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New Year's Day Meditation - Set Your Intentions and Manifestations for 2021 12/31/2020

New Year's Day Meditation - Set Your Intentions and Manifestations for 2021

New Year's Day Meditation - Set Your Intentions and Manifestations for 2021

New Year's Day Meditation - Set Your Intentions and Manifestations for 2021 Meditation Guided by Cynthia Graham New Year's Day Meditation Set Your Intentions and Manifestations for 2021 a guided meditation by Cynthia via ZOOM This Friday, January 1, 2021 12 pm - 1 pm guided b


Good Morning! 🚴‍♂️💨💨💨
Karyn here with a Vid of my Sister Cynthia barking orders on the Bike this morning! 😅😅😅 So fun!
I’m encouraging you guys to take this time to find ways to workout and get your Body’s healthy and strong during the order. You said you don’t have time to workout, we’ll guess what? You got nuthin but time! Here’s hoping all our Homies and their families stay safe out there! 😘

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Counting down the minutes until my first ZOOM online spin class. Forever grateful to my second home
for keeping me sane through the quarantine!
I’m so excited I’ve been waiting since last night on my bike....🚴🏻‍♀️

Live from the GRAHAM HOUSE! This is happening RIGHT ABOUT NOW!
We ain’t lettin’ a little virus slow us down! Oh hell no! Vroooooom!
Karyn here, first class on Zoom this morning, so fun! Can you keep up???!

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It’s that crazy Spin-then-Grub Holiday 90 min Turkey Day Spin with me and my Sister, Cynthia!
This is our FAVORITE Spin of the Year! And what we love best is spending it with our Peeps! So Fun! Sign up online and get your Space reserved now, this Class always fills up fast. **
Gotta get that high Calorie burn before you put it all back wit’ that Turkey Dinner Grub Down! 😂😂😂
See you in tomorrow! The SMACKDOWN starts at 8:30a! 💕

Reverse The Aging Process - This Saturday Oct 12th Save $10 Today! 10/11/2019

Reverse The Aging Process - This Saturday Oct 12th Save $10 Today!

Reverse The Aging Process - This Saturday Oct 12th Save $10 Today!

Reverse The Aging Process - This Saturday Oct 12th Save $10 Today! A 75 minute lecture and hand-out detailing how the body aging and what steps you can do to keep your cells young and healthy, following by a 30 minute energy healing and meditation.

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Is it Possible to Reverse the Aging Process??

It Definitely is!

This Saturday, October 12, 2019
11 am - 1 pm
75 minute lecture
-Anti-Aging Handouts
-30 Minute Energy Healing and Meditation
-This incredibly insightful workshop will give you the tools and information to REDUCE :
-Fine Lines and Wrinkles
-Belly Bloat
-Brain Fog
-Menopause Symptoms
It will also teach you how to increase your energy and eliminate negative thoughts.
Come join my Sister Cynthia and I this weekend for the first Seminar in our Keeping it 30 in your 40s (and sssh 50s) series! Can’t wait to see you!

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Paulao is back this Weekend!
Massage Specials:

-$130 Lymphatic Drainage Massage 90min
-$130 Deep Tissue w/ Hot Crystals 90min
Karyn here, Paulo is an absolute Magician! Spoil yourself with one of his FANTASTIC Signature Massages! You’ll live every minute of it, and really, don’t your deserve to treat yourself ?

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4th of July Spin!

There’s still time to get your SWEAT ON 💦 before that 4th of July barbecue Grub On! 😃
Join Marlon aka at 8:30a This morning for a Fatburning Spin! WE LOVE YOU, MARLON! 😍

Timeline photos 07/04/2019

Have a Safe and Happy 4th with your loved ones -from your Rpm Family 💕

Timeline photos 06/25/2019

•| Beyond Meditation |•

“Inspired by the famous words of the Joker from Batman, I ask you: “Why so serious?”

Especially during times of transition and struggle, things can feel so heavy and serious. We can start to feel stuck and frustrated. •
Remember when you were a kid and the only care in the world you had was to explore and have fun? Really not much changes in adulthood. •
What does change when we reach adulthood is the added programming we get from our parents and from society that tells us that Childs-play is just that. “Play” is for children. •
We learn to fear taking risks, that failure isn’t good, and we often end up with unrealistic expectations that we painfully hold ourselves accountable to. •
At our cores, we are here to grow, learn, and explore, and as children we naturally know to have fun in the process. •
When we root back to our childlike energy and add play back into our lives, we are able to root back to how magical this world truly is.

