Redemption Rising LLC

Redemption Rising LLC


I have these for sale as well. $10 for the 11oz mug. $15 for the 15 oz mug. Artwork by Redemption Rising LLC
Happy 4th of July! Reppin a little Redemption Work on this great holiday!
Just showing off my “best wife of the year” award!

Thank you so so much for this! It is absolutely PERFECT.
It’s Walther Arms, Inc. Wednesday! I just love my Q5 steel frame! The combo of the LOK Grips, TaylorFreelance base pads and mag well and the crisp Overwatch Precision trigger makes this striker fired steel frame a dream to shoot! It always puts that @g9ammo on target! Thanks @bill_carmickle for the great shot! Who knew I had focused angry face!? #waltherq5matchsf #waltherarms #3gun #3gunner #3guncompetition #womenwhoshoot #pewpew @g9ammo Phoenix Weaponry Redemption Rising LLC @LOK Grips @taylorfreelance Long's Shadow Holster Inc. Tactical Rx (a division of SportsOptical) US LawShield
I can't thank you guys enough for such great work on my guns! I'm totally blown away by all of it!
When you are bored and say hey need a good night picture of them Warlock HBIC wheels done by Redemption Rising LLC boom done
Loving this amazing cerakote job by Redemption Rising! Thank you so very much!
Make your door stand out!

Thank you Redemption Rising LLC for the opportunity. Very fun project!
I’m not a Gucci Girl, but Redemption Rising LLC a killer job with the bling!

• @redemption_rising @beretta_usa APX Full Size Double 9mm Luger @cerakote draped in Gucci. Sleek, somewhat subtle with just some “14kt Gold” from @eyecandypigments 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#louisiana #queenofrebellion #offthereservation #beretta #apx #gucci #9mmluger #gucciguns #fullyclothedandkillingit #armorblack #snipergrey #stormtrooperwhite #14ktgold #cerakote #diamondplatedllc @ Redemption Rising LLC
This is the place that does the guns

Cerakote Services

Operating as usual

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He lowered the prices on these
Posting for a friend


Info in pic. DM for anything else. Posting for a friend

Photos from Redemption Rising LLC's post 02/17/2022

PM for info.
All below retail
All brand new
Posting for a friend


Hit up Dam Crafty on FB for this one!!!

Photos from Redemption Rising LLC's post 02/09/2022

$25 ea. Hit up @jessdan_yelly at All Around in the same building as DSI customs.


HIT UP @jessdan_yelly


Only thing left to do is move a building and set up the booth...

We’re getting there. Thanks for the patience. It’s been one helluva task


That’s bout it!!!



if you don’t share and pass anything else on...SHARE AND PASS THIS! Instead of complaining and fighting whatever agendas for a minute and focus a little more on helping these people!
It’s ok to step off your soapboxes for a moment and do some good.
#mayfieldky #mayfield #sendhelp #heavyequipment #desperateneed #disasterresponse #shatterlives #kentuckytornado #missouritornado #arkansastornado #samaritanspurse #convoyofhope

Photos from Redemption Rising LLC's post 12/13/2021

Share & pass the word! We can all help the States affected and we can start with @samaritanspurse !!!

#tornado #tornadorelief #support #sendhelp #payitforward #kentucky #arkansas #missouri #raceagainstthewinter #naturaldisasters #emergencymanagement #disasterrelief #immediateneed

Kentucky tornadoes: Thousands of homes gone, dozens dead 12/13/2021

Kentucky tornadoes: Thousands of homes gone, dozens dead

We in SWLA are well versed in natural disasters. We know all about the loss of property, pets & people. Please continue to not just be a spectator but a prayer warrior for the people of Kentucky, Missouri and the other States affected.

Please check with our Louisiana charities that are assisting and if you’re looking for an alternative place to help consider Samaritan's Purse or Convoy of Hope. There are pages up for a lot of the Counties affected asking desperately for immediate supplies. You know what those are because it’s the same things we need down here post Hurricane. Only other difference is they will be racing the winter snow & ice.

Kentucky tornadoes: Thousands of homes gone, dozens dead "When this tornado hit, it didn’t take a roof off – which is what we’ve seen in the past – it exploded the whole house. People, animals, the rest…just gone."

ANNIE (1982): “Tomorrow” Full Clip | Sony Pictures Kids Zone #WithMe 12/13/2021

ANNIE (1982): “Tomorrow” Full Clip | Sony Pictures Kids Zone #WithMe

For those having a day, month or life full of difficulties right now...


