The Garden at Gun Club

A community garden in the heart of west Tupelo. A place you can play in the dirt with your friends. If your backyard is not big enough for a garden, if you are afraid you don't know how to grow a garden, if you don't think you have enough time to hav

[08/03/16]   Wednesday and Thursday in theGARDEN this week lot's of cleanup and catchup to do. Come on out and help us get everything back under control...

[07/30/16]   This week we have had a little rain in the garden. That means we need all the help we can get to stay ahead of the harvest and the weeds. We also need to work on some other things like weed trimming, cleanup, and general cleanup around the property.

Come out between 10am and noon, and we can get it knocked out. If you can't come then, message back and we can let you know what need to be done.

Anyone who can help out by making a store run...

We need a few items to help us...
1. A 100 - 125 foot water hose. It needs to be heavy duty.
2. Roundup Concentrate.
3. Pump up sprayer at least 2gal.

[07/27/16]   Wednesday, Thursday... Saturday in theGARDEN this week.

Wednesday 6:30pm harvesting and more. Also we desperately need someone to come by about 7:30p or 8:pm and pickup the next load that needs to be distributed tomorrow.

Thursday Night 6:30 - 8pm we have lot's of work that needs to be done including harvesting, cleanup, weed patrol, and more.

Saturday 10am - Noon, we will be working around the rest of the property trying to catch up on mowing, hedge trimming, general cleanup and the like. We have inside and outside jobs, so there is something for everyone.

We need a few items to help us...
1. A 100 - 125 foot water hose. It needs to be heavy duty.
2. Roundup Concentrate.
3. Pump up sprayer at least 2gal.

Come out and help us give fresh produce to those who might not otherwise have any...

[07/20/16]   Extra Help Needed This Week!

Message back if you can come by theGARDEN and pick some of the fresh veggies Wednesday Thursday Friday and/or Saturday and we will give you details. If you can make a delivery tomorrow reply and we will get back with you with info. If you can help us with the purchase of roundup concentrate, a 100 + foot heavy duty hose, and /or a 2gal or larger pump up sprayer let us know. Lots of stuff happening all at once. Come out and help us give away some healthy fresh produce!

[07/18/16]   Tonight in theGARDEN... If you can come help from 6-8 we will be working in the garden -harvesting, cleaning, watering ect. Then around 8pm we will take a few minutes to work on a game plan for the next week or two. We need to plan some harvesting, and delivering schedules, and work out a work schedule to cover for those who will be out of pocket this week. So if you can be there at six to help come on, if you can be there at 8 to plan, come on.

[07/16/16]   We need extra help in theGARDEN. We are harvesting nearly everyday, and we need help distributing the produce to those who need it. Let us know if you can help!

[07/11/16]   This week in theGARDEN... We need all the help we can get!!! We are harvesting almost daily, and we need some help distributing it. Contact Mike Price if you can help make a delivery. Come out Monday Wednesday and Thursday nights this week around 6pm. We are way behind on some weeding, and maintenance. We also have a few needs if you can help out...
1. A 100 - 125 foot water hose. It needs to be heavy duty.
2. Roundup Concentrate.
3. Pump up sprayer at least 2gal. If you can purchase one of these items and bring it by the garden it would be greatly appreciated.

[07/07/16]   Garden News-- We have begun to see some produce come off. We need as much help as possible this week to get caught up on all the must do things. Come out Thursday Night at 6:00pm and Saturday Morning Between 8 and Noon. Stay as long as you can. We will be working on harvesting, irrigation, weeding, and other clean up tasks.
We also need a couple of things to help us. 1. A 100 - 125 foot water hose. It needs to be heavy duty. 2. Roundup Concentrate. 3. Pump up sprayer at least 2gal. If you can purchase one of these items and bring it by the garden it would be greatly appreciated.

theGARDEN @gunclub

[06/30/16]   All hands on deck!!! The rain Monday has brought vibrant new growth. Some of it is in the weed area. We need all the help we can get tonight, and over the weekend. Please consider making an extra trip in the garden this weekend too. Tonight we will be weeding, and picking cucumbers and weeding, and fertilizing. We need all the help we can get tonight.

