Sally Meyerhoff Foundation

Sally's legacy lives on through her friends, family, and the community which ran behind her. Created to keep people dreaming, running, and passionate.

Sally loved running, and loved racing. She had recently won the Rock N' Roll Arizona Marathon and was on her way to the Olympic Trials. With such a strong run and fitness level, she was also ready to take the triathlon world by storm by leveraging her marathon. All of these dreams were ended on March 8th, 2011 when Sally was struck by a vehicle while riding her bike. Sally grew up running for Mountain Pointe Highschool in Arizona and had been a vital part of the Arizona athletic community for years. A common site at most local races would be Sally, in her typical attire of pink compression socks, and some article of clothing which had at least an inch of cheetah print on it. Even though she did not have the most typical outfit on, I think most local Arizona runners have the same visual memory of those pink socks slowly going off into the distance. Sally discovered her love for running at an early age, while in middle school. As a High School runner she won nine state titles. In her senior year at Mountain Pointe High school, she was the Gatorade High School athlete of the nation and the National High School Coaches Association's athlete of the nation. Upon receiving a scholarship to Duke University she became a three time collegiate All American. After turning pro she set the American record for ten miles and won countless road races. She qualified for the Olympic trials in her first attempt at a marathon. Her second marathon was Boston Marathon where she finished 20th overall. In her death this foundation has been created as a way not just to honor her, but to also give back to the community and athletes which may be in need.

Operating as usual


This year I'm going to do something a little different than I have in the past 6 annual posts I've made on this dreadful day. I'm going to shed some light on some very sad statistics and provide those who don't know with information pertaining to my sisters death.

The latest research on pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes is from 2015, but it still gets my point across. In 2015: 5,376 people were killed in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes, nearly 15 people every day of the year. This averages to one crash-related pedestrian death every 1.6 hours. This represents the highest number of pedestrians killed in one year since 1996. Change in pedestrian fatalities between 2006 and 2015: 12.1 percent increase.

For those that might not be aware of how my sister died: she was killed while training for her career as a professional triathlete/ runner. She was doing a training ride on her bike in rural Maricopa where she lived with our brother at the time. A semi truck passed in a no-pass zone at a popular intersection, causing a huge discrepancy in her normal range of visibility. The man who struck her was driving a family-owned work pick-up truck. He was according to witnesses "not paying attention." He was admiring a train that was on the side of the road. He took his eyes off the road for who knows exactly how long, but it was 1 second too long. Within seconds my sister was taken from her family, her friends, her dogs, from the insatiable goals she had ahead of her, from the world championship in Kona she was so looking forward to... so many things including her precious life...just gone. And if you're wondering- no, the man who killed Sally was not even cited. No ticket, no jail time. Just an "accident" as they like to say. There is now a light at this intersection, which wasn't functioning at the time of the accident. I will always wonder... would my sister still be alive had this light been up and running? Most likely yes she would be. She was a very safe rider. She would never go out into the road if it wasn't clear. March 8, 2011 she thought the road was clear. I wish every day of my life she had been right.

My post this year is to urge Every. Single. Person. who reads this to PLEASE watch out for pedestrians. Give cyclists the 3 feet of the road they deserve. You have a car that is an instrument capable of killing innocent people. Be mindful. Be responsible. Be patient. It's amazing how easily it is to get a license in the US- but during that test did they hammer into the brains of those taking it just how important it is to keep both eyes on the road? Do the tests stress just how easily vehicles can kill a pedestrian with one second of looking away? Not really. Do the people who hit pedestrians ALWAYS get off without even so much as a citation? No, but I can assure you taking someone's life deserves some sort of action. But because I can't change the laws I figure better to be proactive to try and prevent an "accident" from even happening in the first place. So please, do me a respectful to all those on the road... PAY ATTENTION... put the damn phone down..because you just never know when you might be responsible for running over someone and taking their life.

Thank you. This subject is extremely touchy for me so I appreciate your understanding.

We all miss you Sally. We love you. And we honor your spirit daily ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


From all of us at SMF we thank the lovely souls who continue to show love and support at our angel's ghost bike. It means a lot to us all. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for keeping Sally in yours 🙏🏻♥️


Thank you to the lovely individuals who sent such beautiful items to the Meyerhoff's today. We truly appreciate your love and continued support over the years.


