FITCamp - Beginners Bootcamp for Women

FITCamp - Beginners Bootcamp for Women


If u signed up to bring cookies for the St Jude benefit, please have them at gym tomorrow by 5.
Come join us in the morning and get your weekend started with a fun workout!! Class starts at 8:30!!
SHS Parents & Prom goers, the post below has some fun candids from the event! Please share!!
Tomorrow, right?
We begin tomorrow, right?
Ok...I know we have a lot of teachers here.. last night I won a 50$ GC from R&B specialty for a SR Jersey. My niece is a JR at red bay and I just found out they don't do that tradition there. I'd like to help out a girl that would possibly not have the funds to get a SR Jersey for school next year. PM if you might know someone.
4/16/14, this was my first communication with Casey! I am a total non exerciser. Can't get excited about it and really am scared to realize how out of shape I am. Tell me about your program, gotta get over this laziness. My email is ***** if you have some info you could share. Thanks.
I thought I saw someone asking about nutritional info on Juva Smoothies. I came across this...I had printed it from their website.
!!! James is sick today. I signed up for 8:30 am if anyone wants that spot!!! Sorry for the last minute update. 🤮
Classes as scheduled tonight an in am???? Just checking due to this weather!
I need 8 people that can make 1 delivery between 1030 and 1130. Maybe during your lunch hour. I also need cookies or brownies donated. Message me for more info. TEAM Brodey

FitCamp is a fun, fast tempo, results-driven conditioning class. Classes are available for all fitness levels - from the newbie to the advanced athlete.

Indoor & Outdoor Bootcamps - Exclusively for Women If you’ve been looking for a FUN and effective way to kickstart your fitness goals this is it!! FitCamp is a fun, fast tempo, results-driven conditioning class. We take a multi- disciplinary approach to enhance your level of fitness. Each of our hour long workouts are packed with cardio, core, power and strength drills. The best part is – ALL workouts can be modified to fit ANY fitness level. Our BASELINE classes are specifically designed for beginners and campers with injury restrictions. They are done with lower impact and a much slower tempo. BOOTCAMP classes are our cornerstone - they will leave you sweaty, sore, and coming back for more! Coming soon...BARBELLE classes are for our advanced campers looking to add a strength program and more challenging exercises to their workout routine. Not Just Another Workout At FITCamp you get all the tools you need to succeed! Not only will you have unlimited group workouts a week, but you’ll also be getting: 1. Full Nutritional Guide 2. Weekly meal plans & recipes from industry experts 3. Exclusive, members only home workout videos 4. Monthly goal setting including physical assessment, body fat percentage and measurements Our Fit Family We have the most amazing group of women - they motivate, encourage, hold each other accountable and celebrate victories together. Support, encouragement, accountability, nutritional guidance, customized goal setting - these are just a few of the things you can expect from FITCamp. What better way to start than with a group to support you along the way?!

🤩We put some old school tunes on for this mornings classes and had SO MUCH FUN singing along!! #mmmbop ⠀

💪Here’s one of our circuits for today! We did 3 rounds ⠀
40 sec work + 20 sec transition. ⠀
- TRX Rows⠀
- Single arm presses⠀
- “Sled” pushes⠀
- Fast feet MB passes ⠀

💣Followed it up with core and then changed some moves in the circuit and went again. ⠀

Afternoon classes get ready! 🔥#fitcampstrong

Saturday mornings at the Camphouse are the BEST!! 💖💪🤩 #fitcampstrong #youshouldbehere @ FITCamp - Beginners Bootcamp for Women

[01/18/20]   Saturday Workout

🐛Early birds + Photo bombs 💣

We love this crew and getting to spend the first part of our day with them!! They may come in only half awake most days, but they always work hard and leave ready to conquer the day! 💪 #fitcampstrong

🚨 The limits you set on yourself become your reality⁣⁣ 🚨

👀 Let me repeat it⁣⁣⠀👀
👉🏻 The limits you set on yourself BECOME YOUR REALITY!!!!⠀
🚫 STOP selling yourself short 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣⁣⠀

🚫 STOP telling yourself, "I CAN"T" and " I'M TOO WEAK." 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣⁣⠀
✨You ARE capable; YOU ARE GROWING!🏅

We're mentally training ourselves CONSTANTLY. ⁣⁣🙌🏻⠀
😒 Don't tell yourself "I'm going to TRY"⁣⁣⠀
Because your brain sets up a situation where that's just something you are going to "TRY TO DO" do in the future. Instead fully commit to your intentions
by saying things like:

👉🏻I'm GETTING better 💕 ⁣⁣⠀

👉🏻I'm GETTING stronger 💪🏻

😎 Watch as your reality will change right before your very easy! Remember ladies MINDSET MATTERS!!!!!! 🧠 and we arent giving up!!!

