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It is never too late to start the gym 🏋🏽‍♀️

Whether you’ve just got back from your holidays or got one planned for the future this is the perfect promotion for wanting to start back or start fresh in the gym! ☀️

These started packs won’t be available for long so get your hands on one now!

Message me or comment the word “SUMMER” and I will be in touch with more details!

I hope to see you soon 💪🏼


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Today marks 6 months as a personal trainer and things are only going up! Here are just a few reviews directly from my clients. There is nothing more I enjoy and thrive off than watching and guiding clients to transform themselves to a better person, mentally and physically.

I am still looking to recruit 3 clients for that last summer push so if your interested please don’t hesitate to drop me a message 🙂


🔦Client spotlight 🔦

Massive well done to one of my clients Liam he has absolutely smashed his fat loss transformation out the park and this isn’t the end!

Liam came to me with very little knowledge about the gym, food, diet, exercise etc and wanted to feel fitter and healthier in himself. We identified what barriers may be in his way, got him training on a consistent programme and ensuring he remained in a deficit.

So far Liam had lost 1 stone 5 pounds (19 lbs), he has expressed that he feels so much better in his day to day life and that the people around him have acknowledged his achievements.

Liam is an absolute pleasure to PT and I hope he remains on his journey, really well done mate!


☀️8 week summer saver transformation ☀️

Have you booked a holiday and feel like you need that extra push to get that summer body?

Do you feel you need that extra push ready for summer?

Or maybe your just thinking about starting the gym and need that assistance and guidance in starting your journey.


Message me today to secure your place 🤝


8 week strength programme 📝
Considerate increase in overall strength 📈
Work life made easier ✅
Reasonable amount of size and muscle gained 💪🏼

Do you work in a physically demanding job? Do you want to make your job that whole lot easier?

Do you feel day to day tasks are a struggle and need that extra bit of strength to help you through the day?

Do you generally want to be stronger in day to day life?

Are you currently training in a gym and want to take your lifts to the next level?

If you answered ’yes’ to any of those questions drop me a message today and I can create a plan and provide sessions specifically tailored to you!


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Massive well done to my client Jake not only have you turned yourself around as a person but you’ve proved that through the work in the gym!

Jake came to me very low on body confidence, he wanted to feel better in himself, become stronger to make work life easier and just pack a bit of size on which he has absolutely smashed!

When Jake began we ensured he was eating in a surplus, we kept training basic and slowly progressed, currently we are working at his strength but his size and structure are coming along nicely!

Cannot wait for what else is in store! Really well done jake 💪🏼

Want similar results?

Unsure on where to start?

Have a goal you want to achieve and want some support?

If you answered yes to any of those questions drop me a DM!

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This is my client Lewis. Lewis came to me wanting to be more confident in his appearance and to, in Lewis’s words, “stop being the skinny kid I’ve always been.”

As well as this Lewis has a very demanding job and wanted to increase his strength to make his work life easier. He has since stated multiple times how he’s moving things that he couldn’t move before and his ability to complete different tasks have become easier due to his increase in strength!

To start we discussed Lewis’s eating and where we could improve, we calculated his maintenance calories and bumped that up by 400 calories, once Lewis adapted to this we gradually increased the calories more.

Lewis now is weighing in over a stone heavier than when he first began with me. He feels so much more confident wearing a t shirt out and has stopped forcing himself to wear jumpers.

As the transformation proves Lewis has also packed on an amazing amount of muscle with 3 consistent training sessions a week, still allowing a great work/life/training balance.

It’s been a pleasure working with Lewis and can’t wait for what else is in store! Really well done pal!

If you want to achieve similar results or want to begin PT sessions with me for a goal different to this then please don’t hesitate to drop me a message 💬

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‼️ 16 week transformation ‼️

Massive well done to one of my clients Ross, incredible work!

Ross came to me at a low point in his life and needed that spark to get back up and running and he’s done just that! With a detailed consistent programme and a calorie surplus this allowed Ross to pack on that muscle and be so many steps closer to that summer body.

