Baseball Training Institute

The Baseball Training Institute is the premier training institute with locations in New York and Orlando. The institute has a strong focus and priority on providing a positive sports and educational experience for the youth we serve! Hablamos Espanol!

We offer private training lessons, clinics and camps, travel baseball teams, college preparatory programs, as well as much more!


Always remember to keep your eyes on the ball as you follow through your swing! 👀

From The Bahamas, to Florida, and New York... we are the elite baseball training facility!

On top of A1 instruction, you get a genuine care for every single athlete that walks through our doors.

Your success in all areas of life both on and off the field is our goal!

Is there a such thing as a perfect swing?

Some may argue yes, but others may argue no.

What do you think?

Regardless of whether your swing is perfect or not, you should consistently be practicing to make it better!

We’re here to help you with that! 💪🏽

This is the face you give when you know you just have it your all!! 😤

Baseball Training Institute

When we say we’re more than just baseball we mean it. We want to see our athletes excel in all areas of life.

Jose is a prime example of what we strive for. We strive for athleticism, education, leadership, and overall personal development.

All of this done through the principles of baseball and everything it has to offer to these young athletes.

Thank you Jose for continuing to be a part of our BTI Family!

@docgooden will be with us live on June 26th from 6-8 PM!

He will step into the cage to teach mechanics, take photos, sign autographs, and answer all questions!

For more info on how to learn from a pro, contact us!

We hope you all have had an incredible start to the week so far and that you’re ready to LEAP into Hump Day!

Don’t let the midweek fatigue stop you from finishing strong. Make it happen! 💪🏽

We want to take the time to wish YOU a happy Father’s day.🙏🏽

This goes out to all of the people who are currently playing and have played the role of a father in someone’s life. You are all the real MVP’s.

We also want to take this moment to send a special shoutout to the man who has played an incredible father role for dozens of young athletes and his own children as well!

@coach_tony_tm thank you for everything you’ve done for many around the 🌎!

Never look back, unless you’re looking to see how far you’ve come.

Keep your head straight and keep on going. Your progress will always speak for itself!

Sometimes you need to break through the noise in order to stand out!

With so much talent and competition out there, what are you doing different to stand out to high schools, colleges, recruiters, etc..?

[06/09/19]   Happy PR day! Here’s a little tribute to some of the best PR players of all time! Oh yea ... our favorite is at the end 😎😉

Every swing... every hit... every movement should be done with intensity. 🔥

How you do anything, is how you do everything. How can you expect to give it your all in a game, if you give only a fraction of what you can do in practice.🤔

Take every moment to better yourself to become the player you’ve always dreamed of! 😈

We’re back ... and we came with the fire 🔥😎

So many amazing things going on with BTI currently and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Be on the look out for some amazing content! With locations now in New York, Florida, and the Bahamas, we are growing exponentially fast and want to take you along for the ride while providing as much value as we can!

💥Fall 2019 In Central FL💥

⚾️ Baseball Homeschool Institute

🔥The only ONSITE Christian Baseball Homeschool Program

What does onsite mean❓
Unlike traditional homeschool programs - students will gather daily TOGETHER at our location...
- Attend Online classes
- Eat balanced meals
- Train and practice
- Travel
- Play competitively

To Tryout - June 12th (See flyer for details) ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Come be a part of history!

This Fall 2019!!



Want to know the biggest skill you can have in the game of baseball?
Work ethic
That’s the fundamental skill and characteristic you need in order to succeed.
Of course there are techniques and details that need to be learned and practiced, but guess what, if you don’t have a great work ethic.... you’ll never attain any of them!
Crush Monday. Crush the week!
If there’s anything we can ever do for you, or any questions we can answer, please reach out to us.
We mean it when we say we want to help in all ways possible!

Happy Mothers Day ⚾

Happy Mothers Day ⚾

From grade school to high school, our athletes trust us along the way to guide them into being the best players around, both on and off the field. ⚾️

Is it because we are the best? Maybe 😉 but truly, it is because we care. We care a lot. Every player that walks in trough our doors or contacts us online becomes a part of the family.

We will do everything in our power to make sure they have the best experience possible and develop to be the best athlete they can be. They will reach their potential and make an impact along the way!

Have you ever wanted to give up?

Have you ever wanted to call it quits because you thought you couldn’t make it.

You thought you weren’t good enough? Strong enough? Fast enough? Tough Enough?

