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Let’s make everyday a day of living out that dream!

Happy MLK Day!

Today is a very powerful day when we stop and think about it.

This day is MORE than just one individual.

It’s the movement he represented.

The movement that we are ALL created equal.

We ALL want to love and be loved.

We ALL want to be feel acceptance.

As a kid growing up, I couldn’t comprehend how people could be extremely racist and treat others as inferiors.

I thought of it as “the old days” when people just didn’t know any better.

But now that I’m an adult… I quickly came to grips that those “old days” are in fact “all days”.

Past, present, and future.

The unfortunate truth is racism hasn’t gone anywhere. There’s still ignorant people out there that would rather spend their energy hating on others and casting negativity.

So my true desire we can reflect on today, but live out the true purpose EVERYDAY. Love everyone and treat them with respect and dignity.

I swear that those who focus on acceptance, love, grace, and positivity… will be FAR happier than those stuck in their “I’m better than you” ways.

Here’s to living out “the dream” that one man had for the world.

Here’s to embracing MLK’s words and living it out EVERY SINGEL DAY.

Much love!


Wanna know a secret?

Strengthen your back.

More than your front side.

You’re welcome.

#strength #rows #tbarrows #backworkout #backday #fitness


We’re in the second week of 2021.

Which means many resolutions people made January 1st are going to be falling off a cliff this week…. If not already.

I get it though.

I use to always see a decline in my commitment by the 2nd week. That motivation I had on the 1st was looooong gone.

Which left me with only myself… my true self… to get the job done.

But like always, I chose comfort.

I went back to my old habits. I didn’t want to embrace the uncomfortableness that came with trying to make big changes in my life.

Whether that was finances, business, or my own fitness goals… I chose comfort when I didn’t feel that motivation.

And I lied to myself every year saying this year is different.

Wasn’t til I realized that the only thing different iI needed was how I approached my goals. I had to stop focusing on WHAT I wanted… and start thinking of HOW I wanted it.

Once I put a plan in place that focused on HOW I achieve my desired goals, I started to focus purely on that and not the outcome. I figured the outcome will come if I focus on the method itself.

And wouldn’t you know it… it went from trying to achieve resolutions to trying to live a life I truly wanted.

Man… what a difference that was. I focused DAILY on my actions. My foundation.

So here’s to YOU achieving your resolutions this year by focusing on your foundation. And if you’re looking to lose weight, and not sure where to start…

Here’s 3 actions to do daily to get you started and build that foundation!

1. Start a food journal so you can keep track of your compliance… while also seeing where you need to clean up more. Every day look to get better by going over the journal and making adjustments if need be.
2. Get active everyday for at least 30 mins. Whether that’s walking your dog or get a hardcore weight lifting session in, just focus on moving. Don’t overthink it. Get going.
3. Prioritize whole foods that grew or walked on the ground. Limit the junk food and quick foods that only leave you wanting more. Lean meats, veggies, fruits, etc… Eat more of that and less the other.

Now get at it!

Trying to get my strength back.

Not that I stopped lifting.

But I got away from lifting heavy for a bit and focused a bit more on volume.

And honestly, I was getting lazy in the gym.

But there’s no problem with that.

The habit was of working out has been built. Which is most important.

Now that I have that habit built, the only thing I need to worry with is it getting complement with my workout.

And honestly, I’ll go in and out of turning beast mode on to just getting thru motions.

But I’m ok with that. I’m ok with seasons of lifting heavy and being driven in the gym, to seasons of just getting thru it and showing up.

Because the most important part of all this is that I show up to the gym. That’s it.

That habit alone keeps me sane, fit, in shape, weight control, you name it.

But how I approach the gym when I’m there is just the extra sauce that allows me to chase my finer goals... like getting lean, dropping 10 pounds of fat, building muscle, etc.

But if I focused purely on those finer goals and judged myself every workout for not “getting after it” then I wouldn’t put myself in a good position mentally to associate working out with positivity.

First and foremost, the habit I created of working out, whatever method or program that is, is the MOST IMPORTANT for creating a lifestyle change that matches the life I wanna live.

The extra stuff like getting abs (which has NO affect on my quality of life or happiness) is secondary.

All what I’m trying to say is this...

It’s ok if sometimes all you do is show up to your workouts without that “beast mode” turned on.

Focus on being proud that you showed up. Feed that positive feeling of accomplishment. Because then, and only then, will you free yourself mentally to continue getting better with your workouts without fear of failure.

Change your mindset. Focus on positive actions that line up with your ideal life, then focus on details.

But above all, take action. No matter what.

Coach Kyle

Sue being Sue.


#hipthrusts #fitness

Shout out to @jenniferannbillington for just Crushing her workouts and getting after her fitness goals.

As a coach, watching clients have deadlift form like hers gets me pumped up and want to go deadlift myself 🙌🏻

And remember folks, good form and engaging the right muscles far outweighs just loading up the bar with more weight.

