Oom Yung Doe Orange County

Eight Complee Martail Arts Taught as One in the U.S. Since 1972 We offer programs for adults, children, juniors, seniors and conditioning programs for all.

We teach 8 different styles of Traditional Moo Doe: Kung Fu, Tai Ch Chungi, Jui Jitsu/Judo, AiKiDo/HapKiDo,Bagwa Chung, 18 Weapons, Tae Kown Do and Kom Do(Samurai Sword).

Operating as usual


One of the main reasons that Traditional Moo Doe is valued so highly is due to the fact that through your practice you can immediately increase your chi and harmonize your condition. Eventually you will attain the ability to diagnose your own condition in order to prevent illness; you will gain the ability to harmonize and correct any mental or physical imbalance. By practicing, you will have a more balanced physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Remember, life is filled with ups and downs so it is important to maintain balance. As you begin to see your condition continuously improve, the strength that you gain through your practice will become available to you at all times during all circumstances of life. With a balanced condition you will be able to change your reality for the better; this is the challenge of life.


It is common to hear people say that they are too busy to properly take care of themselves. Neglecting yourself eventually leads to mental, physical, and spiritual pain, as well as pain that extends on to your loved ones. Maintaining yourself is the key to maintaining your success, because if you lose yourself you will lose all that you have built and all that you have acquired.


In the spring life begins, just as the sun rises in the East; during this time a new seed sprouts. Summer, represented by the South is the time of growth; the new seed begins to develop. In autumn, as the sun sets in the West, life becomes complete; the seed has fully grown. The cold of the North or winter represents the end of life; during this time you connect with your spirit.


First day of spring. Traditional Moo Doe training is the correct way to understand the cycle of life. Just as there are 4 directions(north, south, east and west) and 4 seasons(spring, summer, autumn and winter), humans must also understand and balance their life in order to follow this natural cycle.


Sometimes we take for granted what we have, until we lose it. There are many things in life we don't have control over, but a healthy mind, body and spirit is something we can control. We get busy with our lives and sometimes neglect things. Don't neglect yourself.


Winning over others is Victory (temporary).
Winning over yourself is Success (everlasting).


Through the practice of Moo Doe, people of all ages can begin to feel immediate benefits, developing internal strength in addition to external strength. This increases their potential to the point that they can extend their health and fitness into older age and they do not have to give up many of the activities they enjoyed in their youth.


Last week was the International Lesson for California. Lesson for students was Il Kop Gil Quan- develops speed and accuracy with an open hand attack. The Sae G*e Seminars were Pal G*e Kwon- developing the 8 major joints of the body, Sang Pyo Kom- a weapon with multiple weapons combined in one- weapon practice develops mental and physical strength and Tuksuli- Eagle form develops grace speed and accuracy

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Kom Do or Samurai Sword is another one of the styles offered at the School of Oom Yung Doe




Tustin, CA

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Monday 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday 5pm - 10pm
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