Twig Yoga

Twig Yoga offers yoga classes for every body. We are committed to making yoga safe, accessible and fun. Come grow with us!

The Center at Belvedere

Alex is back with a short exercise circuit to get you moving! This circuit includes exercises that build strength and increase mobility and balance.

Visit our Youtube channel to see all of Alex's home workouts!

The Center at Belvedere

Your favorite Chair Yoga class, now online! Join us Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30 am for a great yoga session.

Lake Anna Wellness Studio

Meet us on the mat LIVE, from our homes to yours!

Register on MINDBODY or by leaving a tip on Venmo @ “LAWStudio”

Download the Zoom app for your device at, enter the Meeting ID and Password.

See you online!

Lake Anna Wellness Studio

Studio community! Hope you are keeping healthy and well #stayinghome.

Today we’re launching live online classes on Zoom!
MWF 10:00am Pilates Mat with June
MWF 11:30am Restorative Yoga with June
T TH 11:30am Gentle Flow Yoga with Jill
T TH 4:00pm Pilates Yoga Blend with June

These are challenging times for everyone, and we want to make this as accessible as possible, so these are donation based classes -
- you decide how & how much you want to pay.

Let's get started!

1. Download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet or device (if you're not already using it :) and create a free account.

2. Choose how you want to donate:
You can:
* Venmo us*
- Make a donation of any amount to our Venmo account at
"LAWStudio" (add the class name you're registering for
in the "What's it for?" box under Pay or Request)
* Book through MindBody as usual *
- Use your membership or a class pass

Payments are going to continue paying our rent, utilities, and our wonderful instructors!

3. Set up your home practice area and join the Zoom video call.

4. Enjoy your practice!

Check the current calendar and the Zoom meeting information here.

Join us live online and use your practice to keep healthy and well :)

xo, the Studio

Rolf Gates

Rolf Gates

Vinyasa Workshop with Rolf Gates today, Sunday March 22nd starting at noon.

Hi Everybody,

There are 2 opportunities that will be live on my public page this week. The first will be a 20-minute meditation that will begin Friday, 3/20 at 9am PST. The second will be a Three-hour vinyasa workshop that will begin Sunday 3/22 at 9am PST.

1. The Meditation Program will be each morning at 9am PST Monday thru Friday for the duration of our shelter in place response to the coronavirus. It is meant to provide people with the opportunity to develop a daily meditation practice while affording them a sense of connection with the larger Yoga community at a time when I feel we need it the most. It’s 20 minutes and it is recorded so you can tune into the live practice or take it at a time that your schedule allows.

2. The three-hour vinyasa workshop comes from a request from a studio that I support for a class for its 200 hour teacher training. They are in the middle of their training and are using my curriculum, so it was a pleasure to find a way to support them. I will be offering them a theme, a vinyasa class, then a brief meditation all of which will support them in what they are presently learning in their training, and be useful to the general public. I hope you can attend.

In closing, it is my sincere wish that you, your families, and your communities are safe-healthy-happy- and free. Namaste Rolf

Rolf Gates

"That which we heal in ourselves, we heal in the world. And that which we heal in the world, we heal in ourselves." -RG

Hot House Yoga

We’re bummed that we won’t be open for the next 2 weeks... 😞

And we’re pumped that we’ve created a new Facebook Group called “Yax Yoga Lab” 🔥 to teach you how yoga really works to help through these chaotic times...

When you join... you get 2 FREE Online Courses:

1. Digital Stability Class Series ($97 value)
2. Digital Flow Class Series ($97 value)

These are the classes that you’ve grown to love at Hot House Yoga and we wanted to make them available to everyone who needs yoga during these trying times.

Join now by clicking the link below:


We will be streaming classes LIVE everyday while we’re closed...

When you join simply comment #member and we’ll private message you a link to access our LIVE classes.

See you in the group!

Yax Yoga Concepts

What people think yoga is: Headstands. Chanting. Stress relief. Lotus position. 🧘⁣ What yoga actually is: Self-actualization. Fulfilling your potential. Practicing kindness and self-compassion. Connecting to what we already have -- to who we already are. 💖⁣

You know what a transformation yoga has made in your life. ⁣

What if you could give others that same gift!⁣

Just imagine... ⁣
🌟 Sharing your passion for yoga with others to improve their lives?⁣
🌟 Guiding someone through the spiritual journey that yoga has taken you on?⁣
🌟 Relieving the pain of someone suffering from chronic, debilitating pain?⁣
🌟 Giving the gift of sleep to someone who hasn’t slept through the night in years?⁣
🌟 Helping someone with crippling anxiety learn to let go and relax?⁣

