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Have fun working out, learn to make better nutrition choices and most of all, learn to love being healthy and fit! Get Fit with MC! As a Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, and Outdoor Bootcamp Instructor, Mary Catherine Holcomb is an avid fitness enthusiast specializing in circuit training, functional exercises, and much more.


Want shredded abs? Try cable crunches, ab wheel and weighted crunches and do 3 sets of 15 reps at least four times per week! 10/03/2014

Get the Most Out of Your Personal Trainer

Want to know how to get the most bang for your fitness buck? Check out the article below: Finding the right personal trainer can transform your fitness efforts. These six tips will make sure you’re making the most of your sessions. 09/11/2014

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Want to work with an affordable trainer?! Look no further..than GET FIT WITH MC!
4 sessions $40 per hour - $160
3 sessions $50 per hour - $150
2 sessions $60 per hour - $120

CAN'T BEAT THOSE RATES...Now get movin' because it's HAMMER TIME Y'ALL!!!


BOOTCAMP THURSDAY 6PM and SATURDAY 10:30AM! Better see ya there!! 04/30/2014

Wave goodbye to 'arm jiggle!' | Get Fit With MC!Wave%20goodbye%20to%20'arm%20jiggle!'/clfr/C5BCA70C-FE6D-46CB-8BDB-98D0D0302740 OK, who is tired of your arm still ‘waving’ when you have already finished ‘waving?’ Yes, I thought so! One of the main questions I hear, is “How do I get rid o...


Anyone wanting to join a bootcamp in Studio City on Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 10:30 am, contact me for more it ASAP so it's ONLY $10 PER PERSON! 04/11/2014

What's the deal with non-dairy milk??

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"If I workout hard, I can eat whatever I want!"

Check it out....another "gym myth" brought to you by Bionic Body THE #3 MYTH OF THE GYM The 3rd biggest myth of the gym is that if you workout hard 3-5 times per week, you can eat what


Alien Squats

Want a new way to spice up your leg routine?! Try 3 rounds of 15 reps of alien squats....they are OUT OF THIS WORLD...yessss, I did just say that

Proper form for alien squats


If you're up for working out by the beach - who isn't?! - come try out Athletic Evolution today at 4pm with yours truly Bionic Body in Hermosa Beach.........and it's Bring a Friend for FREE month!


About to crush my leg workout day! What will you do to get your weekend started off right?!
5 sets of 15: leg press
5 sets of 12: walking pump lunges
5 sets of 15: cable squats
4 sets of 20: hyperextensions 04/04/2014

getfitwithmc on Instagram

If you want yet another way to stay connected to me via social media (because you know you want to....), here it is: Stay connected with MC to learn more about fitness/nutrition!


STUDIO CITY BOOTCAMP at 11:30 tomorrow! $10 per person! Way to rock the Wednesday 6pm class bootcampers.....keep it coming!


6pm SIGNATURE BIONIC BODY with me Bionic Body......and bring a friend for free! Nope, it's not an April's Fools joke


Tip to guys hitting on girls in the gym: Do not approach the girls in the middle of a set. Unless she has a full face of make up on, hair down and looks like she just stepped out of a club, you should assume she's there to WORK! Want to talk to a girl? Strike up a convo as she's taking a break, walking to the water fountain or even transitioning from exercises. P.S. Remember if you hit on her before; not a good look if you have forgotten due to the fact that you've hit on several other gym-goers..........


Since Sweat Garage workout kicked my butt yesterday....4 half miles in 18 minutes and 5 rounds of 20 reps of chest press, chest flys, heartbeats, rows and pullover with 20lb dumbbells....I'll be sticking to shoulder and tricep work today! What will your workout consist of? Don't be shy y'all....tell your secrets........


Today was an awesome LEG DAY for me!

Leg extension: 5 sets of 12 reps (100 lbs)
Walking lunges: 4 sets of 10 reps - each leg (55 lb bar on shoulders)
Back Squat on free machine: 2 sets of 7 reps - 135 lbs and 3 sets of 12 reps on Bosu ball - 105 lbs - squatting all the way down
Leg Press: 5 sets of 12 reps - increased from 100, 130 to 150 and 2 sets at 170 lbs
Jump Lunges: 4 sets of 10 reps holding 15lb dumbbells in each hand

Tell me, what is your workout today?! Remember, every little increase counts! Get to movin'!


AMAZING job to my Studio City bootcampers today for KILLING it today! Way to work y'all! If you want to join or find out more on how to develop a bootcamp in your 'neck of the woods' send me a message for more details. If you want to join in on the Saturday Studio City class, feel free to join next Saturday at 11:30 for $10 per person..and become a Studio City what I did there?


THURSDAY'S GOAL: Drink ONE glass of water every hour. Yes, you will have to get up and go to the restroom. Think of it as "Bathroom Cardio!" Kill two birds with one stones...not that I'm advocating animal abuse here, but you catch my drift.


$10 PER PERSON Bootcamp this Saturday at 10:30 in Studio City! Contact me for more details. If you would like to set up a bootcamp session in your location, contact me and we can get it up and running!




11240 Moorpark St
Studio City, CA

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