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Benchmark Fitness provides state of the art bodyfat testing using the easiest, simplest, most accurate way of testing on the market.

[02/11/16]   3 Ways To Achieve Massive Results:

1. Track your progress. Keep this simple, use the Bod Pod to track progress every 90 days.

2. Ensure accountability. This could be a friend, coach, trainer or something else that you have to report to.

3. Have fun! If fitness is a chore, trust me, you won't stick with it. Find something that you like and makes you feel good.

Who's getting fit for Summer?


[02/08/16]   Hosting a fitness or nutritional challenge?

Benchmark can come to your facility, set up shop and take care of all your before and afters.

Not only that, we take away the headache and variables of testing plus provide a unique experience to your membership.

We're now in North Scottsdale (and can travel) and take the headaches out of running a 30, 60 or 90 day challenge.


Body composition: What are athletes made of?

What is the right amount of bodyfat for athletes?

It depends, of course.

Great read on bodyfat levels for different populations.

The Bod Pod is the gold standard and should be relied on for accuracy, repeatability, controlling lifestyle factors (exercise, hydration, caffeine) and ease of use.

Shoot us a message to schedule your session today. Written by: Michelle Rockwell, MS, RD, CSSD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Benchmark spent yesterday afternoon at one of the best training facilities in Arizona, OPEX Fitness.

We were testing athletes with 3 different bodyfat measurements, including of course, the Bod Pod.

For both athletes, enthusiasts and everywhere in between, it's crucial to know where you are and track data for your long-term progress, no matter what your end goal is.

This way you can make changes, course correct or adjust volume, nutrition and lifestyle factors along the way.

Know your numbers!


What are you made of? The BOD POD knows all

"“Some people are given unrealistic weight-loss goals based upon ‘weight norms’ by age and gender,” Parker says. “These people will never succeed in moving toward their real ideal weight, given their bone structure and existing fat and lean mass. Knowing fat and lean mass values as one loses or gains weight allows that person to intermittently change their program to achieve maximal fat loss.”

Excellent read on why using the Bod Pod, the simplest, easiest and most repeatable testing method, is important. The BOD POD uses air displacement to measure your body composition and resting metabolism rate. It's accurate and easy — but there are only four in the Puget Sound region.

[01/13/16]   "I’m amazed at how many people under-eat. Super low, 1200 calorie diets only result in increased fat and decreased lean mass numbers, while slowing the metabolism. Folks need energy to burn fat so RMR & TEE numbers are a great guide for people to shoot for. From there they can work protein/fat/carb numbers as well.

Having an artificially low body fat number could cause trainers to over-estimate how many calories a client is burning and recommend too many calories -because they think the person has lots of muscle.

This honest error could seriously reduce the impact of any workout and slow down the process. Since most devices health clubs use like Calipers and Bio-electrical devices (like the hand-held) are documented to have issues reading internal or visceral body fat, they tend to read low in body fat." - Joe Cannon

Excellent points made here on why knowing your lean mass and bodyfat with an accurate system is absolutely crucial.


Excited to be working with After It Training in support of their 60 day fitness challenge!

We use the Bod Pod to test their athletes before and after because of the accuracy, simplicity and repeatability of tests.

We all know how uncomfortable and unreliable calipers can be which are also highly dependent on using the same person to test over and over.

The great thing about the Bod Pod is knowing where you are today and using that to move forward with your targets and goals.

Wishing all the participants an awesome experience!

60 days to get where you want to be! Start with: 1-on-1 Training or 2 months of Unlimited Group Training Check website for sign-up

Fit or fat? Bod Pods see what you can't


"Two people can weigh the same amount, be the same height, and have the same BMI, but have very different body compositions. I have two patients like that. Each weighs about 150. One has 9 percent body fat, and the other has 36 percent. If you have 80 pounds of lean mass, and 70 of fat, then you're not going to digest, process and metabolize food the same as someone with 100 pounds of lean mass and 50 pounds of fat."

Great article on why the Bod Pod is the best way to know your numbers and to use for your long-term fitness, health and wellness goals.

#BENCHMARK The Bod Pod uses air displacement to calculate your body composition of fat vs. lean muscle mass. and organs.

[01/06/16]   Have you set your fitness outcomes for 2016?

A great method to use is the 90 day target method in which you'll set three outcomes regarding your body.

1. Aesthetics: how you look, bodyfat %, possibly bodyweight and muscle mass.

2. Performance: how you perform either on a daily basis or maybe you want to do a hike or a race.

3. Lifestyle: a habit or daily ritual that supports the above (i.e. meal prep on Sundays or starting a yoga practice).

What's on your plate for the first quarter of 2016?


Timeline Photos

5 Reasons To Use The Bod Pod For Bodyfat Testing:

1. ACCURACY: Plain and simple, the best for accuracy. Throw away your calipers!

2. SIMPLE: The entire process takes a few minutes and is non-invasive.

3. REPEATABLE: Variations in diet, training, hydration and other factors play a massive role in most testing formats, such as scales.

4. PRIVATE: No need to get your fat pinched by a trainer or someone you don't know.

5. EASY: Ease of use, no dunk tanks, going underwater or to expensive research facilities.

Are you ready to know your numbers?

Reach out to #BENCHMARK today.

Setting new health and fitness goals for 2016?