Get Moving, Stay Moving and Let Fitcamp help YOU🤏🏻 change your mindset from I CAN’T to I CAN!!🙌🏻 Come join us at Fitcamp💪🏻. First week is Free💕

[01/11/20]   NO CLASS SATURDAY
due to severe weather risk.

That’s my girls!! Love coaching an awesome group.

First Saturday workout of 2020 💪🔥 So proud of this crew and how hard they pushed today! Awesome job ladies!! 🤩

First Saturday workout of 2020 💪🔥 So proud of this crew and how hard they pushed today! Awesome job ladies!! 🤩

[01/04/20]   Saturday Class at 8:30am. Come join us for an awesome workout!

As you start your 2020 fitness journey, remember this...

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your health journey is striving for perfection!! I’ve been there and done that and trust me, it DOES NOT work!!

As you go into the weekend, enjoy your splurges, buy don’t let it derail you because you think you “fell off the wagon”! There is no wagon on a health journey!! You just get back to your healthy routine!

It’s OK to love yourself AND want to make a change so you’re healthier, have more energy, feel better on the inside and out! Just remember though, if you’re working toward your idea of “perfection” you’re likely going to get defeated!!

Progress over Perfection, Ladies!! 💕💪🏻

[12/30/19]   NEW MEMBERS!! Did you know that we have a private FB group just for FitCamp members?

If you arent in it yet, send me (Casey Sanders - I'll comment below to make it easy to find me) AND a private message telling me to add you so that I dont miss you!!

We have a separate group just for the girls doing our January Resolution Challenge. If you're participating this year be sure to join it, as well!! :D


Time change for this Saturday


This will be our 6th annual challenge, and this year it is better than ever! We are mixing things up with an online challenge that can be done 100% at home!! 😱🙌 This is YOUR YEAR to get in shape, eat smart, and make changes that will last.

💪The CrossOver Resolution 4 week challenge will ensure that you have all the tools you need to meet your goals - workouts you can do at home or in the gym, detailed clean eating guidance & meal plans, tips and tricks from others who have been in your shoes, the support of a huge community of friends who share your goals, and much, much more!

🔹 Program designed for anyone and everyone.
🔹 3-4 workout videos emailed per week PLUS optional bonus workouts.
🔹 Workouts can be done at-home, in the gym, or on the go!
🔹 Full e-guide to teach you clean eating basics and how to make healthy habits stick.
🔹 4 weeks of meal plans, recipes and grocery lists to take the guesswork out of planning.
🔹 EXCLUSIVE live video chat with Clean Kitchen Founder
🔹 Discounts on pre-made meals through out partners at Weekly Grub in Tupelo.
🔹 Private Facebook group for challenge participants!
🔹 FitCamp members and anyone participating in the Winter 2020 Clean KitchenChallenge will receive a 50% discount!

🤩CHALLENGE COST: $50 + tax
*FitCamp members and CK Winter 2020 Challenge Participants contact Casey for discount info!

Call or message Coach Casey at 850-625-9060 for more details & to sign up!

[12/16/19]   ‼️Afternoon classes cancelled due to severe weather threat‼️

🏋️‍♀️At-Home Workout
As Many Rounds As Possible in 10-15 minutes
10 Burpees
1 minute running high knees
10 Tricep Dips (sub: shoulder taps)
1 minute running high knees
*see @msfitzyia IG story for demos (can’t figure out how to share story to this page)

🎅Sweat Like Santa Week 3
2 sets of 20 burpees per day
5 days max
1 entry for each set of 20 = 10 max entries
Text, DM or post videos to private page.

