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11+ years of hooping


Handmade hoops allow a wider range of movement and a total body dance based workout. Hooping can change your life. Hooping is fun to watch but it to be in the circle is bliss. It can be adapted so anyone can do it. Larger hoops are easier to waist hoop and smaller ones are for off-body. Hooping burns calories while having fun - dancing to music.

Mission: My mission is to share handmade hoops and hooping with all who are interested.



IG: @rings.n.things

Sylva Hoops

Sylva Hoops


Happy Easter!!! Here I am performing the How To Hula Hoop Rap Song live as the Easter Bunny, at the Aberdeen Center in Richmond BC. If you are unfamiliar with this area, it has one of the biggest Asian populations in North America. Some of the kids' reactions to me as the Easter Bunny are precious! Pass the smiles on to others and feel free to share this.


happy belated bicycle day

We Are Wildness

@naturehoops (on IG) 😎💃
"Hooping in the presence of a 900+ year old giant🌲🙌 Every time I come here, I am in awe."
#wearewildness #rewildyourlife #natureconnection #hooping #hulahoop


FLAME Festival flow🌞

The 3AM Club

Michele McCoy - Autumn Flow

Once you find your flow, don’t ever let it go 😌✨.
#expressyoself #movementisfreedom #hooplife

Hello! I am selling a hoop today so I will have extras at the Cat Museum!

Maybe Darth Vader would be more chill if he hula hooped? 😂😜⁣


I have found that moving the body and releasing emotional holdings is what brought me into a more naturally meditative and connected state. Not sitting on the cushion, passive like a sloth. The patriarchal spiritualists have been telling us that 'meditation' and 'contemplation' and 'reflection' are the path to calm mind for centuries, and many of them are still crazy in their personal lives. Nothing changed. They dance in the witness- essentially a mind function- and addict to meditative practice, like a drug. And the moment they have to really deal with the world, their madness re-emerges, always present. If you have to participate in a practice hours every day to calm yourself, that suggests that something is not working. We are built for presence, so long as we activate our natural abilities to clear and re-open. And that's often a body alive path. It's been my experience that the monkey mind is transformed within the heart itself- not from within the mind. And that the heart is cleared through somatic activation and energized release. A great many people are walking around feeling 'inadequate' and 'unenlightened' because they don't like to meditate. Let that go. Meditation is a tool, but it is not the only path home. There are trillions of ways to touch the moment.

Hooping before work starts

Good way to start the day..

[04/11/19]   Hooping at the Senior Center was fun and the next one is on May 1st @ 3:30.
Sign up if you are 50 or +!

Grace Hoop

Hooping in Desert
Music: C Plus Plus, Mystère Riddim (feat. Karmelloz)
#鳴沙山 #沙漠 #silkroad #hoopeverywhere

Sylva Hoops

Pi in the Sky Hoops

Little blurp in the middle, but I don't caaaaaare! I was feelin' it.
#stopdropandspin for @roksyhoops and @small.essence Thanks for the tag! 😘💖 Passing it off to @elfpuddles and @circulight
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[04/06/19]   Sylva, North Carolina Today - Sylva’s Brew Hop - If you want to make it a 'Brew Hoop' - go to In Your Ear Music Emporium. They have a fresh batch of hoops available.

I will have hoops at the Cat Museum if anyone is in need of a hoop while traveling. Just let me know when you will be around!

Hooping: it's not just for people anymore!

NTD Television

Don't forget to play today.

Dogs Cooper and Emma have found their new favorite toy 🐶😍

Credit: storyful

Back on the Mic (Ann interviews Bax) Apr 1, 2019 - I'm back! Ann Humphreys sits down with me in studio and flips the script by asking ME the questions. Over the podcast we discuss my life with music, how I got into dance, the HoopPath, blindfolded movement, how we met, and few other surprise topics. The conversation is mix of humor, hi...

'The adrenaline is always the same': Franklin native makes career out of circus performing Grace Good didn't plan to run off and join the circus. Instead, she created her own.

Universe Pals

Saturn's rings are believed to have formed between 10 million and 100 million years ago. Just like anything you want to learn, these rings took time! Thanks for the lesson, Saturn!

Follow @UniversePals for more friendly space comics.

#universepals #cassini

Schedule me to hoop with your group!

Hula Hooping yesterday. Bowling and Cherokee fountains today!

Hooping it up at the Jackson County Health Fair. I'm looking down because I was entertaining a baby.

