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Personal Training Services | Sports Performance Speed - Strength - Agility Training | UFit Seniors Adult BootCamp: 5:30a | 8:30a | 4:30p | 5:30p (Mon-Fri) (*No 5:30p on Wed or Fri*) Saturday Session: 9:30a

BootCamp Sessions: Monday: 5:30am | 5pm | 6pm Tuesday: 5pm | 6pm Wednesday: 5:30am | 5pm | 6pm Thursday: 5pm | 6pm Friday: 5:30am | 5pm | 6pm Bi-Weekly Saturday Session + Running Club: 9:30am

What a week! The drive toward the weekend has been incredible by this crew. Lets keep the awesomeness going ... Happy 🐪 Day! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW #UFit @ United Fitness Tupelo

We hope today has been filled with all the things you love. Happy Independence Day! So thankful for freedom. 🇺🇸 #MyTupelo

Lets be honest ... 2020 has been a punch in the gut for many. We’ve decided to punch back today and then celebrate. It just feels good to smile. Give it a shot. Get it @edawgsanders 😁🤘🏼#Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew

May the second half of the week be as fun as the first! Bring on 🐪 Day. #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #SportsPerformance 🎾⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🥎 #BootCamp #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew @ United Fitness Tupelo

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What a week these two @nemcctigers have had preparing for the upcoming JUCO 🏈 season. DB’s better get ready. #Tupelo #Fitness #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew #Football #NETigers 🐅

Today is the last day for ordering in this months online store. The deadline is midnight eastern. Link is in our bio under Gear. Grab your UFit gear today! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew

Registration for Group and PT Sessions has never been easier. Download Studio Bookings from the App Store and connect to United Fitness. Presently, we are using for Group Session booking only, but Sports Performance and PT Sessions will soon be available.

For more details, feel free to message us. Looking forward to a great upcoming week! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #BootCamp #PersonalTraining #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW #WashYourHands #FitnessDistancing

We have had such an incredible week of hard work and commitment. Times are different ... adjustments are made daily ... but the commitment of every single person has been incredible. Such a thrill to have this room ‘noisy’ again. Already looking forward to a new week. #Tupelo #UFitNEW #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #KeepWashingYourHands #FitnessDistancing @ United Fitness Tupelo

So many of our college athletes have been affected by Covid_19. What a thrill it has been to have @peter_gray_83 home keeping himself prepared to return to @utsaftbl. He is our first athlete to return to campus to prepare for the upcoming season. Keep all of the returning students in your prayers for safety and good health. Thanks Peter for being a bright light around this place the past few weeks. Have an incredible season! #UTSARoadrunners 🏈#TupeloGoldenWave #Tupelo #Fitness #ItsALifestyle

DM • Email • Text today to reserve your spot. Due to the Covid_19 guidelines, we are very limited in class size, so don’t miss out. #NoMondaysOff #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew ✌🏼

To honor all who served for the freedoms we hold dear ... UFit will be closed on Monday to all sessions.

Our regular schedule will begin again on Tuesday, May 26th at 5:30am.

Reminder • If you haven’t secured your spot in Tuesday’s group session, please do so now. We are limited to 10 in each session in accordance with our City and State guidelines for COVID_19.

Enjoy a safe and enjoyable day with those you love. But let’s all take a moment to show our appreciation to those who this day is all about. #HappyMemorialDay #ThankYou #USA 🇺🇸

If confirmed, you are locked in. Limited space still available for tomorrow’s 5:30p. #NoMondaysOff #Tupelo #Fitness #BootCamp

*** REMINDER ***

All group session clients must register before attending either the 5:30am or 5:30pm sessions. We are limited on the number of attendees, so please message for details. Or you can email confirmation to • unitedfitnessmsyahoo.com

Virtual WO’s will still be posted for those who attend on that site.

Looking forward to a great week! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNew

[05/13/20]   •• COVID_19 UFit Update ••
We will begin offering group sessions Wednesday morning (May 13) with guidelines posted above.
To begin the process of bringing our groups back together, we will only be offering 5:30am • 5:30pm sessions. These are one hour session blocks that must be registered for. When the session is full, we will share it through our email / text list to anyone who signs up for the waiting list.
You can register by email • unitedfitnessmsyahoo.com or by dm on our social media platform. If there are questions concerning anything, please do not hesitate to let us know. Message us here or by the email address listed above.
We are thankful for the opportunity to be together again. If you would like to be signed up for our virtual workouts that we continue to post daily, message us or see any of our members for details.
Continue to be smart. Wash your hands. And smile. Let’s keep grinding!! See you tomorrow✌🏼

Steven Furtick

So good. ✌🏼

God gives you the strength for today and the hope for tomorrow.

