Brian Bielong Racing, Summerfield, IL Video June 16, 2018, 1:06am

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Heat Race 2

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A Mod Feature

Heat Race 2

A Mod Feature

A Mod Dash

A Mod Heat 1

Heat 2

Here's the heat race from saturday night

Here's the dash from saturday night

Heres the feature from saturday at Highland Speedway

This was heat race from this year. Brian through a rod and still finished 2nd. Unfortunately wasnt able to compete in the feature. Pic of motor in commnets

A little video from when Reverend Devin decides to chig some moonshine. Lol eas a great night with family, friends,sponsors, and.crew.

What a way to finish the racing season. Started 2nd in heat race finished 2nd. Started 6th in feature and brought home the checkered flag.. was a good race between Brian and the 292 josh allen I think was name

Here the heat race from Peoria Speedway . Thought I was recording feature but wasnt.. so here's the heat

Lol. The Rev giving his speach/prayer for Brian before He rolled off for the feature. Good times lol

Hell of a race winner winner 3 in a row..

Wow not how we wanted to start night. We are done for the evening. Hard hit and alot bent stuff.

Car is fired up and pill drew a 22

First race out. And picked up the win.. dash coming up later on

First few laps in the new car. Starting front row inside 2nd heat.

Heres a little racing action to help the wait till Friday.. Friday can't come quicker. Ready to sling some dirt.

Make-up feature at Highland Speedway summer 2014.

New chassis getting painted. Stay tuned.

Good race once got going.. battle to the very end with rusty griffaw. 2 of the best in area putting on a good show.

Part 2 heat race Montgomery County Speedway. Winner winner

Little heat race action from Montgomery Country Speedway . Part 1. Part 2 will follow

Since the season over heres a little racing action at belle clair

Here is the feature from Belle-Clair Speedway this friday night.. Brian had good car. Was throwing sparks. I think the 28 and Brian was having a spark war. Lok

Heat race video

Heres the heat race from Last Night at Highland speedway. Car was bad fast. Went onto win the heat

Feature #1 of the night. Started 2nd and finished 1st

Started 4th was running 3rd. Battling for lead and tranny junked.. Unfortunately we are unable to continue.. no spare tranny. Tough break.

Started 2nd in Summer National heat race. Finished 2nd. Was a good race Between Brian,Harrison,and Hancok..

Heat race from Macon Speedway last night.

Started 2nd won the heat . Dash up later

Good clean hard racing between Rusty Griffaw and Brian .. Finished 2nd. Great race

Here's the heat race from Highland Saturday night. Missed the first lap

Here's the feature from Friday Night At Brownstown Speedway

Here's the Start of heat 1. Will post part 2 soon as well.

Hers the last couple laps of the heat race.

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