Do you want to achieve results like these?

Is muscle gain a goal you’d like to achieve?

Are you looking to increase your overall body mass?

If you answered yes to any of those questions drop me a DM or click the link in my bio and start your journey today!




For a limited time only between the 14th-21st February! Limited space available!

Wether your spending valentines on your own or with a loved one now is the perfect time to ensure those New Year’s resolutions weren’t just January thing!

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The first 3 people to enquire through the link in my profile will get 2 sessions for the price of 1!

Go! Go! Go!


Are you looking at increasing your strength?

Are you in a physically demanding job and want to make it that little bit easier?

Do you want to feel stronger in yourself?

Do you want to be taught the correct form and be lifting in a safe environment?

Here is an example of how my coaching is proven to increase strength, 2 of my clients over the small space of 4 weeks has massively increase their strength in all areas, with both lads having physically demanding jobs they have both quoted ‘days at work feel so much easier’.

If those questions relate to you or you are interested in joining a gym or in need of a PT please don’t hesitate to drop me a message!



Have you recently started your fitness journey and need that guide onto your great journey ahead?

Are you currently training and feel you need to implement change into your programme or training?

Are you thinking about approaching joining a gym but struggle with the confidence and anxiety and need someone to assist and support you?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of those questions then I’m probably the guy for you! With proven enjoyable, professional and precise sessions specifically detailed to you as an individual you can count on me to make your fitness journey that whole lot better!

As quoted from some of my current clients:

“I feel a lot more comfortable in the gym now as the beginning was very daunting”

“Gets better and better each week”

“Ben is extremely friendly and approachable, he makes his sessions fun and engaging whilst still acting professional”

“He’s an absolute life changer”

Don’t hesitate, message me today and let’s take your fitness journey to the next level 💯

For more info DM me with the word “more”

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Unsure on what to expect 🤔

Here are a few reviews from my current clients 📝

Need more information? Direct message me or drop a comment saying ‘need more info’ and I will get in touch 💬

It’s never too late to start so be stronger than all those excuses and join my team today ⚠️




If you require more info or want to jump on board message me or reply in the comments 🤝


Fully qualified personal trainer 🥇

Books are now open for 1 to 1 sessions 📖

Start your new year off the right way and be stronger than your excuses 💪🏼



An 8 week training programme specifically tailored to your goals!

If the 8 week plan is purchased before the 13th of January you receive 20% off!

There is no better time to join a gym and get a head start on to a fresh new year! A lot can change in 8 weeks and with my support you will have wished you started sooner!

Don’t believe in yourself? Message me to book a free consultation so we can both fully break down everything stopping you from becoming a better version of yourself!

Deal is only live for a limited time! To book a FREE consultation message me now!

To contact me:
Instagram - .fitness
Facebook - bcrutchley.fitness
Email - [email protected]



Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅🏽🎄

Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas or not I hope you have an amazing end to the year with all of your loved ones.

Enjoy all the festive scran and to all of my clients I shall see you in the new year!

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Ending 2022 on a high 📈

Coming up to 3 years in my training journey and still one of the best decisions I have made, both my mental and physical health have never been better, and it always keeps on improving.

This years training has been a rollercoaster of a ride, I’ve hit some very low points of barely training to smashing pb’s all through out the year. And that is normal, training and dieting will have dips and low points, it’s about how you pick yourself up from that and become a better version of yourself to ensure it doesn’t happen again or as regular.

As well as training another achievement I succeeded in this year was becoming a fully qualified personal trainer, 2023 is going to be a very good year and I can’t wait!

Want to make your 2023 even better? My books for PT sessions are now OPEN! Message me to secure your spot before it’s too late!


🥳 Finally a fully qualified PT 🥳

It’s taken it’s time, a lot of learning and a lot of progressing under current clients, but for 2023 things have stepped up another level, with so much more for me to offer and so many more goals to be achieved!

Books are now open for January! Book now to be better than your excuses!