If you’re saying, “Yes! Yes, I’d love to do that!”⁣

Then we invite you to apply to the ✨ Yax Yoga Concepts Teacher Training! ✨⁣

Just imagine...deepening your own yoga practice, guiding others through their own practice, and getting paid for it! 🤑⁣

If you’re ready to share your passion for yoga and positively impact the lives, health, and well-being of others...⁣

...then this might be the sign from the universe that you’ve been waiting for. 🌍⁣

Yoga teacher. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 🤔⁣

And did we mention you get to wear yoga pants every day? Bonus! 🙌⁣

Registration CLOSES January 4th (less than 30 days)!

Submit your application for the Yax Yoga Concepts Teacher Training Program today!

Click the Apply Now button to get started!


Come join us this Saturday morning at 10:00!

Hot House Yoga

Hey HHY Family
We got a super cool workshop coming soon...
Mark your calendars for this one. You won’t want to miss it👍💥

Sign up at the front desk before it sells is limited 😲

[09/20/19]   Gentle Yoga is cancelled for tomorrow, September 21, 2019.

Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom

New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on positive neuroplasticity, Dr. Rick Hanson, offers 57 brief practices in his new online program that strengthen the neural networks of deep well-being and resilience.

You’ll have just one thing to focus on each day to gradually change your brain for the better so you can handle the stresses and challenges of everyday life with greater ease, inner strength, and confidence.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Little by little, scientists have come to appreciate the powerful connection between the foods we eat and our brain health.


Your late nights and early mornings have way more consequences for your health and memory than you think.

Watch Matt Walker's full TED Talk here:

Hot House Yoga

Exponentially 🖤

📷 : SpiritualGangster

Yax Yoga Concepts

🔴 Rise Of The Yax Brothers 🙌
Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets is out NOW!
Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app!
In this episode, we are going to dive into...
✅ Our back story
✅ The life experiences that made us who we are today
✅ How we got into the yoga business
✅ How we’ve progressed in our entrepreneurial journey over time
✅ And how we are about helping yoga business owners become successful
🎙️ Listen to this episode at:
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Yax Yoga Concepts

We’re launching our new podcast Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets in 2 days!! 🚀🙏

Rolf Gates

Looking forward to being at Kripalu Yoga Retreat Center this month! Vinyasa Summer Weekend (July 26-28) and Yoga Workshop Design for Teachers (July 21-26). Kripalu in July/incredible food/wonderful community/time to unwind-what could be better?

[07/05/19]   Gentle Yoga is cancelled tomorrow, July 6th. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Yax Yoga Concepts

Hey Teachers

Our last Advanced Training is starting June 22😳

Ok, so what?

Two reasons ✌️
1 👉 Learn how to get more people in your classes and make a bigger impact on those people.

2 👉 To make a legitimate living in your yoga career

University of Virginia

An unhealthy, inflamed gut causes breast cancer to become much more invasive and spread more quickly to other parts of the body, according to new UVA research.

The Elements Cville

#humpday - How’s your summer going? Have you made all of your travel plans?⠀

If you’re in #cville this and next weekend - check out our fun classes!⠀

If you’re REALLY want to get away ⠀
Spend 10 days with us in South Padre Island, TX⠀
Session 1 - The 200hr immersion TT⠀

All links in Bio! ⠀

#cvilleyoga #loveyourbodychangeyourmind #sweatyour❤️out #yogaeverydamnday #theelementscville #cute #cvilleva #cvillelocal #cvillefitness #cvillemade #cvillesweats

[05/18/19]   There will be no Gentle Yoga tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.

Lake Anna Outfitters

Paddleboard Yoga with Angelina Dates Going Fast!

What a great way to enjoy summer and Lake Anna by taking your yoga out on the water! Join Angelina for this Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga class at Lake Anna Outfitters/High Point Marina. The certified instructor will lead 10 minutes of warm-up paddling to and from our yoga class destination where you will get to move and float through a core focused flow yoga class. This SUP class is open to all-levels of yoga and paddling experience*, offering you the opportunity to flow, breathe, and be in nature. Registration is limited to 10 participants, so register early! Please note the minimum age to participate is 16.
Time: 8-9am
May 27
June 16, June 22
July 6, July 13
August 3, August 17
September 7, September 14

Registration: $35 up to 5 days before class, $45 after. BYOB $25 up to 5 days before class, $35 after. SUP rentals are available from Lake Anna Outfitters on a first-come, first-served basis. 504.894.3540.
Payment can be sent to - include the date to attend, phone number, and email address.
Minimum 48hr cancellation policy for a refund. Cancellations due to weather will be sent no later than 2 hours prior to event time with full refund. If class starts and must be canceled due to unsafe conditions, credit toward a future class will be provided. Minimum 4 participants to hold class.

