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General weight loss, weight gain or just someone wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle! I also help any type of athlete as well as competition preps.

Our programs are customized to each individual by offering education and layers of support to be successful from nutrition, training, and the mindset. Flexible-dieting is a lifestyle and educational approach to dieting that allows for eating carbohydrates, eating in restaurants and eating pleasure foods without worry and stress. This structure offers strategies and skills necessary for permanent weight loss and commitment to one’s health and fitness goals with longevity.

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Check out another great blog by the man himself, Dr Joe!

Thinking of going on a #lowcarb #diet for #fat loss? Here's why you might want to rethink that strategy.

#throwback to this awesome picture of Dr. Joe and Tyler ! 2 awesome people changing lives for the better !💪💪
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Last weekend I had a great time in San Diego with @thedietdocweightloss family. I have learned a lot about #flexibledieting from Dr. Joe and he's pretty much changed my life forever. Together we are doing some big things this year that's going to help the industry put out some great coaches. Can't wait!
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Weight Loss Transformations: Joseph Martin

Check out our client, Joseph Martin, transformation interview with The Diet Doc! I couldn't be more proud of this guy and all of his hard work! #teamtntfitness #tranformationtuesday #weightloss #iifym #flexibledieting Get a peek into Joseph Martin's weight loss transformation journey. Learn insider tips from Tyler Mayer about how to succeed at losing weight.

Recognizing Summer Shame | A TNT Prep Journey Entry 02 | IIFYM Flexible Dieting | Team TNT

New blog post up from out of our coaches, Annalise Shingler! This blog address the common insecurities and shame that comes with new summer seasons. If you've ever felt not ready to wear your bikini--you aren't alone. The real challenge is thinking forward and ahead to your long-term goals and dreams, and to not let failure deter you from the person you want to be! #teamtnt #teamtntfitness #iifym #summerbikini Not bikini-ready? Feel summer-shame? You aren't alone. Competitors and coaches feel the same. What matters is how you cope and move forward.

10 GREAT MACRO TREASURES | Series 01 | IIFYM Flexible Dieting | Team TNT

For all you macro counters out there...Do you have troubles with swapping food out for calorie friendly foods? Here's a blog for you in the series we are putting together. Stay tuned for more! #teamtnt #flexibledieting #iifym #nutrition #macros #macrofriendly Don't struggle to fit common foods into your macro structure--check out these 10 alternatives to help you budget and enjoy your macros!

Physique Science Radio Episode 14 – Bret Contreras ‘The Glute Guy’ | Biolayne

Preaching more science. Good stuff! Physique Science Radio interviews The Glute Guy Bret Contreras

Healthy Eating Myths: How Many Have You Fallen For? - US News

This is a great read about some of the diets out there. A lot of myths going on that people need to be aware of! Coconut oil is a cure-all? Not exactly.

[02/20/15]   What's the easiest way to stay focused on your goals and appreciate the world around you at the same time? Try mindfulness:

[02/19/15]   What's the physiology behind a weight loss plateau? Dr. Joe breaks it down:

[02/18/15]   The key to gaining momentum in your weight loss is consistency. Here's what Bonnie Morrissey, owner of The Diet Doc Metrowest, has to say about staying consistent...even when it gets tough:

[02/17/15]   We've talked about how hard it is to change and how cognitive distortions can act as roadblocks.We've talked about self-sabotage in the face of our goals. It's easy to get frustrated.Even when we know what we need to do, sometimes we just can't do it.Why?Recently, Kori stopped by Ben Coomber's #1 rated podcast to take a deep dive into the psychology of change, including: >> Binge eating >>Goal setting & motivation >>Regaining self-controlIn total, we put together over an hour of amazing content for you.

[02/17/15]   We've talked about how hard it is to change and how cognitive distortions can act as roadblocks.

We've talked about self-sabotage in the face of our goals.

It's easy to get frustrated.

Even when we know what we need to do, sometimes we just can't do it.


Recently, Kori stopped by Ben Coomber's #1 rated podcast to take a deep dive into the psychology of change, including:

>> Binge eating
>>Goal setting & motivation
>>Regaining self-control

In total, we put together over an hour of amazing content for you.

Law of Irradiation vblog

What's the simplest action you can take to immediately increase your strength and power for a one rep max — or even an entire set?

Luke has the answer:

A brief tip and explanation of how the law of irradiation can help you in your weight training.

[02/13/15]   What's a healthy amount of weight to gain when you're expecting? In today's video, Dr. Joe discusses the factors influencing weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss post-partum:

[02/12/15]   Cleanses and detoxes are popular right now. But are they healthy? Should you try one?Kori weighs in:

[02/11/15]   Did you miss our presentation on metabolic positioning?

Dr. Joe, Kori and Luke explain the principles of metabolic positioning including:

>> The flexibility and structure necessary for effective fat loss;
>> The importance of exercise for weight loss and maintenance;
>> The mindset of success that differentiates those who change their behavior for good and those who continue to trudge through the quicksand of motivational, behavioral, and psychological barriers!

Check it out:

Emotional Eater? You’re ahead of the game!

In the world of weight loss, we’re facing a crisis.

Rarely can individuals learn the skills and adopt the mindset and behavioral patterns necessary to manage their losses...long-term.

Obesity continues to rise, and more and more people are searching for the magic bullet. Emotional eating is a significant contributor.

I know you're thinking, “Okay, that’s great, Kori. But what do I DO?!”

And to that I’ll ask, “Feeling something?” Stop right now and assess your body—tense anywhere?