Not quite sure who all is continuing to show love and support to our angel's memorial site, but from the bottom of the Meyerhoff's hearts we thank you. It is so moving to go down to Maricopa and see new things placed on her ghost bike. 💓💓🌺🌷🌻🌸 Sally is smiling from wherever her beautiful soul is and she thanks those that show love and positivity in a wold where negativity is running rampant. ☮️💟 thank you all again! 🙏🏻



If this photo doesn't melt your heart then idk what to say.. Our nephew Maddix giving auntie Sally a kiss cuz it's his daddy's (Sally's brother, Daniel Meyerhoff's bday)!!!.. Precious. Priceless moments like this just make me miss her even more. We all love you Sally!!!


If this photo doesn't melt your heart then idk what to say.. Our nephew Maddix giving auntie Sally a kiss cuz it's his daddy's (Sally's brother, Daniel Meyerhoff's bday)!!!.. Precious. Priceless moments like this just make me miss her even more. We all love you Sally!!!

[04/05/16]   Hey all!!! Sam here.. Just wanted to relay some cool info! Tomorrow is national gift giving day to a 501c3 and it just so happens Angel Sally has a non profit you can donate to today! If interested please let me know! I will let you know where to send a check etc.. Right now the website is down :( we are working on getting it up and running once tech savvy Katy Meyerhoff has some free time ;) thank you all!!! We appreciate any and all donations! *keep running!*


Today is our beautiful angel Sally's birthday! Please send her good thoughts and hope she is happy running on the clouds 💓

[01/18/15]   Good Luck to all of the athletes running at the PF Chang's Rock 'N Roll Full and Half Marathon today!! We can't wait to hear who will with the Sally Meyerhoff first place award! 🏆


Thank you to Lifetime for the amazing arch for our IMAZ aid station! #IMAZ #SMF #Lifetime


We had so much fun at Ironman Arizona today! Thank you to all the volunteers this year! We couldn't have done it without you! Great job to all the athletes! You guys kicked some major b***y! #IMAZ #SMF


Sally's family together before volunteering at this year's Ironman Arizona! Good luck to all the racers! Look for us at Aid station #12! #IMAZ2014 #SMF #SallyMeyerhoff #RunSal #AidStation12

[08/20/14]   Hello Everyone!!! We are starting to prepare for this year's Ironman Arizona coming in November. This year we are proud to announce that we will be in charge of one of the Run Aid Stations. Last year, we made quite the impact on the racers will crazy outfits and fun music! We want to make it just as fun this year!! We are looking for volunteers as we will need a total of 100 for the entire day. If you know of anyone or just interested in volunteering yourself, please let us know. We can provide you the information to register. We cant wait to pull out all of our wonderful animal print clothing!! Look forward to seeing everyone there!


We received this awesome photo today from Eric Smith over at Tempe High! The team is rocking their Sally Meyerhoff 5K shirts today! We love seeing this! Please feel free to share your favorite Sally outfit with us! It always makes us smile 😃

[05/28/14]   Hello All! We wanted to give an update on the SMF and what our plans are so far for 2014. We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer at local running events and continue to spread awareness of Sally and her legacy. Unfortunately, we will not be planning a 5K this year...our numbers have decreased significantly the last couple of years and it takes a ton of time and manpower to plan. We will continue to make the SMF known through volunteering and fundraising. Any ideas anyone has, please let us know! We love to be involved in the running community as much as possible! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

[03/28/14]   Hello Everyone!! Its that time of year for the SMF to donate the funds from the 5K race. We are looking for ideas of groups or events that will benefit from the funds. If you have any suggestions please send us a message or email at [email protected].


Make sure you don't forget to join us for the Skirt Chaser 5K tomorrow!! The SMF will be giving away prize money to the top 3 runners!! Will it be a girl or a guy to win 1st place???


Skirt Chaser 2011 042

This Saturday is the Skirt Chaser 5K and we can't wait to be there to help out and see all the fabulous runners! It was one of Sally's favorite runs and she won every year! We love this video of her and miss that smile! Hope to see you all there!!