[05/12/19]   There will be no AM yoga on Thursday, May 16th.

Rolf Gates

Hi Everybody! Tonight's FB LIVE Meditation Session will be 30 minutes. Looking forward to 'seeing' you all here. 5pm PST/8pm EST Namaste, Rolf

ADHD Autism Experience

This is me, talking about what I learned from this excellent training. Thank you, Shakta Kaye and Allison Morgan for all you do for children with special needs and for the people who love, teach and care for them.

Get a feel for the Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism and those who are Differently-Abled, a module of Radiant Child Yoga, taught by Shakta Khalsa and Allis...

Yin Hot Yoga and Massage Join in this Amazing class full of R&R What to Expect: Yin Poses Yin poses are derived from traditional yoga poses, though they have been renamed to distinguish them. These postures have similar shapes to their yang counterparts but are taught with an emphasis on relaxing the

[04/19/19]   Gentle Yoga is cancelled tomorrow (4/20). Have great weekend!

Yoga for Seniors Professional Training

I cannot recommend this training highly enough: Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff teach strategies for adapting yoga practice to older minds, bodies, and spirits.

[04/06/19]   There will be no gentle yoga this morning. (April 4, 2019).

[03/28/19]   AM Yoga is cancelled this morning.

Fischer Farm

* * * * * Join us! * * * * *
Goat Yoga and baby goat snuggling after class!
Visit to find out more and to make your reservation! Classes are filling quickly!

O, The Oprah Magazine

The only way to achieve everything you want, is to take care of you first.

[03/15/19]   Gentle Yoga is cancelled today, Sat March 16th.


When one person gets sick, everyone's sick. Here's a list of food essentials your body needs to get better faster:

UVA Health

According to a new study, if you can climb four flights of stairs in under a minute without stopping, you're likely low risk for heart disease.

[02/27/19]   AM Yoga is cancelled tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!

[02/22/19]   I’ll be at a conference tomorrow so there will be no Gentle Yoga. Have a good weekend.

Hot House Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Sneak Peek - Day 1 😳 🤓🤯

We knew we wanted to be yoga teachers.

We knew we had to take a teacher training.

We learned how to teach poses.

We didn't learn WHY we do what we do in classes. (as far as sequencing poses is concerned)

This one missing element... WHY... is the most important piece of information to understand as a yoga teacher because without it we don't know how changes will effect our students, which could potentially harm them.

This sent us on a mission to search for a system, a common thread, something to make sense of the posture chaos.

What we learned changed everything...

It transformed our classes because we now knew how to create Anatomic Harmony in our sequences (not just "cool" sequences of poses randomly put together with no rhyme or reason)

It increased the health and well being of our students.


It increased our ability to create powerhouse yoga teachers who transform their students' lives.

Check out the Sneak Peek to learn about the Framework and the Attributes that make the difference between good and great teachers.

Click here to fill out an application for our Level 1 Teacher Training:

[02/21/19]   AM Yoga is cancelled for tomorrow.

[02/20/19]   6pm All Levels is cancelled tonight because of the weather. Please stay safe.

A Place to Breathe Meditation and Yoga

Stillness in the Blue Ridge
an Art and Yoga Retreat for Women

Join teachers Johannah Dottori, Sohan Raj (Crystal Oliver), Jinen Conway, & Donna Markey at Akasha Retreat in Crozet, Virginia

Invigorate your mind and Spirit with a retreat designed to inspire your creative soul! Our team of teachers will use yogic tools that promote relaxation, allowing us to be more truly ourselves. Our Art Director, Donna Markey, helps turn this connection into a hands on creation. Enjoy an amazing setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains, catered meals, heart opening yoga, and a Saturday evening talk with Zen Buddhist Priest Jinen.
No experience with yoga or art required.
We will practice gentle yoga available to all levels

Our Project: Felted Slippers!
Plus Reflexology with Johannah!!!
Price: Workshop $325 +
Food & Lodging $200
$100 deposit holds your spot
Includes all yoga props, art materials, and food

[02/14/19]   AM Yoga is cancelled tomorrow, Feb 14th. Sending love to our Twig family. ❤️

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