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At IMPOWERED WOMENS FITNESS, we believe the best way to have a healthy and active lifestyle is by not only working out but also building a supportive community of women in power.

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Total Abs and Core 10/21/2022

Total Abs and Core

Happy Friday All!!!

How about a "Happy Friday Coach" response??

Want to carve your abs and core today? Check out my 15 minute ab sculpt. Let me know how you do.

If you love it, please give it a like. If you hate it, please give it a like. Its a love hate thing. "Hate it now, Love it Later."

Total Abs and Core Burn and tone your true core and everything around your midsection . You will even get some hip work in with a few of these exercises. Get after it and comm...


I get asked Frequently... "Coach, when is the best time to workout/train?"

Easy answer.

When you make the time and commit to getting it done.
Sure there is rocket science to it but for most of us its just about planning and executing.

Make it an appointment and dont skip it
So, when are you training today?

Mobile uploads 07/25/2022

Our unhappiness is often cause by the "should have" we apply to ourselves. I am guilty of this. When I let that go and appreciate where I am, all that I have done, and the amazing journey that I know is still to come, I am happy. Be happy


Hey its Wednesday.. Coach Greg here checking in on you. how is your happiness today?


What would you see? Please share.


Are you using these principles to win your day?


I knew a long time ago that on my Headstone I wanted the " - " to represent significance from my start to end date.

Wasn't sure what that meant a while ago but clarity is revealing itself every day.

I have the honor of owning a fitness and wellness business that helps other people get healthy in many different ways so that they may live their fullest for themselves and their families. -- So they may also be "significant" in all that they do.

It's not just about helping them lose weight.

It's about overcoming the mental obstacles to start and stick to a plan for your own Self care.

Its about overcoming old emotions of past failures to succeed today.

It's about self-confidence, internal and external strength, and self dedication to show up when its easier to quit or make an excuse.

It's about being the best version of you possible Today, not years ago, but today.

I am proud of my clients who decided to make that commitment to themselves.

I am grateful for their trust in me and my abilities to coach, motivate, educate, and push them through the tough spots to your personal victories.

I am grateful for my path and the opportunity to live with "significance".

Thank you for letting me share and be grateful with you.
Coach Greg


My goal each day this week is to be 1% better.

I will use this list of 7 as a guide.

Which one or more will you focus on this week?



Beginner push ups - a guide for those who are new to the exercise 04/05/2022

Beginner push ups - a guide for those who are new to the exercise

Do you HATE Push ups? 🤬They are #1 on the "Hate it now, Love it Later" IWF exercise list.

Here is how to start loving 🥰them:

1- Make them easy
2- High Five yourself for doing some. Doesn't matter how many.
3- Repeat and do it again tomorrow.
4- High Five continuously for doing more

🤸‍♀️🏆Coach's guarantee.... Start easy, stay with it, and you WILL see and feel amazing results and you may even stop hating them. .... Maybe.

(please subscribe to our channel for more Video shorts on "how To")

Beginner push ups - a guide for those who are new to the exercise CAN'T DO A STANDARD PUSHUP?No problem, try this and work up to a traditional on the floor BASIC INCLINE PUSHUP is done using a benc...


Be a "Superspreader"

Have you ever noticed that when someone walks into a room with a smile and positive attitude, it uplifts everyone in the room? 🥳

On the flip side – and, we’re lucky this is extremely rare in our circle of people (especially at IMpowered Fitness) – when someone walks in with a bad attitude or negative energy, that also spreads like wildfire? 😡💩

Energy breeds energy.

I like to think of it this way: With every interaction I have with someone, I have a choice. I can either lift them up or bring them down.

I want to be that person who adds, not subtracts. ➕🆙

I’m always looking to make deposits, not withdrawals.

Not only is it the right thing to do and the right way to be, but spreading positive energy also creates more positive energy and momentum within ourselves.

I like to think of our community as a “superspreader” for positive energy. 😊😍🙌🤟

The kinder we are to each other, the more positive energy we can create.

And the more positive energy we create, the more successful we all become.

If that sounds corny, it’s not.

Think of a perpetually negative person in your life, and take note of your body language, heart rate, and mood the next time you’re in their presence.

What do you think would happen if you spent less time with those people … and more time with people who lift you up?


Action creates momentum. And positive energy is a prerequisite for both.

Go out into your day today, into your sphere of people, and even strangers you encounter, and be a "Superspreader" of Positivity.

This will ultimately lift you up into a great place.

Your friend and Coach,
IMpowered Womens Fitness



Happy Monday! Is today your day to start or quit an action that is affecting your health and wellness?

📖🌞Please grab a FREE copy of my short ebook - 4 Easy Steps to making lasting changes.

If you want some help or need someone to bounce your thoughts around with, be sure to reach out to me. I am Your Coach and here for you.

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK ENTER YOUR INFO FOR INSTANT ACCESSFirst nameE-mailGET INSTANT ACCESS NOWStart Now*We will NEVER send you SPAM emailsCloseLEARN THE SIMPLE STEP BY STEP METHOD ON HOW YOU CAN MAKE LASTING CHANGE TO YOUR HEALTH & FITNESS...Don’t stop your progress just because it’s the weekend or training is on hol...


I wanted to wish you a Happy Sunday and a blessed day.

Every day is a blessing we have with the friends and family around us.

Regardless of circumstances, we have the CHOICE of who we will be, how we will act, and who we will help today.

What are you choosing today?


Are you ready to take a small step forward to the healthy, super Hot "YOU" that you deserve to be?? 🔥🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏌️‍♀️

Text or IM me for details.. 949-294-1790

Always here to help you achieve your success.


Gratitude is one of the most powerful acts we can “be” and “do”

🙏🏻 take a moment now and think of 3 for yourself.

❤️ If one of yours is another person, call text or tell them. Its an amazing gift.

Be grateful and Be IMpowered 😎💪🏻❤️


Happy Monday. If your mind is clogged with last week's junk, shake it off and start fresh today.

How to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise | 3 Tips Guaranteed 01/21/2022

How to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise | 3 Tips Guaranteed

I get asked a lot.... "Coach, Can I lose weight without diet and exercise?" Well.... yes you can.
- It's a start but I always recommend a blend 🏋 Physical 🍇Nutrition🧘Mental/emotional
- So I put together this fun video with 3-Guaranteed tips on how to lose weight without diet and exercise.
- Enjoy and let me know which tip resonates with you.
P.S. I am working on getting to 100 Subs on YouTube, will you please help and subscribe. I promise to create great content for improving you life. I appreciate you!! ♥😏💪

How to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise | 3 Tips Guaranteed Yes you can lose weight without diet or exercise. In this video I will give you 3 tips that are guaranteed to help you lose weight when you implement them in...

Photos from IMpowered Womens Fitness's post 11/11/2021

Photos from IMpowered Womens Fitness's post

Core and Glutes 11/10/2021

Core and Glutes

Who wants a little core and glutes workout for today? 4-minute unless you hit repeat to keep shaping and toning.....
- Wil you please join our community and subscribe for more workouts, cooking, recipes, hot topic tips and more.. Thank you.

Core and Glutes


This is prudent for this week. Are you finding yourself in a state of "being prepared to be upset"? Think about how negative thoughts sit and linger and then manifest into emotions and physical reactions.

No matter what happens - - we always have a choice of how we react to situations and how we live. We control our Attitude.

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Self-care Friday. What activity are you doing?
Healthy lifestyle is a combo of Mental, physical, and emotional actions. Make time for all 3 today. Check in with a “Don...




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