U S Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

With it's new HQ in Tampa Bay, FL, this Association was founded in 2003 by Sifu Kevin Paul with 35 years of Wing Chun experience. U S Wing Chun Kung Fu Association is based in Los Angeles, California.

Modified Wing Chun Kung Fu is practiced through this Association, tracing lineage and style back to Grand Master Ip Man

Operating as usual


WC session on the basics of close quarter combat and how to effectively utilize in self-defense scenarios.


WC seminar on advanced combat techniques Pt I. Great session everyone. Looking forward to Pt II.


WC session on Chi Sau “Stick Hands”; basic concepts, drills, real applications.


WC fun intermediate training session on the use of weapons and defense against weapons


WC mastering the basics is the key to real success in combat, especially as it relates to self-defense. Assess and respond to eliminate the threat quickly and effectively. Understand that you don’t get second chances, so get it right the first time. Great session as always.


WC advanced combat training session. Always fun especially when dealing with real weapons.


WC session on mastering the transfer of training from In-Studio to Competition to Street Self-Defense.


WC principles and basics training session.


WC back after a break with a great online seminar on techniques and applications in street combat.


WC advanced training session on a Sunday. No rest day for warriors.


WC advanced combat drills session.


WC advanced combat training session #USWCKFA


WC session on the importance of mental health and mindset in your training. Love these sessions. Thanks all.


WC session on predators incl. awareness, instincts, habits and training to combat predators. Great session everyone.


WC street self defense against multiple assailants session. Mindset, strategy and deployment of non-lethal weapons.


WC advanced combat training session. Great session 🙏


WC advanced combat drills training session.


WC dreamers, pathfinders and warriors...come join us. Our organization continues to plant seeds that produce; better human beings and warriors who are self-motivated, determined, confident and capable mentally and physically #NextGenWingChun


WC strategies and utilization in close quarter security detail. Great session 🙏


WC Chi Sau “Sticky Hands” concept, drill and application session.


WC advanced strategies and concepts for an ever changing landscape. Great session.


A new year, new challenges, new resolutions. Come join us in training your mind, body and soul. For further info. [email protected]


Wishing you ALL a great 2021! Be well, stay safe and stay strong. With best regards...USWCKFA


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Be well and stay safe.


WC advanced concepts and applications training session.


WC the art of fighting in studio vs competition vs street. Understanding the basics of go to techniques, mindset, implications. Great session.


WC self-defense through martial arts is an act of violence because it is a means to a last resort. If you believe other wise you would just be kidding your self. Train your physical skills but more importantly train your mind.


WC classes via Zoom. Please hit me up if you would like to attend and I will send you code.


WC the basics of the system including theories, concepts and applications. Great session.


WC session on street self-defense incl. pros/cons of standup vs. ground.

Hit me up if you have any questions 🙏


I hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and be well. Take care and keep your minds strong...this time too shall pass. Best wishes to you. Sifu Kevin Paul


WC warriors exude positivity and a will to survive. A session on developing and strengthening your mindset to assist in surviving an event be it a physical altercation or in your daily life. You are the only gatekeeper of your mind #warrior


WC coping with real self-defense. Session on the ABC’s of how to win/survive successfully utilizing WC.


WC core concepts encapsulate simplicity; center line attack/defense, economy in motion, simultaneous attack/defense mechanisms. These take advance of the confined space that we operate in.




Tarpon Springs, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 9:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 9:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 9:30pm
Thursday 9am - 9:30pm
Friday 9am - 9:30pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

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