‼️Flexibility Transformation‼️

One of my clients, Lewis, came to me with really poor hamstring flexibility, these 2 photos are only 3 weeks apart! With Lewis having a demanding job moving and shifting objects he was pulling all the load through his back, purely because his flexibility was poor.

I advised Lewis on multiple stretches that would enhance his flexibility and by the photos ahead they’ve worked a treat! Using the Romanian Deadlift exercise it helps add load onto the hamstring, whilst benefiting the stretch, of course performed safely and under a weight that can be controlled.

Flexibility is something that is heavily neglected and if left alone can have major effects on completing day to day activities. Lewis has expressed to me that things feel so much easier at work and that he feels a lot better in himself.

If flexibility is something you feel you need to work on drop me a message and get a head start to the new year!

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⬇️6.4kg (1 stone 1lbs)

Tom started with me 10 weeks ago after only a couple of weeks in the gym, he approached me expressing that he did not want to look how he did anymore, he wanted to feel comfortable with his top off again and most of all feel better in himself.

To start with, me and tom sat down and reviewed his day to day diet, picked out the little things to change and substitute. We then calculated his BMR and multiplied that number by his activity rate, dropped that number by 300-500 calories and consistently stayed on top of that number ensuring he was in a deficit.

With regular exercise and a step goal of 8000 minimum we ensured his activity rates were as consistent as his diet. With maintaining in a deficit and managing to maintain muscle mass Tom has absolutely smashed his first 10 weeks.

As Tom usually says on a daily ‘im buzzing how I look now’ and ‘eating in a deficit ain’t bad yano’ it proves that weightloss doesn’t have to be a slog.

In only 10 weeks Tom has turned his life around for the best losing just over a stone! And there’s so much more to achieve! I couldn’t be more proud and can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us 🤝

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Ross came to me 10 weeks ago with no gym experience at all, never touched foot on a gym floor, nor picked up a dumbbell. He came to me and said “ben it’s time to sort things out, I want to feel better in myself and get that little bit bigger” from then dreams started to become true. With dedication and commitment week in week out, his results have followed and I couldn’t be more proud.

So where do we go from here? Me and Ross have evaluated progress and have set new goals for the next 10 weeks. Ensuring consistency stays and that he always remains happy.

Excellent effort so far mate, here’s to the next 🤌🏼


Unsure on what to expect? Here’s a transformation of my own…

2 and half years of consistent work and enjoying a process, a much more confident lad and a complete different outlook on life. A decision I’ve never regret making and now I want to help others feel how I feel now 🫶🏻

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Hesitant in having a personal trainer?

I can understand why and hopefully this post will make it a little easier when trying to approach me.

Yes I may be a ‘giant’ to a lot of you but believe me I’m a big friendly one. Starting the gym was so tough for me and the lead up to joining the gym has helped me gain experience in helping others, so any worries you may have I can assist you,

‘But I don’t want to get judged’ is a common phrase in the gym when wanting a pt and it’s the complete opposite, I am here to assist and support you, the gym is a place where everyone goes to do their own thing.

Still unsure? Below are many reviews from clients I have personal trained, take a look and hopefully your mind will change.

To book sessions message me on here or on my Instagram - .fitness


The countdown to Christmas is getting closer, do you want to look your best for those Christmas family photos? A lot can change in 8 weeks, don’t believe me? Book sessions and find out for yourself!

If an 8 week plan specifically tailored to you interests you drop me a message on here or over on Instagram - .fitness

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PT reviews after my first week of sessions ✅

So the week has come to an end and it hasn’t been any ordinary week, this week I have completed my first lot of 1 to 1 sessions as a personal trainer in training.

Now to most people this seems like nothing but for me it is a small step into a massive project, I can’t thank enough how co operative the clients have been this week and how the majority are wanting to carry on sessions. I knew I’d love this job and after the first week all I’m getting is proof of it!

This week has just been the first of plenty more to come and I can’t wait to experience sessions with new clients along the way 🙂

If you are looking at getting in a session with me at a discounted rate please don’t hesitate to drop me a DM 🫶🏻


Check out my Instagram - .fitness