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We've moved! Our trainers are available in Phoenix & Tucson. We offer private training, clinics, and team sessions at the field or facility of your choice.

Our specialties are hitting instruction, pitching instruction, and strength & conditioning. Read more about our instruction at to see what makes us so different.

Challenge is Moving! Open for Important Info!

Challenge is moving! Click for info! Challenge is moving ! We will temporarily be doing all lessons outside. Click for info!

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That ball is out of here! Everyone couldn't help but admire this hit from @denae_chatman! Thanks to @yourkjzz for visiting and featuring @jonnylee_cscs and our training programs on your station. #challenge #thesciencebehindthesport #powerhitter #hittheballhard #hardworkpaysoff #softballlife #softballcoach #hittinginstructor

Increase Pitching Velocity, Mechanics and Arm Strength this off season!

Hey pitchers, off season is the best time to train! Build arm strength & improve mechanics. Hey pitchers, off season is the best time to train! Build arm strength & improve mechanics.

How did you do this weekend? Sometimes you have to be willing to try something new to improve your performance! Our trainers don't want to change your swing or pitch, they want to make it better! Adjustments are made to make your mechanics more efficient, natural, and fluid.... And get results! Anything new can feel uncomfortable at first. It takes time and hard work to build better habits! #mondaymotivation #seethedifference #outsideofthebox #hardworkpaysoff #hittinginstruction #pitchinginstruction #performancetraining #strengthandconditioning #baseball #fastpitchsoftball

Back at it today! There's more to playing than just getting as many reps as possible. Imbalances in your lower body affect how powerful your swing is, how hard you throw, running mechanics, and much more. Find out how to be a stronger, more balanced player to improve your overall game! #challenge #thesciencebehindthesport #sportspecifictraining #certifiedtrainer #cscs #strengthcoach #biomechanics #injuryprevention

Come visit @jonnylee_cscs and @straightstrong at @tcsports FroShow! Reserve your spot between games for a complimentary injury screening or video analysis at the field! We will be making our way to all the fields this weekend. #challenge #thesciencebehindthesport #injuryprevention #biomechanics #videoanalysis #cscs #certifiedtrainers #softballcoach #softballtournament

Elite Softball Strength Class Now Open to Serious 14u Players!

Elite Softball Strength Class for 14u/16u/18u meets tonight at 6 pm! Call or sign up online! Elite Softball Strength Class for 14u/16u/18u meets tonight at 6 pm! Call or sign up online!

High school baseball season will be here before you know it! Will you be ready? Work with our experienced trainers to increase performance in hitting, pitching, strength & conditioning, and more. All training is customized for your individual needs and schedule. Schedule a complimentary assessment to find out more! #challengebaseball #thesciencebehindthesport #baseballtraining #arizonabaseball #powerhitter #powerpitcher #performancetraining #bringoutyourbest #seethedifference

Have a good weekend? Tag us @challengeaz so we can share your accomplishments! Meanwhile, its time to get back to work! We have a few last minute openings tonight. Check the schedule at link in profile! #challenge #thesciencebehindthesport #hardworkpaysoff #getbetter #bringoutyourbest #hittinginstruction #pitchinginstruction #performancetraining

How will you know where you're going if you don't know where you are? Assessment is an essential part of all of our programs whether it be hitting, pitching, strength training, or any facet of the game. First, you need to have hard numbers of how you're performing. Then we can help you improve them! Want a better idea of how you're doing and what we can do to help? Schedule a complimentary assessment by calling us! #challenge #thesciencebehindthesport #resultsspeak #numbersdontlie #getbetter #hardworkpaysoff #baseball #softball #performancetraining

Shoutout to @steven.boyd_ on your 350ft homer this past weekend! Steven has been working hard on and off the field in our Elite Baseball Strength Class. Keep it up! #challengehomerunclub #hardworkpaysoff #hittheballhard #powerhitter

Tajiah was crushing the ball last night with Jonny! Keep it up in California this weekend... thanks for sharing, Tashia!

Drive the ball harder and farther. Let us help you maximize your power and make sure you’re one step ahead of the competition. Develop a stronger, more efficient and explosive swing with our trainers here at Challenge. #challengeyourgame #challengeaz #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #kinecticchain #hittinginstruction #powerhitter #explosive #hittheballhard #drivetheball

Thanks to the Cartwright family-- Scott, Tracy, and Lizzy for sharing your experience training at Challenge: "Almost 2 years ago my daughter Elizabeth had come off missing 5 months due to shoulder surgery and right into a new season of club softball. She was struggling at the plate to the point where at the time we decided to make a change from her current hitting instructor because I felt she was not making progress and needed a new approach. She had attended a couple of clinics at Challenge and we had a chance to meet Jonny. We soon realized that Jonny was what we were looking for and that he had a great knowledge for the game of softball and baseball and the physical training components to help Elizabeth start working on taking her game to the next level.

