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Attitude of gratitude, message of the day.

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Knee discomfort while lunging, walking, and squatting is very common. One of the most common reasons for this discomfort is lack of preparation prior to performing the exercise. This step by step approach should be more then helpful and put you back into the “GAME”. Get yours 7 step approach right at under the blog section.

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Now when we are all locked up inside our homes and apartments without ability to simple go the gym, you are probably looking for a fat loss diet plan. Well, if you need to trim up and shed some fat, then this diet plan will definitely help. YOU WILL LEARN1️⃣ Approved food for a fat loss2️⃣You will get list of MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND SEEDS3️⃣Menu options for BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNERS AND SNACKS. Right at, look for our article quarantine diet or LAZY’S MAN GUIDE TO a FAT LOSS.

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In my opinion is the most important of all componentes of fitness, but
unfortunately it
is also one of the most neglected.
When should it be performed? Preferably after your workout routine, it would be great if you have an extra 20-30min to focus on the area you worked that day, and a MUST the areas you have most limitations.
Of course the best way to do it is hands on, so get a workout partner and stretch each other, or better yet, get me to do it for you 😜.


Learn HOW to use foam roller properly,WHY it is imperative to implement it into fitness routine on the daily basis AND WHAT areas of your body at urgent need. ( our personal favorite roller is a Vyper2.0 from , because the vibrating feature allows to ease into the soft tissue much easier and you don’t have to move as much when rolling to get the same release)GET YOUR FREE ULTIMATE PDF GUIDE right after you visit

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Most individuals believe that a muscle must be warmed up by performing a low- to moderate-intensity aerobic activity before any stretching exercise 🧐 . 💁‍♂️This is supposedly to increase the temperature of the tissue, reducing the viscosity (resistance to force) and decreasing the resistance of the tissue to stretching.HOWEVER, this belief is primarily based on animal tissue studies at unrealistic tissue temperatures (temperatures that are unlikely to exist within the human body).✅ More recent research suggests that ROM can be improved by the application of heat or ice (either heating or cooling the tissue), suggesting that warming up tissues is not necessary to improve ROM . ✅Other studies have found that neither passive nor active warm-up exercises result in significant changes in the efficacy of stretching exercises. A study by Magnusson and colleagues found that a 10-minute warm-up (running at 70% VO2max) did not change the viscosity of the target tissue, even though it elevated the tissue’s temperature . Furthermore📶, this study found that four different static stretches did produce changes in the viscoelastic proper- ties of the tissue. Although these stretches were held longer than is typically practiced (90 seconds), this study does suggest that stretching is more effective than short-term endur- ance exercise at changing the properties of the tissue, making it more compliant and less resistant to lengthening. 🧐Thus, an active warm-up may not be necessary before stretching when an improvement of ROM is the goal.

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Learn how to fight knots, aches and tight right on the spot from the office, , home, or airplane. We got brand new PDF step by step guide with video to explain WHAT, WHY AND HOW! Subscribe to our email list at and be the first one to test drive it.

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Learn how to fight knots, aches and tight right on the spot from the office, , home, or airplane. We got brand new PDF step by step guide with video to explain WHAT, WHY AND HOW! Subscribe to our email list and be the first one to test drive it.


Most of us are creatures of habit when it comes to our diets. We buy the same groceries each week, we eat at the same restaurants, and we order the same coffee every day. However, every once and a while, our routines get disrupted, and we are forced to change our habits.

Whenever this happens, we usually aren’t prepared to handle these changes and often need some help adjusting. One of the significant changes that can occur is when we have to travel to places for extended periods or whenever we get stuck at home for long periods of time due to weather, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events.... this time it’s ... read more...


Do you have any questions or fitness program advices PLEASE COMMENT AND ASK , we will help you with our best knowledge and abilities!!!
Stay in a good health and take care of yourself and loved ones 💯!

60-MINUTE SPECIAL | Cirque du Soleil 03/27/2020

60-MINUTE SPECIAL | Cirque du Soleil

Free Front Row Experience from Cirque du Soleil, enjoy it .

60-MINUTE SPECIAL | Cirque du Soleil It’s Friday and we have something special for our fans! Since you cannot come to us, we’re coming to you with a hour-long special. Enjoy a fro...

COVID-19 Information & Resources - Google 03/21/2020

COVID-19 Information & Resources - Google - Google has already launched a site where you can find information about the coronavirus. There are statistics of cases and data on medical facilities for each state.
Take care of yourself! ❤️

COVID-19 Information & Resources - Google Information and resources to help people stay safe, connected and informed.