What’s your breathing like—shallow or restricted? Good, now you’re really paying attention.

Do you feel that energy? That’s emotion. Think of your emotion now as ENERGY IN MOTION, and imagine capturing it for the purpose of becoming the best you. Becoming is action-oriented.

We can’t just think and expect change to occur.

Here's how to harness that emotion and use it to move closer to your goals of permanent weight loss: What about the individuals in particular who struggle with emotional eating ?

Basic Rotator Cuff Exercises

Ever had an injured rotator cuff? It's no fun — and can really hamper your training!

Here are some quick tips from Luke for strengthening your rotator cuff — including 3
specific exercises you can start doing today:

Exercise tip for the dumbbell and banded internal and external rotation as well as cable and banded face pulls. visit for more...

[02/06/15]   If your training and nutrition are on point, but you don't get enough's why you are sabotaging yourself:

[02/05/15]   Heres a quick tip for people who are exercising hard, but not seeing the results they are looking for. We'll use glutes as an example here (hint: you may not be engaging your muscles correctly):

[02/04/15]   Negative emotion often influences our engagement or dis-engagement from behaviors congruent with our goals — but you can use your emotion in a constructive way instead of running from it.

In other words, "Name it to tame it":

[02/03/15]   Came across this article recently:

We shouldn't need a news story to confirm that fad dieting doesn't work. But when Kim Kardashian is touted as being a fan of the Atkin's Diet, she must know something we don't, right?!

I would shy away from any program followed by the word "diet". Unless you're looking for a short-term, quick fix, lose some weight but then gain it all back and then some sort of program, stay away from the "fill in the blank" diet.

Instead of dispelling diet myths, what about focusing on what WORKS: Flexibility, education, support — and The Diet Doc (

[02/02/15]   In thinking about how we might utilize mindfulness and its benefits to significantly improve the odds of losing weight successfully and managing the myriad temptations and complications that can come along with any significant goal pursuit, I turn to the nine “simple ways” a recent article published in Time magazine included.

(The bold is from the article. I’ve modified the descriptions to illustrate their importance to weight loss.)

Check it out:

The Secrets To Success

The individuals who “make it” have worked for it.

Striving, by definition, is action oriented! It’s powerful and carries an inertia about it that brings to mind clients who have dieted for over a year and exemplify what striving truly is:

1. To exert much effort or energy; endeavor.
2. To struggle or fight forcefully; contend.

They know what they want and they have taken the steps necessary to get there. Certainly not always easy, they have contended with obstacles that threatened their ability and motivation to continue.

Here are 9 traits that almost all successful people demonstrate: Here I go again. Doing a running pole vault onto my “you’ve gotta fail to prevail” soapbox. How can I not go there when research resoundingly and...

Are You Giving Yourself a Chance?

Are you giving yourself a chance?

Here's a quick story from Kori that illustrates how you can continue to show up — even when the going gets tough: Kori Propst, PhD(c) offers a story illustrating how we can fall into the trap of not giving ourselves a chance in times of...

Was it something I ate? Understanding (and preventing) foodborne illness

Foodborne illness (food poisoning) is common; each year approximately 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Close to one in five episodes of diarrhea is likely due to eating contaminated food.

This means that the average person in the United States experiences a foodborne illness once every three to four years.

Dr. Robin Berner explains how to understand these illnesse and prevent yourself from getting sick: Raw Sushi scraped ground tuna, ground beef, peanut butter, ricotta salata cheese, raw clover sprouts, cantaloupe, mangoes, and dry dog food: these...

Team TNT Bikini Competitor: Gladys Cazares Testimonial

Another video testimonial of one of our clients Gladys! She lost a ton of weight to get to the stage to look her best and she's been able to maintain it too. Flexible dieting has been a big part of keeping it off and she's one of the hardest working people I know!

Check it out and please comment what you think or share.

#teamtnt #weightloss #iifym #flexibledieting

Here's a testimonial from bikini competitor Gladys Cazares. She was 200 lbs at one time and just recently hit the bikini stage at 133! She started dieting on...

[01/27/15]   Quick video tip:

Luke Propst, MS, The Diet Doc Training Director demonstrates how to perform the lateral delt db raise to keep the focus on the deltoids and prevent other muscles from taking over.

[01/26/15]   Do you meditate?

If you do, you may recognize the phrase, "Be here now."

They're the famous three words of every meditation master.

And the words I used to get annoyed hearing when I would attend a yoga class.

Contrary to what you may expect—being that I tout the benefits of mindfulness, teach the skills of mindfulness, and work to embody mindfulness in my daily life—there was a time when the thought of mindfulness ruffled my feathers.

But when used correctly, mindfulness can be a powerful tool to help you lose weight.

Recently, Time Magazine outlined 9 "simple" ways to become more mindful — and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you exactly how you can use the same approach to make your diet a little easier.

Dr. Layne Norton gives us an in-depth discussion on transitioning to maintenance mode with your diet.

Specifically, look for:

1.) The surprising effects of extended dieting on your metabolism (why you may actually gain fat if you crash diet).

2.) The psychology of ending a diet, and what comes next.

3.) How to implement the “reverse diet” and start eating more again after being in a caloric deficit for a long time

[01/22/15]   Did you step on the scale today?

[01/21/15]   How to transition back to maintenance after your diet:

[01/20/15]   Dr. Joe explains how to use branched chain amino acids in your training:

[01/19/15]   How to gain more self-control:

[01/17/15]   The psychology of change with @bencoomber

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