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11+ years of hooping


Handmade hoops allow a wider range of movement and a total body dance based workout. Hooping can change your life. Hooping is fun to watch but it to be in the circle is bliss. It can be adapted so anyone can do it. Larger hoops are easier to waist hoop and smaller ones are for off-body. Hooping burns calories while having fun - dancing to music.

Mission: My mission is to share handmade hoops and hooping with all who are interested.

Pippin and the Sharmat

This shot is NOT a composite - That Guy With The Camera is just that good! 😻

Jody Evans sparks joy and connection with hula hoops Jody Evans didn’t start hula hooping with the intention of forming a business from the activity. Instead, she took up hula hooping as a way to relieve stress and invite

Amber Iowa Hula Hoop Tree

Lined up & down the road.
Be safe and have FUN 😀

Magic Hip-Hoop

Espacio para bailar...🌌🌙⭐

Science confirms: Dancing makes you happy When we dance our brain releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power, so dancing makes us happy.

Lee Jeffries Performance Artist

Welcome to my dark side 😈

Bishop Briggs LIVE at Firefly Music Festival
Next stop: Electric Forest ❤️🙏

Jennifer Dennehy

Sneak peak at my latest choreographic work, Rise, which premiered at the Erie Festival of Dance in March 2019. If you want to view the whole piece the link is in the comments.

Choreography by Jennifer Dennehy.

I do not own the rights to the music solely used for educational purposes.

Elvee fire

Suspended, quiet and free 🧜‍♀️
The world of water has taken a new meaning in my life since I started #Mermaiding. Taking me in new directions I never knew I loved...
And man, this underwater photo shoot! One of the most magical things I've done so far...

Credits to focus live photographer
Workshop by Mermates
#underwatermodel #underwaterphotoshoot #hulahoop

[06/16/19]   10 years ago!

Hoop Cubed

Papa bear knows what’s up!! 😂😂😂

Appalachian Creations

Rink camp

Hoop Junky


Had fun with all the kids at camp! This photo is from last year.

Lauren Elles Performance Art

Smoky Mountain Sk8way & FUN ZONE

Hooping with the younger campers!

[06/09/19]   Hooping with the kids at Smoky Mountain Sk8way & FUN ZONE camp tomorrow!

Les chats dorment n'importe où

hello my friend, i find something for you, hope you enjoy it :-)

Why hula hooping? What do you love about hooping?It's a toy and a tool. It's playful and it's deep. It's a circle and a guide. In all honesty, it's ridiculously fun and is great for fitness (the body), meditation and inner stillness (the spirit), neuroplasticity (the mind) as well as a fab cr...

Hoop Cubed

HoopYogini™ tonight at @springtxyoga in Old Town Spring! 7:30pm, sign up at, and come get centered and have some fun ❤️ .
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Family Friendly Asheville

Each summer, Asheville Downtown Association brings fun, family friendly events to downtown's Pritchard Park as part of the Pritchard Park Summer Series. All events are free and open to the public. All ages are welcome.

June 4th-August 6th, 5:30pm-7:30pm.
Hoop Jam: Bring your own hoop and twist away or borrow one to try out. This event is in partnership with Asheville Hoops.

June 5th-July 24th, 6:00pm-7:30pm
LEAF Community Arts: Join LEAF for cultural performances and crafts with Easel Rider teaching artists. Asheville Museum of Science will also be collaborating with LEAF throughout the summer to bring hands-on STEM activities to the party!

Every Friday, 6:00pm-9:50pm
Asheville Drum Circle: Since 2001, the beats and rhythms of the Asheville Drum Circle have pulled drummers, dancers and spectators into Pritchard Park for communal music enjoyment. Attendees are welcome to bring along their own drums and join in the fun.

❗️👉 NOTE: All events are weather dependent with schedules and lineups subject to change.

Flamenco Handwork for Hoopers - Lesson 1

This is a piece of handwork above the head that was inspired by the film Strictly Ballroom. In the finale, Fran and Scott do a pasa doble and the scene opens...


For those of us in the flow arts world, modern day hoop dance may seem commonplace, but to many - it's still thought of as child's play. There's also a lot of misinformation about "weighted hoops" and what's really needed for hula hoop fitness. ⁣

👆This is why we EDUCATE. ⁣

✴ According to the American Council on Exercise, hooping burns an average of 420 calories an hour.⁣
✴ Many hoop dancers claim that the mental health healing benefits of hooping are profound. It's a form of movement meditation that's just as great for the mind and spirit as it is for the body.⁣
✴Hoop dance improves coordination, balance and flexibility of the spine.⁣
✴The hoop itself can make or break someone's experience. "I can't hula hoop." is a phrase we hear often from newbies, and by the end of their first Hoola-Fit class, their whole perception changes. As hoop dance educators, putting our students into the right size hoop is one of the most important things we can do (Hoop sizing is based on height, body type, skill level and flow style).

Hoosier Hooper

So true. I think the hoop meditatively speaking has brought out my best inner self as well as a healthier physical body.

Morgan Jenkins - Miss Mo'Jangles

"I'm a SUCKER for Hoops!" Original choreography by Galen Hooks for her beginner - Night of Dance - workshop | Hoopography by Morgan Jenkins - Miss Mo'Jangles & Hannah Mae Brobst .

🎶TRACK ID: "SUCKER" Jonas Brothers

Hoop Dogg a.k.a Hayley Hoopla

🎵 Here it is!🎵 Introducing: HOOPDOGG!
My Debut Music Video. Big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Let me know what you think!


This is now right at the top of the list of really pointless but really impressive talents 👏

Having fun at the Senior Centers 90+ Birthday Bash!

Hoosier Hooper

Haha. A little Sunday humor.

Hoop O'clock Collective

Hoop O'clock Collective

'set the images in your mind... and then believe in them...'

[05/16/19]   Hooping at the Senior Center to entertain at the 90 or older Birthday Celebration!

Mad About Hoops

The future belongs to the kiddos who believe in the beauty of their dreams ✨💕⭕️

I have all the sizes needed for hoop success!

Please please please, when a new hooper asks what size they should get, ask questions first! Let’s make our community bigger by helping them succeed! ❤️ .
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🧡 Gyro hoop lovin’ 🧡

Watch in ✨HD✨
IG: Circlesanity 🌀
• 🎼: Birocratic - when you’re able

Lee Jeffries Performance Artist

A longer Spinsanity Flow Down post will be coming soon but for now enjoy my first big 12 wick burn of the weekend ❤️🙏🔥🔥🙏❤️


It doesn’t matter what anyone else long as YOU are doing what makes YOU happy, that’s all that matters!! ⭐️
We would Love to see and hear what kind of hoop moves make YOU feel the happiest!

#hoopflow #dowhatmakesyouhappy #hoopinglife #hoopdance #beyourself #loveyourself #authenticself



Michele McCoy - Autumn Flow

Monica killing it with the Autumn Flow Bali Blossoms LED 💖💖!!

Posted @withrepost • @moni_the_hooper Some of last nights fair flow✨🎡
#autumnflow 27” Bali blossom @michelemccoy✨

To be featured use hashtag #autumnflow in your photo & video posts with your Autumn Flow hoop 🙂🍁.

#hooplove #flowmies #autumnflow #sacredcircle #showmeyourtrails #hooping #ledhoops


love is beautiful


Beautiful SaFire
Photo by Cadencia Photography


How fun!

[04/30/19]   Sylva area! If you are 50 or over and want to hoop tomorrow at 3:30 you have to sign up. Fun!



IG: @rings.n.things

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Snow hooping
Psychedelicia from Shawn James & James
Hoop Saturday



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