After 2 months working with Jonny she started her freshman season of high school ball and proceeded to hit .597 for Deer Valley High School varsity team and was named offensive player of the year for the Skyhawks. She repeated the same number as a sophomore and has continued to hit close to .500 in club ball the last 2 years as well.

While she hasn't yet reached the level we all want her to, Jonny continues to move her in taking her game to the highest level. Quite frankly he has been a savior for us and I look forward to watching him help her develop for the collegiate level over the next 2 years. We will continue to recommend him and Challenge to our friends and wish him continued success!" #testimonial #weloveourcustomers #hittheballhard #powerhitting #seethedifference #resultsspeak #hittinginstructor #hittingcoach #softballcoach #fastpitchsoftball

Slap Hitting Lessons with Brandi Shriver

Get out of the box and on to first base! Schedule a slap hitting lesson with Brandi Shriver. Get out of the box and on to first base! Schedule a slap hitting lesson with Brandi Shriver.

Schedule a Complimentary Assessment to Start Training at Challenge!

Schedule a complimentary assessment to find out more about our training! We can help you improve hitting, pitching, throwing, catching, strength & more. Schedule a complimentary assessment! Customized training for hitting, pitching, strength &more

Our very own trainer (Chris Reber) at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference in Anaheim this past weekend. #alwayslearning #givingback #neverstopwontstop #challengetrainers #sciencebehindthesport #certficationmatters #expertise #nsca #strengthtrainers #preparation

Report: ASU softball coach Craig Nicholson resigns

We wish Coach Nicholson a speedy recovery! Hope all is well with his health. Who do you think will be the next coach? ASU softball's second-year head coach will step down due to personal medical reasons

Excited that so many students are meeting and beating their own personal records! So we decided to take it to the next level and compile everyone's stats by age (not necessarily level played) to see who is at the top for each. Let the games begin! Been awhile? Come in to get retested and see how you're doing!

Want to get in? Schedule a lesson to see the difference! Testing is an integral part of our programs at Challenge so you know not only how you rank for your age group, but most importantly so that we can measure your progress. Bat speed, ball exit speed, and strength measurements are something that we test on every new student. As you train with us, you will see the growth in your numbers and on the field. #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #powerhitting #baseball #fastpitchsoftball #batspeed #ballexitspeed #hittingcoach #hittinginstruction #hittheballhard

Focus on starting your swing with your hands in a neutral position to ensure they are not too high. Then as you move into your load, the back elbow will pinch back and load the scapular (rotator cuff) muscles. When the scapular muscles load, the front arm will stretch across the chest slightly, creating a stretch in the front shoulder where the hands will look like they have moved back towards the catcher. The hands will then either be slightly below or above the back shoulder, creating a better path to the ball. @tajiahellison_01 @jonnylee_cscs #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #powerhitting #fastpitchsoftball #hittingcoach #hittinginstruction #hittheballhard

Timeline Photos

Good to see our old friend, Brent Strom! Go Astros! #pitchingcoach #biomechanics #healthypitchers #mlb #astros #centerfield #mentor

Way to go Sierra Meyers @sierra.meyers.6 on all of your hard work! Sierra started training with Jonny @jonnylee_cscs last October and has consistently came in 1-2 times per week since. In 11 months, Sierra’s average bat speed has gone from 49.8 to 61.1 MPH! Her average exit ball speed has gone from 57.6 to 69.7 MPH. At just 14, her stats are putting her on the level of most 16-17 year olds. And the results are showing on the field too with her first home run last April… and 6 more since! #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #homerunclub #hardworkpaysoff #rotationisking #linearhittingbegone

Having a firm front side is important in hitting because it helps to control the transfer of energy your hips create. Jonny and Lizzy focused on planting her front heel as the rotation of the core helps create ground reaction force and better energy transfer. As your hip rotation generates the energy, your front foot is what allows you to control your momentum and channel it in order to have a more explosive swing. #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #firmfrontside #rotationisking #beexplosive

Often times in baseball and softball we hear the term “stay back” on the ball. Although this can be good to remember when hitting, it can sometimes be a problem when you are waiting on the ball too much and letting it get too deep in the zone. Drills like this force you to stay behind the ball, but focus on the energy transfer needed to drive it. This drill will create a balanced energy transfer that will help make sure your body is moving in one fluid motion through the zone. @juneobata @jonnylee_cscs #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #weighttransfer #batwhip #drivetheball

Power Hitting Baseball Boot Camp over Fall Break 10/12-10/13!