Sally Meyerhoff after winning Skirt Chaser 5k Tempe. Fourth year in the row she won, leaving the guys in the dust. She rocked the course with a 16:23. Video ...

[01/28/14]   The Skirt Chaser 5K will be here quick and the SMF will be there volunteering in the Beer Garden. Come out and join us for a fun race, great food and drinks and awesome music!! All the proceeds from the Beer Garden go to SMF so drink up afterwards!!

[01/01/14]   To anyone who had a child run in the Sally 5k and did not receive a trophy please let us know!! We have 4 extras! :) thank u and happy new year to all!!!

[12/24/13]   Happy Holidays to everyone. I want to say thank you to all the people involved with Sally's run. I couldn't have done it without the help from all the runners, Lifetime Fitness crew, Kelly singing the national anthem, and all the wonderful volunteers. Thank you sponsors for sticking by us for this years run. My family and friends who always come out to AZ. to be with us celebrating beautiful Sally Meyerhoff. Love you all. Happy 2014.


[12/15/13]   What a great morning! A big, big thank you to all those that participated this year!! And of course thank you to Lifetime and all of our sponsors! It's all of your love and support that keeps our foundation thriving and Sally's legacy alive!!

[12/14/13]   Setting our alarms for race day tomorrow! It's not too late to join us for Sally's 5K! Registration/packet pick-up starts at 7:30AM. At least join us for amazing raffle prizes and an awesome dance party! See ya bright and early tomorrow!

[12/12/13]   Packet pickup is today for the Sally 5k!! It will be at Sole Sports in Tempe from 2-7 pm!! The shirts are lookin' mightyyyy cute!!!


The beautiful sterling silver and turquoise bracelet donated by the Jewel Smith that will be up for a raffle prize at the Sally 5k this Saturday!! Come and support us at the race!! Thank you all :) xoxo See you Saturday!!!

[12/06/13]   We have extended registration to Thursday December 12th at 10am...make sure to register for the race soon!! Let's see how much love and support there is for our beautiful Sally!

[12/04/13]   Holy moly!! Less than 2 weeks until the race! Make sure to register now if you haven't! Packet pick-up will be Thursday December 12 from 2pm to 7pm at Sole Sports in Tempe. We can't wait to see everyone!

[11/15/13]   Can't wait for Ironman AZ this Sunday!! We'll be volunteering at Aid Station #8!! All dressed up in 80's gear! Pictures to come! Good luck to all the racers!!

[11/07/13]   Hi all you Sally Meyerhoff Foundation fans we are fast approaching the best 5k run of the season. Sally's Run is only 38 days away. Garrett Grossi will be there playing the best tunes, Casey Brown and the Lifetime crew will help us dance to Garretts tunes and of course the famous raffle with the best prizes at any 5k run you will ever see. Please join us on December 14th and help us give to so many worthy causes in the valley. Thanks to all who love Sally and will always be there to support us.

[10/30/13]   2 days and the registration for The Sally Meyerhoff 5k goes up to 40$!!! Please sign up now and save 10$ =) Can't wait to see you all there!!!


6 weeks til the race...make sure that you register soon!

[10/18/13]   Trying to figure out what song to play after this year's 5K to shake our bootays to in true Sally fashion...any suggestions on songs??


At Esprit de She spreading the word about Sally's 5K!

[10/09/13]   Join us tomorrow out at the Espirt de She in Tempe as we continue to spread the word about Sally's 5K! If you haven't registered yet, do it soon!!! :-)

[10/02/13]   Just a quick update: The SMF will be out at the Esprit de She 5k and 10k on Oct 10th. Come hang out and drink some delicious mimosas while supporting these runners! The proceeds will go toward SMF! Who doesn't love champagne??



Tempe, AZ

General information

Each year we celebrate Sally's legacy by hosting a 5k run. There is always tons of GREAT raffle prizes, tons of fun music and lots of dancing. This year's race will be Saturday, December 14th at 9am at Kiwanis Park in Tempe, AZ. You can register for the race at
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