Lisa Looping

💃“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” ― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche⁣

Hoop Dance is more than just movement... it has become a lifestyle, it's a community... 👯👫⁣

⁣Join the tribe and get inspired by the hooping fun! ⭕️🎪❤️

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Amber Iowa Hula Hoop Tree

This page is in celebration of the joy, warmth, whimsy, and sense of community that our "soon to be famous" Eastern Iowa Hula Hoop Tree brings. Located on E23 County Home Rd approximately 3.4 miles East of US151 (North of Anamosa and South of Monticello).

The Naturalista Expo

This year’s Naturalista Expo is all about hair, beauty and health. We’ve taken the time to do a few life hack videos for you cause we know your time is money. Check out our first IGTV video also staring our lady @zbu_hoopism as she shows you how to use a hula hoop as a work-out warm-up. This year’s expo is sponsored by @nnaturalhairstudio and @hennasooq .

The Naturalista Expo

I have a hoop for you.

This year’s Naturalista Expo is all about hair, beauty and health. We’ve taken the time to do a few life hack videos for you cause we know your time is money. Check out our first IGTV video also staring our lady @zbu_hoopism as she shows you how to use a hula hoop as a work-out warm-up. This year’s expo is sponsored by @nnaturalhairstudio and @hennasooq .

Hoosier Hooper

Break free from life for a while and spin!


Tricky Chicks

Such elegance. Such skill. 🥰Such a gorgeous 3 hoop sequence by Amy Wieliczka of the US. #trickychicks

It was great hooping & sharing hoops at the Healthy Living Festival today. I met lots of fun folks who hooped . All ages were playing, smiling & dancing. It seems my class at the Senior Center next month is very much the talk of the town. How exciting & spring - like. Hoop season has begun.

Jackson County Department of Public Health

Tomorrow AM

Join us tomorrow (March 23) at the Healthy Living Festival from 9 AM-12 PM at the Jackson County, North Carolina, Recreation and Parks in Cullowhee! There will be booths, free screenings, giveaways, Take Back Event, and more. Call 828-587-8238 for more info.

Happy Full Moon!

St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Dance Hula Hooping to Irish Music Song 2019

St. Patrick's Day HOOPING! 🍀☘️🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Watch this Leprechaun hula hoop dance to an Irish jig. This St Patrick's Day dance song is great for kids and children. A hula hoo...

No Gym Can Match Her Hula Hoop To beat stress and stay fit, this Tennessee nurse practitioner swears by a pastiche of low-tech fitness routines.


rough sketch of my new act that I am working on
filmed at the Nevada Rhythmic Academy in Las Vegas
music "Cabaret Aspirateur" by Benoit Charest
choregraphy and style by Jewgenij Zakharchenko and myself
hoops Venturelli 89 cm hoop tape Hoopologie Indigo Sunrise

Jackson County Department of Public Health

I will be there!

The Healthy Living Festival is next Saturday (March 23) at the Jackson County, North Carolina, Recreation and Parks in Cullowhee from 9 AM-12 PM! Join us for free screenings, booths, Operation Medicine Drop, and more.

Cute stickers!

Tiny Hula Hooper Sticker Book
72 JennHandmade Designs!
Order Here:

Michele McCoy - Autumn Flow

[03/13/19]   hoop

How a hula hoop found me: a hoop teacher's story of triumph over pain Hooping wasn’t always a regular part of my life, but it seemed to find me at just the right times. I had a hula hoop as a kid. Growing up poor in the projects there were limited toys that I did have, but, I had my hoop. I knew how to roll the hoop on ... Read more

[03/12/19]   Do you know someone 50 or + that wants to hoop? I provide hoops. Apr. 9 3:30 at the Sr. Center Room 134. Sign up 586-5494


Blue themed and some hoop juggling..

We are loving the blue theme and feeling the sunshine!!!
Reposted from @gold_silks_girl - A Sunny Sunday Street performing at the Seattle center today. 💙 Lucky to live with friends who also hula hoop and share their hoops with me so everything can match! Thanks Katiefishface .
@livijoyhoops is having a sale on all her blue hoops this month! Check it out! “SHAN15” saves you 15% off 💙 .
#livijoyhoops #hulahoops #juggling #hoopdancer #streetperformance - #regrann

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Snow hooping
Psychedelicia from Shawn James & James
Hoop Saturday



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