ANNIE (1982): “Tomorrow” Full Clip | Sony Pictures Kids Zone #WithMe Relive and sing along to your favorite songs from the beloved classic, Annie!About Sony Pictures Kids Zone: Sony Pictures Kids Zone gets kids learning, movin...


I’m no bitch

People: Just shut it down and walk away

Me: Naaaah, I’m no bitch. It might be what gets me in the end but I’m no quitter and I’m definitely no bitch.

#makethediseasemybitch #iwillfinisheverythingfirst #imnotdeadyet #onelastride #onelastpush #polycystickidneydisease #stage4isabitch #3rdgenerationdiagnosis #kidneydiseaseawareness #dontpanic
DSI Customs

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): Symptoms, Treatment, Diet & Autosomal Recessive 12/11/2021

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): Symptoms, Treatment, Diet & Autosomal Recessive


#OrganDonation #polycystickidneydisease #stage4isabitch #livingdonor #livingdonorssavelives #3rdgenerationdiagnosis #themoreyouknow #educateyourself #kidneydiseaseawareness

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): Symptoms, Treatment, Diet & Autosomal Recessive What is polycystic kidney disease? Read about polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Symptoms include headaches, urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, liver and pancreatic cysts, abnormal heart valves, high blood pressure, kidney stones, aneurysms, and diverticulosis.



I have kept my health status virtually private as I feel it should be. In a sense of truthfulness & mild transparency I need you all to pay attention to the next few statements:
My PKD has reached a stage/point that I’m in and have been for the past few months somewhat in a bit of a major health crisis. Rapid progression is an understatement here, folks.
With that being said I am closing up my shop. Therefore my father and I will be relocating to my home & because I am a very strong believer in integrity and being a woman of my word I will most definitely finish the few items that I have left to finish. Because of my current health status my father will be stepping in to help knock these items out so that they can be returned as soon as possible. I attempted to try and push things with just myself thinking my body could handle it but unfortunately, it made matters drastically worse.

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me here lately as the last 3-4 years has been a heck of a ride. I do not regret working 2-3 and sometimes 3-4 days straight with no sleep as I’m just that person and I don’t quit or give up. If i had a dime for every time one of you made comments of “I don’t know how you do it” or “you’re a beast” for pushing and staying awake so long, I’d be Donald Trumpin by now. Probably wasn’t the best idea I ever had because I’m severely paying for it now but I do not regret it. I, with the assistance of a friend, stayed and we made sure everyone’s firearms were safe and guarded through every hurricane. So you will definitely be safe now as well. I value quality over quantity and I take an extreme level of pride in my work for every piece. I believe I have proven myself by my work and not just in my words. No one freak the crap out. Your stuff is safe and will be completed very quickly & here shortly so that I can take some much needed time to try and slow this progression down before I end up having to go look the Lord in the face and attempt to explain a few things. 🤣

With all due respect, I am asking very politely that you give myself and my father a week to get the equipment wired back up and then we both will be pushing everything out. And when I say pushing it out, I literally mean it might be my last leg of life’s race but damnit I’m bout to go out strong and hard.

Thank you for the respect, the love over the years, the support, patience and for the prayers as they are definitely needed!!


#imnotdeadyet #chronickidneydisease #polycystickidneydisease #dontpanic #igotthis #havesomefaithinme #integrity #qualityproducts #iveearnedtherespect #goingoutwithabang #stage4isabitch
#idontquit #IGotYou #iwillfinish*tall
#OrganDonation #MyStoryIsntOverYet

DSI Customs
Combat Bound LLC
JoAnn Begnaud
Brendan Moss
Donny Trahan
Gator Guns


If ya heard or know...ya KNOW!

