ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness

ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness


to our longtime client and local business ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness.

If you live in or near Tempe, check them out! They have so many great services.

Employment opportunity in Tempe
ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness
Planning future projects with our friends at ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness. Super cool studio!
This yoga and Wellness center is always so clean, smells amazing and the massages tables are SUPER comfortable🤸🏾‍♀️! Top notch teachers, staff and owners!!! My favorite thing to do at One Tribe is take a yoga class, then shower, put on the complimentary white fluffy robe and get a massage! YUM 💜🕉☯️
I absolutely LOVE practicing at One Tribe daily! Each class is creative and unique. Every teacher including the owners Kerri and Jason are authentic, and practice with all of us! They are the same inside the classroom as they are outside the classroom. My favorite is being able to take a yoga class and then get a shower, put on a white fluffy robe and then get a massage after!!!! Top notch yoga studio and wellness center 💚💚💚
Horseshoe Bend OCR
Why aren’t they holding hands???
So excited to start yoga!!!!
Welcome 💜 to your new home!

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With a mission to streamline self-care, One Tribe Yoga & Wellness has created the ultimate conditions for you to become stronger, more flexible, healthier and more connected to self, community and surroundings. 🤍🤍🤍 ONE TRIBE’s mission is to unite and elevate the community by delivering empowering yoga classes, nurturing massage & bodywork, healing Ayurvedic modalities, and mindful meditation.

Operating as usual


“Lean on me … when you’re not strong” …


A sea of sweaty warriors … Labor Day 2022 was off the charts fierce 🔥 we sang … we danced … stories were told … commYOUnity was strengthened 💪❤️❤️ (115 minute class!?? 😳💦)


A sign of good health is your ability to calm your breathing and heart rate down after a period of intensity …

💪Your teachers of One Tribe got to put that to the test during Jonny Kest’s class yesterday!


❤️ YOGASSAGE IS BACK ❤️ Nov 19 & Dec 12 ❤️

🧡 Combining restorative yoga with professional massage therapists working on each and every one of you for the entire 90 minutes!! Adjustments like you've never had before!

💛 It's limited to only 20 to ensure you all get equal hands on time from our 4 licensed therapists, Kerri, Barb, Marie and myself!

💚 We're hosting 2 so there enough room for you all, please sign up in advance as we're sure it'll sell out, the first one is already 65% booked!



As a Studio Assistant at One Tribe Yoga & Wellness, you...
~ Possess previous reception and customer service experience
~ Are a go-getter with a can-do attitude and plenty of positivity to spare
~ Love interacting with guests and providing an outstanding client experience
~ Have an exceptional work ethic and a “no task is too small” attitude
~ You possess a growth mindset and are able to soak in feedback and implement it. You are OK with making mistakes and dedicated to learning from them.
~ You are aligned with, believe in and have passion for the One Tribe Yoga & Wellness mission, vision, culture, practices and values

In detail to the above objectives & depending on the shifts you work, you’ll be trained & expected to perform in an efficient and thoughtful manner to:

~ Have an experiential understanding of all aspects of One Tribe offerings including Yoga, Massage and Retail
~ Open and close studio
~ Greet all clients and complete check-ins, maintaining a positive attitude and delivering an above and beyond client experience
~ Welcome and tour new students and clients, always seeking to drive repeat business
~ Answer phone and texts as well as return voicemails and texts with a professional, friendly & inviting tone
~ Potential sales, marketing and retention responsibilities including social media interaction
~ Manage the Massage Therapists’ schedules including booking, rebooking and rescheduling through all points of touch (in person, via phone or text) within MindBody software system
~ Coordinating schedules to maximize usage and efficiency including strategies for filling open appointment times in massage therapists’ schedules
~ Provide yoga teacher and massage therapist support as needed to ensure a successful class or massage experience
~ Help clean and refresh the yoga studio in between classes
~ Perform studio walk-throughs often to ensure that the bathrooms and lobby are always clean & fresh
~ Ensure the brand aesthetic and studio appearance is maintained at 5 star level at all times
~ Maintain knowledge for all studio offerings, services, pricing options, retail products and policies
~ Understand the daily schedule and build your workflow efficiently, which may include busy, fast-paced time periods where multi-tasking is required as well as slower-paced, down time to be used wisely and intentionally
~ Solve issues to the best of your ability
~ Take good notes for issues that you can’t solve and communicate these issues to the appropriate person
~ Maintain a consistent team player/family attitude
~ Communicate clearly
~ Smile often 😃😃😃

Perks include...
~ Complimentary One Tribe yoga classes
~ Discounts on massages and therapies
~ Discounts on most retail

Days/Times needed:
M - F : 8a -1:30p
M - Th : 4p - 9p
F : 4p -7:30p
Saturdays : 7:30a - 2p*
Sundays : 7:30a - 12:30p*
*Depending on workshop schedule


🌬🥶Wim Hof inspired breathwork + Wim Hof inspired cold plunging = One heck of a welcoming ceremony to the arriving winter temps!