When we are able to have fun with the struggles and the difficulties, it makes handling these situations so much easier because we are able to see each situation as a helping guide for us to explore something new and to make our lives that much more exciting and fun.” - GLH teacher and intuitive energetic healer Megan Osika

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“•| Beyond Meditation |•

“Rebirth is happening constantly in our consciousness as the natural process of awakening to a new-level truth, outgrowing it, shedding it, and releasing it as we access the next purer version. As we raise our frequency and identify as unconditional love, this love reigns in every branch and experience of our live. In fact, every experience at all times, no matter where we are, is Source loving us, but as we rise and rise again, we are able more and more to see it.” - GLH teacher and intuitive energetic healing Desiree Lanz

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Keep one eye open for the next Rpm Bootcamp!
Karyn here, you have been begging my Sister and I to bring it back, so here it comes! We’ll be announcing it SOON!
Here is your chance to get in the BEST shape of your life! Summertime is the RIGHT TIME! ! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️💦

Step up your workout and take it to the Next Level with the Slimfit Bootcamp! Hit us up so we can make this happen for you!

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I.N.T.U.I.T.I.O.N 💕

“Anxiety, the mind’s chatter of fearing the unknowns. The chatter of being scared of what you are facing. •
The energy of the Universe right now is pushing, forcing us to our limits, which is causing a lot of fears to come up for people, because of this push, the fear-based thoughts are extra loud, causing anxiety for most.

It’s essential to settle the mind during this time.

The mind’s job is to communicate to the body but not to dictate our choices; our intuition is our tool of guidance. Our intuition sees the bigger picture. A tool that you can trust that the outcome will always land. Without this tool, you don’t need to fear the unknowns. •
We were not born with fears we learned them. Our mind is full of experiences that can limit us if we listen. The current loud chatter will bring about limited situations if you don’t calm the thoughts. •
Your mind is not your compass; fall in love with controlling it.” - GLH teacher and intuitive energetic healer Val Mya

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Good Morning!

Time for a Dose of Endorphins!!! Yep yep!

By now, everybody knows that Endorphin High you get from a great Workout. Those Endorphins don't just make you feel good, their release from Exercise stimuli also acts as a Natural Pain Killer.
In case you didn't know, if you feel that your after Cardio Sweat has Detoxed you, you are right! Studies show that sweating effectively eliminates toxins, like BPA toxins which are chemical toxins leaked into our food, water, or drinks from plastic. These toxins are thought to have a negative impact on our Endocrine System. Our awesome bodies have the ability to eliminate these toxins and others through our sweat glands!
So get to the Gym and Spin it out, Pump it out, Run it out, Box it out, but by all means, !
Drop a like on this post if you're feelin' it! 😅😅

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•| Stress Reliever |•

Did you know Meditation can help ease Stress, Anxiety, can improve Heart Health, boost Mood and Immunity, and help with Asthma?
Meditation is a Great way to increase your Health and a great Add to your Fitness Regimen.
Try all RPM’s Beyond Meditation Classes on the RPM schedule, these are Next Level Meditation Classes and they are AMAZING! A must Try! See you in Class!

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Happy Sunday Morning from the Rpm Sweaty Crew! 😅😅😅
We Love You Guys!! Have a safe 3 Day Weekend! 💕

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Karyn here, reminding you to add some stretching to your workout regimen!
I grabbed my Pilates Circle to show how you can use it to assist in a pose and a pose or .
Some of the biggest challenges for those who train a lot is Lower Back Tension which can lead to Chronic Back Problems or injury. Keep those muscles supple by adding and/or Pilates to your workout to keep your Body flexible and decrease strain on your joints! 😀

Timeline photos 05/23/2019

“United We Stand”

Love One Another❤️
Happy Thursday from Rpm! 💕

Timeline photos 05/22/2019


A big Shout Out to the Best of the Best! Karyn here -I just want to say how proud we are of our Baby Brother ! He came in to Rpm almost 20 years ago and for Cynthia and I, it was LOVE ❤️ at first sight! If you have have been to Rpm, you were blessed with this warm smile and a person kind and always wanting to help. If ever you’ve been in his Class, you’d see this same sweet smile, as he murdered you on the Bike! 🚴‍♂️😈
Congrats, Marloncito! We all LOVE you madly! 😍😍😍

Timeline photos 05/16/2019

•| Beyond Meditation |•

“Whatever you are criticizing in your life you are a vibrational match for.... in some area of your life you are reflecting the same actions. If you are observing someone with an addiction it is because the universe is showing you somewhere in your life, you are relying on comfort through addiction as well!! The life around you is a mirror of your thoughts, words and actions within your own life. The Universe is constantly showing you where you may be depleted. If you are even observing a situation take effort to observe where you are creating a similar situation in your own life and with this you can consciously shift. when we begin to take responsibility for all areas of our life we can begin to shift to a life we desire. Shifting our perception is key. Your life is perfect, your perception just may he out of balance!! This life is a dream, your dream. Let’s get it” - Beyond Meditation teacher and intuitive energetic healer Nicky Moriarty

Timeline photos 05/16/2019

•| N E W B I E S |•

dragged Hubby and Friend to this morning's 7:30a Spin Class with Co Owner Cynthia Graham.

We hit the the Trio up after Class (here they are lookin' pretty Sweaty 😅) and told us,"I tried to butter Karyn up before class telling her how pretty she looked, but she just put her hand on my shoulder, smiled, and said, 'That's sweet, but I'm still gonna kick your Butt! Haha!" Looks like Karyn kept her promise!

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