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Unique Performance. Unique Results My name is Naveed Shan. I’m a certified personal trainer, strength coach, fitness writer, and all around standup guy.

I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and have loved every second of it. I offer personal training services and online fitness coaching for a myriad of clientele from professional athletes in the NFL and UFC to soccer moms and regular joe’s. I focus on fat loss, athletic performance, power/strength development, nutrition consultation, and helping people become more awesome. Google “workout program” and you’ll get a million pop ups of Brazilian Butt Programs or Six Weeks to Bulging Biceps and I’m sure there are some decent ones out there. My goal as a trainer is to provide my clientele with the guidance and programming that is tailored to fit their needs. I don’t provide generic, cookie cutter programs for my clients; everything is customized for what you want accomplish.

Mission: My purpose is to share my passion for health and fitness to allow you to feel, look, and perform at your very best!

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Blog | Naveed Shan Training Systems

Having a bit of writer's block. Are there any topics I haven't covered you'd like me to write about fitness related?!?!

Any help is welcomed and if I select yours you will be entered into a contest to win my sincerest gratitude and adoration. The Official NSTS Blog

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[03/18/14]   Never understood trainers who get frustrated with clients for not knowing something or having difficulty picking up a new movement and talking down to them for not getting it at first.

1) it's your job to teach them... if you get so easily frustrated if someone can't learn to squat you should do something else

2) assuming everyone has the same kinesiological intelligence and can pick up movements like a college athlete is just stupid... If you can't teach a soccer mom how to hip hinge you're not going very far in this industry

3) I doubt your teacher called you dumb for not understanding Newtonian physics so why would you call other people dumb for not understanding exercise selection

Training others takes just as much patience as it does education or experience

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[03/10/14]   Make small incremental changes over time that still elicit results. Change one habit or gradually change macronutrient intake over time for success. Most people want immediate results and 6% body fat tomorrow but I guarantee your favorite fitness model or bodybuilder doesn't make drastic changes over night but small gradual changes to get where they are.

Does this lead to a 20lbs weight loss in a month? No... But it does ensure a healthy change and constant progress.

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I had an assessment with a client earlier today who had thrown his back out working with a trainer six months ago. While his intentions were good...the trainer had him doing "ballistic toe reaches" on a vibrational pad. It didn't matter that he had an abnormal bone growth on his L3 vertebrae, a herniated disc, or poor trunk stability; the trainer assumed that since he had lower back pain at times he needs to stretch his hamstrings.

back pain=tight hamstrings
knee pain=weak hamstrings
shoulder pain=stay away from bench for a week, do some external rotation work

Do these work? maybe...some times...if you're lucky. But what works for one doesn't work for all. I am no medical professional but I do no there is no one size fits all when treating injuries or chronic pain. Find the issue first before addressing it....often times you may be doing more harm than good

[01/27/14]   If you're starting an exercise program or new diet and you're already coming up with self limitations and excuses, you're pretty much guaranteeing you won't be successful. Keep an open mind when training and put effort towards new tasks before disregarding them entirely...I see this quite often and it becomes a pet peeve of mine...

I can't squat it hurts my knees (well you're doing it wrong and I've trained people with complete knee replacements who still do this)
I hate eggs and red meat so I can't consume protein (ya...because those are the only sources of protein on the planet)
I just don't have the time to workout (unless you're a financial analyst and putting in 120 hour work weeks or a medical resident with an ungodly schedule I don't buy it...I'll kick your ass in 20 minutes)
The places I eat don't have vegetables (You're right, Jack in the Box doesn't serve vegetables...there's thing called a grocery store though)

Keep an open mind when starting a new program, forget all the reasons you can't do something and figure out ways TO DO IT!

"whether you think you CAN or you CAN'T, you're right"

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