Join Jason for this powerful deep breathing technique which prepares the body and mind for the coldest plunge of your life & takes you back in time when the body was perfectly capable of adapting to temperature changes and actually thrived because of it!

Sun Oct 3 @ 12:30-2p



🌬🙏Wim Hof inspired breathwork + Vipassana Meditation = 1 DEEP EXPIERENCE! Join Jason for this powerful meditative work this Saturday, Oct 2 at 2-3:30p.



🍂The changing of seasons gives us a moment to stop and reflect. The fall equinox is all about harvesting and reflecting on what we have been working toward over the last year, and beginning to work toward slowing down as the days become shorter and the nights become longer.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧This community focused experience will hold space for creation, sharing and enjoying slow gentle breathing and movement together. Sit and relax, sip some tea afterwards and enjoy the changing of seasons in harmony with each other.

🙏This is a donation based class, suggestion donation $20.

SUNDAY - Sept 19 @ 12:30-2 at One Tribe.


TOMORROW WITH THE FAM @ YOUR FAV YOGA SPOT! - Join Lori in this fun & interactive experience unlike any class they've done before!

She's amazing at interweaving the basics of yoga postures and stories and themes to make fun for all! All ages welcome, bring as man kids as you'd like!




🤸‍♂️This is a fun ‘yoga’ class that will give you and your kids(s) a chance to play in your favorite studio together! Lori will have all kinds of fun ways to experience some simple poses, interactive games and exercises and some fun music to go along with it!

🤸‍♂️Depending on your kids’ ages, there are two waves for this to help manage the style of the class, see below for details:

SEPT 11:
🤸‍♂️2-3p – ages 3-7
🤸‍♂️3:30-4:30p – ages 8-15

(includes 1 kid. 5$ each additional kid)


Are you ready for a cleanse, One Tribe style? STARTING THIS SUNDAY 3-5pm, Join co-founder Kerri and your community for this six week immersion learning experience which includes a 21 day nutritional cleanse. 🍎Learn what really fuels you on a day to day basis. Just like in our yoga classes, this cleanse will teach you just how resilient the body, mind and heart really are. The best approach, like anything, is through direct experience & similar to our yoga classes, you will be creating your own ‘flow’ of ongoing nutrition and habits when the course concludes! 🍎This is by no means a ‘we tell you how to eat’ diet or class, this is all you! With the support of the community and space at One Tribe, Kerri’s Ayurvedic journey carries with it over 18 years of experience & training and will give you the tools to find the right combination of self-acceptance, nutrition, movement and community to help you get your vitality back! 🍎


Struggling with some key moves in your vinyasa classes, or curious how to improve your strength through each class? Barb is here to help! Join her this weekend for an all levels strength awareness class to prep, enhance and educate you in the key muscle groups and movements we repeat often in class. Build a great foundation to launch into your next level of flow!💪

Sept 12 - 12:30-2p - $35


Let’s make it a labor of love this Monday … 2 yummie classes to set the rest of your relaxing day off just right!

Jason @ 8:30
Kara @ 10


Come chill with the tribe!

Jason is hosting a breathing workshop followed by an ice plunge this Saturday @ 2-3:30p at One Tribe! 🥳

He trained with Wim Hof this past year and he’s super excited to share it all with you!

This entry level workshop will introduce you to a few styles of breathing as well as breath retention to help you dive deep into your central nervous system to help promote healing, resilience & general sense of euphoria 💗💗💗

⛑The many benefits of the breathing + cold exposure therapy will be shared and we’ll work together as well as have time to work at your own pace!

💃We’re capping it at 25 people to ensure ample space and time to plunge / share and no experience is required. The ice plunge is totally optional but we’re confident that you’ll feel so much different after the breath work if your currently on the fence!