It’s hard to get results if you’re always hurt.

Trust me.... I would know 😑

#deadlifts #uncommonbody #uncommonclients #fitness #results #goals #personaltrainer #strength

Where can I find this?!??

#cereal #oatmealcookies #nomnomnom #diet

Trainer Tip:

Dips is one of the most underrated exercises.

It Targets:
✅ Triceps
✅ Chest
✅ shoulders
✅ Core (when you follow the instructions below)
✅ Looking like a G in the gym (obviously most important)

But one of the hardest things about a dip is doing them without putting strain on your shoulder.

But I got you.

Lean forward a bit while sticking butt back. Lift legs up a bit in bent position by focusing on lower abs doing the leg lift. Almost think “mini crunch” in order to get more abs focus.

Leaning forward like I’m doing compared to the traditional straight up and down, keeps the shoulders in a position that keep your upper traps from going into your years.

Plus allows you to activate more pec muscle (the chest) to feel more powerful, stronger, and controlled.

Keep your shoulders healthy and you’ll keep rocking in life much easier. I’m sure there’s a study somewhere on internet about how success in life is directly related to shoulder health... or maybe not.

But let’s roll with it 😂

Message me if you have questions on these or need more direction or doing them properly, this living a successful life.

Absolutely hated these as a kid.

But now I can’t get enough.

Who else love some Brussels sprouts?

#healthy #fitness #eatyourveggies #personaltraining #lifestyleeating

Cooking healthy isn’t a chore.
It isn’t expensive.
It isn’t a pain in the butt.

What it is, is a privilege.

A privilege to be able to live our best life. Not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones.

The better you treat yourself, the better you treat those around you.


Here a quick dish I cooked for lunch but can be cooked any meal... bacon, Brussels sprouts,avocado oil, and shredded pork.

Add a little ketchup if you want to make it out of this world 😝

#healthyrecipes #fitness #uncommonlife #uncommoneating #highprotien #weighloss #fatloss #personaltrainer #aztrainer #fitness


We’re back ladies and gentlemen... but only for mornings.
Back to making progress.
Back to taking control with our fitness.
Back doing healthy things for our bodies.
The best thing is you don’t need the gym open in order to do all that. You can take control of your health and body anywhere under any circumstance.
But there’s something about exercising with others or being around like minded people that just take it another level.
Message me if you’re interested in getting back to the gym with other like minded people. But in a safe manner of course!

Happy Labor Day everyone. Hope your day is as lazy as this guys....
#laborday #dogsofinstagram #lazy

🐳 Being stuck in the house getting you feeling like a beached whale?

👂 I hear ya.

🦌 That’s why I created this killer leg circuit for my clients to do at home. You’ll go from feeling like a beached whale to walking around like new born deer.

🏠Give this home workout a shot and let me know how it goes!

😬Me and the wife just finished doing it together... and for some reason she’s googling divorce attorneys now. Hmmmmm...

The “Walk like a new born deer” Circuit

Feet Elevated bridges x150
Butterfly bridges x150
3/4 squat pulses x150
Break them up however you can

Workout Circuit:
Pick one leg and perform a waterfall rep scheme of 10,9,7...1. After you compete one leg all the way down to 1, switch legs and do the same!

Single leg hip thrusts x10
Bulgarian split squats x10
Single leg toe touches (RDL’s) x10
(10...1 waterfall rep scheme)

If you want more cuz your crazy, finish with 50 squat “pulse” jumps! (Or explosive pulse squats if you don’t like jumping)

[How's the New Year's Resolutions?]

The unfortunate truth is over 80% (probably more) have already either given up on their new year resolutions or just never really started.

That's sad.

Because I bet for most of those people, the desire and want was probably SUPER strong when January 1st was on the calendar.

But after a month... the struggle became too real. Change is hard. It's never easy. No matter how motivated you feel on Jan. 1st... that motivation will be gone before you know it.

And thats why many fail.

They relied purely on motivation. And motivation is a fleeting cause!

I use to struggle EVERY YEAR with making the same resolutions... whether those resolutions were for my body, finances, relationships, career... you name it... I was always super motivated Jan 1st to CRUSH IT!

But then February 1st came around and I found myself no where near as motivated. Which quickly lead me to fall back into my normal routine that was comfortable... but it never led me to the freedoms and world I really wanted to create for myself.

However, a few years ago... my new years resolutions changed.

Instead of making outcome resolutions like "I wanna lose 10 pounds and get ripped" or "I want to make more money in my business"... I changed it to response based resolutions.

I created goals that aligned my life with the outcome I wanted. If I wanted to lose weight, then I created goals of working 3-5x a week. Tracking my food intake. Not binging.

Which was game changer because it got me focused on what actions I need to do daily, instead of focusing on the outcome that I really have no control of. I can control my actions... but can't control the outcome.