While we are all going crazy buying chicken and eggs like crazy , don’t forget to be aware of what goes into your system, take a look at differences between organic , grass fed , natural , gluten free labels -

Cracking NUTRITION CODE – T-RICES Nutrition labels are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide accurate serving sizes, calories and fats per serving as well as specific details about vitamins, nutrients and added sugars. When you’re trying to eat more nutritious foods, cut refined carbs, avoid gluten or steer...

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Anyone who knows me is aware of what kind of relationship I have with social media (none, Ahahaha). I actually just asked my beautiful husband how to post this message here because, honestly I am still learning how this thing works (lol). I agreed on creating this account to be used for business only, but I could not miss this opportunity, this moment, right now!!!
I am a truly believer that there is such word as “coincidence” in God’s dictionary. I believe this situation we are going through in our planet right now was planned long time ago, it’s meant to happen. I think this is a time for all of us to take a minute out of our busy schedules to reflect how we all choose to live our lives.
I bet there are millions of kids just like this one you see in this picture that are having the time of the lives just by having at least one of their parents at home with them. Is in moments like this that most of us stop to breathe, to think, and appreciate all the little things we take for granted in a daily basis, things like washing our hands frequently, reaching out to a loved one to say hello, finally meeting the next door naibour for the first time after years of living right there on the other side of our walls, calling someone we care for because we are sorry and want to apologize for something we did that hurt them, or doing the groceries for an elderly stranger that was waiting for hours at a parking lot for someone younger who could go inside of the store for them because they were afraid of contracting this virus that has taken over our entire lives as we know it...
Anyways, I believe that God’s will will be done no matter what at the right time, his time.
I think that this is just one more of his mysterious ways of calling up on his people to remind us of what’s really important in life


What is core and why it is so important to on it. Let’s tune in and see )). -different


What is core and why it is so important to on it. Let’s tune in and see )).

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That is exactly how do you feel before and after great stretch :

Infinite thanks ! I've been in pain for a long time and I have been aware that I should include stretching in my daily routines and now I confirm it even more. .r.i.c.e.s Not only is it a session but you also learn how to avoid pain and make the most of the session’s benefits!
if you are feeling the same way like I am you should book a session with .r.i.c.e.s 🙌🏻💪🏻✨🙏🏻 Happy Wednesday people 💗✨😘

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came in with some limited range of motion at her neck. .
When a Muscle becomes tight and immobile, it can “stick”(adhesion) to the skin(fascia). When injures, excessive scar tissue can build up and keep an area from moving well. This is excess collagen buildup. .
We did more than 3 interventions under one hour: , blading, and finished with application. We love to top off our sessions with to provide some extra added relief that goes home with our clients. Kinesiology tape will add extra support, decompress pain receptors and extra space for the tissue, so you can without any and better at life.
Thank you so much for stopping by and trusting us , let us know how do you feel.

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Number one secret behind top level .

Why stretching is important? .

Did you know regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise? Stretching helps keep the muscle flexible, strong and healthy. Regular stretching HELPS PREVENT injuries and helps to ensure that both muscles on each side of a joint maintain an equal degree of pull so the joint is able to move freely and efficiently in all directions. .

If you haven’t stretch in a while, start adding some basic stretching before and after your . AND FOR SURE BOOK A RECOVERY SESSION WITH US .
Photo credit : @ Miami, Florida


It’s and we learning how can affect your , and .

T-RICES : always and environment where you at the center for better performance and life.

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Getting motion isn’t the end goal. CONTROLLING MOTION IS. And if you and like pain might interfere with your daily activities and exercise. That is where we can definitely help on the picture simple yet very effective technique: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, we are using blade a surgical-grade stainless steel “Mallet”. Honed from surgical-grade stainless steel, the Mallet is the ultimate on the spot tool. Hand-polished treatment surfaces, combined with a perfectly balanced and weighted core make
tissue scanning and treatment a breeze. Matte-finished dimples—four on each side—combined with a patented "brass knuckle" style handle enables practitioners to hold the tool six different ways.
It’s definitely one of our favorite tool to fight muscle knots , Bring back elasticity to a tissue. Come and check us out and see how you will feel immediate relief on the spot.



and with in mind would love to share with you one of the GO TO when it comes to any kind of or movement: scapular retraction, could be done with suspension bands, dumbbells, resistance bands. This exercise really puts scapula at optimal position, while performing chest press of any kind make sure to on that squeeze between scapula , try it next and let us know what do you think about it.
PS : always and environment where you at the center for better performance and life.

