Hunger Strikes! Saying no to those you love. Vulnerability & a Don't Quit Mentality. Putting your heart on your sleeve for all to see. And looking power in the eye and utter.. "I'm not leavin" ...
It's Fight day, guys! So Get Ready!πŸ₯Š

I smile, I laugh, I have lots of fun. But I DON'T PLAY! Cause its a serious job taking pain away. The emotional pain, anxiety & stress - the mental anguish of "not" looking your best- can make the smartest person mentally depressed.
Feeling trapped inside a fat persons body, held captive to weight that won't go away.
Feeling like an addict, cause you have to have it (daily dose of sugar) A victim to food addiction.
Alcohol consumption turned Alcoholic Anonymous-
Low key there's a problem but having to much pride to acknowledge it.
These are just some of the feelings I "WORKOUT" daily- so I smile, I laugh, I have lots of fun, but I am ... very SERIOUS! There's no room to play 😘
(Don't forget to check our Snap and IG stories where we do find a little room to play 😜😜)

My dream, my ambition, my aspiration is to train you. My goal, my mission, my intention is to help you succeed. I'm totally committed to this. All I need is You.
My workouts are designed to get your body tight. My workouts were created to get your mind aligned with your purpose & potential. My workouts are used as a foundation to propel & elevate you to your destination. From physical to mental- from spiritual to inspirational- from emotional to difficult. My workouts are made from the heart with one objective - to reach your heart - because that's where change starts.

I turned off my cell phone but not my thoughts. My body sleeps while my mind runs the streets. Consciously unaware but my subconscious knows things.
So I fight to be strong & resist temptation. Cause, ease is achieved through difficulty. Mind against body winning is everything. #workout

I turned off my cell phone but not my thoughts. My body sleeps while my mind runs the streets. Consciously unaware but my subconscious knows things.
So I fight to be strong & resist temptation. Cause, ease is achieved through difficulty. Mind against body winning is everything.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - I turn to you for unfiltered truth... Cause scales are inaccurate & pictures are distorted but a mirror image - tells the naked truth.
And I'm always fighting! I never get along.. My constant bickering, turns to yelling & screaming. Past against future, heart against soul, mind against body & winning is everything!
So I look to you for answers - cause your my greatest opposition - and all competition -- starts with you. #mirrorchallenge - This workout is unbelievable! Try it once and you never wanna do anything else.. #bestworkout

When it comes to working out -
I'm blind to crying, deaf to excuses, and I have no remorse for emotional weakness. Because all I see are miracles in front of me....... Think of yourself as a blessing. See yourself as a gift. Act as if you have the power to do everything you wish.

The Official Workout Party is Back! And everyone is welcome... I'll be teaching today at 9am

Class schedule:
Monday 9am
OMG Stair Workout
Instructor- J.Swift

Monday 2pm
Box & Run
Instructor- OMG/365

Monday 6pm
Hip Hop Yoga
Instructor- L

Tuesday 9am
Blu Canyon Workout
Instructor- J.Swift

Tuesday 2pm
Box & Run
Instructor- OMG 365

Wednesday 9am
Pump Day Wednesday
Instructor- J. Swift

Wednesday 2pm
Box & Run
Instructor- OMG 365

Wednesday 6pm
Hip Hop Yoga
Instructor- L

Thursday 9am
Parkin Lot Pimpin Workout
Instructor- J.Swift

Thursday 2pm
Box & Run
Instructor OMG 365

Friday 4pm
Box & Run
Instructor OMG 365

Saturday 9am
Trampoline Boxing
Instructor- OMG 365

Sunday 9am
Hip Hop Yoga

All classes will start on time so get there early

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