Get better over Fall Break with Power Hitting Baseball Camp 10/12-10/13! More dates available. Get better over Fall Break with Power Hitting Baseball Camp 10/12-10/13! More dates available.

Power Hitting Fastpitch Boot Camp over Fall Break 10/14-10/15!

Get better over Fall Break with Power Hitting Softball Camp 10/14-10/15! More dates available. Get better over Fall Break with Power Hitting Softball Camp 10/14-10/15! More dates available.

RIP to Yogi Berra one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. You were an 18 time All-Star, 13 time World Series Champion and 3 time MVP, but it was your love for the game that will make us remember you forever. #itaintovertillitsover #winner #halloffamer

That time when Jonny @jonnylee_cscs was on @12newsaz teaching the anchors how to pitch. #tbt #letsdoitagain #challengebaseball #sciencebehindthesport #powerpitching #pitchingcamp #pitchingcoach #biomechanics #letitwhip

Elite Softball Strength Class is moving to Mon. & Wed. Starting Next Week!

Our elite softball strength training program moves to Mon. & Wed. starting next week! Work with CSCS, Jenna Straight, to build speed, power, agility, and flexibility! Sign up below! #challenge #sciencebehindthesport #elitetraining #challengeyourgame #softballstrong #sportspecifictraining Our elite softball strength training program moves to Mon. & Wed. starting next week! Work with CSCS, Jenna Straight, to build speed, power, agility, and flexibility! #challenge #sciencebehindthesport #elitetraining #challengeyourgame #softballstrong

Thanks to Shandel Roberts for sharing your experience with us!

"My son, Coleman Roberts, first went to Challenge in November 2013. Playing on a club team getting ready for high school, it just didn’t seem like things were progressing. In fact, it seemed he was going backwards. The common phrases of stay back, and have quick hands was causing a disastrous end result. His batting average for the fall season was just over .150. As a parent, we have the best interest of our children at heart. We just want them to have the opportunity to succeed. We came to Jonny Lee after a lot of research about what is needed to move to the next level. Jonny’s approach to the science of the swing intrigued us.

The first lesson Jonny had Coleman focusing on keeping balance and using the core muscles. He worked on rotating his hips and creating a turn to the ball instead of a push. It was impressive to have specific instruction instead of just throwing balls for batting practice! He broke down the entire swing from his hands, arms, core, hips and feet. Then Jonny created drills to create muscle memory and consistency in learning the motion. We honestly saw immediate results and every week it grew. Within four months he was hitting around .350 and we saw a tremendous difference! His teammates ask - how do you make your swing look like you are doing nothing and yet the ball hits the fence? The parents are asking what we are doing. I would highly recommend any athlete that is willing to work to make their potential a reality. I really like that Jonny is constantly giving feedback. He sends analyzed videos to us. He has come to games to see Coleman in live situations.

Today, Coleman is batting over .400. He has gotten stronger and more efficient in his swing and even more are asking how. He is seen as a hitter. He hit his first homerun in a game recently and it went approximately 360 feet with little wind opposite field. Part of that is all the hours he puts into making himself better and the other part is true instruction in the art of hitting by Jonny Lee at Challenge. Thank you, Jonny!" #testimonial #weloveourcustomers #challengeaz #challengeyourgame #seethedifference

Sometimes in hitting there are too many moving parts and you need to break things down one step at a time. In this drill, our instructor Jenna had Jacelyn set up with her legs separated creating a wide base. The purpose of this drill is to open up your hips and focus on rotating while staying centered on the spine. With a wide base like this the only way you are going to hit the ball is by opening up your hips so it forces hip rotation to occur. In hitting, power comes from rotating so it important to make sure you know how to properly use your hips in order to utilize your power. #challengeaz #challengesoftball #sciencebehindthesport #itsallinthehips #takethechallenge

You'll see it when you believe it. Not only physical strength, but mental toughness is a must to reach your maximum performance. It takes dedication, open-mindedness, and determination to be your best. Approach the plate with confidence and one thing in mind-- hitting the ball hard. #challengeaz #challengeyourself #believeittoseeit #mentaltoughness #hittheballhard

Hitting is all about getting from point A to point B. How you get from point A to point B, though is what separates the best hitters from everyone else. Your main goal is to get the bat to the ball in the most efficient way possible. Sierra worked on keeping both her hands and weight back while letting her hip rotation generate the power today. A key to this drill is keeping your hands back to allow your hips and core to create the momentum. This allows for your hands to act like a whip as they travel through the zone to the point of contact. #challengeaz #challengesoftball #sciencebehindthesport #powerhitter #hittheballhard #rotationisking #itsallinthehips

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