Haboob Athletics

Haboob Athletics was started because we saw a need. There’s no shortage of affiliates here in the Phoenix area, but we found something missing as we looked around for a place to workout; heart.

The heart of each Box seemed to be a focus on the sport of fitness and high-level competition. While that’s an awesome goal to have, it’s not for all of us. Some of are looking to get fit or maintain our fitness level. We want a challenge, both physical and mental. We want a place where we can give our everything until we’re running on empty and then be encouraged to give some more. We want a community of friends that will push us when we need it, pick us up when we fall, and help us find the strength we never knew we had. It’s not about being the fittest in the world. It’s about being the fittest we can be as individuals. That focus on individual goals seemed lacking when we looked around so we decided to create it.

Operating as usual

[01/06/17]   Hey guys. Sorry for the inconvenience but we will be closed tomorrow and Saturday. All thing will be back to normal Monday.

[11/25/16]   Happy thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget we are finding out new maxes on Monday!💪🏻💪💪🏾


Yoga and a Stronger Core

Practicing yoga is a great way to become more flexible, but did you know it can also tone up your core?

livestrong.com Poses such as planks, cat and cow, and reverse tabletop can improve your posture and strengthen your back.


Lift the Right Way

Follow three simple rules to help protect your back.

spine-health.com Paying attention to your movements during everyday activities can help you avoid injuries.


Can exercise keep you feeling younger?

A study published in July linked aerobic activities to higher levels of a compound called NRF1, which helps protect chromosomes and slow down the aging process.

allure.com Hopping on a stationary bike is one way to stave off the effects of getting older.


Build Up Your Core

Focusing on your core can lead to better balance, flexibility and stability.

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz Simple activities such as carrying groceries and breathing exercises can help you become stronger.


Strengthen Your Life

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The Power of Physical Contact

One researcher has studied how high fives and other sports-related interactions affect performance and outcome.

bostonglobe.com "Touch is the first language we learn, and our richest means of emotional expression."


Feel Better

Massages are known to reduce joint pain, insomnia and anxiety. They're even being used as a complementary treatment for cancer patients.

lifehack.org Twenty ways massage therapy can benefit your health.


Massage Modalities

Do you know the difference between deep tissue and sports massage?

ihcbesthealth.com Learn more about five common styles of massage, what the differences are and which type you should ask for at your next appointment.


Healing Hands

Massages have been shown to relieve stress by lowering the primary stress hormone cortisol and increasing oxytocin, a "feel-good" hormone.

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz Five ways massage therapy can benefit your well-being.


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When You Have Obstacles to Overcome

"Change is an inevitable constant in life. Sometimes it feels terrible, but it's up to each of us to determine where and how it goes."

psychcentral.com Creating positive change is achievable. Six tactics that can help.


Veg Out

Making the move to vegetarianism? Start with small steps, like one meat-free meal a day. It's usually easier to commit when the change is gradual.

hurrythefoodup.com Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming vegetarian.


Making Activity Routine

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, individuals need about 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise each week to stay healthy. How do you get yours?

livescience.com An all-encompassing look at how to start and maintain an exercise regimen you love.


One Change at a Time

Asking friends and family to hold you accountable may give you the boost you need to keep positive change going.

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz Four tips for starting and sticking to new habits.


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The Stressful Cause of Neck Pain

Both physical and emotional stress can lead to chronic pain in your neck and shoulders.

healthguides.healthgrades.com Trying to figure out what's causing your neck and shoulder pain? Stress can be a major contributing factor.


Talk About a Pain in the Neck

Stress can build up in your neck muscles, but a few strategic moves can help alleviate it.

huffingtonpost.com Relieve neck tension with this simple yoga sequence.


Don't Burden Your Shoulders

If you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world, it's time to give your shoulders a break.

intermountainhealthcare.org Three stretches that can help prevent shoulder pain.


Yoga Tips to Help Your Neck and Shoulders

Work these moves into your day to avoid complications caused by the dreaded "text neck."

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz These yoga stretches can help relieve common shoulder and neck pain.


Stretch Your Knowledge

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[09/09/16]   What's up guys. The gym will be closed at 530 today, and there is no Saturday class. Just for this week.


OHIO Has a New Meaning

"Only handle it once" could be the mantra you need to get more done.

time.com Author Bob Pozen recommends not putting off menial tasks during the workday. Handle it once and be done with it so you can get back to what's important.


Your Brain Can't Juggle

Some experts say the brain isn't programmed to focus on more than one thing at a time. They recommend completing the task at hand before moving on to the next.

mentalfloss.com Multitasking may affect the quality of your work in a negative way.


Identify Your "Why"

A clear "why" may lead you to the "how."

huffingtonpost.com Knowing why you do something helps uncover the value it will bring.


A Pipeline to Productivity

Now you can start feeling like you have enough hours in the day to accomplish what you want.

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz Three tips to becoming more effective in your everyday life.


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Passing Along Healthy Habits

Kids can be masters of resistance. Use it to your advantage when working out.

upworthy.com One dad uses his home workout as a time to bond with his children.


Workday Workout

Don't let your desk job sabotage your health. It's easier than you think to work a few office-appropriate moves into your day.

time.com Ten exercises you can conveniently do in your office.


Here Comes the Sun

If you're new to yoga, the sun salutation is a great place to start.

verywell.com Learn the sun salutation sequence with this step-by-step guide.


Get and Stay Fit Anywhere

Check out these workouts you can do anywhere.

allangutierrez.myhomehq.biz Just because you're too busy to go to the gym doesn't mean you're too busy to exercise.


Take It With You

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Get a Break From Breaking Out

You should disinfect your yoga mat after every session.

rodalesorganiclife.com Properly cleaning your yoga mat can help keep your skin clear.


Did you even rinse, bro?

When working out, avoid touching your face.

vitals.lifehacker.com Why you need to wash your hands after every workout.

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