It’s more fun with a friend 👯‍♀️

Sign up in our MINDBODY app under workshops or visit our website :

COME CHILL WITH THE TRIBE ON SATURDAY AUG 7 @ 2-3:30 … $35 + 20lb bag of ice! 🧊🧊🧊


New class starts today!
Come start your journey and get all your questions answered and build a foundation to take your through this next chapter of your life 💪❤️


😎ANNOUNCING NEW SLOW FLOW & VINYASA CLASSSES on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS! 😍 ------> Many of you have been asking, we're finally answering! Thanks for being supportive and patient as we slowly transition back into our groove here! Corrie and Marie are excited to have you come flow! STARTS TOMORROW - Sign up today!


We have some awesome morning classes tomorrow for you and all MILITARY & FIRST RESPONDERS FLOW FOR FREE on Memorial Day as our way of saying THANK YOU 🙏💪


❤️❤️ MOTHERS DAY ❤️❤️
Send you know who over to you know where and we’ll make sure they show you just how extra special you have been this year! GIFT CARDS for any length massage will not disappoint.... ever. ❤️


Have you experienced these waves yet ?.
We are getting more and more results with our newest Hypervolt. It’s even more powerful than the other one we had! It seems to help especially with runners and people sitting a lot for work!! Surprisingly enough using on their feet and calves is bring all kinds of circulation back that helps with their LOW BACK & TIGHT SHOULDERS!! Just from doing their lower leg!
It’s included in all of our sessions, come book a Customized Massage with any of our over qualified therapists: Barb, Marie & Jason!


Grateful for the chance to be with you all on your journeys! It’s inspiring watching so many of you connect to each other. With all the new students coming thank you for all your amazing open hearts ♥️ it’s so fun to listen to and watch and we’re so grateful for the tribe that’s been created here... big love to you all! 💪🔥❤️



We’re constantly looking for ways to keep your “home away from home” happy and healthy here so we’re when you need us most 🙂

Thanks for all your dedication and support over these months, it’s been more helpful than you can even imagine, so thank you for practicing for “us both”


The website and MINDBODY APP are already adjusted and begins tomorrow. We’ll see you soon hopefully!

All classes will still be live-streamed through zoom with music!!

We have a $59 unlimited virtual membership if you prefer to stay home or want to join us from afar, we’d love to have you!

Photos from ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness's post 11/19/2020

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported our first charity golf event! ✨

You all exceeded our expectations and together we raised over $6000 to help bring children in trafficking rings home to their families! ✨We’re already looking forward to next year!!

Endless thanks to for the hospitality at !



Yoga In The Park this weekend ✨ Let’s flow together!

Saturday @ 9:30a w/ Kenlynn ✨
Sunday @ 6:30a w/ Jason ✨

Sign up via MINDBODY app or visit our website ✨ Can’t wait to see y’all on the mat!


Custom Massages are here ✨

To better support and enhance your wellness routine, we now offer Custom Massages ✨ Your therapist will tailor your treatment using any and all tools (cupping, therapeutic tools and techniques, etc) to best serve you and what your body needs each visit at one affordable price ✨

Massage therapy enhances your life by reducing stress, improving circulation and flushing out toxins and boosting your immune system. For you this means an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in your own body. Your overall health and well being improves while your stress levels decrease.

We offer both single session and membership opportunities allowing you to customize your wellness routine.

We can’t wait to serve you! Send a DM or give us a call at 480.676.9642 for more details and scheduling ✨


Custom One Tribe Gear ✨

If you haven’t already scooped up one of these amazing Yogitoes (hand painted by Jason himself), we have a few left in studio ✨

If you’d like a custom color combination, visit the front desk to learn about your options ✨


✨ New Class Alert ✨

Come join our new teacher Kajal for a strong and sweaty Yoga Sculpt class where we’ll incorporate hand weights for an extra umph to your mindful practice. Class is heated and set to uplifting music to keep you your sweat session inspired ✨

Find Yoga Sculpt on the schedule:
Tue @ 10a & 6p
Thur @ 10a


Last chance to join Meredith this evening @ 6p for Slow Flow in the park @ Kiwanis! ✨

For more details and sign up visit:

Can’t wait to see you on the mat! ✨


We’re beyond excited to announce that in studio classes resume tomorrow (Friday)! ✨

✨ Classes in studio will also be streamed simultaneously for anyone looking to continue practicing virtually.
✨ Class sizes will be limited to 11 students to assure physical distancing. Be sure to sign up in advance to secure your spot!
✨Sign up via MINDBODY will be available 3 days before class date to allow all members equal sign-up opportunity.
✨Masks will be required in the lobby until you’re on your mat and whenever you may need to step off your mat.
✨ We will continue to offer outdoor yoga classes in the park with unlimited class sizes!