#juicy #YouDoneDidItNow #lifetimeminiseries #netflixdocumentary #SmallTownSecrets #EverybodyTalks #theteahathspilt


IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! These dudes comin in hot & spicy with it! Shout out to the men of the boil shack at Meeks2Go&Circle 7 and all those beautiful women supporting them and keeping the front side rolling steady! When I tell you the amount of people & vehicles that were standing and parked everywhere and anywhere waiting on those crawfish was MASSIVE!! If THAT don’t tell you where it’s at, NOTHING will. As for that fried chicken & Mac-n-cheese?! They GOT to be fryin that mess in anointing oil because we done went off and denounced every other chicken joint out there after tonight. That mac-n-cheese will straight change your religion.
#NorthMLK #lakecharleslouisiana #alltherespectisontheyname #hustlinhard #crawfishseason #louisianacrawfish #circle7seafoodanddaiqurihut #meeks2gocircle7 #somuchflavor #bringintheheat🔥 #firstpotsoldoutbeforeitwasevendone #itsawholevibe


BLESSED ASSUUUUUURANCE!!! Yeeees indeed! It’s the hottest, spiciest, most flavorable time of the YEAR! It’s @meeks2go_circle7 time ta shiiiiiine, WON’T HE DO IT! 🙌🏼
#meeks2gocircle7 #circle7seafoodanddaiqurihut #dointhelordswork #crawfishseason #bestsroundhandsdown #isingbecauseimhappy #louisianacrawfish #whatyouknowaboutthat #letsgetit


HEEERE WEEEE GOOOOOO!! @circle7_empire_ is comin’ in hot & spicy! YAAAASSSS SIR!
#circle7seafood #circle7Daiquiris #meeks2gocircle7 #louisianacrawfishbaby #crawfishseason #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #themboyscanBOIL #THEbestaround #farmedthemselves #praisebe


Latest Cuts Salon & Boutique


Dear Ranger Danger E at Combat Bound LLC,

We need to discuss the procurement/acquiring of the second option that starts with an “e” and ends in a boom.

Please do so in a covert manner as Capt Romania (Dre) will attempt to enforce protocols. 🤣😂🤣


Welp, here we go...Catholic meltdown in 3...2...1

Photos from Redemption Rising LLC's post 12/07/2021

That moment in an America where an average looking male with a mediocre collegiate swimming career becomes the female ogre smashing records in female collegiate swimming. Imagine that level of mental defeat when you sucked at the beauty pageant AND can only excel in women’s sports. If we are going to be fair biologically than male born athletes should compete with male born athletes. The same as female born. All the rest of you sexual transformers or genitalia decepticons should compete in your biological birth category or against each other. Stay out of our pure born’s sports.
I do not apologize for this statement or post. I have freedom of speech. I am stating no hate but mere scientific facts.
#swiminyourownpool #degredationofwomenathletes #menvsmen #womenvswomen #transvstrans #knowyourplace #someonehelpthatmanwithhishair #mediocremaleswimmer #excelsinfemalesports #whatajoke


THIS is a man’s rtkidney that is diseased with PKD. It weighed a total of 15.4lbs. It was removed as a partial nephrectomy done in Australia. The incision alone to remove the right kidney was 12.598 inches from his chest to his abdomen. This type of removal is done because sometimes the kidney has become too large in the body and hinders/presses onto other organs causing other adverse medical problems. This man now only has a left kidney and will have to attend dialysis 3 times a week instead of just the 2 times a week he was previously required to for life.

THIS IS PKD (polycystic kidney disease). There is no cure. There is not treatment like there is for other diseases. There are little to no fundraisers or awareness done by people like you all do for other CURABLE & TREATABLE diseases. More people die from kidney failure waiting on the kidney transplant list than cancer every year. 13 people die each day waiting for a kidney donation to be exact. 3,000 people are added to the National Kidney transplant registry every month. EVERY MONTH! THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE PER MONTH. That’s 36,000 per year. To break that down, set your phone’s alarm to go off every 14 minutes. Someone is added to the list of hopeful but highly unlikely every 14minutes. Then you can tell me or complain to me just how “rough” or “bad” you have it. Until then? It would suit you best to stop comparing your mild to moderate ailments to the rest of us. I and others would GLADLY trade you if we could and this is just a mild excerpt of the physical.
15 pounds for just ONE kidney in this man. A male’s average weight for a healthy kidney is .0357 lbs. Not even a full pound. Not even a full 1/2 pound. A gallon of milk weighs an average of 8lbs. So in essence he was carrying the equivalent of 4 gallons of milk just in kidney weight.
NOW that you’ve read this and have a visual aid along with statistics... READ IT AGAIN.

My grandmother (PKD) 1931-1996
My mother (PKD) 1951-2019
Me (PKD) 1978 - TBD

#begrateful #sayyourthankyousbeforebed #quitdrinkingsodamnmuch
#bealivingdonor #welcome2myworld #kidneydisease

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I’m no bitch



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