January 2020 Resolution Challenge!! 🤩🎉

Coach Jess has an AH-MA-ZING workout planned for us tomorrow morning. 💪 Join us at 8:30am at the Camphouse!

Bundled up and ready for morning classes!! Happy first snow day of the year!! ❄️

Join us today at 5am, 530am, 815am, 415pm or 515pm. First week is free!! 🤩 #fitcampstrong

St Jude 2019 💛 Congrats to everyone who finished!! This is our 5th year to run as a group and I just love training with these girls and watching them progress through the years!! 🏃‍♀️ Brodey got to run with us again this year and he insists we all do the half marathon with him next year! 😱 What do y’all think?!?

[12/06/19]   Just a reminder that there is no Saturday class tomorrow!! Good luck to all of our St Jude runners!! 💛🏃‍♀️

Twink 💙 twink 💙

#handstandgang #fitcampstrong

Post holiday workouts are rough but these girls sure do make it look easy!!! Proud of y’all!! 💪🔥💪🔥

Our December Sweat like Santa challenge starts TOMORROW!! This month we will be doing BURPEES for prizes! 🤩
The rules are simple, for every day you complete the assigned burpees you will get your name in the weekly prize drawing. 🤗 You can get a MAX of 5 entries per week (max of 4 entries on Week 1). We will reset on THURSDAYS this month, with the drawing being held live each Friday. 🎥
You can complete your burpees at camp or at home, BUT any at home entries must be filmed and submitted to our private FB page for verification. Any reps done at camp should be completed with or counted by a buddy. Just keeping things fair! 👌
We will use the same tracking system from last month, so be looking for the clipboard at the camphouse and enter your daily reps there. 📝
#fitcampstrong #sweatlikesanta #25daysoffitness #decemberburpeechallenge #iloveburpees #womensfitness

Today’s accessory work! Seal walks + lying flyes + weights crunches 🐋💪🔥

🍁Thanksgiving Week Schedule🍁
⏰Regular class schedule Monday & Tuesday. .
🌚ONLY morning classes will meet on Wednesday.
🦃CLOSED on Thursday .
💪OPEN GYM on Saturday from 8:30-9:30 (rowing sign-up will be posted Friday to Facebook).
#fitcampstrong #thanksgiving2018 #thankfulandblessed

Anyone struggle to stay on track over the holiday season?! 🙋‍♀️ ⠀

It happens every year - we promise ourselves that the gym will be a priority but then holiday parties and family gatherings and kids school recitals and sporting events start filling up the calendar and that hour a day we planned to workout gets moved to the back burner. 😫 ⠀

💪Listen up!! Staying CONSISTENT is the most important variable (in fitness, nutrition and anything else that’s important in your life) so even if all you have is 10-20 minutes, get that workout in!! ⠀

🤩We want to make staying on track easier for you this year, so we will be posting at home workouts in our IG stories on the FitCamp and MsFitZyia @msfitzyia pages throughout the week!! ⠀

🔥Checkout today’s story for a twist on the workout we are doing in class today!!

[11/14/19]   This Coming Saturday ONLY class will start at 8:00 a.m.!!

[11/10/19]   Don’t forget that our new 30 minute ExpressFit class time starts tomorrow at 5:30am!!

GOOD LUCK to these 3 Spartan Women running the Beast today in Dallas!! Soooo proud of you girls and all the hard work you’ve put into preparing for this race! 💪🔥 #arooarooaroo

[10/26/19]   REMINDER:
No Class this Saturday
Enjoy your weekend!!

Love this 💕

Choose to workout, not because you have to, but because you CAN. ⁣

Please never take your health for granted. ⁣

One of the greatest gifts we are given is the ability to move and so often it can be something we so simply overlook. ⁣

When you are short on time. ⁣
When you feel like quitting. ⁣
When you are tired, grumpy, or just don’t feel like exercising. ⁣

Remember what an amazing privilege it is to move your body. ⁣
Appreciate the fact that you are capable of getting stronger every single day. ⁣
Take advantage of a natural antidepressant and the ability to improve your health. ⁣

Choose to workout… because you CAN. ⁣

Stay Strong and Get that workout in!! 🏋🏻‍♀️💪

[10/14/19]   REMINDER:
8:15am will be OPEN GYM this morning!
All other classes will meet as normal. 🤗

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