Classes are now available on MINDBODY for signup! We can’t wait to serve you and see you on the mat (IN PERSON) soon! 💛


Let flow together! Join us this week for Yoga in the Park @ Kiwanis Park ✨

✨Wednesday 6p Slow Flow w/ Meredith
✨ Sunday 6:30a Hot Vinyasa w/ Jason

Bring a yoga mat, towel and plenty of water!

There's plenty of space to stay safe during these times so please know you can control that as much as you need to!

Class pricing is the same as normal in-person classes. You can buy a drop in, use a class package, or your membership by booking through MINDBODY Online! Easy Peasey!

For all the details visit:


✨ Want to be the first to know when last minute wellness treatments come available? Send us a DM to be added to the list!✨

Only 2 openings left this weekend:
✨Sat @ 10:30a | 60 or 90min massage w/ Jason.
✨Sun @ 11:30a | 60min massage w/ Jason.



We’ve expanded this challenge to encourage the yogi to take all their yoga super powers into the community and help! This bingo style, interactive challenge combines online virtual classes & meditation with a chance to enhance someone else’s life and business. We have a collection of businesses that are all locally owned and run that need your support! Not just for showing up and supporting them, but posting about it online to help drive more business their way from your followers!

✨ With your $35 entry fee you will already be supporting one of One Tribe’s newest local charity called Tempe Community Action Agency.

✨ Link in bio for challenge rules, printable game board, list of local business suggestions and sign up!

✨ Let’s Spread the strength and love we’ve cultivated on our mat throughout our amazing community!


What’s your favorite inversion or arm balance?

✨ Inversions increases physical and mental strength and balance, improves circulation, promotes patience and self-confidence, and teaches us to change our perspective on an off the mat!

✨ Join Meredith & Kendall for a fun, for all sizes, FREE workshop this Saturday, July 25th from 2-3:30p! Let’s get upside down and reap all these amazing benefits together!

Sign up via the MINDBODY app or visit the link in our bio ✨


✨ FREE Virtual Arm Balance + Inversion Workshop ✨

Join Meredith & Kendall for a fun for all sizes FREE workshop this Saturday, July 25th from 2-3:30p! Inversions and arm balances not only look amazing in photos, but practicing them increases physically and mental strength, balance and awareness. ✨

We can’t wait to watch you all become a better version of yourself in this inspiring 90-minute workshop! We’ll have all kinds of goodies for you and your family in this interactive experience. Follow the link in bio to reserve your spot today!


✨ Feeling extra grateful for our incredible community & snacking on yummy treats thanks to one of our amazing yogis 💛 Thank you so much, Laura! You all inspire us daily and words cannot express how much we love and appreciate you!

And if you haven’t tried yet and are looking for a delish way to support our local business community, head on over - you won’t regret it! ✨


We may be separated, but our community feels as strong and connected as ever this week! We love seeing everyone everyday staying dedicated to their practice - y’all are crushing it!! 🙌🏼

As we round out week one of our 30 day challenge, there’s still time to join us! Here are some ways to can still reach 30 stars by the end of the month and stay connected to the tribe each an every day! 💛✨

1. Double or triple up on classes a few days (you’re 🔥, you got this)!
2. Join us for Meditation M/W/F 7a + T/Th 8a (easy peasy, you’re welcome)!
3. Visit us for a wellness treatment (you read that right ✨, double WIN)!

Keep up the great work!!

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4th of July heads up! 🇺🇸Three awesomely extended classes beginning at 6:30 / 8:30 / 10:30am ...  🤸‍♂️**** FIRST TIMERS A...
An afternoon of expression like no other! No yoga experience needed :) Come as you are!
30% off all apparel until Monday! 🙏🏻 #smallbusinesssaturday
Candlelight Yin & Yogassage TV SPOT
Getting our flow on last night! 108 #sunsalutations to celebrate the #summersolstice and our grand opening! Tonight is a...





1006 E. Warner Road
Tempe, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Thursday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Friday 5:30am - 6pm
Saturday 7:30am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm

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