Immediately my mindset changed and I went from always being the victim, to always being in control.

So if you're struggling with not achieving your new year's resolutions year after year... start taking on a response based approach. The results you want will happen "in response to" to the life you're willing to live.

Much more freedom knowing you're in control of the life you want to create!

Coach Kyle

[How To Deadlift Better for a Stronger Butt]

Here’s a quick run down on how to properly perform a deadlift that engages more butt and hamstrings, and less lower back.

The diet industry is NOT helping you.

I swear there's a new documentary every month going over some fad diet, and how its the BEST and far superior than anything else.

They quote studies and science articles to further prove why their "style" of eating is exactly what you need.

Low carb/high fat diets reference studies about importance of blood sugar levels for fat burning. Which is true. But carbs have also been shown to increase your metabolism and lean muscle mass... which is kinda important as well for sustained fat loss.

Low fat/high carb diets reference the affects of too much fat in the diet from potential liver damage of high fat diets. Which might be true. But they fail to mention that fat is great for controlling inflammation, and that a diet with too many carbs, not matter it is, can actually lead to increased inflammation.

Vegan/Vegetarian diets tout why we should only sources of food that don't come from animals/animal products. Which is true that the American diet needs WAY more veggies. But fail to mention the difficulty of the average person getting enough protein within that diet.

I can go on and on about ALL the diets.

But here's my point... all diets to some degree have benefits and negatives. There's research for both sides in almost every scenario.

So what do you do?

Simple... you stop fretting about the small stuff. Instead you figure out what YOUR ideal style of eating would be that you can live a lifestyle out of. Not just for a couple months, but the majority of day to day life.

As long as that diet promotes whole foods, calorie control, and flexibility, you'll be fine!

Make it simple... and you'll live a simple life.

Tacos are life.

And the fact that you can EASILY eat tacos that won't derail your weight loss goals, it's a must have in your diet!

I use to always rely on boring, bland meals when I was trying to lose weight or "get ripped".

But eating that way always, and I mean always, lead to burning out and binge eating at some point. Which ultimately lead to never really achieving to what I set out to accomplish with my body.

Meals like street tacos have changed the game for me... because who doesn't like tacos? And the fact that I can eat them while still marching towards my body goals makes the journey 100x easier.

The tacos you see below is what I had for dinner this past week. They're fish tacos and SUPER easy to make.

Just fry up some tilapia (or the fish of your choice) in a little oil. Season it with whatever you like (me and the wife use a pollo asado seasoning that is AMAZING on anything).

Then add the fish to some street size tortillas (corn tortillas shown in pic, but you can use flour if you want) along with some onions, cilantro, avocado, pinto beans, and taco sauce.

Boom... some healthy street tacos that won't derail your progress but in fact HELP your progress as you're not being boring!

Let me know your favorite style tacos...

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths That You MUST Abandon

Since everyone is always looking to lose weight… whether thats 5 pounds for 50 pounds… the fitness industry makes a TON of money by selling you solutions.

Unfortunately those solutions contradict themselves quite often to keep you confused and spending your hard earned money.

And to make it even worse, the industry has done a horrible job at separating truth with fiction… all for the sake of “sales”.

But the reality is this, weight loss can be SIMPLE if you rid yourself of the BS and confusion.

So here’s a quick run down of the top 5 weight loss myths I believe that only make your life harder and make the journey much more miserable than it needs to be...

1. Don’t eat past 6pm. I use to believe this because it made sense in my uneducated brain that my body would stop digesting food when I sleep, so it will naturally turn to fat. Truth is, It doesn’t matter when you eat, justas long as your total calorie intake is controlled for the day. That’s it.

2. Don’t eat carbs past 6pm. Similar to the one I just mentioned, there’s no reason why you can’t eat carbs at night. Again, the most important thing is how MUCH carbs your eating in your day, not when.

3. Eating fat makes you fat. This is just simply untrue. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating too much does. Plus, healthy fats provide sooooo much health benefits that actually can help your body burn fat easier. Imagine that.

4. Cardio is best for weight loss. Another one I hear a lot, but untrue. Yes cardio is great at burning calories, which can ultimately lead to increase caloric expenditure. But cardio alone isn’t anything special. In fact, I always recommend resistance training matched with a proper diet. And let cardio be extra. Building muscle will burn more calories when you’re doing nothing where as cardio doesn’t provide that.

5. Lift light weights for weight loss and tone. Similar to the cardio myth I just explained, light weights isn’t the answer either. Again, focus on building muscle. Whether you use light weights or heavy weights, just push your body to it’s limit. The size of the weight doesn’t matter.

Ditch those 5 myths to make life much easier!

Instead, keep it simple by focusing on creating a calorie deficit. That’s it. Once your calories are contained, you can build other habits like eating a protein with every meal, eating tons of veggies, being active DAILY, and just getting enough sleep.

But if calories are too high… no weight loss. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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