Has someone else ever been the voice that tells you that you can’t make it happen?

Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Through all of the young athletes we’ve helped play for major colleges across the states, there was one common denominator.

They never quit.

Your skills can be developed. Your mental toughness can be trained. But your perseverance? Now that is something that you need to dig deep for. We can help you unlock it, but it’s up to you to keep it going. 💪🏽

You hear that? ... yea we do too!

That’s the sounds of you crushing your day! 😎

Make it count!

The Showboys organization has truly been amazing to work with. Their ambition, their dedication, their athletes, their mission, and everything about them is incredible!🥇
Being able to help athletes around the world and leave an everlasting impact is truly one of our biggest goals. 🌎
Whether here in the Bahamas, back in our home state, or across the globe, we will continue to work diligently for every single organization, Coach, and athlete we meet! ⚾️

Getting ready to swing through hump day!
We want to hear from you? What do you do on a daily basis to be a better player?



The look you make when you see it’s raining, but all you want to do is go outside and grab a bat ⚾️


Easte Schedule


Easter Schedule



[04/17/19]   We’re exactly 5 days away until we visit the Showboys! Coach Tony will be training this amazing team from The Bahamas in order to get ready for nationals! 🥇
We can’t wait to see them there!

You have to be willing to get dirty... you have to be willing to dive.... you have to be willing to give it your all .... you have to be willing to lay your heart out on the field...
If you’re not willing to do that, then do you really want it? 🥇

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. Sunday is a great opportunity to get yourself set up for the week ahead.
Take the time to set out a new workout routine, plan out some meals, set out some new drills you want to practice.
Make this Sunday count!

Reflection. Whether we’re talking about it literally or figuratively, it is crucially important.
You will never be able to grow if you can’t identify the moments or things that you didn’t do well. When you can identify the mechanical and mental aspects that are holding you back, you’ll reach new levels.
So make sure you reflect at night on your attitude, your habits, and your actions, on top of that mirror work!

Had a rough weekend? Well it’s time to push back up!
We challenge you to start this Monday off on the right note!
-Do some drills
-eat healthy
-write down some goals
Do those 4 things and watch how you crush your Monday and set yourself up for success!

If you know Coach Tony, you know that he will never give up on you. His dedication to his athletes is like no other. His patience, his knowledge, and his charisma all come together to provide the most enjoyable and educational learning experience you can ever have with a coach.
Every session you have with him is the next step in your game. You will always leave feeling accomplished and knowing that you learned something new/developed a new skill.
We appreciate Coach Tony for not only everything he’s done, but for his constant commitment to the betterment of athletes around the world!

New month, new goals, new results!
Take action towards making this month your best month yet!

Sliding into the new week like ...
Today is Sunday, the perfect day to prepare for the week ahead! If you’ve felt like you haven’t been proactive about your game and practicing, there is no better time to start than now.
Tomorrow is a Monday and the 1st, nothing like a fresh start to get your head in the right place for the season ahead!

We’ve had so many catchers who need specialized training for their position that we’ve decided to make it easier to get access to it!
We are launching a 7 workout specialized series specifically for catchers to work on their conditioning, strength, mobility, and skill set!
Stay tuned for our pre launch on April 2nd, where you’ll get access to this incredible workout series along with various other services.
Every opportunity that we can make to help an athlete get better is another opportunity to create the next generation of leaders!
Can’t make it to our facility, but want to train with us? Catchers, this one is for you!

5 Week Catchers Intensive

5 Week Catchers Intensive

Every single day we strive to find the proper balance between family, camaraderie, and pushing each of our athletes to their fullest potential!
Love, respect, baseball! The only way to learn and properly grow!

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity!
Happy St.Paddy’s day to you all! We hope you have an amazing Sunday!

Staring down Friday like....
We’ve said it before and we’ll always say it, just because the weekend is here doesn’t mean you stop working!

We are super excited to be able to have Charlie Hayes as a guest!!

If you’d like to see more, check out our Expert Secrets for Baseball Players group!


Rise and shine! We’re here to help coach you right through hump day!
Don’t let anything get in the way of your motivation for the week. Every single day is an opportunity to get better at your craft!

Onsite HOMESCHOOL - The Only 1 Of Its Kind

Onsite Baseball HOMESCHOOL - The Only 1 Of Its Kind

mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
Build life long friendships with the athletes you meet, the coaches that train you, and the friends you make. Baseball should be a loving journey!

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