MTD Track Support, LLC.

MTD Track Support, LLC.


Hello everyone! Here's some info for those riding Putnam Park Road Course with us this weekend.

Sorry for the late night post. The day job has been crazy lately. Side note... If you want to save some money by changing your own tires, No-Mar Tire Changer is just what the doctor ordered! -

From the registration form -

"Gates open at 7am each day. If you arrive before 7, DO NOT block the gates. Line up on the right side of the driveway while waiting to sign the waiver. The corner crew and track staff will need space to get by.
Registration and Tech should be open by 7:30am But, give us a minute. We can't get in any earlier than you.
Mandatory Rider meeting at 8:30am in front of garage 1A. Same garage as registration.

Green flag at 9am
Lunch from 12-12:45
Sessions will start every 15 minutes starting with the Advanced group.

Gates will close at 6pm sharp each day. Please be packed up and out before 6pm. You are welcome to leave your bikes and gear at the track Saturday night if you are riding both days but, there is no camping at Putnam."

Putnam does sell Sunoco 104 Unleaded and 110 Leaded race fuel. Just ask up in the tower if you need to fill up.
Link for more info about Putnam Park -

We'll have one track vendor with us this weekend. MTD Track Support, LLC. will have Pirelli tires on site -

Putnam Inn Family Restaurant and Catering will be operating the concession stand both days. They've got a great buffet at the restaurant too -

Ride Safe,
Jeffrey D. Wheat
Midwest Track Day
Check out the remaining 2022 schedule -
Thanks to Justin from MTD Track Support, LLC. for hooking me up with a new rear tire after I caught a nail in my freshly mounted Pirelli.
Last year I finished top Pirelli rider in my class. Hope to repeat the feat this year. Thanks for being the official tire supplier for Central Illinois Mini Moto CIMM
Hello Everyone!

This past winter seemed to drag on forever.....
BUT, we're only one week away from our 2022 season opener at NCM Motorsports Park!

As you all probably know, NCM was hit by a tornado last December and they're still in the process of rebuilding some of their facilities. They do have RV spots and Garages for rent. But, the garages are limited. Camping is still open and free Friday and Saturday nights. They will have Porta-potties throughout the paddock. But, the bathrooms/showers are out of service. I'm also told the food vendor is probably not going to be on site. So, plan on bringing lunch or heading out to Sonic, McDonalds, Which-Wich, Wendy's, etc. There are a bunch of fast food joints within a mile or two.
If you go to Wendy's please grab me a Baconator and a sweet tea.
Link to Garage/RV spot rental -

If you decide to get a hotel the track has a few partners -

Vendors for the weekend -
MTD Track Support, LLC. will be on site providing Pirelli tires -
PowerSports Stuff will be with us providing gear rental, parts and
accessories - Phone # 816-443-2323
ABI Photo will be on track capturing all the action -

Friday night I'll be doing some laps on my pedal bike if anyone wants to join. Saturday night Mark Junge will doing Data analysis in the coach garage. So, bring your AIM Solo down to see where you could improve. Don't have an AIM? Get with Mark, he's a dealer and can get you set up. -

We do still have open spots for next weekend. If you know anyone who's been dragging their feet, please pass along the link to registration!

We're looking forward to riding with you!

Ride Safe,
Jeffrey D. Wheat
Midwest Track Day

Central Illinois Mini Moto CIMM
MTD Track Support, LLC.

2 wins!🏆🏆
What a great day at the track.
I finished 4/4 races on the podium, took my first win at Central Illinois Mini Moto CIMM , and lead the F3 amateur championship!
Really a weekend to remember!

Congrats to my buddy Alex Wisdom Racing for shattering the lap record in the heavyweight class! Fastest bike around this track. Ever. 🔥

Thanks to my tire friend MTD Track Support, LLC. for hooking me up with the best tires, Pirellis. It was 93°F ambient temperature and they were glue. Super confidence inspiring tires.
2nd place at the 4 Hour Midwest Track Day endurance race! 🏆
My teammate Dave and I completed 200 laps before the red flags came out cause of the rain. We were just one lap down from the leader. Great race, super fun time.