Food supplies low at Salvation Army - Daily Journal

While our produce is not coming in quite yet, we have some staples we can give to needs. Can someone meet me at theGARDEN tonight pick up some stuff and deliver it to the Salvation Army tomorrow? By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – The Salvation Army’s pantry shelves are thin, just at the time of year when families need them most. The Salvation Army serves 100 to 150 lunches and dinners each day and provides food assistance to 40 families each month. “Everybody is hit hard right...

[06/20/16]   This Week in theGARDEN... We had an awesome week last week. We have weeded through the entire garden, and now we can just maintain the weeding so it doesn't overrun us again. Monday is the longest day of the year, so we have a little extra time to enjoy the day!

Come out Monday Wednesday, and Thursday We will be installing irrigation, clearing a few weeds, and putting out fertilizer. Come Join Us, we can't get to our goal of 4000 pounds of produce given away to those without access to fresh produce without you! 6pm - 8pm each night.

[06/13/16]   This week in the Garden - We need you... to pull weeds. There is a lot of grass growing in the rows with the the produce. Anytime you want to work a few minutes, feel free to come by and pull weeds. I won't be available to be on site Monday, but feel free to come work anyway. Just pull weeds until your heart's content. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday come on out we will be putting out fertilizer and planting the last row of our pot peppers. 6-8 pm each night.

It's been a good week in the garden. Tons of things are getting done. We need a little more help tonight and we can finish planting our last three flats of peppers, remove a few more weeds, and supply a little fertilizer. Thanks to everyone who has been out this week!

Great rains over the weekend. That means we can get in and get a lot of things done. It also means we will have a fresh crop of weeds coming up. A picture is worth 1000 words so here are a few pics to describe what we need to do. This week work out the weeds. Replant the things that failed during the dry spell. Clean up and put things away. Come out Monday, Wednesday, and or Thursday nights this week 6-8pm or message us If you can come out another time and we can hook you up with a project to work.

[05/31/16]   This week in theGARDEN! Come out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 6pm. We need LOTS of help weeding and cleaning up. Looking for rain the end of the week, so we need a really strong turnout each night to get ahead of the weeds!

[05/27/16]   It's been a dry week at theGARDEN. We need some help over the long weekend keeping the greenhouse watered. If you can stop by and be sure everything gets a drink that would be great. Here is the schedule. Friday Evening around 6pm., Saturday Morning by 10am, Saturday evening around 6pm, Sunday Morning by 10am, Sunday Evening around 6pm, Monday Morning by 10am and Monday Evening around 6pm. If you can help one of the times, please reply so we know it is all covered.

Can you help with a special project? We have had a great start to the garden, and I want to say a quick Thank You! for all your hard work! We have an opportunity to pick up a well cared for riding lawn mower. We need this to help pull our cart and other things around the garden. If you would be willing to give today, or perhaps you c...

[05/23/16]   This Week in the Garden. Weeding is in order. We need you to bring a hoe and come on out and lets clear some weeds. We some other work and planting to do also. Looking forward to a great week.

[05/18/16]   Wednesday night at theGARDEN. We have about 90% of the Garden Planted thanks to a little tractor help! We can finish up tonight with just a little extra help. Hope you can make it out 6:00pm. Let's make this happen!

Getting some garden work done "tractor style"...

The garden is slowly coming together. We've got about ten 100 foot rows planted, but there is still 40 more to plant. So far it takes three people 45 minutes per 100 foot row. That means we need 30 more 3 man teams to spend an hour. The rain likely returns Monday, but until then we need all the volunteers we can get. If you can come spend some time Friday, Saturday, or Sunday please leave us a message. If you have a tiller or other equipment that would help please let us know!

[05/11/16]   All Hands on deck! We need your help! Rain is on the way, and we need to plant as much as we can ahead of it. Come out tonight and help! 6pm come play in the dirt!

