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Horse Training and boarding. Horse Lessons, birthday parties. Come on down and let's ride new summer Welcome to Oneal Equitations!

We reacently just had our grand opening. We are very excited to see what the future holds for company and hope you can help us grow. We give horse lessons, riding lessons, we board horses and have stalls still going up. We sit on 9 acres with 2 acres devoted to pasture, 1 acre of an arena, half acre for 2nd arena, 60ft round pin, 2nd round pin in process of going up. We have parking for your tail

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/27/2017

Mommy butt spice t is a year old now

Timeline photos 02/16/2017

Diamond wanted a pic

Timeline photos 12/21/2016

To all my friends and family happy holidays from O'Neal equitations

Timeline photos 11/08/2016

My kids school pic hes grown up so much soon we will be back open out in tonopah im excited

Timeline photos 10/23/2016

From the show today

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 10/12/2016

Morning snuggles

Timeline photos 10/02/2016

Lottie time its cooling down so now its time to work horses


Nothing new to report trying to get everyone better now that the weather is cooling off time to get back to riding

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 09/11/2016

Shes eating on her own now comes the weaning process

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 08/30/2016


Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 05/22/2016

Meet spice t

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 05/19/2016

She's here it's a girl

Timeline photos 05/18/2016

Timeline photos


Good morning people it has come to know that I am moving the horses so lessons will be shut down for a while the horses are being moved today the lessons that still are and will be going on but as of now oneal Equitations is shut down for now until we move the horses to a property where there is room I still will post about the horses and such


So baby girl sugar bean got hurt don't know how she did it.but has hurt her shoulder and stiff she's on Bute til Tuesday and if she's not better will have to see the vet. The baby is getting so big we were concerned about this toward the end of the pregnancy I rubbed lineament on it to see if that will help prayers for her recovery we are now in the last part of the pregnancy she is due may 20th but I don't think she will go that long if she can make it till the 30th of april that will be 322 days I'm in for a long weekend

Untitled album 03/27/2016

random photos of the ride in bumble bee and lessons


Well Lottie has officially started back in training and had Jen on her walking around today we'll see what happens in the next couple weeks as we progress with her training

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 03/23/2016

Lottie with Western tack


So I know this sounds corky but I'm thinking of throwing sugar a baby shower lol getting the baby things they would need grain for sugar halter for the baby lol am I super weird for wanting to do that

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 03/16/2016

Momma got some bath time in today lol and a rebraided tail lol she's getting fat flanks ahahhaah

Timeline photos 03/16/2016

Mornings with ray lol


I'm hoping this month to get sugars stall set up to get ready to give birth gotta get straw and wood panels hopefully soon it will be baby time. When I first started this journey my ex and I had dreams but as her pregnancy has progressed my dream has progressed at the end of this journey will start another. Although I have my dream alone the ones that have been there through this is who I'm thankful for. I hope that after this baby will open another door of either looking for a house to have everyone on or possibly moving to another state who knows but my dreams are limitless and I will work to achieve strive and be successful as a person trianer mother and aunt. I hope that my aunt, my mother's best friend and my horse hope will be there in spirit when the baby is born and guide me through the next door that opens. Things will be changing, but the only person to achieve them is me and me alone


Gonna be getting ready for the baby coming in may I'm so close now.this has been such a long journey with sugar but it's been good the baby is progressing she going to start being ridden more lots of things going to go on soon been a long road the past couple weeks with family but things will look up soon

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 03/02/2016

My baby girl sunning

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 02/29/2016

Riding from yesterday first time on stormy and second in lifetime I love this being able to make someone smile

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 02/14/2016

ETS trail course was a bust stormy freaked over the weirdest things but ray got experience with the baby


Ray and I are off to horse lovers park for ets with the baby and stormy for an obstacle course first time the baby will be around other horses in a competition pictures come later wish us luck.

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 02/12/2016

Riding at rainbow river


Storm seems to be doing ok for the moment gonna sit here for a few hours and watch him


Grrrrr stormy is colicing again on me I'm in for a long night with my big guy

Timeline photos 01/26/2016

Timeline photos

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 01/26/2016

Look at that belly it's growing up can now see the baby doing somersaults in her belly only.a few more months now I'm wondering to take a pool of what the baby is gonna be

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post 01/24/2016

Photos from Oneal Equitations's post


It's Sunday and lesson day got 2 maybe 3 lessons all at once to do let's see if I can handle 3 12 yrs Olds at once

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diamonds second ponying session





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