As always, thanks to Central Illinois Mini Moto CIMM for hosting a great event! Shout out to MTD Track Support, LLC. for the awesome Pirelli tires! They were flawless the whole race!
Got tires? Pre-order now through MTD Track Support, LLC.
Some pics from the novice group throughout the day 28 Sep 19. Feel free to tag yourselves and/or save the pics.
Weekend Race Report:

TL;DR - Entered 2 600 Expert races and 2 Ultralight GT races, won all 4! :-)

The opening weekend with MCRA Racing at Gateway Motorsports Park was a good one, to say the least. I had a really good time seeing the track family and hanging out with everyone while we all partook in the passion we share!

On Saturday, I entered my first ever race on my newly acquired R6. In the practice sessions before the race, I was nowhere near the pace that I wanted to have and was a little worried about where I would be come race time. When the flag dropped, I got a terrible start and found myself in about 4th place. Luckily, my grid spot had me on the outside for T1, so I was able to brake a little later and set up for T2 in second place behind Ryan Mansfield. I followed him through the infield and set up to try and out brake him in to T7. He ran a good defensive line, but it allowed me to go the long way around and make a pass coming out of 7. Knowing that Ryan has really good pace, I decided to go ahead and drop the hammer to see if we could pull away from the rest of the pack. After putting in 3 or 4 laps with my head down, I decided to take a look back and assess the situation. I couldnt see anyone behind me, so I decided to settle in to a comfortable rhythm and make sure to bring the bike home in one piece. First race on the 600 = first win on the 600. The best lap recorded by the timing loop was a 1:09.0, which I am very proud of for my first race weekend.

The ULGT race was next. My good buddy Jake Neumann bought my RC 390 from me last year and was nice enough to let me race it on Sat since he was in the Race Clinic and couldnt participate in the ULGT race until after he completed the Mock Race. I was able to jump out to an early lead over Zach Thomas in 2nd and Mark W Cook in 3rd before settling in to a rhythm, in the mid 15's and bringing home win #2 for the day.

On Sunday, we encountered some less than favorable weather and I ended up sitting out several practice sessions due to a wet track and lack of rain tires for my R6. We lined up for the race again and I was determined to get a better start this time. I did, but so did everyone else. After the start, I found myself going in to T1 in 4th place. I was able to make a couple of passes in between T1 and T2 to find myself in 2nd place again. This time, I was following Michael Valentine who was running some REAL good lines and making me wonder where I was going to find an opportunity to pass while also trying to hold off the other guys behind us. Luckily, I was able to out brake him by just enough in to T1 starting the 2nd lap and I was able to take the lead. Just like the previous day, I decided to put my head down for a few laps, then see where that put me. Once again, after about 4 laps, I found myself with a nice gap back to 2nd place and was able to settle in to a more comfortable pace to bring home the win!

The Sunday ULGT race was by far the most exciting! Since Jake passed the race clinic, he was entered in this race, so I couldnt run the RC 390. Luckily, another good buddy, Scott Douglas, allowed me to race his Ninja 300! After a red flag on the opening lap (Jake got a little too excited and looped a dank whoolie on the start), we re-gridded and took off again. Kyle Sturgeon got the hole shot on Christopher Magruder's borrowed R3, but I was able to pass him on the inside between T1 and T2. I led for a few laps before making a mistake coming out of the final corner and losing my drive down the straight, which allowed Kyle to pass me. I settled in behind him and looked for places I was stronger and could make a pass closer to the end of the race. Surprisingly, I was finding it incredibly difficult to pass him as he was riding REAL solid and I started to get a little worried about him beating me to the line. As we came across the start/finish to begin the last lap, I was able to catch juuust enough of a draft to show him a wheel on the inside to T1 and was able to make the pass. I went on to run my best lap of the race (a mid 1:14) and hold Kyle off, who ended up snapping his chain coming on to the straight but coasted across the line to maintain 2nd place!