[05/11/16]   Tonight 6pm, join us in theGARDEN as we continue to make progress toward our goals of putting 4000 pounds of fresh produce on the tables of those who might not otherwise have any. We are having a blast working together for this cause.

[05/11/16]   It's been another good night in theGARDEN. WE are making progress slowly but surely. Come out and join us tomorrow. And if you have a tractor and any implements we could really use your help!

[05/10/16]   Come out to the garden. 6:00pm till. ??? Help us meet our goal of 4000 lbs of produce donated.

[05/09/16]   Some needs at The Garden at Gun Club - We need donations of seed or money for seed. We hope to plant a large portion of the garden in legumes this week to provide a plant based protein source. Hope to get the planting done the next couple of days. If you would like donate, please message Mike Price. We also need a motor for a tiller we have have been given. The tiller is brand new, but the engine was bad. We also need both a small "lawn tractor / mower". We would also benefit greatly from a small tractor, and implements. Keep on the lookout for anything on this list, and message Mike Price or Mark Cleveland Lovil or Debbie Metrolis or Trisha Bracy Price or John Wayne Harris. - Thanks!

[05/08/16]   This week in theGARDEN... We will be planting, planting, planting this week. Looks like the weather will cooperate, so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings we need as many as can come to help us plant. 6pm each night. Come play in the Dirt!!!

[05/03/16]   This week in theGARDEN... If the weather predictions ring true, we probably won't be able to do much this week. If you are close by the garden Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, please take a minute and stop by and check on / water the things in the greenhouse. Hit us back with a comment if you do!

The last few days at the garden... Something's going on.

[04/27/16]   Tonight in theGARDEN working on some greenhouse things, so rain is not a stopper. Come out tonight 6pm and get your hands dirty for a good cause.

[04/26/16]   This week at theGARDEN! Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday work days. Make plans to help! Come play in the dirt! 6pm each evening and 10am Saturday.

[04/25/16]   Some statistics indicate that 1 in 6 people around us struggle with hunger. We can do something about that. Make a difference! #GROWandGIVE

[03/28/16]   theGarden is making 2016 plans. We need a range of volunteers for this season. Leave us a reply here, or contact otherwise, if you'd like to volunteer to help theGarden put fresh produce on tables of those who might not otherwise have any!

NLCTupelo - oneONUS Each Year NLCTupelo and ONEonUS partner together to provide fresh produce for those who might not otherwise have fresh produce. Last year [email protected] gave away over 1200 pounds of produce. We want to do more this year, but we need your help.Each year our budget for the garden is around $1800,…

[04/10/14]   theGARDEN is back for 2014. Thanks to everyone who helped us give 1200 lbs of fresh produce to those with little access to fresh healthy produce. This year we want to double that, but we cannot do it without you. Join us in theGARDEN beginning this Saturday at 10am.

[08/18/13]   Super Hero Move in -Quick reminder oneONUS is meeting up in Fulton Tomorrow to help move students into dorms. Wear a Super Hero Shirt [email protected] Walmart. txt 4 info

Highlights from theGARDEN

Garden News

[08/07/13]   theGARDEN Donation Tally 275lbs... --Rain Adjusted Schedule This Week. Wed 1pm-3pm & 6:30-8:30p Thurs 6:30-8:30p Sat 9a-Noon. See you there!!!

[07/25/13]   Headed to theGARDEN around 6:30 to do a little weed control. If you can't come tonight, here are some tips on what can be done anytime.

[07/24/13]   So far this year theGARDEN has donated 175 lbs. of our 2000lb goal for 2013. We are of to a good start.

from theGARDEN

from theGARDEN

Some of the produce we are giving away...



[06/18/13]   This week's schedule at theGARDEN. Tue 6:30pm-Dark Wed 9am-11:30am & 6:30pm-Dark Thr 1pm-3:pm & 6:30pm-Dark Fri 9am-noon Sat 8am-???

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