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: .r.i.c.e.s environment where you are the center and today we will talk about and muscle 🤔.... which one is that ?

🔥The serratus anterior🔥 is a muscle that originates on the surface of the 1st to 8th ribs at the side of the chest and inserts along the entire anterior length of the medial border of the scapula. The serratus anterior acts to pull the scapula forward around the thorax, stabilizing it and allow the “proper” scapular motion. .

The serratus anterior is occasionally called the "big swing muscle" or "boxer's muscle" ( knows for sure ) because it is largely responsible for the protraction of the scapula — that is, the pulling of the scapula forward and around the rib cage that occurs when someone throws a punch.

The function of the serratus anterior muscle is to allow the forward rotation of the arm and to pull the scapula forward and around the rib cage. The scapula is able to move laterally due to the serratus anterior muscle, which is vital for the elevation of the arm. The serratus anterior muscle also allows the upward rotation of the arm, which allows a person to lift items over their head.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition that develops when the rotator-cuff tendons in the shoulder are overused or injured, causing pain and movement impairments. Shoulder impingement syndrome may also be referred to as "subacromial" impingement syndrome because the tendons, ligaments, and bursa under the "acromion" can become pinched or compressed. The shoulder is made up of 3 bones called the humerus, the scapula, and the clavicle. The acromion is a bony prominence on the top of the scapula, which can be felt as a bump at the tip of the shoulder.

So working on Serratus Anterior is definitely something you should consider doing when dealing with shoulder injuries and pain. And of corse it’s more factors to be covered, stay tuned in. @ Sunny Isles Beach, Florida


Needed to Recover from playing soccer last night, thanks coach .r.i.c.e.s 💪🏽💪🏽😅
Add to your training edge with access to the same recovery technology used by elite athletes. .
is NOW available at .r.i.c.e.s in our fitness Recovery facility, which also offers stretching and soft tissue adjustment with cutting edge technology by , electric muscle stimulation by and more. .
Air Relax is FDA approved devise and one of the industry leader in compression recovery technology and ..... its clinically proven to increase circulation and reduce soreness. .
Got questions? Drop them below!
And tssssssss 🤫🤫🤫 prepare your relax , you might fall asleep in the chair.

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If you are not super human then after intense you would feel sore and broken, specially if you training with .gold. During session you use a lots of arms and legs and in turn midsection and lower back getting tense. We have multiple tools 🛠 to help you get back into the game in no time. In the video you can see and instrumental assisted soft tissue mobilization, the ultimate goal here is to increase tissue elasticity and improve gliding between skin, FACIA and which in turn will release pain and aches in your body. Come check us out and get first free evaluation on us.

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What your Grandma did not tell you about cupping : .

Myofascial Cupping has been around since the early 19th century - only recently has the image of purple circles on professional athlete’s backs created attention to an ancient myofascial therapy. The cups and techniques have changed over time, but the basic premise of the Cups providing suction to decompress the underlying tissue remains the same. .

Check out this cupping action with .gold. Do you see those stagnant colors ( swipe ▶️) on Vlad’s back, well ... that’s indicates ungodly tension in your back and chances are you have poor blood circulation- Purple spots. Cupping to the The Rescue to restore proper blood flow, release of toxins, increase tissue gliding, break adhesions and release tension. .

Come over and give this amazing ancient therapy to take all aches out of your body.
How does it feel afterwards .gold ?
@ Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

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Hey Guys have you ever tried hypervolt and what is your favorite body part to work on with it ?

If you wondering what that is :

What exactly it IS ??? 🤔.
Here we come:
It’s an alien 👽 technology from future that will transform your body into any shape or form or body part you wish...... NOW: I wish it would be the truth 😝, but not this time. “DAM YOU, COACH” , I thought that is IT. .

Ok : now truth - It’s revolutionary deep muscle treatment tool uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate blood flow and heat. It has 3 different frequencies ( which by the way was clinically study and implemented by ).
- It has a unique stroke length and industry leading Powerful 60W high-torque motor. - it has 4 different attachments to use based on body part . - Helps increase circulation by making body temperature rise ⬆️, making vibration nice warming up before . - Also helps lymphatic systemic to flush out the toxins in the body to help . .
Photo credit : .
#gym @ Miami, Florida

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