I have SO many people to thank!! First off, thank you to all of my sponsors:

Jones Honda
Velocity Calibrations
Alpha 1 Vinyl Works
Kyle Given - COUNTRY Financial

I also have to thank Jeffrey D Wheat and Joe Behlmann with MTD Track Support, LLC. for hooking me up with the DANKEST tires - the Pirelli slicks! If youre riding other tires, do yourself a favor and get off of them skankys and get on them dankies - go with Pirelli!

Huge thank you to MCRA Racing, the board, the staff, the corner workers, and everyone who helped with set up/tear down of hay bales and air fence. Without you awesome people, none of us would be able to enjoy events like this. Let me say it again.. THANK YOU!!!!

Big congrats to all of the new racers who completed the clinic this weekend, as well! Cant wait to see you guys on the grid!

MTD Track Support is the Midwest Pirelli race tire distributor. Here to help meet the needs of the t

Operating as usual

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 10/29/2023

Great turnout for this years Chili Cook-off and air fence fundraiser


Attention in the Paddock attention in the paddock, we are about one month out from the Fast Line Track Days Chili cook-off which will be the last track weekend of the year. I will have a very limited stock of Pirelli tires. If you need/want tires for the weekend let me know know and I can hold you a tire. or i can put in a very small order (I don't want to have tires left over through the winter), if I put in an order I will need to split the shipping charges. So check what you have and see if you need anything, first come first serve!!!!!

Also if there is anything left in the trailer Sunday I will make deals to leave with an empty trailer. So if you want to get a jump on next year let me know.

PM me for stock and questions.

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 09/23/2023

Beautiful day out here at Putnam Park with Carr Moto, and Indy Superbikes


Big shout out to Chris and Becky Meyer at Fastline Track days had another great weekend out at NCM Motorsports Park, and also to the boys at Indy Superbikes for coming down and supporting everyone trackside

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 09/02/2023

Out here at NCM with Fast Line Track Days

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 07/22/2023

At Mid Ohio this weekend for the AMA Vintage Fest supporting the fast guys on Pirelli’s

Photos from Fast Line Track Days's post 06/13/2023
Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 05/28/2023

Back out at Putman. Here supporting CarrMoto and Commonwealth Motorcycles


Another beautiful day out here at Putnam, with Fast Line Track Days

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 05/19/2023

All stocked up and ready to hit Putnam tomorrow with Fast Line Track Days

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 05/13/2023

Out here with Indy Superbikes come out and say hi and pick up some Pirelli’s while you’re here


We will be putting in a tire order in the next couple of days for Putnam Park in two weeks. If you want something special or want a large order let me know soon


Wanted to thank everyone that came out this weekend to NCM with Fast line Trackdays, and thanks for coming by and getting tires. It was a bit of a stressful weekend getting up to speed but it was I am happy withe how it went. Looking forward to Putnam in a couple of weeks.

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 04/28/2023

All loaded up and on the way to NCM with Fast Line Track Days. See you all there

Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 04/22/2023
Photos from MTD Track Support, LLC.'s post 04/22/2023

Trailer cleaned, organized and full of Pirelli’s! Ready for the season opening event next weekend at NCM with Fast Line Track Days


It's getting close to track season, give us a call or send us a email with your wishlist for the season!!! Get them sticky Pirelli's today!!


If you're looking to order some tires for the season let us know. Order will be placed soon


Can wait to see you all there!!

MTD Track Support, LLC. Tire pressures should be checked prior to your track session. MTD can help with recommending the correct pressures. They also are stocked with tires if you need an upgrade or replacement.
Only five days after today to sign up for the Oct 9 Carrmoto Putnam Park track day. Slots available in all classes. Novice is 90% full, lots of I1 & I2 slots available , and advance is 65% full. Sign up now. Go to the Carrmoto website and click on the event and the link for


MTD Track Support, LLC. will be at the Oct 9th Carrmoto Track Day at Putnam Park with a full complement of Pirelli tires to address all your tire needs including mounting and balancing, recommending tire pressures, and any other tire issues. Joe will be fully stocked with new Pirelli tires. It's even a good time to pick up a tire for a future track day.