Keep working guys! Stay motivated and push through. Make every day better than the one before. #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #ItsALifestyle #NoMondaysOff #UFitNEW

It’s FREE. It’s FUN. It’s 😅

Invite a friend and lets crush it together. Tonight • 6:30-7:30p

Download Zoom and connect. Bring DB’s • Jump Rope (only if have • we do have an alternative) • Loads of ENERGY. #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #BootCamp #UFitNEW #ItsALifestyle

[04/08/20]   *** FREE LIVE VIRTUAL Workout ***
Wednesday, April 8 (6:30pm)


** COVID_19 Update (3.29.20) ** There are no words to describe how much we miss all of this. As we continue to monitor the guidelines set forth by our state and city officials, we also desire to do what is best for our clients and employees. For this upcoming week, the facility will remain closed for group training (BUT we continue to offer our virtual training WO’s online for you to complete in the comforts of your home). We realize how difficult this is for everyone, and no one is looking forward to seeing these moments pictured again more than we are.
We do have other options for our SportsPerformance and PT clients happening throughout the week. All is done within the social distancing guidelines, and some by virtual means. Feel free to message us for details.
If you are not presently a UFit client but would like access to the virtual WO, please DM here, or by email •
Keep praying. Keep smiling. Keep washing your hands. Keep your head up. Keep social distancing. Better days are ahead! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #BootCamp #PersonalTraining #SportsPerformance #UFitSeniors #UFitNEW #ItsALifestyle

No Virtual WO for Saturday. Choose what to do from the list below ... or make up your own. Make it an uplifting day for someone around you!

Information and decisions for the upcoming week will come over the weekend. Follow us on all social media platforms to stay updated. Reminder • if you’d like to be added to our client list for Virtual Daily Workouts, message us for details. #BetterDaysAhead #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitSeniors #UFitNEW

Miss having this place full of people and noise. While we all do our part to turn the curve in our favor, you don’t have to miss out on our daily WO’s.

We have gone VIRTUAL offering to you workouts to do inside the comforts of your home. The WO is designed in order for you to use what equipment you have (or even if you have none to work with). Also, everything is structured to fit any fitness level.

If you are a member of UFit, you automatically have access. If you are not presently a member but would like access to the WO’s, please DM with any questions and we will be happy to connect you.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. And continue to pray for all those on the front lines serving so that we can beat this thing. 🙏🏼 #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #UFitNEW #UFitSeniors #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle

As our world battles this pandemic, we continue to try and do our part to serve our community in whatever way possible.

If you are not a part of the UFit Family and would like to be during this virtual workout period, DM us here or by email at the address listed. The banter has already begun with out first weeks challenge. 😁#Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

COVID_19 Executive Order for Tupelo || UFit UPDATE (3.21.20)

In case you needed some inspiration for today ... this kid just keeps setting the bar higher with every step he takes. So proud of Aiden and how he has taken a major adjustment to his life and is turning it for good to inspire us all.
As we are going through this major adjustment to how we live, let him inspire you to face this head on. He may have missed this pass I threw him, but he caught more than he missed. There’s nothing we can’t get through. Keep living • Keep believing • Follow the instructions we’ve been given, and we will find our way through. Thanks Aiden! #Tupelo #Fitness #SportsPerformance #Training #2in2out #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

We are working hard to continue to follow the guidelines to care not just for our clients, but also those around us.

All UFit clients, please help us by following these adjustments as we deal with what is happening in our world day to day. Thank you to everyone who has helped us by keeping our facility clean, and to those who have brought us to their home, or to a ballfield to train through this pandemic.

As we’ve mentioned, we are finalizing virtual workouts for our clients who have chosen to isolate, and we will be sending those out for this next upcoming week. Stay safe • Stay healthy • Care for those around you • Support local businesses in whatever way you can. We are all in this together. #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #SportsPerformance #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW 🇺🇸

Update & adjustments for all UFit Clients (3.18.20)

Just in time for Spring, our •NEW• UFit store is up! If you would prefer us to make the order for you, see us in the gym (or if you have isolated due to recent conditions — feel free to message or dm here with any questions or orders). Get your top quality merch and represent your ‘UFitness!!’

To order • https://ufitshop20.itemorder.com/

Or you can go to our Instagram page and click the linktree button and look for GEAR.

Due to the #Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses are affected greatly. This is a way for you to support UFit through these uncertain times. Also, be supportive in whatever manner you can to small business owners and service oriented providers in our area. #WeAreInThisTogether #FaithOverFear #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #UFitNEW #UFitMERCH #SportsPerformance #BootCamp #ItsALifestyle

We are monitoring situations and reports very closely, but as of right now, UFit remains open to our community. These are a few tips as you enter the facility this week.

We have thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom the facility and equipment to do everything within our power that we can. Now we ask for your help from the list above.

We are believing and praying for better news ahead. We are also preparing for other options as to how to serve our clients during this period of time we are facing. Please take every precaution to care for not only yourself, but everyone around you. 🙏🏼

If we can serve you in any way, please do not hesitate to message us at any time. #FaithOverFear #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #UFitSeniors #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

Spring Breakers climbing over the hump toward the weekend! Enjoying every second ... #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #UFitNEW SportsPerformance #UFitSeniors #ItsALifestyle

🎂Happy Birthday Colby🎂

Thanks for sharing your day with us again! The games were incredible ... hope you had as much fun as we did. #UFitBirthdays #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

Reminder • 5:30pm group session ONLY for this afternoon. Lets finish!! #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #BootCamp #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

On Friday, you gotta spice up your Farmers Walk with a little ‘Stanky Leg’ #StankyLegFriday #FridayFinishers #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #BootCamp #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW

Yo Adrian 🥊

First time in the gloves for Will. My guy is learning the steps quick. Thrilled to be in his corner. #UFitNEW #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #ItsALifestyle #Boxing

🌮 Sock game depicting how we feel about Hump Day! Make it a great one. #Tupelo #Fitness #Training #PersonalTraining #BootCamp #SportsPerformance #UFitSeniors #ItsALifestyle #UFitNEW 🐪 🌮

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BootCamp Sessions: Monday - Friday: 5:30am | 8:30am | 4:30pm | 5:30pm Saturday Session + Running Club: 9:30am

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