High Note Performance Video October 1, 2015, 4:11pm

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Fixing Ted's Knee

Feeling great with 230 on the log! This is my first attempts ever putting my body weight over my head. Prep for Connecti...

255# Atlas stone on to 54"(I think?). No tacky.

Also had a great deadlift today! 405 axel deadlift. Bar is 70 pounds. The axel is more difficult than the standard bar b...

Great final day at Lightning Fitness! First time using real Atlas stones, worked up to 250# to a 48" platform.

Cardio Day at Lightning Fitness!!50 ft farmer carry -185 pound per hand50 foot run50 foot chain drag - 450 pound chain

Vacation day 2! Log press at 200 pounds. My first day ever using this piece of equipment. I'm pretty proud my performanc...

Vacation, day 1! Keg carry? Keg carry. Thanks to Paul at Lightning Fitness in South Windsor CT! Great workout, can't wai...

That's 700 pounds!! David Rogers