Tire orders, as we draw to and end of the 2022 season and only have one more event with Midwest Track Day for the chili cook off. I wanted to make sure everyone has what they need, so if you are needing tires for that event please contact me directly through call/text/messenger to ensure your tires are available. Inventory levels are low and I am putting in my last order for the year. I will have tires for the event but always strive to make sure I have everything everyone needs. Look forward to seeing you all there and finishing off the season with a bang.


All packed up and ready for your Pirelli tire needs ar Putnam Park Road Course with CarrMoto .


With the chilly weather we are having in the St. Louis area, it's a good time to remind those in these colder climates that race tires are not a big fan of cold weather. If it's going to be below 40° where your bike/tires are, it's best to bring them inside or find a way to keep them warm.

Us personally, we have a portable electric heater that we put in the trailer on the cold nights. If you choose to go that route, please get your fuel cans out of the trailer first.

We will be back at NCM in a few weeks with Midwest Track Day. See everyone then!


It seems like it was just last week when we were finishing up last season and here we are... yet again. The season opener with Midwest Track Day at NCM Motorsports Park was fantastic. Even with the chilly weather, there was plenty of grip on track (thanks to PirelliMoto tires).

As of right now, our website is up to date with our current inventory. If you need anything for the next event, shoot us a message or you can buy the tires on our site and select "pick up at the track" to get your name on a set of tires.

We'll see everyone at the next one!!!


Caught in the wild... Joe working. I didn't believe it either so I had to get photographic evidence. 🤣🤣🤣


Trailer cleaned out serviced and stuffed full of fresh tires for the season opener with Midwest Track Day at NCM Motorsports Park. Look forward to seeing you all there. We will be setup Friday evening for tire changes.

Photos from PirelliMoto's post 03/13/2022

6 of the top 8 positions and a sweep of the Daytona 200 podium! Awesome showing for the fantastic PirelliMoto tires and a huge congrats to Brandon Paasch Racing for two in a row!


After a long winter, we are finally gearing up to start the season. We have received what I think is the biggest order we have ever placed with Pirelli. The website is updated with our current inventory. We can ship tires and, if you want to secure your tires before a given weekend, you can buy on the site and we'll have them marked for you when you arrive at the track.

Since I had questions at the track about this, I want to clarify our service pricing. If you buy tires from us, we install them for free. All tire flips and tire changes for tires not bought from us are $20. If you need more air, we have an air hose that is free to use. If you want our exclusive Premium Air, it's $10 🤣. Just kidding but we do have the best air around 😁.

We will also check the accuracy of your tire gauge for free. Last year we had three gauges that were 12psi off (not our gauge) and I'll set up a formal leader board for fun this year.

With that out of the way, enjoy the Daytona 200 this weekend, get your bikes ready (cause mine is not) and we'll see you at the track!


First shipment arrived today, don’t wait to reserve your tires as we already have a stack pre sold. Look forward to seeing everyone at the first Midwest Track Day event in April.


Dreaming of warm weather and hot tracks...


Sponsor Spotlight: New for 2022 we are thrilled to be working with our local Perelli race tire supplier MTD Track Support, LLC.. They’ve got all the track tires you could ever want, including the new 12” Pirelli Supercorsa SC. This tire produced the Mid-State Kart Club mini moto track record of 35.5 seconds.

Pro tip: the SS125 rule change now requires DOT tires. The Supercorsa SC is the best DOT 12” available. Get in touch with MTD Track Support to preorder your tires for the season!


End of year sale. We are offering free shipping on all inventory until it’s gone. Please contact us on messanger here or call/text my cell for inventory. Special offers for orders of 4 tires or more at a time.

636-248-4713 Joe


On our way to NCM Motorsports Park with Midwest Track Day with the awesome PirelliMoto tires. We will be setup to do tire service this evening so you can be ready to go for the first session. See you there in a few hours!


With the Midwest Track Day season coming to a close the trailer is full of tires and ready to go. Make sure to call ahead to reserve your tires as this is the last event and ordering will be slim after this weekend for the off-season. Look forward to seeing everyone at the cook off.

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