Many people are.

Knowing where you are today is essential to create realistic, tangible goals for 2016.

Get tested today with Benchmark!


GYM OWNERS, TRAINERS & COACHES: Hosting a nutrition challenge in 2016?

Benchmark has you covered.

Differentiate yourself by using our proven system and we'll do all the testing and logistics for you --- while you add value and a unique tool to your challenge.

Your clients will love it and we'll unload the painful (and inaccurate) task of body fat calipers or worse, super inaccurate scales.

Contact us today to get rolling!


With New Year's around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your bodyfat tested with the most accurate, repeatable and simplest way, the Bod Pod.

Get rid of inaccurate scales, uncomfortable calipers and other methods which simply don't work well.

Reach out to us and schedule your session before the end of the year -- we have single and four-session packages available.


[12/03/15]   2016 IS FAST APPROACHING!

Come get tested at Benchmark while we are here in Tempe, Arizona.

We have amazing deals for you to get tested as well as friends and family.

Receive clarity with your bodyfat, lean mass and current snapshot of health and fitness, including a full chart on how many calories you need.

Our current special lasts until December 31, 2015!

Carlos getting tested earlier today -- he's an MMA fighter.

We are operating out of Tempe this week.

Come get tested, know your numbers!


BENCHMARK Weekly Question.

Come get tested this week and finally know where you stand with your bodyfat % and lean mass.


Benchmark is operating out of Tempe this the week.

We have several spots open to get your numbers with big specials for our opening week!

Give us a ring at 480.430.2037 to book today!



Benchmark will be operating out of Tempe this coming week, with abilities to schedule your test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Drop us a note on here while we get our scheduling up and we'll slot you into our system.



Benchmark provides clarity and certainty in regards to people's health, fitness and wellness.

Our ethos is: if you don't know where you are, how can you possibly know where you're going?

It was a blast presenting at 1 Million Cups earlier this week!


Benchmark spent the morning presenting at 1 Million Cups in Scottsdale!

Great to connect with the local community and receive great insight and connections.



Create accountability within your social circle to improve results with your health, wellness and fitness.

Just a simple declaration of a weekly target and a check-in can have a massive impact on your success.



Accountability is the #1 factor that decides if you stick with something or not.

Surround yourself with people who are going to check in with what you said you were going to do.

It could be a gym membership, a gym community, a coach, trainer, Facebook group, online program -- doesn't matter.

Part of accountability is knowing where you are today, so you can set targets for where you want to go.


Great times Fitness On The Lawn event yesterday in Scottsdale!

Great to meet a lot of people committed to their health and fitness.

Excited to have Benchmark support your journey.

Know your numbers!


Fitness On The Lawn

What's everyone doing on Sunday?

Benchmark Fitness will be at this awesome event here in Scottsdale:

"Fitness On The Lawn".

Come by for an awesome workout and connect with like-minded people for a fun event!


Outdoor fitness event featuring your top trainers of AZ.


Tracking activity is a great tool to see how many steps you're taking daily and what you're doing in terms of fitness -- be it a hike, gym session or yoga.

But we believe it's absolutely crucial to track bodyfat because of everything it tells you in regards to your current health, fitness, longevity and overall wellness.

Track both?

Well then, you're a rockstar.



Create a weekly check-in with someone other than yourself.


Accountability is the #1 precursor for long-term results in health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

This can be a Coach, gym, trainer, training partner, online network or anything else.


Benchmark Fitness's cover photo

Benchmark Fitness - Arizona Bodyfat Testing!

FREE REPORT: The Pro's & Con's Of The Most Popular Bodyfat Testing Methods.

Grab your report at the link below and discover what are the best ways and what you should avoid with bodyfat testing.

Knowing your numbers is crucial, but so is knowing the right numbers!

#BENCHMARK Download The Free Report


Benchmark Fitness has you covered. We're able to bolt-on to existing nutritional challenges for before and after testing and to simplify the process of collecting metrics.

The Bod Pod will tell you exactly where your hard work is going in your 30-60-90 day challenges.

Remember, collecting data is about finding out what's working and doing more of it as well as getting rid of what isn't.

Know your numbers!



Q: "I track bodyweight and take pictures every 4 weeks. Is this enough?" - Kristin, Arizona

A: It's a great start and you're doing more than most. The pictures makes people very nervous, and that's a good thing. Why? A lot of times bodyweight has very little to do with results and pictures / how you look in the mirror can tell you way more. I like the every 4 weeks because it's enough time to see real changes. Our recommendation would be to ditch the scale (or use it sparingly) and continue doing pictures but also implement a simple Bod Pod test every 8-12 weeks. This will tell you a specific, exact story on where you are with your progress. Benchmark has specials for upfront packages that can be used within the year.



We've found over thousands of tests that there are several issues with calipers for testing bodyfat.

If you're going to test your numbers, you might as well choose a method that is easy, simple, accurate, repeatable and an experience you want to repeat.


[10/13/15]   Hosting an event, competition or nutritional challenge?

Benchmark has your back!

We're booking out events in the next 30-90 days here in Arizona.

Shoot us a message if you're interested in having us at your next event.



Are you taking at least 10 minutes to plan out your week?



Watch this quick video and learn why calipers are not a great tool for testing body fat long term.

Know your numbers!


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